Way to Go: Scene Building Card One

by: Kelly Latevola

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[Music] hi guys it's Kelly and I'm back with another video sponsored by Simon Says Stamp today I'm going to be using a another new stamp set from the ink watch app this is called smarty pants and it's super cute so basically it's kind of like a little geeky sad way to solve these little lab coats and beakers and just chemistry and all these little things but what I'm gonna use it for is something a little different so I am going to build a scene but I'm going to do it in three parts so typically you guys will leave me comments and you're like that looks amazing and it's awesome but I could never do that not true it's totally not true you could totally do the exact same thing that I do and we're gonna break it down in three parts so that you can see how manageable it is so this is going to be card one and then they'll be two which is like an intermediate level and then three which is like the whole shebang how I would normally do at full-blown 30-minute video but we're going to start with this one so here I'm stamping my two little characters in one I use intense black ink by Simon Says Stamp and then I'm going to go ahead and use my mini Misti to stamp my sentiment the reason I'm using the mini Misti is because later on video three I'm going to be stamping the sentiment again and I want it to be me exact same place so here I've got them stamp down their mast and then I wanted to include this little exclamation point I thought it was super cute you know like really emphatic way to go but it was kind of a pain to line up on my Misti so I just stamped it by itself I'm using a Clips masking paper and I'm going to do just a ink blended distress background so this is something that I see all the times a lot of crafters do and if ink blending you might need some practice at and you want to start off the page super lightening and then bring it onto your paper as you're rotating it so you want to be using circles I did not fold my mask over the bottom of my cardstock that was my fault until I kept catching the corner of the edge this was kind of annoying but anyway I'm just going to go give them a little blue halo the suggestion of a background around my character I'm going to flip that mask over and then I'm going to give the suggestion of some ground with the hickory-smoked which is like a lightest gray distressing so once I do that so I'm going to put that down I'm not taking I didn't take the blue all the way up and I'm not hanging the hickory-smoked all the way down I just want to put some color behind my characters so that it gives like I said just there suggestion the illusion of a background I'm going to go ahead and remove my mask and then I'm going to coppa color these little guys I thought this is are so cute and they get their little lab coats on and this one kind of looks like Albert Einstein with crazy hair there but so I'm going to give him a traditional white lab coat so I'm using c1 c3 c5 when you're coloring anything white you want to make sure your leading white in the object whatever it is so for his coat I'm leaving that Center white I tend to color is if my light sources in the top right hand corner so that's how I'm doing the shading so there's going to be shading underneath that collar shading in the left hand side of his body I am adding a little bit of shading to the right hand side of his body because I want to give him a more 3d or a round appearance which for this coat be it looks like the right hand side is underneath the left since the left side has the button so that's why I added just a little bit of shading along that center line to the right hand side for his mustache I'm using the same colors I'm just doing kind of little flicks little lines of color so that his mustache has some texture got this crazy furry mustache there and I wanted to make sure that it looked really full for his hair I'm you could do this as a smoother look by adding the peaks and valleys into his hair I'm not I feel like he looks like Albert Einstein to me with crazy wild curly hair and that's I'm coloring it so I started with the C one and I'm just doing scribble circles when I go on with the darkest color which is going to be the C 5 I'm adding it definitely to that under that part right there on the right hand side because it looks like it's underneath the side on the left but then I'm really kind of just concentrating it toward the back and the center I'm leaving the front of his face lighter I'm going to go back over the hair with the C 3 and then again with the C 1 kopecks are transparent you put a lighter color over a darker color and it will lift it so then I'm going to move on into the skin tones so this is kind of my go-to skin tone I did a video recently where I covered several different skin tones this particular combination was not in there so I will link to that at the end of the video in case you're interested in seeing that that also actually uses inkblot shop stamps so again light source in the top right hand corner his big furry hair is going to cast a shadow onto his face all over hers because she has just a one layer kind of bob going on is really just going to be where the side thing kind of like swoops over her face and then the right hand side of her face would be darker because it's away from my light source so doing that I'm also adding a little bit of shading underneath his mustache because it is so full I believe this is what they traditionally call a walrus style mustache mustache should have names I didn't know if you knew that styles of mustaches have names I believe that's a walrus but anywho and then also underneath her glasses a little bit the eo4 is going to be my darkest color it looks really really dark when you put it down fear not when you put that 11 over it it's really going to blend it out and then again just moving toward that lightest color so that the highlight is kind of like in a diagonal on their faces because they do both have hair on the right hand side that we cast a shadow for my little lady over here I'm going to use that r20 to give her just some like circle blush on her cheeks and then I'm going to cover both of their faces in the lightest color which is the e 50 to blend everything together and blend out her blush for her hair I'm trying to think big picture so when I was planning this I planned the whole card like how I would do the whole shebang and then I broke it down from there so I know later on I'm going to have some brown in the card so I want it to be complementary I don't want a whole bunch of different colors that are competing and I love the e-50 family except for skin tones because if you watch that other video you'll notice that I make the comment that e50 families look make people look dead so don't use inter skin tone but for hair I love it I'm using a very light flicking motion and the tip of my marker to just add some strands I'm leaving a large highlight especially on the right hand side because that's where the light would hit so for her hair to look shiny I need that white area but anywhere hair is gathered and at the part is where it's going to be darker where it comes out from behind her neck I know that she has especially long hair but where it comes out from there it will be darker and that highlight will be the lightest portion so I wanted to bring in some color and I opted for red knowing that there was going to be a lot of blue in my card so I'm coloring his tie red and then her lab coat red so I mean I suppose it doesn't have to be a lab coat maybe a trench coat it could be one of those little wrap addresses that look like a blazer but it's actually a dress anyway I just thought it would be cute and the card as a whole to bring in a little bit a little pop of color so again I'm coloring her coat the same way I colored his it looks like the left-hand side is on top so I'm adding shading to the right I'm also adding a little bit shading to her pocket underneath her color and then a lot to the left hand side where it would be in shadow away from my light source when I go through and color things I leave myself a very large highlight because it tend to be heavy-handed with my darks and I want to make sure that I reserved that highlight because that's how you get any sort of dimension for the darkest color I'm only putting it really in my darkest areas so where the collar is folded over on the right hand side where the jacket comes over on the right hand side and then underneath that pocket and then we're going to start blending now here you can tell I'm adding substantially more color but now I have a much better idea of where I need to keep that highlight so it's okay I'm more comfortable if you can do it all in the first shot and you're happy with your blending do that if you need three or four times to go over until you're happy totally cool do that it's all it's all learning curves so whatever works for you I brought in some navies I don't know why but in my head Navy is like a neutral so I thought that it would be complementary to my scene here and then it definitely will be later on when we start building the whole thing up so for his little short trousers here I'm not really sure which they are I feel like their trousers but he's kind of he's built sturdy if you know what I'm saying short body sturdy um so I can't help their pants or the shorts but the cute nonetheless so for their I really just added shading to the left hand side and then inside of the like thigh area on the right I'm going to make her I'm going to give her a little navy blue dress in the background and again concentrating the shadows on the right hand side I hit up their shoes I used the darkest Brown that I used from her hair for his shoes and I used the darkest Navy for her shoes I'm going to color that little pencil on her hair with that yo8 and then I'm just going to add a little ground underneath them with a c1 now I'm going to add a little bit of detail because this is a very simple card it's a very clean and simple card that doesn't mean that it's not cute or them it's not or that it's less than any other card that's not what that means it's just very clean simple this would be very good for if you have a co-worker who was promoted or a niece nephew son daughter who's going into media science program in college or had some sort of project that they did really well on so I just as how I view would I personally would use this side so I outlined only images I add a couple of little details with that white gel pen and then I'm going to put some clear when castel on it and then I'm going to call it if I was creating this card I would sequins or embellishment drops or something to draw your eye to the sentiment but since we're going to build it up I'm going to leave it here so this is level one I will have level two up tomorrow thank you guys so much for joining me and I will catch you in the next video

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