Ocean View Doorway Seascape Acrylic Painting LIVE Instruction

by: Angela Anderson

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hello this is Angela Anderson thanks for joining me for this acrylic painting tutorial in this video I'll be showing you how to paint a Mediterranean seascape the door archway overlooking the ocean we're gonna have some bogan via flowers over the top should be a really fun project figuring this is gonna be a little bit more on the difficult side than we normally do but I'll show you step-by-step how to do it all the way through from start to finish got my husband mark with me hey there everybody he's gonna you man in chat for the live show so if you're here for that you can post questions and all caps and we'll try to answer alright let's get started [Music] okay so this is my reference image I really love the bright colors in it it actually kind of printed out a little more saturated than the original but I think we're gonna pretty much stick to the script I might take this tree out we're gonna get like all of this done and then if I don't want this we'll leave it out I'm going to move these mountains over a little bit so we can see them better and probably eliminate the ones that are behind the door there but other than that we're gonna pretty much stick with this image so let's go over our palette really quick um okay unbleached titanium titanium white quinacridone magenta cadmium red light yellow oxide cadmium yellow medium fellow green yellow shade they love blue green shade ultramarine blue daxing purple burnt umber burnt sienna and carbon black and I'm probably going to be using the fluid acrylics for the carbon black just to make that fence railing a little bit easier the iearnt wrought iron details a little bit easier to paint the fluid paint will help with that using a 8 by 10 inch belgian linen canvas archival canvas board from Frederick's they're our canvas sponsor so thank you to them for providing our canvas and our brushes today our Princeton brushes and I'm not exactly sure which ones we're gonna use so I know we're gonna start out with we'll be using the number 12 bright for our background and that's the 6100 series and then we'll probably be using the number 8 bright number 6 bright for some of the detail work I'm definitely going to be using an angle brush whoops at some point so the quarter-inch angle and then you're gonna want some sort of a stippling brush so like a fan brush or this is the quarter inch Willows blender that I really like and this is the deer foot stipler that you see we used before if you've watched my other videos for my trees and things like that and that's about it we probably need like a maybe a number too bright for some of the smaller detail work and then a number one round and then for the railing may not have the right probably gonna need a liner so we'll see which one of these works this one's a little bit longer one these are a number one liner and number one round in the Select lines so seems like a lot of brushes but I'm sure what kind of use enough most of them so they all have different uses helpful alright so to start out with we're just gonna I'm just gonna paint the blue for this to the sea and the sky and not worry about the archway yet so we're gonna do that first and then we're gonna let mark dry it for us and then yeah mark is gonna have a job today so we're gonna be setting camera switches and all that kind of stuff so I'm using a t-square to make sure that I'm getting my horizon line on my water straight you always want your water line to be straight on the ocean so I'm going to go down just from halfway mark so there's about half way I'm gonna come down to about three and a half from the bottom and I'm just going to use a water color pencil to go across like that to give myself a reference we will we can use this later or you can you can tape it off later if you want to to make sure that it's perfectly straight but this is a Mediterranean so the water is actually pretty bright like sometimes ocean water can get you know a little bit cloudy or kind of greenish but this is really a pretty bright blue so I'm going to go ahead and just use phthalo blue and I'm only going to cut it just a little bit with my burnt sienna to tone it down just slightly we don't want it completely in your face bright but um it's pretty dark so most right out with this this may be way too dark we'll see we can add a little bit of white to it as we get going here goes straight across that line like I said you can tape that if you want to but if I use the edge of my brush I can get kind of a pretty good straight line with it I got a little bit up over it over there but that's okay

I'm gonna go just kind of fade it off that line just to soften it up so I don't have a hard edge of paint right there don't want to beat a paint up there when I put my sky and I can kind of clean that up I grab a little bit more white and down toward the bottom I'm gonna get a little bit more light colored paint light colored water a little bit more blue there we go side to side and you're really not seeing a whole lot of detail with this ocean so I'm only going to do the bare minimum of detail on it I'll go ahead and let that dry a little bit

welcome guys if you're new to our channel hope you will subscribe and come back we do these shows live twice a week Tuesdays and Saturdays and I've been painting for about 30 years now I guess so my goal is just to kind of help you if you want to learn how to paint too you don't have to know how to draw or anything like that I've got trace bulls available on patreon that I show you how to do some of the basic drawing in the videos and and if you don't want to do them you can just use the trace bull and get to the fun part paint I've been not painting for about 50 years okay everybody's wondering marks yep a non painter of those pair thanks for throwing that in there I'm sure before went indoor yeah they were wondering how long I have not been painting because it's obvious that you haven't been right if you are noticing I'm pulling from the corner from the edge of the paint and they usually pull from the same edge all the time when I'm doing this and that way I can keep this back end of the paint clean it's just a good habit to get into and then I mix my colors in it in a separate spot on my palette so I mixed the Fela blue and ultramarine for this sky color and adding some white here because this is kind of a soft blue it's not too dark

add a little bit of water to my brush if you're using a bigger canvas it can be helpful to spritz it with some water if you've got a canvas that's really heavily heavily textured this one's pretty low texture canvas so I can kind of get away with not watering down my canvas but if you've got a spray bottle like this you can spray before you even start painting just spray a couple times it's all that you need and it'll kind of moisten up those fibers in the canvas and help this paint go on this first layer can kind of be a little bit dry and you'll find you you end up using more paint if the canvas is not moisturized or you know your paints don't have enough water in them I'm gonna add a little bit more white to this now that I got down to a little bit past the halfway mark towards the horizon and I'm just going to go below where I was just at with this lighter color and below it in some new space and then once that paints kind of off my brush I'm gonna kind of go back and and move it up into my sky so that I get kind of a soft ball in there

a little bit more white let's do it some more if I catch it while that paints still wet we can get kind of a pretty nice little blend here okay and then as I get down to the horizon line we're almost pure white so I'm really wanting to add more and more blue I'm turning my brush to this side now so that I can I don't want to get down and touch my horizon line quite yet there we go starting to go over it

so men turning it flat so that I can kind of work it towards the light so that way we get this soft gradient of color nice Thanks this should be dry enough now I'm gonna just set my ruler down it dried without me drying it o'deary well that part didn't at least set my ruler down there and I'm just gonna use it as a guide and get some more white on here and hold my brush upright and just gently glide it right across that ruler line and that's just a nice little trick way to get a perfectly straight line without really having to worry too much about the brush kind of seeped under a little bit right there so I'm just gonna cleaning it up and one thing I don't want to do at this point is this paint is starting to get tacky so if I was to try to blend any more like if I had an area where there was a problem if I blended right now it would pull up the paint it would get mucky and like gummy and causes all kinds of problems so I definitely want to stay away from this guy area right now while it's drying if there was an area that I wanted to continue to blend what I could do is just do a second coat on it repeat the whole same thing or repeat you know just the section that I needed to blend using both colors and blending one into another while they're wet but wait for the background to dry completely before you try to do a second coat otherwise it'll cause you all kinds of problems acrylics are pretty finicky about that so I'm going to mix up some teal using green they look green a little blue and I'm gonna grab some wine I'm already out of white here definitely gonna underestimated the white and a little bit more blue so it's still more on the blue side I'm not quite completely teal if you have cobalt teal you could use that something similar it's pretty mixed color but I just stuck my finger in it Wow I'm good rookie mistake right let's go say this kind of amateur I'm gonna go back and forth with I switched to a little bit smaller brushes and number six bright and I don't wanna press down too hard I'm getting kind of bigger lines in there than I really wanted to I'm gonna get oops Walter mean hello blue a little bit of the burnt sienna over here my color had already dried and a little bit of white so this is my background blue and just kind of go back and forth with that just creating some little detail lines not a whole lot this is all gonna be pretty much covered up so I don't even know why I'm doing that right there the only part that's really gonna show is kind of right here and above about the halfway mark so you really don't have to worry about this part down here at all actually but it's good practice to start there I'm gonna work our way up as we get up closer to the horizon line these lines are gonna be super close together super thin I might even need a smaller brush this has given me pretty big lines let me try this one this is the three-eighths inch angle quarter-inch angle would work too

there we go just doing some very small lines I said most of this is gonna be covered up

we sit down part the part down below but I do want a little bit of this letter color in there just to give it a little bit of detail and I'm just using the edge of my brush pressing it flat on the can on the palate here so I get a good straight edge on that brush so that I can get these straight lines you can also get this kind of effect by using a rake brush or if you have one or the fan brush can kind of also get this kind of streaking effect you can use it to tap in some lines so it might happen there's not a lot of surf with this it's pretty pretty calm water so don't want a lot of surf lines but we could have a little bit of a little bit of texture in our waves there as we get farther away these are going to get closer together and smaller thinner and as we get down toward the bottom they're going to get a little bit farther apart and a little bit larger they're closer to us so we're seeing more of it

okay I think that's pretty good like I said really the only part that's gonna show is like this doorway part and then what's above the rail there so that's pretty good let me grab my no no let's go ahead and stick with the three-eighths inch angle you can use the quarter inch if you have it if you don't have three-eighths inch either one should work for this [Music]

it's out of the way

sorry I want to get the paint out of my brush I don't want to leave it in my water because it can split the wood what happens is the water seep stuff into this in through the metal and there's wood and a solid handle down here and it'll it'll seep into the wood and the wood will swell and split your paint so you'll end up with brushes with split living if you leave them in the water too long which most of my brushes have split all the time so I'm trying to be good here hey real quick got a question yeah well you have them moment somebody had come in earlier about how it seems like they're using like five times the paint that you use and do you do you use water or an extender or something like that I use just water but part of it part of it could be that you're just not moisturizing your brush enough like I'm adding water almost every time that I go to the canvas I'm adding them just a little bit of water once you go to the the water cam there huh and I'm just dipping in the very tip of the brush not all the way up to the silver part just like halfway and that gives me a little bit of water and my brush keeps it moisturized and then I'll touch it on my paper towel after I get water sometimes just in case so it doesn't drip but then a dry brush will use more paint especially if you're trying to get kind of a smooth surface look it will definitely be more difficult so that probably is that would be my first my first thing that I would look at is the water alright so for a far mountain area there I started to use an ultramarine blue but not enough that's gonna be the right color I think I'm gonna use purple and burnt sienna it'll give me kind of an earthy purpley color and then I'll use some of the unbleached titanium here to lighten it up and I'll have that light ultramarine blue it's just ultramarine blue plus white and I'll probably use some of those and I may even use just a tiny bit of the yellow oxide over here too with that purple it'll create a really pretty brown yeah I think those are good colors okay so I've got a few colors to work with here I'm not gonna get too detailed with this but the mountain is actually coming down off of the water just a little bit it's a little closer to us so we're actually seeing the the beginning of it on before it's not like setting on the horizon eyes what I'm saying so it's just come down a little bit won't you zoom in a little bit him

I may not have to have you dry if I whoops I look what I just did I got that flu actually that's my bogan v is gonna go there so won't be a problem they're teasing me I got all excited I know I got the pro 1500 plugged in ready to go your handy dandy here your dryer yeah okay

but out small white hand

we're already 30 minutes and it's not even haven't even gotten to that doorway yet well it was a good water in this kind tutorial well good good alright so this is that kind of a lighter the really I've got all these brushes these colors on my brush so you started out with ultramarine blue plus white then we added purple and burnt sienna here and then we added some yellow oxide down here with some ultramarine or unbleached item so we've got all these colors going on I want it just luck just dark enough lad enough to be seen against this part of the water but dark enough to be seen against the sky so it's just kind of a little and so I'm just going to use the tip of my brush to kind of create this sort of mountainy shape it's really not particularly detailed so far away really can't see a whole lot about it I added a little bit of the darker color there but really this bottom edge is going to be almost completely straight because it's so far away and we're seeing it as such a shallow angle really anything that's you know doesn't matter how far back my finger is here right is if I'm looking at it far away it's going to look even so that's what that's the effect here we're going I'm sure that that Mountain coastline is you know all kinds of wavy but because we're not looking at it straight down we're not seeing this you know these different distances all we're seeing is a straight line because it's looking it's kind of pointing straight at us so that's what we're gonna end up doing right here at the bottom pretty much a straight line doesn't have to be perfect like the horizon line it can be a little bit Wiggly but you know you pretty much want to keep it at a straight angle

I think that's about all we need to do a

little bit of the darker blue and go right up along the bottom edge there and kind of merge it with the sea in a couple places add some shadows with the tip of the brush it'll kind of help disappear that are that line right here a little bit into the sea it's still dark enough let's get a little bit of purple with it I wanted a little bit darker than my water there we go so it's kind of like you're like oh there's something there but you're not really seeing exactly what it is we don't need to go into all kinds of detail like the Loch Ness monster right right that's what I think it is you think it's lucky it's Nessie I mean lucky missile okey Thor hey is this one of the pictures we took while we were on vacation in the Mediterranean hahaha then where did we get this picture this was from Shutterstock so I paid for the use of this photo from Shutterstock it's a website with photo photos that you can purchase that's not good at the story as if we took it ourselves true true that that would have been a much much better story much more funner experience - okay so I'll put some highlights in with the unbleached titanium just gonna soften up any of this yeah I don't feel little highlights here and there

kind of if you see any kind of obvious dots or something that kind of bugs you it helps to kind of squint it sounds weird but you know kind of squint look at it leave it come back to it look at it a couple of times from different angles and sometimes you'll see things you didn't notice the first time is that why you look at me like that sometimes yeah I'm squinting I'm like I hope I don't know I didn't notice that before a little bit of green here just a tiny bit of green it's picking up the water sky color I don't know all right that's good enough I don't really I I think actually want this to be a little bit more slope though the picture has a little bit more of a slope on the end here so I'm gonna just kind of pull that out to more of a point right there

no I have a girlfriend that goes on lots of vacations and stuff she said that myrna Mediterranean her she went out on cruises in the Mediterranean it was her favorite cruise that they've ever been on I can see why it's beautiful

all right there yeah okay it kind of looks like a little nothing floating there right now but once we get everything else in Italy it'll make a little more sense we'll see alright guns in back out yeah there we go alright so our doorway is going to fit right about here and it's gonna take up most of this space it's pretty low to the foreground there's not a whole lot of space below it so I'm gonna go ahead and start there take that off so I can get this flat you might need to zoom out just a little bit well I guess I'm sorry right there's fine so I'm gonna do a wine start there I'm using a water color pencil you see if it shows up against this yeah I don't know if you can see it I can see it okay I may have to use a darker one and then our I'm gonna go ahead and just kind of start with the this part I went ahead and threw out the hardest part is going to be the doorway so I went ahead and drew it out on tracing paper first cuz I figured I'd want to trace it on here and it won't have to draw the whole thing with you guys but I did want to show you kind of how to do it if you want to do it on your own I don't know why I drew it out in 10 to start with because there's a lot of mistakes but I I went ahead and made a clean copy after I finished my initial version so I started out here what you're gonna do is do three lines one a little bit higher so you're gonna and then this is actually the doorway it was and on an eight-by-ten it ended up being about a perfect inch across so I did about four inches four inches and then four and almost four and a half in the middle so the actual size doorway yeah four inches and then four and four and a half in the middle so it's a half inch taller it doesn't seem like the right the same size but it is I guess and then so I did these three lines here and then I just did a curve over the top and what I'm gonna do is split this down the middle so I have a crease and I'm only gonna draw one side and since this is a symmetrical pattern on here that will give us even sides will draw one side and then we'll trace the other side so you're going to want three lines across these two cross pieces are a little bit closer together in the middle so these two are about the same size and then this one is just slightly closer together that'll give us our starting place for our curlicues and this first one on the bottom here it's pretty large it's coming from about right here let me go ahead and do the bottom line here too so I've got all those lines we're gonna start right about here it doesn't go all the way to the corner and it goes to about the halfway mark right here and then it's going to curve around and touch up here and touch right here so that if we kind of mark out our points we can sort of help guide the pen going around and then I can just kind of smooth that out this is what happened with my pen I didn't it's really hard to get this right exactly right the first time alright so then I'm gonna do a curlicue and just kind of get it closer these are these lines these spaces are gonna get closer together as they come toward the middle and then get farther apart as it goes around the curve there then there's another curlicue that comes in and curves like this touching that one and then another one that comes this way and touches there and it actually needs a little space now that I think about it there was a little circle right here so you can see it on this one I left just a little bit of space I'm not gonna worry about it cleaning it up I don't want to take forever it took a while to draw that but I wanted to it I liked or hung these kind of things are fun so I know it's weird huh so this one is about Oh about a little bit more than a third so it's not quite halfway not quite at just a third would be up here so it comes down a little bit past that circles back up and around and I usually just kind of pick the largest one to start with try to reference where it is and how big it is in the space and then I can kind of work in my smaller ones from there so this time I kind of did this one right here comes up touch it back down and curves fills this space and just leave a little bit of room right here for this other curlicue to fit between these two and it's gonna curve up like that and back around like that then this one is kind of the weird one it's got a lotta go a lot going on so you want to keep this fairly shallow right here it's got a small one kind of tucked in the corner right there and then this big one right here is going to take up most of this faith and then this one's gonna be in here so if you want to draw some circles that could help probably I don't know why I didn't think about that before it's a good idea draw that one here and then this line is gonna come close to this touch the edge curved back out and then go on that outside of that circle there and then just curve itself in to the middle then this one is going to I'm just above it back out like that and like I said if you don't want to have to draw this you don't have to I will have this traceable once I finished the painting I'll take a traceable of it I'll trace it on the tracing paper on a fresh sheet and you'll have it clean to use this one kind of comes in mimics this shape here just a little bit and then all you need to do is turn it over and just trace your design and you're gonna have it equal perfectly measured there this should be nice and dry now and I actually kind of like this I don't think we need to mess with this guy I think it's I think it's bright enough I like the color on here so we kind of got it in one try which is surprising bit good good good happenstance so you know what you're doing sometimes hopefully so what I want to do is kind of figure out where I want to put the gates this is the finished one here and that way I can kind of leave room on either side for my columns and I columns are about a one-inch wide so I want to leave a little bit of space over here for this railing to go so I might move it in just a little bit leave room for that then the other one would be here and then 20 room for just slightly this one I think that's about right and this is about [Music]

[Laughter] wasn't smart four and a half inches there we go well I do it out here and never mind that's fine so if somebody's doing the gate and they don't want to do it all twirly swirly and all that stuff yeah what are the suggestions I I thought maybe just straight rather straight lines would be great yeah absolutely you could even you know you don't have to have it a see-through door either you could do a doorway that was look at what indoors yeah yeah totally that would be a lot easier for sure okay so there's that and there's another one here just make sure I'm gonna have enough room for my door here I don't want to get it too so I don't know why I didn't just do it like that okay there we go so this one's gonna come over that a little bit


the math comes in I know I did until he had to do math but pretty much any time you're doing a doorway or any kind of architectural thing you're gonna it's the rulers real handy yeah looks like it yeah at least you're using the ruler over so a little bit more accurate than how many finger widths that is my preferred method but you know thank you next time they need to do it in millimeters I'm sort of inches for though that's true okay I'm gonna come up just a little bit and that'll be the bottom of my gate there man duh actually the door the let's see yeah that's comes up a little bit right here so I can do that straight this is the bottom of my railing I'm gonna go up just a little bit let's see and measure the railing so I'm look it looks like it's about to and just so I'm going to go ahead and do one that's close enough maybe my gates right there I'm gonna go yep just above the bottom line and it's about it's really cutting off its leaving about equal parts right here in here I'm just looking at my picture there okay that looks good so let's see how many inches was that

yeah quarter inch from the bottom and one quarter from the top so it's just about not quite 2 inches and back here it's gonna actually be smaller because they're gonna be farther away so they'll be shorter and closer together be a little railing here a little bit thicker one right here and then I hope they can see this okay but I think I'm just gonna fit three of posts in one two three and here again you could do straight lines to make it a lot easier these are kind of detailed you're gonna have a little square box at the top the space in between is about the same distance as the as the squares here so just kind of space these evenly you can squares they're square or rectangles really here below I'm just seeing a little bit of the side of some of these see this is why I don't do this kind of stuff cuz it really drives me crazy all this little geometry math ish methods that you have to do I much rather paint flowers we have to make it so difficult just all the little angles and all this stuff to remember it does look cool when you get it don't know all right so there's a little circle on top of the little square box get a better picture here we go well a little shape there curved shape there so I did that wrong there and then this kind of circular and then it angles back out like that I'm just gonna try to get those equal shapes if if possible they don't look great right now but hopefully once we get them on there they will Oh see okay so then the right back here I really should have just made a trace flow for the whole thing's been I at this point let's see it's about about right here

so it's not quite as high up as this railing it's going gonna see where it's going across there it's almost splitting these right in half there and then it's going just above them but below the top part of that gate simpli-stik our gate in here yep so it's right about there a little bit maybe a little bit higher there we go and then we can repeat our process just be a little smaller right here the railing right there a little bit of footing for our posts and then

I'm just gonna leave a little space and just knock these out evenly as I can without measuring it's just probably not smart but that looks about right okay

hmm I think I'm just gonna paint these in and hope for the best well you'll see they may not be exactly perfect but I don't mind that I do want to line up the bottom edge of the all of these curves though so if you want to do another line just so you kind of know where that bottom edge is I'm gonna do circles so we know how big those are all supposed to be that'll help us get them a little bit closer to even let's do that with these ones too there we go all right at the top of our arch here just kind of a straight line across and then a rounded detail and then our Kate is gonna arch up over like this and a little bit higher right here there's a little bit of the inside that shows right here so there's a little piece of pie that kind of fits in right here that's got some of the underside of that art showing and then the arch goes up over it hopefully I did that right we left after and for our gates Anna looks like we did I'm gonna I'm gonna draw the rest of this in or I'm gonna paint the rest of this in and then we can transfer on our gate after we get it painted on so let's see let's go ahead and just use this brush this is the number eight bright my hand is covered with paint now how did I do that will you actually honey will you come over and see that and give me some fresh water because this all blue and I don't want to turn my fence into blue thank you okay I should have reason to alright so for this patio it's pretty much this unbleached titanium and some yellow oxide that's going to be our two main colors probably use a little bit of brown in there I'm gonna use some white to kind of I've mixed the yellow oxide with the unbleached a teeny amount and using some white I'm gonna use it on this part down here that's got a lot of the Sun hitting it

want to cover up all that blue too so it may take a couple coats especially if you're using like a craft acrylic you may want to paint around the ocean the reason I didn't do that is just because it's hard to get kind of these really organic straight lines like this if you're trying to fit them in you know a little section you end up kind of having this weird halo effect it just doesn't look the same as if you've done you know these long sweeping brushstrokes and not have to worry about stop-stop-stop-stop you know fit it fit fit and then of course we've got all this area back here that's peeking through the railing which so it just didn't make sense to try to paint around it much faster just to paint it and work around it as we go all right so here's our railing I'm here again trying to use the edge of my brush to get a straight line a little bit of this right here I actually kind of switched the angle a little bit so that we were looking at it more straight on because I liked the I didn't like this peeking through so we're getting rid of all of that and we're looking at it more straight on

so it's not gonna be exactly like the picture but it's close

not word too much about our highlights or shadows right now I'll go ahead and grab a little bit of the brown burnt umber here add a little bit of it down here this area's gonna be a little bit darker but I it's not gonna cover as well as the white so I'm just gonna kind of let let it sit there for a minute and come back to it go grab some more yellow oxide here and I'm gonna use it on this section that's a little bit darker

and then it's also similar color right here so bunnies it here

we do that edge of my brush to give a straight line

I use a little bit of it right here if you get a little bit on your blue like that you're just gonna was on the back end of my brush there you just use a paper towel to can I gently wipe that off to make sure your blue is dry before you try to erase anything if you have an accident let's go ahead and use some of this yellow oxide on our gate this is kind of stucco so it's got rounded edges doesn't have to be super precise

I'm gonna come just on the inside of the gate part just a little bit to give myself a little bit more room between the border of this and the gate to

there we go

you see how it's breaking up right there just need a little bit of water on my brush and that will keep it from happening so what happened usually is now my paint will go on more smoothly but that's pretty normal when you first put on your you know your color you'll see a lot of that so with heavy body critics that's more common if you're using a thinner paint and white thinner I mean you know little well thank you I'm more fluid paint you'll get a smoother line depending on what you're painting on you know rough texture surface you're just gonna deal with texture it doesn't matter how smooth your paint is it's gonna have some of that in there so just know that and take your time you can always put more coats on later it may take two or three coats to get solid coverage with a less lesser quality paint I guess yesterday I don't know what I'm trying to say there like a professionals here even more like a students yeah like a student quality paint all right so now I'm mixing yellow oxide with burnt umber yeah I mean he's a little bit of that actually I may have to

it's such a smaller brush let's see that looks about right we'll get the half inch or the quarter inch flat here so you some of this darker color here I'm gonna go ahead and give this a second coat

and yeah

a little bit of light color but then there's kind of a shadow on the bottom of this here so I'm gonna do a little bit darker right there that first coat is just kind of to cover that blue now we're kind of getting some detail in there and then grab that white do a bright highlight across the top

I'm gonna do a brighter kind of highlight ish on here doesn't have to be pure white but just a little bit brighter like that and then I want to get a little bit of the burnt or unbleached titanium just holding my brush kind of at an angle here or kind of a almost flat to the canvas I'm gonna wipe most of it off so I want to create those kind of broken lines like we were having before I'm just gonna use that corner of the brush and just kind of gently graze it on that edge and I'll get that kind of broken stucco texture

get me some burnt umber I'm gonna actually mix some of the burnt umber with the ultramarine blue to make that kind of gray color that I like so much let me use that down here and this crack where it's really dark it's a dark shadow right here okay all right

dark line there and I'm gonna use it cut it a little bit with that discolor but I'm gonna use it along the bottom here I'm just gonna tap

there we go by tapping it I won't it won't I don't know it won't be as like perfect I kind of want to keep this slightly impressionist but you know slightly less perfectly detailed they'll give us a little bit more room for I know that painterly feel that I like to do with my paintings so I'm gonna do kind of a diagonal line in the concrete here with this color as well my brush too are my finger to kind of blend that out and we'll we'll fix that in a minute we'll be add another stuff to it but that's good for now and then I want to add some of this color to this and kind of blend it up over the top of this edge it's gonna blend that edge out a little bit transition between those two colors hold it on its side and use the corner to kind of create some light texture grab some of the lighter color

this is starting to dry so it's starting to get sticky right there so I need to stop messing with it let it dry completely I'm gonna get some of this dark or darker color and go in right here above the above it give it some shadow right there on that ledge part and then some shadow up here at the top of the rail

you know this part is going to be lighter it's kind of almost the opposite of what we did it over here in the shadows the top part is getting is getting less light than this part facing us

okay let's continue with this color I don't want to get too far away from this mix before I do this barks I want them to match so I'm gonna do my little arch detail on top of that there it's really kind of right in the middle looks like

it's a little bit a little bit off center a little bit off toward the back the outside edge maybe I'm trying to get them the same size you know what I don't want to do much more detail though now that I'm thinking about it I probably want to do my Logan via

so I don't have to paint around too much before I do my whole lot of detail on here I want to get my bogan via in here I don't know why I wasn't thinking of doing that so I'm gonna use de Green Day lo green yellow oxide I'm gonna grab some burnt sienna or burnt umber here and some of the carbon black

and I'm gonna go in here and do some lines this is all gonna be kind of a jumble of lines and finds not a lot of this going to show but just well not some kind of backbone there

so it's showing underneath there I don't know why I painted all of that before I did this I'm not happy with myself right now that's all right that's dumb it's okay fortunately we didn't get too far you painted the foreground before the background well it's it's kind of weird on this one because some of the some of the flowers are coming over the top so some of it is fine but I do need to get these kind of the greenery in for sure first and then I can do the flowers later but I need to kind of get this part in because it's sort of the main bones of our plant and if any fit shows through you know we just want it to be behind all this I don't want to have to go right up against the right up against that railing if you get anything over it that's fine we can I probably am going to get it get some paint over it so I'll just clean it up and that happens all right so that's good enough what vine and I grab some burnt umber and yellow feather a little [Music] unbleached titanium I always have a hardest time remember that word unbleached I team and get some highlights in on some of these

just a few done had to be [Music] perfect there's one that's kind of pretty big right here so I'm gonna go ahead and try to make sure that's visible I'm gonna use this yellow green and I'm going to add some purple to it to darken it up so I've got some really dark areas in our greenery I'm going to use it to tap in some greenery and I think I might just use my brush instead of my instead of my Deerfoot stipler for this I think just might give me the better the effect that I'm looking for more then so well it was how you painted in the wall and the railings right so I missed is everything the wall and the railing and the columns everything are they all the same color are they two different colors there were different colors okay yeah too bad you missed it cuz I'm not gonna tell you okay well I was trying to make it look like me but there was a there's a fan who was asking oh okay alright no since you're not for you but I'm for the fans of it the media whatever is yellow oxide and unbleached titanium some white and some burnt umber and a little bit of ultramarine blue with the burnt umber down here in this gray part here so I'm gonna I'm going pretty close to the edge of that there's really no blue peeking through right in there until like there's a few spots up closer but like right in here it's pretty dense so I'm just gonna go ahead and right up next to it most this is kind of husband and you right up in there then dance exactly you don't have to breathe so don't know honey you're not dense I don't I don't believe you now all right so as I get up here I can get all kinds of different I like using these for foliage these kind of ankle brushes because you can get all kinds of different size dots so I can if I point point it straight down at the canvas I can get a circular dot if I do it at a little bit of an angle I can get kind of a leaf shape like a triangle if I do it like this I can get more of a straight line or you know I kind of combine them so I can just sort of dab it and as I do I'm turning my brush I decide and sometimes I'm pressing down harder and sometimes I'm only barely touching it and that way I can get all these kind of really natural-looking leaf shapes and just make sure that you're twisting it side to side and you can get all these kind of really interesting shapes happening pretty easily and it plus it's fun so that's all bonus Rabbids more that purple there's a really dark area right up in here it's a whole solid right here I love the arch

and as it comes down around it kind of does this curve here so I am gonna kind of pull out this this texture a little bit more like so maybe it's like kind of trailing down this way a little bit more so maybe give it a little bit more fullness than our reference image just a little bit I think that might keep us from having to put our tree in here if we kind of fill in more with this bogan via and kind of pull it over into this empty space a little bit I think it'll be pretty so we'll just kind of pull it out this way and down a little bit

I have another section right there and then another section right there so we'll have a little bit more happening and I'm gonna go ahead and kind of fill in with this green it's actually right over the top of that this is the arch there so

actually all of this there's really no glue showing very much anywhere on here

the blue cannot start speaking through a little bit as you get away from the really heavy heavy foliage it's setting on top of the gate it's kind of compacting down where it's sitting on that gate

okay there we go and I don't need to have the the whole thing filled in because we're going to fill them with some of our flowers too so we don't have to do the whole thing right now and I'm gonna go ahead and peek some of this down through this side of the gate it's gonna come up through the underneath and down this way too must be beautiful just to walk through this and see this this would be I don't know this is just so pretty

we had bogan via growing up in the desert world you know I grew up in the Palm Springs area in it there was vogue at the end and our in our yard gorgeous in the springtime for maybe I can't remember they bloomed in the summer I'm sure somebody knows alright so there we go yeah we got that on there and most of the the rest of the pink is stuff it's gonna is gonna be over the top so a little bit yeah yeah I'm gonna grab some

quinacridone magenta mix it with some of the purple grab a little bit of that green maybe a really deep curl what color and use it some of it is in some of our shadows

okay so I'm just gonna say it it does look like a hot mess right now we're officially in the hot mess stage is that what you're calling it yeah okay okay good to know good to know well hopefully we'll pull it out at the end we'll see now see how good you are okay this would not be the time to fail live during yourself wouldn't be the time to forget how to paint right I'm gonna add some white to this and if you with the lighter purpley pink

mostly just in these areas where I know it's going to be kind of behind my gate I want to get that in first I don't have to mess with it later it's gonna be painting after painting around it so I wanted to paint around our gate that's for sure

pretty pretty pretty I like it

me some of these darker colors and our shadow than here

I'm just gonna use what's left in my brush here and just tap off some of these areas in

first cup I'm definitely gonna need a couple of coats of that pink to get that really vibrant color anyways because it's covering up that blue it's turning kind of purply color so if we want that really vivid pink color like we do we're gonna have to give it some letter pink underneath to start with it's pretty it's all men even you know I might even exaggerate that even more but we'll see it might be enough all right so back to our fence of things

I'm gonna use this angle brush for this part here on this arch

I grabbed this ultramarine blue gray color here it's a burnt umber and it's got a little bit of that blue in it it just kind of toned it down that yellow slightly gives it a good shadow color and run to go from right here

the top part of my arch

most of this on this side well I can't even tell what this looks like on this side is the reference what it was covering it up so we're gonna put it in but we're gonna go back over it with a bunch of this flowers and stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and put that shadow in there on this side over the top and then I'm going to hold this at an angle

and if it's not no no I'm not happy with that I'm gonna try it with this credit card we'll see if we can get the credit card thing to work with this I want to grab scoop up a little bit of this color and a little bit of my unbleached titanium and both on here and just kind of yeah that's gonna be better this is just a piece of credit card or gift card that I've kind of cut

maybe we can sell those for like $20 apiece yeah I'm sure if somebody is thought of that already there's probably pink pink cards yeah exactly hardest approved great we feel like you know sometimes when they sign bills and laws into effect and they use like 50 pins you know we can have you you use like 40 50 different pieces of plastic and then we'll sell those to people used by Angela on there ha ha nice collectors I know it's a limited edition dad if anybody cares honey limited edition pay big money for that you just don't want have to go back to work on Monday is what I'm hearing maybe okay wait you do messy for right there I don't have to use a brush over there but that's that's working pretty pretty good I like that kind of rough texture you can use a brush if you don't want it that heavily fully textured but it's a little bit the darker color so using both the light and the dark kind of give us a little bit of contrast in our trying to keep them all going in the same direction but don't want to get close to the edge they're just turning it a little bit pulling it this way

he is not getting it too thick too quickly cuz this area right here it's pretty thick it's not gonna dry very quickly so mandapam it now mark dry it for me I'm going to go ahead and put a little bit of this texture to scrape it off on this part get off there

so this is also good because I don't have to worry about getting that perfectly painted in we don't have to do a second coat on here we can just kind of let this sort of cover up some of those spots for us

and like I said because it's stucco or edges aren't gonna be perfectly clean anyways so we don't have to get them smooth it as smooth as we can can I get them close I can hear you over there eating don't you're not hiding that for me what are you eating I'm trying to be quiet mm-hmm you're just making me hungry now Doritos not fair would you like one well I can't eat and talk if I have one will you talk for me yeah you look kind of like a ventriloquist okay you do the voice-over for me oh you know I can do that okay I'm squirting out some more body paint I don't have it chips they listen that's great okay hold on I'm gonna bring something until we have an ED lunch yes you have to meet my Mike or else everybody's gonna hear me jump in or is that part of the fun I'll turn it down just a little bit so I'm doing with some scrapy forth and back action here I can't paint and chew at the same time apparently but that's okay I'm scraping up some more white paint slide it on it on there it's nice and slow slow mo and turn and go the other direction just gently light smearing give you that plaster effect Oh dipping it in some dark color there makes me get in with the lighter colors swirling in a red number my voice our ornaments Barnum burnt umber sorry guys I mean it really maybe pick up another sponsor here you never know they sent Louie ginormous Dorito what they sent Louie ginormous Dorito that he unboxed didn't it really oh yeah the thing was Wow it was probably at least a foot across Wow each point I added yellow oxide to the burnt umber here I like it it's looking cool that's what I said you did yeah you said it looked looking cool no I said you make something with another paint and there it is I mean okay I'm gonna say cuz if you said I was looking cool I missed that part you're looking cool I am okay thank you alright so let's use a little bit of it down here

and that we're both quiet yeah and I'm thinking sorry I'm just thinking about it's a heavier coming in late welcome glad to have you with us today and if you're new yeah if you're new to the channel this isn't normal but we're not normal either so that's alright well I didn't eat my other chip yeah why he'll come to the channel you can hit the subscribe button if you haven't already and you can check out all 200 plus almost 300 videos Evangelos all different levels of experience from beginner to advanced like 98% flowers and 2% other subjects even if it's not supposed to have a flower in it just somehow she works a flower into it yeah that's yeah what's the point I think I'm gonna have flowers I mean that's what I'm thinking farmers make everything better I should be my puttan my motto for our channel and that's why there's Valentine's Day did I get flowers for Valentine's Day well yes I did is it I made you order the online flowers that were horrible you got two flowers to set the flowers first it was awful yeah I don't think we'll have them as a sponsor no we won't be ordering our flowers online anymore just saying alright so this is basically the same colors I did before it's that ultramarine blue plus burnt umber it's got a little bit think yellow oxide in it it's just pretty much all the colors we've been using it's just a little bit darker version I'm gonna go ahead and put some of it on our post here I just want to bridge that transition between these a little bit there's some of this color down on the inside of our J it right here so I'm just gonna tap it all the way down

kind of rounded right there yeah the same for this side it's gonna if I turn it then I can get my cleaner line on the inside of the doorway where I want it I'm really just tapping I'm not sliding it like I would if I if I wanted a really solid straight line I would slide it but because I really don't care I'm tapping it tap it like you just don't care so I I think we need to just read this we need that chips to the supply list down below in your Amazon store prefers the doritos nacho cheese this is a straight-up original old-school I don't know why they messed with a good thing what's the blue one the Bluebell rant so I said that's not too bad sometimes we do Cool Ranch got that looking blue here just tap it a little bit more shadow right on the bottom of that see now there's that shadow automatically kind of pushes it back from this foreground here and makes it look a little bit farther away I don't know it's weird how that works but

that's the shadow for you and then there's some shadow underneath the gate so I'm going to put some shadow in this doorway here I'm going to actually bring this doorway up just a little bit so between these arches there's some kind of shadowy color right there

and then I'm gonna put a little bit more of this dark color

[Music] here I'm just gonna kind of pull this way so kind of streaks a little bit there is a there's some detail on this an inner arch but I'm not gonna worry about doing the lines and stuff I don't want to mess with that [Music]

let's get some shadow up under there and then what we'll do is highlight the

it sparked a little bit we grabbed some yellow

with our unbleached titanium you could have a little bit of that shadow color but not a lot and I'm gonna go this way and just shuttle right up underneath where that arch yes

grab some lighter color and just just put a line there I'm Eric

all right

burnt umber and yellow oxide

not breaking it up with that color give it a little bit of texture let's go ahead do the same on the top of there there is a kind of a hard shadow that falls right here I'm just going to use thin down paint for that

water down so you can still see the

the texture underneath but it shadows that just doing it in wash of paint and there's another line here

I really want this paint underneath to be dry before you do this but we're kind of

rushing it a little bit cat what's attention over there

getting up on Marcus laughs

okay some of that hillside is in shadow there

I think that's pretty good and I'm kind of rushing through that but let's do a little bit of it under here too

every time I look at her turn it up it's doing it she knows you want her to now she's getting some white here and I'm gonna do a white highlight along this edge here just a little bit brighter there and a little bit right down here

just before that shadow line there

and then this gonna have a little bit of that white line right there like we're getting closer let's put some detail down in here so I'm gonna use the credit card again I think I'm just gonna get a little bit of all these colors yeah drag it

I really should be using the bigger one

alright there it is

a little bit easier to hold if you have a little longer spot on it I'm just going to get some texture on this for ground

here we go

just kind of scraping upbeat along that edge so you don't have too much paint on here at any one time you have too much paint it'll just go in a solid color and that's not that point we want to catch on these cracks in our canvas or the texture of our canvas

I'm gonna do I write there

I'm gonna put a little bit up there too

my paper towel to come and gently wipe that off

there we go all right getting there he's the unbleached titanium with that brown and just gonna clean back up that line there tap back over it tap back over here if I need to

go on this edge maybe darken it up just a little bit starting to get there I think pretty close I'm gonna go ahead and grab that green and go right up against that edge because I can see where

it's lefty town and I need to push this corner back here so I'm gonna darken up that little section right there by some burnt umber same thing here

there we go I don't push that color back a little bit more

I'm in some yellow with my unbleached titanium there and I'm gonna go along that top edge and just pull down a little bit of a highlight there a little bit right there it's not quite as dark as I had it there but I just want to leave that dark area right up against that fence gate there's section I'm gonna put a little bit of this in this area too some highlights not even in our shadow area there's some areas that are raised up a little bit

pull this this way a little bit


I'm just using this to kind of soften up any areas that are sticking out okay looks pretty good this totally could have been a two-part I thought about it I knew it was gonna be pretty long so what we're an hour and a half oh we're not we're not long you're nowhere close to your record so true true alright I'm gonna use white here yeah and I'm just gonna start putting these little Finn's things here so I'm just use the width of my brush is my measurement press it flat there

we have more food so I'm okay yeah you've you've been prepared you prepared yourself brother yeah I got a survival kit ain't pocalypse paint them again in it's gonna have to be our new so next one yeah next time the three-hour-long ain't beginning your patreon shows gonna be that mmm so yeah let's talk about patreon okay so uh one dollar a month yes donations patreon links down below right that gets you access to Oliver traceable that she's done since February 2017 and unlimited downloads of those tracer balls then there's a $5 level that gives you those tracer balls plus also access to a monthly bonus video and images of all the finished paintings they have references I always forget that and is it me that would be the clincher because something you know you get the high quality res image you get to finish paintings and a high quality high resolution file and the next bonus video is next Sunday yes the 14th 15th yeah okay what do we chorus are we what are you painting over there it's actually part two of the series we started part one last month we'll be finishing it up this month so we got this far got another two and a half hours or so he says two and a half hours so we'll probably it'll be a five-hour one before we're done we're gonna put a lot to detail into the leaf these are pretty much done so we're just gonna finish filling out all of that and then I'm not sure I like the pink in the background so we may just leave that but yeah that'll be I'm excited to finish that and then the ten dollar level gives you the tracer balls the bonus video the high-resolution photos and access to a private Facebook group where you get to vote and give your opinions on what we'll be doing and painting and also there's an additional monthly challenge we're doing another painting it's over over the four weeks each month yeah we just started on it we're doing so we'll have I do about an hour chat every week between that group and we paint a challenge image whatever it is we decide to paint we've done some fun stuff last month what did we do last month I can't remember maybe the gist you did a storm clouds at end of June oh yeah yeah grab that I will hey well I'm doing that sure these are a little bit bigger on this side so I need to make these a little bit bigger but go ahead a viewer would like to know what is the difference between the zinc white and titanium white and can they be used interchangeably not really no the zinc white is transparent so it won't cover as well as the titanium white and if you're doing clouds and things I think White's really pretty important because you can get titanium white sort of transparent but not really much there's our project from last month in the Facebook group so those are kind of things we do we do long version videos things that take a long time to do that I can't do on face that I don't even want to do on the bonus videos the bonus videos are usually three hours three and a half hours ish the Facebook group paintings are usually five hours or so because we've got longer amount of time to work on them for four to five hours so we can do more detailed stuff plus it's a smaller group and those chats I actually see the chat live while I'm painting so they can ask questions and interact a little bit more intimate the big bonus sittings there's usually only about 20 of us at a time in there while I'm painting so you know we've got several hundred in that group but at the live shows are really small usually because we're doing it on a weekday and the biggest bonus is I'm not there right you don't have to be there so marks at work bones for who for you for them oh I'm sure there's people that would disagree with you there huh all right let's you're just fishing for compliments now that is

alright there's shadows on these posts I'm trying to decide if I want to put the highlights in after or I think I'm gonna just go ahead and put them in white and then put the shadows in on top I think that'll be probably easier so I've switched to a number one round brush this is the 6100 series brushes they're obviously bigger than the number one round in this select series by quite a bit paint manufacturers even these are both prints and brands but each each line of brush even within companies will have a different numbering system so you never really can go by the number all right a little tiny line underneath each one of these a little little line

and then I'm going to just do kind of a line down and then smush my brush down to get that kind of shape

doing it as a mentor weekend

they're so cute okay this totally could be simplified by just using a straight you know straight lines down you don't have to even do this shape you do whatever shape you want to do really as long as you repeated it

but it's not too many of them if it was like endless I I might you know she was just simplify there's not not that many of them so it's not too bad

are you doing today M I'm doing alright even in their house chat doing they're doing good yeah you have any interesting conversations going on today well we did you have a good exchange about chips thank you

you know us we're all over the place yeah a little very little about art and painting well that's the fun of chat together there's this a real rough time they're trying to get some good jokes for this painting about yeah Mona Zevon are done with her yeah buns today yeah I don't want a funny jokes about doorways well they had you know like the ocean you know saying something to something and just it said nothing it just waved that's cute

all right Mary Jo and they got bigger they got down to the ends and make this a little bit bigger even it out these are definitely not all the same size I can tell you that all right no that's okay that's all right I wanted it to be perfect we'd take a photograph right

or hire better contractor that would be the case in our house for real we haven't been able to close the back door since we moved in

take that back I'm not I'm joking okay hey Mona wants to know how do you cut the C in half oh I'm afraid to ask how with a seesaw so there you go that's what you're missing out a chat if you hit the subscribe button jump on in well actually now they they save the chat afterwards so you know it's no longer as anonymous as you once was used to be what's happened in chat stayed in chat now you can turn that off a little no not there but anyways huh but that's not the only reason watch is to subscribe no is to check out all the awesome videos get notifications by clicking the bell there's no cowbell it's just like a normal looking I know no super chats but that's okay no yes they went above and beyond last several weeks I always wonder when we have one where we have a lot of super chats and then the next one doesn't have any you're like oh no I'll turn on their disco lights we had we had what was the one where we were interrupted almost the whole so last week it was pretty crazy it was like alright so I've made that gray that's the ultramarine blue plus the burnt umber so I'm gonna shadow this in I'm gonna shadow underneath and make sure these are dry which they probably aren't but it was the octopus that's right thank you soon yes we got a lot people like the doctor pizza nobody's watching it afterwards though has it gotten like Lois B's of the Saturday in a long time everybody's on vacation I think oh are you kidding me oh you totally didn't have oh my god from Linda oh I feel bad do you feel bad for me there's no comment but no now I feel bad I did say I do I shouldn't have said anything you're sweet Linda really dark right under there I was off camera for a little while but don't tell mark what nothing

I think when I did this last one I was like camera a little bit maybe maybe not that'd be like the first time we've ever done that of the show hmm weird okay so just adding a little those do a funky I'm not gonna try to if I was really worried about it I would go back and clean them up but I'm not going to because we're live and I don't want to I want to actually eat lunch today sometime before five o'clock so Oh somebody's getting ready for the next series on Tuesdays and they would like to know yes are you going to do an under painting because they want to be prepared um okay what are we painting I can't really show yes I am I'm going to be painting it um probably let me think it's kind of got a de l'eau blue blue vibe so I'm probably gonna do phthalo blue underneath but probably tone it down a little bit with just you know some water so that's not like a solid dark dark dark although no I'll probably go pretty dark with it so fela blue good question all right I will see if she remembers salable no I'll remember okay I remember weird things like that probably good since it's my job a little bit more white right there so we're kind of shadowing the

the underside of that curve there so like around here we on this side

and these are a little bit darker than these ones so I went a little bit more gray on those and I think I'm gonna yellow and I'm me to maybe take the yellow oxide and just put it down a little bit and add a little bit of yellow glow to these just a little bit make sure they're dry before you do this yeah I'm just picking up that kind of yellow from here I'm gonna do a little bit on these two it's gonna be picking up the yellow reflected from what's around it white picks up the colors around it so we're just gonna use that yellow oxide since it's in so much of the foreground and stuff it'll make them look a little less like manufactured and a little bit better so they're okay so I think that that's good let's uh we still have to do the door too dang I can't think of we're just about done and I'm like nope nope nope nope got lots more to do actually the door we go pretty fairly fast I just have to I have to trace it all right so the the quinacridone magenta is pretty much gonna be our bogan vo flower blossom color I'm gonna add a little bit of white to it since it's a transparent color that'll help it show up against the other colors underneath because if you just put it on top it'll just kind of show the colors underneath and it won't it won't be as vibrant so we can do this first I can always kind of wash more of it on top if we need to get it even brighter but I think this is pretty good so I'm going to do some clusters of this using a little bit larger angle brush here just to kind of save me some time I can still get the small tiny details you know little dots if I just touch very lightly with it

so I'm going to

leave some of these little blue areas showing so I'm gonna press down I do want to get some of this let me get some of this green here I want some of this color coming up over this this really as I did not so this has all got this we want some greenery coming down over the top green is a great color to use against a red to make a shadow so if you're always you know if you're doing a oak tree say that's green using the red color is good it'll do the same thing it's something about it neutralizes it and it deepens the color sometimes and using like a blunt amber color like that that's got a lot of red tone Brown it's really good so in this case that green just really made that that couldn't acrid I'm agenda color deep deep kind of like the purple purple with the green - the same thing to leave this dark dark dark area right there I'm gonna go around it but I don't want to cover it up I want that really dark pocket of color right there

I'm gonna put a little bit of this color down here not a lot there's not as much the bright back here it's a little bit more shaded oh it's so pretty love it love this part see now it's not a hot mess anymore is it honey it is not good see I knew we could do recovering well thank you well I knew you could do it you did you you were worried for a while there well but no as actually for the people who are new to painting and they're trying and you know you've talked about it many times in videos it's the ugly stage it's the hot mess stage yeah you get to a point you're like this does not look like I am NOT doing this or anything yeah but you know it's the layers it's it's important to put the stuff in the background even though you might paint over it mostly it has to be there to keep it that dip exactly yeah so you can't just slap some pink on the front and say oh yeah it looks good well and I think that that's what people tend to do is they they see the upper layers and so they would start with the bright pink on this instead of putting these deep dark curled colors in that and that's what makes their paintings look kind of flat because if you don't have those really rich dark colors you just don't get that pop of brightness when you put these brighter colors in there it just just doesn't work you've been listening honey you have good you had a whole good spiel there I'm impressed you were really you've been paying attention after two years or so I've picked up what you think of it you picked up a couple couple things winners Oh probably more than one like don't dip your paintbrush into your coffee or tea right that's a no-no yeah good good thought that's peeking up there right there wear gloves if you're using your feet to paint I've learned that the other day you posted a picture in the in the Facebook group like we were getting ready to go on air and you had your you had your wine you had a thing of M&Ms and then you had a rubber glove next to it and people were like mark what is it club four things about to get crazy I thought was hilarious it was great I have no idea what the glove was leftover from something probably oh yeah it's from my from the tutorial that I did on your patreon group that's the biggest reason to join patreon is a check on my my row house painting that's true that's true it's in a place you can see mark paint and some poor soul has it in their house somewhere I think who won that was a guy can't remember Neymar off the top of my hand okay so adding a little bit of this cadmium red light now to make these the bright highlights a little bit more Orange II just kind of make them a little bit brighter make them pop out a little bit better and these these blossoms are not round they're like these kind of geometric shapes almost so we can this Y using this brush makes sense because we can get these kind of squarish colors and I'm gonna go on the top edges of some of these it doesn't have to be done everywhere highlights are where you can kind of kill a painting pretty quickly if you put too much of them in there so just a little bit goes a long long way

I'm doing like little clusters you know just kind of there they have these little cluster groups that are happening so target those and kind of highlight on the tops of them just a little bit just a few little taps

right grab some bright quinacridone now

yeah definitely not gonna put the tree over here I don't think it needs it at all

don't think it needs it

you got the power you can do whatever you want with your paintings you don't have to do it exactly like the reference photo I'd say the reference photo has helped it is helpful that guide you you know especially if you're gonna change an element you know but if you're taking out things I do that all the time with my reference photos a lot of times you know you've got things in the background that just don't add anything to your composition and there's no reason to leave them in so this kind of random tree out off the side just wasn't really adding anything to this conversation here we were having with this beautiful plugin via vine it just would almost take away the attention from where we want it so we'll just take it up sorry tree you're not pretty enough to make the cut yep yes so you have been eliminated [Laughter] using the bright yellow with the phthalo green here and I'm gonna put some pops of that bright green in

here again a little bit goes a long way don't need that much just a few try not to get it on top of the dark areas too much and around and above them but not covering them up

all right I'm happy makes me happy sorry No I just glad that other people won't get it that we have people there is weird as I am about this stuff there's nothing like this feeling of getting to this point of a painting and be like okay sorry I'm over it she's some brighter whoo that's really bright might tone that down just a little bit having some white here with this green just one more layer the bright

[Music] an unsolicited donation from Sandy and she says thanks for another great tutorial oh you're so welcome sandy this is fun this was one that we voted on in my Facebook groups on my Facebook group devoted for this one they liked it we had several different options for different landscape photos and this was the one it was People's Choice definitely my accounts turn out I'm gonna go ahead yeah yeah

yes will do stick man he's over here we'll give him some you know I thought about it later and I was like I stuck my octopus right here he should have been attacking the boat he should have been bringing his tentacles over the top of the boat that would have been made a lot more sense but oh well alright so we'll do some vines on our wagon wheel here how about that do something via growing around our wagon wheel just give it some vines here this is marks creation as you can tell well it's kind of a coat Co painting cuz I he starts it with stickman and we kind of add something to him and not depend on whatever it is we're painting that week just for fun time filler a little bit of silliness break up the break up the time that actually looks kind of pretty maybe we should do one like that do what we did we did a wagon wheel with what did it have on it what it had it had flowers underneath like in front of it this is actually kind of fun I so wish that I had made my octopus attacking the boat I don't know why I didn't think of it that doesn't even look like an octopus over there that's a boat not a football and I have no idea what that is no clue whatsoever looks like maybe a flower here's our token bird alright we're done it's just going I was trying to remember what that thing is right there do you know what that is this your peple that's right that with the peple thank you okay [Music] pretty get in here now there's a little bit room above the gate so we want to get it kind of square to the bottom and sides and then the top is gonna have a little bit more room don't stick no it's just me no it's just sticky paints gonna it's gonna be sticky for a couple days until it's cure so it's not you it doesn't matter what you did it was still gonna be kind of sticky it was yeah it's just thick I'm not sure exactly how I did that oh there we go

just make sure that I'm getting this square to my canvas yes

if you've never used trade transfer paper before there's a there's a shiny side and then a kind of a more matte side that's the side that goes down and I've set my trace tracing down where I want it to be and then hold it really firmly with one hand slide it underneath very carefully don't just slide it too much against the canvas especially with these lighter colors is that brown will the dark color will transfer wherever you press it

keep my straight lines here

oh don't do that

hard holding a ruler and the trace won't end

want to sign around you may want to tape it down do this just saying

okay man now this is where we'll be really glad we did all this work because this would be a real pain to draw you don't want to draw something like this complicated straight onto your canvas just don't do it it's gonna for one you won't be able to erase your mistakes very easily and if you do make mistakes and erase them then you have a chance of wiping off your paint underneath so that's why I would I wouldn't ever really draw straight on to the canvas something this complicated that had you know had to be symmetrical like this just would not be smart so grab some tracing paper or print it out you can you you don't have to actually trace it I mean if you're if you're printing this out you know just get the size the size you want it you know print it to the size canvas you're using and and then lay it over the top of your canvas you know it should as long as you you know cut it square and you know [Music]

you should be able to get it on there without even actually seeing the bottom of the sign did I do this one I don't think I did this one maybe I did

I'm using a stylus tool to an old ballpoint pen this lost its ink works really well because it rolls you just want something with a smooth tip a pencil can poke through your paper and issues there we go you can see the tracing a little bit more difficult to see on the dark part

two and a half hours let's see how long we can do this how quickly can she paint and thank yous I'm gonna use the I'm gonna cheat and use this carbon black in the fluid acrylics that will make this so much faster come on there we go

I guess I'll use that

I gotta get I gotta get my thing settled so I gotta have a clean working space sure have it too cluttered

I'm gonna have a paper towel down here go ahead and do the water cam there huh

don't have a clean paper towel here because when you're lining you really need to regulate that water a lot and you're gonna need to wipe off your water droplets get you're gonna be dipping into your water a lot more than you would with the normal brush so and you're gonna end up having these water droplets it stopped right there so you're gonna want to wipe that off before you go to your canvas and I did not outline the top of the arch that was dumb okay well I guess I can figure out where it was let's just do the sides first and then we'll worry about that later

I can't even see it on that side and just do this side

can she recover does she know what she's doing I can do it golf course [Laughter]

she pulls out the liner brush out of her a little bit too high there we go this outer edge is a little bit thick there's like actually two lines right next to each other you can't really see them but they're there so I'm kind of thickening it up just a little bit all the way down because there's like a gate inside the gate so this attaches to the edge where there's a gate inside the frame there's a frame that not just down side of the gate here [Music]


it's longer handled one I'm not sure if I'm liking it we'll see with longer bristles it makes it easier to do long lines but it's a little bit trickier to control

see how I'm angling it in the direction that I would normally draw and I've lifting it up a little bit so that I can have a good past I want to be able to smoothly move my arm from side to side that will give me greatest chance of getting a good straight line there


how'd that get off when I traced it I don't understand that Tracy Tracy line looks off must have shifted a little bit okay I'm gonna switch to this brush visit the number one round I'll see if this works betta

[Music] mmm-hmm super jet this super jet is brought to you by Deborah and she says Angelyn mark dot dot dot dot you are awesome uh-huh Thanks it's are you Deborah yes thank you so much really means a lot all the support and love that we get it does it's it makes it super fun for us now I went by the post office box a week or so ago there were no packages with small unmarked bills you get a birthday cards or anything she knows why are you shaming people yeah that's not why I'm doing this so true why are you doing this you're doing it for me aren't you of course labor of love for mark because so I know he really loves me because he sits through these art things for hours and hours every Saturday okay not happy

mmm this paints can have some spit [Music]

okay I don't like that brush either do let's try this one three OTT it's just need to be a little bit smaller it's just not there's so much little curlicue details here it's just not turning around those corners for me very good right they would like to know could they do this door with a paint pen yes that would be the easiest way to do it for sure for sure

I'm about I'm about getting there myself because it's such a small little tight area Caesar

this bar said it has a problem with the hair know if you saw that it was splitting so not that one okay I'm gonna last liner brush here we'll see if this one I'm just gonna do what I want to do this is the little baby one five

there we go March but uh

what are you laughing at

I'll tell you later

well it's not like people can't see it if it's in chat the people are gonna be able to read it honey okay so said I guess I don't know you want me to tell you I can tell you somebody was flirting with Mona oh and she brought Thor's wrench down upon them nice that person is now in the Netherlands with that tree yes along with the tree okay I'm gonna go back to this longer one we'll see I it may be a bad idea but we'll see

yeah not a good idea you know okay this is just this is an artist problem okay so this is the deal I press and sponsors our brushes I didn't order the right ones from them and my


grabbing our old cotton

it's just a little bit shorter it's a little bit thinner than this one need to find the right one

this is the zero liner

mm okay so this is the not exciting part of the video probably this is

I'm confused for a second where that went to I can't see the line anymore those girls around this way

the the thing with liner brushes it's so for me it's really subjective it's it's it's one of those brushes that you really have to develop a relationship with it sounds weird but the longer you have one and the more you use it the easier it'll be and the more you'll you'll be able to predict how it's going to behave certain you know certain circumstances and what you can do with it how hard you can press down how much paint to put in it all of that stuff makes a big difference with a with a liner brush and if you don't trust it it makes it a lot the whole process a lot and harder to deal with and a lot longer like you know we were just having issues with these over here I'll be able to paint a lot faster with this one that I'm familiar with comfortable with

but yeah I definitely think that if you wanted to speed this up using a paint pan is the way to go I probably ought to just grab it you can okay I'm gonna grab it because it'll just make a salt thing go faster Jane do you have those in your Amazon store nice link down below to Angela's Amazon store yes all kinds of painting supplies and things of those asunder ease is that the right use of that word various sundries various sundry I don't know I don't know something like that some good stuff yeah this is the pigma sakura FB pen you need a couple coats to get it as dark as paint they do have acrylic paint markers that you could use instead this is not I'm having a hard time seeing this dark color so these are gonna be

you know I sell Freddie here up and down we do not recommend using a Sharpie for this though no no just because sharpies will fade over time yeah if it's exposed to any kind of sunlight or even just I think time in general it will fade so getting a light fast pen like this these are light fast and waterproof so there's also the like I said oh these pain these pins the faber-castell Pitt will work these are both alcohol-based pens there's also a line of pens made by mullet oh and pasca that are acrylic paint in pens so they'll act just like a paint it's water-based opaque paint they sometimes a little bit more tricky to use so you just have to kind of because because it is paint they can kind of spit and you know have a little bit of issues I wish I brought that up a little bit higher but that's alright is the one that you're using a medium or thin this is the fine the fine and the real reason why that you don't use the Sharpie pen suit is also reserved for the master class art like that mark does like stick man things like that so right you're a beginner I wouldn't recommend just jumping in at that level true true dat I know I made it look easy in that tutorial but that just comes from years of practice mark marks has all kinds of helpful tips about drawing in my faith thankful art group - I'm brother pushing the thankful our group today but we have been having a lot of fun in there lately and he posted a stick man thinking about the octopus and so he said it looked like a spider and so mark set them straight and posted what the spider looks like stick man spider the beginner's guide to art right I think you called it an amateur okay me I may be a mature artist god I'd tend drawing octopus and suppliers it was very helpful a lot of people were taking notes I said so some were taking notes and some of them they just they needed to get some serious help they needed to take what they need to get some serious help why because it's on the comments you [Laughter]

I love the folks in that group I just say some fun fun people in there

and I did Monday our chats in there too but mostly I just talk about my hair and what we ate for dinner and stuff like that there's some times I talk about serious stuff but most of the time it's just answering questions and being silly and it's about the only time to actually see you yeah that's true I'm on camera that's the only day of the week I know I'm gonna be putting on makeup most the other time not so much oh yeah all right and then I really wanted to be fancy to finish it off I could take some white which I don't have and take some unbleached titanium

just put some little highlights here and there on it not not nothing super-bright that you'll be like wow look at that but it'll just kind of help oh there's a gate thing lock thing right here too

so like some of these down here especially have some highlighting on them the lights catching it

that's kind of dry brushing some little a little bit of detail on there makes a big difference make it look that much more realistic maybe put a little bit on the inside of some of these this is also a chance to kind of if you got one little bit too thick you can kind of disguise it a little bit with the highlight you know if you put it in the right spot you can they make a too thick spot look a little bit thinner

it was definitely tricky this part this part is what makes it this part in these so if you if you left this out in this out or change them to you know more straight circular you know circles or or not circle straight lines or something like that I think you'd it'll be a thousand times easier because this was not not particularly easy to see that I was even kind of struggling to get the right brush for it alright I'm happy with that going this is amount there huh there we go I think I want to add a little bit more of a really ultra dark to our bushes up here so I'm gonna grab this I might even grab just a tiny bit of black with our green and purple and I'm just going to just since that gate is so dark it might help to have some really dark up in here just to kind of make balance it a little bit now that we've got all this in here we can kind of just strategically place a few little of these dark spots here and there maybe even go down over the top right here

there you go and sign it I'm gonna sign it over here

downside down here

here we come okay guys thanks so much for watching today I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up like it share it with your friends that really helps this grow our channel and let people know what we're doing and also lets YouTube know that you enjoy our Channel so they'll show them to you more often if you want to make sure that you don't miss any of our upcoming videos you can click the bell icon by the subscribe button and it will also give you notifications in your email of any new videos that we do we'll be back Tuesday night we're gonna have another painting for you we'll be doing our seashell by the seashore know it goes with this week's theme I guess so be sure to check that out and we'll see you next time thanks guys bye

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