Hills Have an Eye - Total War Warhammer 2 - Online Battle 216

by: HeirofCarthage

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YouTube what the I of more slip crap is going on air of Carthage here and we have got a beast men versus green skins matchup on the Heartland map for the steps of Isha let's hit slow-motion so I can hit this and introduce you to the two armies this is a part of the King's Cup tournament this is actually going to be so he get my name straight here we got Romulan dog and he is fighting against crap I forgot who his opponent oh no it's Lasky yes a Romulan dog versus and Lasky two fantastic players very excited to see this it's a matchup I haven't seen in a long time which is beast men versus green skins and I really want to see it we've got 3 harpies three war hounds two of which are poison to sent two cores for the for the beast men one of the war hounds is way up here in the corner that's gonna be the non poison one and then we've got three Gore herds for the main line back here and he's using this bowl-shaped geography here to his advantage and he's obviously broken up his front line so that the green skins will have a harder time using the map white Bois to their advantage and we'll go through the rear arm in a minute I have more slip beast Lord Bray shame and death both of these leaders on a chariot to Unger Spears and one on gore Raider for the green skins there are four or boys two on either flank for black works down the center three savage errors which is an interesting choice - nasty skulkers one on each flank we got a knight Gobbo and an orc boar diggin in the back and then we've got where's Ag the dance and green profit over here on foot so it should be an interesting match these savage or cares can deal a lot of damage from range they have pretty solid missile damage versus low armor units and they're pretty decent and melee there you can see - with 32 attack and 38 weapon strength their only real downside is that they have basically no armor and melee defense so something to bear in mind but they do have that frenzied thing - so let's hit play let you all watch this the eye of more slip has already started causing damage to the main line of black work so then we're gonna see some nice harassment on either flank here as Romulan dog is gonna use this sent to Gore's to weaken the orc boys because there's so many of them and so you can see here some some key plays taking place witches we got a week in the black works and that he wants to weaken the flanks by using his fast and hard-hitting sent to Gore's and he sent to Gore's are gonna be fantastic against low armored units the 3 harpies have their choice of targets and you would think that naturally that would be the savage work era boys here we're going to have a chaos war hand with poison that's gonna make a run for the the archers while the harpies swarm the board begun so 3 harpies is definitely going to create a very challenging fight for the the board begun who would otherwise do well against a single heartbeat look at this there the war hounds that poison get in and disrupt all this and then cause two infantry units to sit back as well while the chariot leaders of the beast men start dive bombing down the hill into the black works and causing a lot of damage except for over here where the effigy to get is gonna do massive damage to the beast Lord but the beast men continue fighting look at that that blob created by the war hounds just fantastic use of the is me I have more slip there as he gets hits in the boar big one big uns are routed and the guy have more slim going for another shot right here and he gets some hits so the black works are already reeling quite a bit in this fight the war has a poisoned did a good job of slowing up this flank - you can see the Beast Minister is definitely banking on a line of reserves and the I of more slim he's trying to get all this anti-infantry damage done in pockets with his different units so it's basically an isolate and destroy kind of tactic here against the green green skins there's a spirit leech on where zag not a bad idea because he can't heal and then over here the harpies are now gonna dive bomb into the savage it works savage orcs have some protection from night goblins and we've got the regrouped ward Viggen that initially took a beating from the heart beasts is now gonna deliver a beating for the heart beings I think it's a nice charge here but the savage air boys have not been able to accomplish anything so far this battle big black works here finally reached the gore hurts but they've been substantially weakened they do get a fisted work which will help him out he's still got an I have more slip back here and you've got of leaders and a nun gore Raider here so we're gonna see the Beast Lord look at this so he uses the other gore heard depend this to create a nice little attack shot here for his his Beast Lord so that he's trying to wear these guys down he's unfortunately gonna get surrounded here why I almost did but then the black horse realized that they'd be turning their back to the eye of more slim probably not what they want over here at doom and darkness nicely used to help drop the leadership of this black horse which then gets routed by a charge from the Beast Lord so some really fantastic beast men play here on the part of Romulan dog and simple ASCII we know it's no chump we've seen him play he is fantastic at this game but this beast men army issues were really after him right now he has got his hands full on every front this is one of the reasons why for me it's a nightmare to play against the beastmen in the hands of a skilled player because they can make the beast men just a frustrating army to beat because like here they're deployed all over the battlefield they're isolating you into pockets it seems like everywhere you react is the wrong place to react and it just gets difficult to deal with them me I have more slip is fighting some black works in melee it should be okay it's supported by the uncor Raiders and the savage airs are all pinned down by harpies poison war hounds sent two cores they have just not had the opportunity to do any damage this fight the beastmen have kept them busy continually throughout the battle and now all the beast men infantry who were very intelligently engaged none of them were thrown carelessly into combat where possible so the black works again were avoided at most cost and definitely hit with the eye of Moore's Lib and the leaders while the infantry again was kind of intelligently held in reserve to be used later in the game rather than dying early and fast to a wah so a really really nicely played victory there by Romulan dog and again simple ASCII is also a fantastic player so but I mean good play or not you can get put in a position where someone picks the right army and put you in a difficult spot where it feels like you're reacting and you're trying to go it's hard it's hard to pull your way out of no matter how good you are but against oblasts key obviously none of this is meant to make you look bad we know you're a fantastic player and Romulan dog we know he is - we've seen him play both of these players play in big tournaments and I've enjoyed watching both of them play so thank you for submitting this replay it was a lot of fun to watch I haven't seen this matchup in a long time like I said it was fun to see it in a competitive environment so it seems like as a blasts Keys play here was hey I'm gonna bring where's AG he's got effigy and to get he can pin down one of those leaders I've got the savage air boys maybe we can go for a quick knockout these guys also cause a ton of damage done armoured units which there's a lot of unarmored units for the beasts skin beasts skin beasts men sorry black works they hit like a truck they're better than Pesta gore so a good idea to bring them it can potentially be very difficult for the beast men to destroy black orcs so I think he was kind of hoping to overwhelm the beast men not a fairly typical pick of sent to Gore's and more hounds with poison but when you add three harpies on top of that that's where things get tricky I mean how do you protect your skirmishers against that much mobility it is basically impossible it is difficult to protect skirmishers against the beastmen to begin with I think he was hoping that hit the combination of his boar Biggins and the hidden nasty skulkers and other units in the back could keep these airvoice safe but it just was not able to come to fruition in this case but if you all enjoyed this battle between these two players please hit that like button let them know you enjoyed it leave them a comment tell them Thanks and if you want to see more make sure to hit that subscribe button click the bell because there will be more battles again remember I'm out on vacation but I've got these battles uploaded so that you'll have something to do while I'm gone err Carthage

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