Impala on 28s + Working Sunroof!! - GTA 5 Real Hood Life 2 - Day 80

by: Nukes

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already man what is going on everybody welcome back to another episode of Brotherhood like seriously as you guys can see back we are you boy Franklin and we are in the Toma B oh man so yall already know what that means man will win when we're in the top mobile it's not really the toe bone field but y'all already know man whenever we're inside of the the RAM here we got to do some towing instead man so today in today's episode I wasn't going to let you guys know that we will be picking up a new whip that your boy telly actually sent your boy and it's actually pretty nice one because he was able to get it was able to get these sunroofs there's some proof to work so now to some roof slides back and forth it's like a kind of fireman classifier so we're picking that up in this episode as well as the 2018 and I bring any URIs and then we're gonna do some trapping in this episode because we got a setup for the food truck trap in episode that we're gonna be doing really soon so you know what I'm sayin man y'all been once on food truck traveling so we said not for a food truck traveling episode at the same time while we're getting new whips that's how we do it man that's how we do it man so hopefully you guys are excited for this episode now we're gonna go all the way down to well the appeared cuz we're actually picking up a show URIs now we're actually not even keeping it we're actually just picking it up and taking it to Simeon shop because I you know it's actually his and he just had it on display on the pier so we gotta go ahead and go pick it up and bring it bring it back to send me and shop because he's doing it he wants it back basically you know I'm saying he wants it back it was on display for a little bit so we're gonna go ahead and do that in this episode we actually kind of should go and pick up that yours first cuz I kind of want it a lot I kind of want to buy it so we're gonna have to learn to see if see me is gonna sell it to us it's really soon man cuz I want it I ain't gonna lie to you guys the uris is growing on me I used to not like it but man that thing is growing on me now man I think that's good we're gonna make our way to the pier so that we can pick up the URIs and take it back to Simeon shop their idea we're gonna go ahead and make our way down here to pick up the years the Lamborghini dearest I'm gonna man every light we don't pass so far it and was changing from yellow to green besides that when that was the red okay alright so let's see we can as I said we're going the right way alright so looks like we had to make a left here or I left coming up

sorry 32 me head man we're gonna go ahead and go pick up this yours so we can go ahead and bring them back to see me a shout I'm sure my turnoff we in turn here everybody behind me that surprise usually I'd always have cars behind me and it's like he's taking for every - all right go ahead yeah man we're gonna drive the the new whip that we're picking up you guys already know it because it's in the thumbnail we're picking up a I believe it's an O six Impala you know I don't even quote me on the gear man just know we're picking up an Impala and this motherfucker sitting on like some sixes or some eight to float us looking real good no I'm saying man looking real good I just like how it looks a lot many I think it's because I like the floater zone major it may just be the floaters may just be the floaters we're about to find out in a second whoa we're not in a second because we're actually gonna drive around in that car the Impala as you guys know we're gonna drive around in the Impala once we have to get in it which is why we're picking up the uris first so that we can drop that off and then we're going to pick up the Impala and then drop the truck off at the mansion and there will power up on a couple plugs and see if they have independent forest you know what I'm saying man see with him probably stack up on some work us more drugs and stuff then we already have some honest if I'm not mistaken because I remember in allows them so we just entrapped him we was dealing with the cops kind of a lot but as well as dealing with the cops you know we we kind of we were kind of we were kind of good you know like we had some stuff on us I believe I think we so far we go but we gotta go all the way down there I can see the your it's way down there man we're gonna go way down there and I don't know how we gonna actually do that cuz I had to pull around now I would what you know actually we're gonna we'll walk down the pier actually not that's gonna that's kind of despondent training so yeah we're never there it's go ahead and pull it around we're gonna drive down there so yeah we're gonna yeah we're gonna go ahead just drive down there I really didn't want to because I was gonna have to try and turn around and stuff and man trying to turn around with this trailer sometimes can be a little tricky here I'm going to turn my house it's on for everybody I'm gonna drive slow - so I get out the way man then it's my fault yes yeah it's my fault I got the hazards on honking my horn come on now I should know I'm right here alright so there is the yours you know actually we got a position to turn around right here so I'm gonna use this this spot right here to actually turn around come on lady hurry up all right we can go ahead and back it all nothing till we get to the yearís it's like these folks should know that I'm coming to pick up yours you see an empty car trailer you know I'm saying you see an empty car trailer with the hazards on coming down towards an exotic car no what does that tell you all right all right trying to hit these hot dogs there's the years right there boy to show you guys a very nice looking close-up view of that guy all right we're actually gonna go ahead and I'm gonna leave my engine running they do left this he loved this stereo oh snap all right there we go so we got it you got this the trucks still running with the hazard let's go ahead and drop the ramp all right now since we dropped the ground I'm going ahead and we got to disable that yeah disable that so that the ureters doesn't stay running but here is the 20 18 years actually gonna go ahead and hopefully you know send me an actually sell this to us but I like it man I like it you know the rule is good no sane man looks really good looks really nice on display down here Lamborghini Lamborghini all right let's hurry up before somebody hurry up before somebody tries to steal my damn truck that's a blast buddy hey you know I'm saying man cuz we do got them people like that I like to try and steal my truck while I'm trying to load it up try to work with the truck and all of that they'll try to hot right in my truck hey bro hey bro yeah you don't want smoke back up there strike that you're really high every go it's going to get the years loaded up go hopefully we don't have any glitches when it comes to unloading this guy no fucking ramps all right so let's go to get this yours down here well she got some beats on the head okay okay go ahead jam on its gonna get these beat say these beats man he's gonna get this yours down here to Semyon shop so that we can go ahead and make over to go pick up our Impala I knew Impala what Lita has your Tom you couldn't got to get off the keys yeah man so Carter we can't even really drive like that mom come on now I'm riding slowly now in the middle I should be able to easily avoid me [Music] go we don't made it out let's go ahead and turn the hands at all we're good to go let's go to make a with a simian shot to a drop off his ham truck man suv's oh man is this yours is actually not that bad I was actually looking at it that well I watched what was the face rugs video on it like half of the video sort of said I should I say I watched like half of the video and man this thing looks insane in real life man like it's crazy I used to not like this truck but now it's like but yeah it's like now I really like this urease man I'll and begin you really gonna change up everything but uh the way they have it set up man I got it set up to where it's uh it's a four-seater and then the you know the fifth seat is an option so you know that's that's kind of crazy but you know and also it has a twin turbo v8 I thought it was gonna have the v10 like the concept had back in what was it like 2010 when they first announced this car so that's surprising that they're not going with the the v10 like they always do and most of Lambos cars they how much is president during the v8 I can't remember the last time they had a new v8 Lamborghini it's been a long time actually I think I'm pretty sure there's been like the last v8 learn beginning that I can think of is like I think the cool tires or something the Countach or the Diablo and I think those were v12 so never mind I don't even remember the non v10 slash v12 Lambo

i'ma go around these dudes may see some of these lights they're just way too long do you sit in it like every in every light every yeah every freaking light at that uh at that an intersection right there was that a red so it's a down-home see the point on some point in just sitting there that's why you can't follow a traffic law sometimes is most of the time traffic but also something follow themselves I don't know let's go to make this left I'm pretty don't we have a gt4 I'm pretty sure we bought a Porsche GT for already man I don't know I keep seeing them and I want one and I'm pretty sure we already have one like to start driving it man we got to driving that about Magnum a little bit more - man so much of other cars away actually got a I started driving it I want to maybe do some trapping in the Magnum so you know as we continue to uh keep setting up

all right as we continue to keep setting up for the food truck episode we'll keep trapping and in our cars that we're buying man this yearís is definitely on the list of cartomizer I definitely want I want to get in this episode I'm not gonna lie to you guys but I'm not trying to make two trips at Playboy Mansion I will probably get into another episode maybe the food truck traveling up what's up with what it get it if send me an actually allows us to buy you be it man stimulus idioms actually been a little stingy with some of these newer cars that's coming out so here I go like he can't just ordered new shit in trouble

I'm sitting up here ordering like three of these new cars he ordered like 300 3 of these in the cars and then just have these three is selling like to one of them and then keep two of them like broke what are you doing Gil just sell me one of these dumb things to keep one for yourself and then sell the other ones like you're doing no I'm saying bad know damn well he could let me have one of you got them your sister probably gonna see the other Urist here at there because you know he did sell one of them so he only has two this one in another one and I don't even know if the other witness here but he's definitely not trying to sell me this one yet I'm gonna talk him into it no sir he's extra darkman I'm trying to you know we're gonna turn the has a toy

putting in straighten out all right see man using these trailers they're definitely like you can't use these have how you would in real life like these hits are way different than almost any other trailer truck well I think that's maybe just GTA and how GTA does you know it's trailers and stuff cuz the trailers do they do handle a lot different I'm actually gonna go ahead and advance my time a little bit because I'm actually looking at OBS right now and its really pretty pretty dark so we're gonna go in the past time a couple of hours there we go it's gonna be good right here alright so see that's what I was talking about I was hoping that we didn't have that okay how's Alban that glitching didn't exist that means it's gonna glitch when we go and pick up the Impala too so that's that story alright that's good enough just getting this guy pulled off back here really don't want my I would to be spawned back it on them I should have probably bagged up a little bit further instead of staying away back all right it's all good minutes couldn't drop it all see man that's what I was talking about you know what you know it since my truck is going since my truck is gone you know what we're gonna borrow the URIs we'll borrow the URIs let's go pick up that Impala man wasn't expecting my truck to uh you know I'm saying why is it why they doing this it's making me aim while inside of here instead of using my turn oh wait that's cuz I almost almost goofed that up all right let's go ahead and go so we're getting to drive the URIs since Simeon wants to go ahead and use my truck while I'm dropping off his cars so he let me borrow yours wood that's what we're gonna say he let me borrow yours to go pick up my Impala and I'm assuming that he'll probably just you know pick up the years from Simeon shop since it's right around the corner but here's Tim I mean I'm not nice to me and shop in shop here's Benny shot right here there's the Impala that we're picking up man look at that make sure you guys go to checkout my boy tele link will be in the description down below so let's go ahead and park this yours you know I could park it no I'm saying now we're never right there I was gonna try and get a thumbnail with it but yeah all right so let me go ahead I want to turn the engine off all right so see me gonna come over here to come get the URIs we're gonna pick up our new baby no Sandman so let me know what you guys think about this Impala in the comment section down below now these aren't the colors that my boy tell you had them as but I actually like this color you know this color scheme together it's like blue with the gasoline blue I believe no gasoline green but yeah it definitely in green it shouldn't Gottesman green oh yeah man that's the color combination that I got you see the interior is we got something green color community but yeah we got the blue on the outside gasoline green let me know what you guys think about this Impala in the comment section down below as well as going to check out my boy tele link in the description down below as well all right I'm going to pull on now into the Sun yeah yeah we gonna Impala game all right so I'm going to show you guys the sunroof there cuz tell you wanted me to show you guys this cuz it's actually not that bad of a of mind here man it's actually pretty nice I really like this part look at this alright so we just come down here to go to open trunk alright now you see that sunroof up there look at this watch this watch this watch this yeah we just opened the sunroof up oh god do you see that that was actually kind of fire Amy no Amy no a lot man what the sunlight is it let's do it again it's good it again we closed it oh and we opened it you know what I'm saying man alright man I'm like you man totally actually outdid himself for that I don't know how you get himself or how you did that but okay all right I don't know why back there let's go ahead and make our way down here we'll go ahead and pull up on a couple of plugs didn't tell you guys we're gonna do some trapping Indian nice I think this is our first part of my - we don't have any other Impala mines in the game and for this to be the first one is actually pretty we actually got some more cards from telling that we got to go ahead and use so we will be using them in the next couple of episodes bo came for an amazing price but it's a mess out here - oh we do have a little bit of acid okay that's a market value all right so we're gonna keep the acid so everything goes that we got on there so we know we had on as before which wasn't really much so that bad man I thought we have more on this but I guess not because of I guess we I guess is because we found all those plugs that were oh yeah now remember I remember perfectly in the last episode when we were pulling up on some plugs they actually we actually found some plugs that were you know gonna take some things off of at a good price so hopefully that doesn't happen here and we can just go ahead and keep most of our supply because I want to go ahead and I want to hop in a food truck no I'm Sandman when I open a food truck we just got the food truck business back wanna hop in that guy gotta make us some food truck be some food truck traveling money alright man till he does have an attorney shouldn't working on these got at least in the back they don't work in front they get a Sun glare oh my god alright

now I'm trying not to be on the red curve you know what I'm saying I ain't trying to come out to no ticket a man trying to get me I ain't trying to get told either all right so what's going on here let's make our way on up here let's see if this dude has anything should I have a little something-something for us yeah it's nothing but Johnny's nothing but see what I'm saying man look at that $1,000 all right you know we'll do it we'll do it that's profit regardless so I guess we won't be bringing any cocaine to the food truck yeah basically we won't be breaking any cocaine to the food truck but we'll take everything goes I guess we'll bring the cocaine back to this dude and we'll just keep break the cocaine to him and we'll just take everything else you know through the food truck with us so everything else will go with us

you try to go around like Braille obviously we couldn't go over I mean if they're not moving they're not moving for a reason sir see that that's gja out for you looking patient all right so let's go ahead on up here to the next flood now even though this car right here has may or may not have some flippin issues so that's why I'm kind of taking these turns and you can smooth a little slow

I mean I like it though I really like this Impala no Impala is not really impalas aren't really my cup of tea 100% of my cup of tea like as in I won't really run to an Impala before it you know let's say a charger or something but man this one right here is not that bad I like this one a lot it's what I really should have listened some oh he has a cocaine that's what I'm talking about alright so we could take the cocaine back to the other plug we take the meth with us to the food truck you know I'm saying man will stack up on a couple of things here we'll put up on the next two two more plugs real quick and then we'll see I know they should have loose on something over there

close my do we need to start checking up on the sandy shores plugs and stuff too

man would have been no way this way

whoa come on now don't do it don't do that to me I'll do that to manager yeah yeah

yes all right we could go to my senses customers like to kiss intent on these brothers in father-son I do want some Tim while we are traveling let's go in this bathroom

go to grab some temper some telling me something tell there really ain't nothing wrong with a bro I just need some tit no Sam gave me riding around here without a tent especially one of my his traveling like that come that would go to ten on there no sir some good light tent 190 dart here we go man see we got we got that nice little tent on there now we rollin with some style now all right oh my Sun roof is closed I just realized that they're gonna leave it open what oh I think it might have closed when we went inside of Los Angeles cousins

right around let me squeeze there boy wrong to be there like the way trying to squeeze my Apollo look at that man I can retell look at that son with the word man I've been waiting on to something like that no it's the small things that count man it's a smart what does it do got some more get some more med for some acid I'm gonna take that alright let's go ahead and hop on it now it's how bone in the wood we got one more plug left to check up on when a check on this plug and then once we check on this plug we'll go ahead and we'll go ahead and make our way back to that cocaine plug and then we'll be done cause we'd be done stacked up a decent amount of things for the food trucks so far at least for this episode I want to another but so what we driving to Magnum and that'll be the episode where we get a couple more drugs and then we'll also just hop straight into the food truck in that episode as well so basically do a little bit more trapping inside of the in the Magnum no before we have in the future it's basically what I'm gonna do hopefully we don't find anybody else you know taking method a good price is Mandy these these plugs man they always come out of nowhere taking these good prices

these truckers do that man I do D in the taco bomb truck the hand part of my bid me you know


all right here we go let's go to see really

all right here we go let's go to make our way over here point two miles left all right I'm just gonna Ronnie's I ain't trying to sit it no more lights always riding the curb he's riding a curb right there

thank government I did not want to hit anybody but oh well anything pulling the house away it's kind of hazardous to run around with a bunch of drugs like this too cuz I'm have to come back out to the web I said but it depends on if you just do it has anything any way because if he doesn't have anything then you know pulling the other way was pointless well that's good unless they seem analyst yeah he doesn't have anything and he's taking meth for a good price sheesh man well there's only $21 actually so that's not really that good of a price will slide on that we're gonna take this cocaine back to the other plug though $21 isn't really too much more it cuz we'll make more in the food truck you know we'll make more than $21 per bag I know that for a fact so we're good there let's go ahead and let's pop back up on this dude right here and I believe this is the guy taking the cocaine so we got 29 bags of cocaine on us and this dude's taking cocaine for $1,000 a bag so we should make at least I don't really remember how much we bought the coat came forward well we'll find out I think I got a bad market value but if I got it if I got it any cheaper it coulda doesn't matter what I bought it down we're gonna make the turnaround a profit regardless so even if it was market bought at market value so no I'm saying man the main reason why I want to take this through to this plugin instead of holding this for the food truck to is because two hundred ollars a bag is you know something rare for me for these plugs now there was only take me for like 100 out of the bag and figure out the bag and we'll go ahead you know food truck it up but man for 200 all of the bad yeah yeah I bought it

I'll be speeding now ain't you know some Pollock you get up like that okay this apology get up okay I was actually gonna plan a for the rather than three stream for tonight as well hopefully we'll still dandy get to doing man to man


point 20 miles here we go we just gonna skip right ahead alright and we don't made it back on over to this plug do this polite

I'm gonna up stay up go to sell them to these 29 bags of cocaine taking that cocaine look at that 230 dollar profit so we didn't buy it at market value looks like but still that's profit to be made right there passing all that so we got 51 bags of drugs to carry with us through the food truck or you know carry with us for the food truck so it's gonna make our way back to the house hopefully you guys did enjoy this episode of the brotherhood life series you guys did enjoy man make sure I drop it like the below make sure guys also so to my boy tele link in the description down below for this Impala man this is this right here man amazing Impala they put some work into this guy yesterday I remember when he was shown an updated pictures and updated pictures and stuff like that before he finished it yesterday showing like a picture into man bro bro you stay right here man I like it's ready since it has a spoiler on there two men yeah I know it's some of these cars that some of these cars that you just need the spoiler for it man whether it be a lip spoiler you know whatever kind of spoiler it is it needs to swerve it doesn't even look like it has a spoiler on him there you go you can see it yeah you need a spoiler man you need a spoiler like this car the charger and I've said it before about the charge the charges another car yeah you know in my opinion that kind of needs one of those little lip spoilers it just looks a lot better with it so uh yeah man but hopefully you guys did enjoy if you guys did make sure to drop like them below hit the subscribe button already just got fun of me Instagram snapchat and Twitter links are in the description down below as well there's like a Facebook page and yeah man I'll catch you guys in a next episode or lastra man

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