Overwatch: Morgan Freemans Massive Hammer

by: Muselk

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howdy howdy howdy howdy am I going to echo between the game chat and the division and the teamspeak and it's just like the howdy is literally echoing Patroni howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy she says this is my nightmare

hello Elliot my name is Morgan Freeman and they've talked me into this game to tell you that you didn't need ever tiny hammer I'm meeting why are we doing the tidy average you ready this car um yeah well I look these are just what they're telling me to tell you is that you have a tiny hammer I have experienced in this department you know not every black man is hung like a horse but I am but you know I've know many other of my black acquaintances that are quite small if you wish to talk about it you can get www dot Morgan Freeman dot-com lady I loves it man the blackest of men he's the greatest that was amazing okay you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna affirm myself as the bigger hammer man I'm gonna play Reinhardt and I'm gonna get more eliminations than you oh it's Sunday what is going on it's on can you imagine no I it's right not Elliott's oh it's it's about to go down son I don't want to burn you in front of your girlfriend oh but I don't dude happen oh is McRib hardest yeah I know he's going off on me Oh first elimination down you better one friend you better catch up tear it in I'm one ahead of more than I'm protecting the mercy I'm doing everything I'm so gonna steal this kill yes you fucking bitch oh my you know in the in the world of competitive Reinhardt play you got a got to be willing to play dirty to uh to get the win if you like a goddamn retarded swinging at a black man yeah yeah you stop still live elimination ah you know just to some of us sex eliminations to some of us this kind of skill just comes naturally and oh oh you're a fucking asshole I swear to God oh boy how does this happen ah he's clearly the worst right heart it is no no I clearly I clearly know what I'm doing I'm doing the thing where I swing that very much cuz that's all there is to right I just swing ahem good job good job tier two knows he has to go in there if he wants to have a chance all right I know friends give me a monkey where are they give me the monkey oh my God look at this a fuck off fuck I didn't get anyone I got a five oh yes I did a good a triple kill oh my god and I killed this guy Oh baby you notice small hammer now you have you literally paid off Satan for your soul hey this is why I have this is why I call upon him in your darkest knee yes like life Satan look we had a deal you can't let Shawn fucking Woody's Reinhardt dispatch I'm not saying that I'm the glorious Reinhardt and that I have like all this natural talent but god damn if I'm not the greatest Reinhardt I ever see I'm telling the monkey throughout this don't worry I'm just spinning around a lot and throwing but it's working it's working if we captured oh if we I don't know about really aiming at anything I'm just kind of swinging is this how you play Reinhardt noir it seems to be working and now I'm gonna do the part where you charge oh my god I pick I just 360 charge to god someone this hero is easy of just not oh my god okay we're fine we're fine here we go it's time to drop them a baby I think I'm doing things guys everyone we want you oh dear look we got the same victory pose in everything except one of us has the golden hammer I'm sorry would you like to uh how many eliminations yet did you get in that game just getting that game to it I lost count of mine just because you got to a point where there was so many like a model I've got nine eliminations and died twice mmm I got one I think I think I had four gold medals well I think I'm gonna upload that one that I use up vote yourself I got my order myself shit yeah so I'm the kind of person who always uploads themself Terran and you know this you I don't care I thought you know what I don't care I've got 3,000 strong Crusaders at my back I've got 40,000 subscribers now I don't need you little Elliott also I've got a much bigger hammer than you and our tutors you chew chew chew chew chew chew chew I told you behave the size of the hammer doesn't matter oh it's not about the size of banner but the alert of those wobbly fucking flawless it's not the size mate it's how you use it that I fuckin found right that doesn't matter holy shit finally silo someone's told me that size doesn't matter ladies and gentleman the size of the cup doesn't matter it's how you use it Oh God that mean we're supposed to be dead it was supposed to be dead and in perfect timing I'm pretty sure I just used this small hammer to get play the game stay low so once told me that size doesn't matter

fucking weak can I get you full lazy gentleman I know sweetie lost gaming size does not matter can confirm fuck you buy my girlfriend seemed to disagree but what the fuck does she know it's all right Elliot you can sing your tour be on some map it'll make you happy I'm at or beyond annoying oh okay a sit on me button compare my hammer size all day me how much pretty crap butter use it anyway I really believe now coz the Secret Service is ushering me out the door my niece in lessons at that our brocco bombers oh yeah so wha oh yeah go what but you reckoned you could do a better Barack Obama blues no no no no please friend yeah to do a better Barack gonna do a better boat your buttons you are the black blues player you have to be able to do a better burger oh so just cuz I'm black means Wow Wow insensitive oh god it's 2016 you fuck guys guys Josh's on to me on to me and not a miracle worker what a miracle worker what that's what dr. Ziegler said when she saw the size of Miami what do you mean she brings people back from the dead she's kind of a miracle worker okay it's time to build my application for faze clan I'm getting sick so we don't make a trick shots Quan okay I've been eating my Doritos and drinking my Mountain Dew all morning you're wasting your time with Delhi this is van sex you are you proposing to milady and are you sitting there listening to him get off that chair move go Luke get our God I've walked into the void now I'm not saying that you should just heal me but if you want to be in my widow make a trickshot montage then purchase your me we've rolled them so quickly I haven't had any chance to go for my stick trick shots the more following your stupid strap go now shit shit shit I'm never gonna get to face plan okay get ready for the montage for the montage oh come on Lynette please thank you okay this is it uh Lynette zip zip no okay I hope you guys are ready for this cuz you're all about to become internet famous shit when I get into the faze clan shit of Facebook whoa whoa once you just done oh oh okay I killed okay now get ready I freaking hit the shot this better be the play of the game now now we're at the real word 66 - Sun I reckon I reckon you got to make a song about ordering items of food from the route 66 menu because there are some really good things on the menu here I'm talking I'm talking the mashed taters over salt I'm talking the bacon and bacon I'm talking the liver and onions we got bacon baby oh yeah chill rum cheese I haven't done personal you just got to be a true Aussie blood you get to the top and then you get all the shields to change the scotch did you just least well this you guys get to go some of your channel I can't do anything did you just yeah oh my god no even in the chat it's even in the chat I'm not trying to be hmm the head look at what brad has done even when he's not here he's still ruining my day I'm trying to be a better than yourself I'm really not though like that's the thing I'm really not trying to be a better Musil that's a little bit is he like breakdancing on the point see you okay does he need help he's got the baby put him down what do you go what are you doing up there I'm I'm not I'm a toilet I'm the one who's supposed to be used why are they why behind you oh good behind you oh it's fine I don't think this tank gives damn honestly this is a very weird game okay it's really chill I just I try to get up and just go put straight back to sleep what it's like no no no I don't even think about being useful in but that's good are they all monkeys by all monkeys look and they all monkeys except for one what the what what is the I'm sorry I don't feel comfortable being in this game anymore feels very uncomfortable just the like monkeys that run around and crawl they freak me out a bit they creep me yeah it's it's there it's that crawling monkey things oh my god is like this this what that makes me feel like he's sneaking up on me in an alley getting ready to like do that who there who did who did is not going through my head arms oh oh only one of them only one of them's rabid I put the rabid one to sleep and then I executed him the rest of friendly I think they're not friendly they're not friendly friendly oh no it's like over watch this weird for most people or are we just attracted to weird games I think we're people no no dude I think we're just attracted to work Jesus Christ new mimics no no like like really though like like really I don't think we we just attract all sorts man small German ladies like pounded by six big monkeys they're like surrounding the messy natural selection oh my god I don't hear so sure I'm someone who always has things to say about everything and right now I'm speechless we know I'm like in the middle of some weird monkey orgy right now a breakdancing orgy I just all God they're all around me they're all around me save me wrists okay oh my god are they killing us yep they fucking know don't go oh my god no okay wait we're back are we back what do we do we kill them what are we doing kill them please listen in the game manual I don't know how to prepare for this situation what the hell you want have to name this one don't worry I do we just win Wow I'm so glad I had all this for coin what's the belly fuck was that


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