Farming Simulator 17 #23 Police & EMS Ambulance Respond To A Fully Involved Structure Fire

by: Acepilot2k7

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heyy what's up guys welcome back to another episode of farming simulator today we're me responding as the police department in this Ford Police Interceptor as well as EMS paramedics and some Ford f-series ambulances so guys let's go ahead and get going as you can see our Rock City Police Department here we have a slick top and a marked unit they both look really nice we're go ahead and bring this to the fire that we had yesterday the fire is actually still going on guys so we're gonna go ahead and head over to the scene and provide traffic control so let's go ahead and start our engines and let's get going here we're gonna actually head this way and they should follow us let's see are they gonna follow us here yep they are gonna follow us and you know what let's turn traffic on as well if you guys have not seen yesterday's episode make sure you guys go back and watch yesterday's episode we had a insane fire that we had to put out guys it was it was crazy and if you guys did see it let me know in the comment section as you guys enjoy yesterday's episode so I'll try to joy thank question you're helping on my own

oh no what's easier to drive like what no matter which way I Drive extends just all over the place I don't want you to like it justice [Applause]

see how other cars do the high life there doesn't hurt it up all the way the lights look that he's like my sir you know if you guys do like them and they do have sheriff's kids and how many patrol skins as well so let me know for the next type of social we respond as the sheriff or she was fond of Highway Patrol I don't know what that's about you see I was like the wheels are like stucked which is a problem which I can show you

again we are responding to collide traffic layer actually I'll shut down our road over there Oh Phil this is excuse me a terrible job and once again anybody has any tips for job and let me know it'll please I think is my face it's a word she had a little right good


all right so once we gonna see how to adjust my stand because something is definitely wrong it's making it really hard to enjoy the knees up associate the drivers should be the symbol as part of these episodes but it's turning out to be the most challenging here so anyway we should be seeing the fire just a moment the fire is still raging actually rekindled they thought they had it out but it every candle reignited so they're still fighting it and that's why they need us to go ahead and respond for traffic control most of the bull that's gonna be this road right here actually so I think we're probably gonna just shut this road down you see should be shut it completely down I think we probably should obviously so that's like this right you know will leap that police car right over here so let's go ahead and completely shut down this road right here let's turn off follow me just pull up I'm gonna shut down the road from here oh my goodness gracious they just freakin smashed into me all right I must shut the road down from here and these cars gonna have to turn around I forgot the roads shut down it's like three little green vehicles inside of each other right now I said we can get it a little bit closer here I can't believe they just knocked me so damn hard I was almost as bad as ethi right there

all right so I'm glad it just completely shut down this road okay so I got this road shut down with traffic lead it in here as you can see the fire still door let's go ahead and take this police car now we're gonna block traffic in the other side now it's gonna be harder to block shot from the other side so I think we're gonna let traffic go by I will just let them like go and go around the trucks we'll see what happens we'll see what happens they know completely shut it down there oh yeah we definitely gotta fix my stair I think I know what's wrong though I think I know it's wrong you see if you look at my stairwells it stays turned every time I adjust and that's why we're like back and forth and back and forth ice alright go ahead and shut this down from here go ahead and park it out right there that looks pretty good see I do really do like these two Ford police interceptors really do look very very nice so we have that set up as you can see the fire is still blowing pretty out of control it's still pretty crazy Fire Department still on the scene doing what they are doing trying to surround and drown the fire here but it is still blowing so it looks like we got a couple of injured firefighters when go ahead and get EMS to the scene as well plus we have a couple of victims with smoke inhalation as well so here EMS out here so we go ahead and treat everybody so let's go ahead and grab EMS and bring them to the scene all right guys so we have medics 7:1 and medics seven two they are both ready to respond so let's go ahead and get them to the scene they're gonna be coming out of this fire station here and responding to the fire I guess I let Excel into another one are now respondent let's go ahead and get them to the scene under fire hopefully traffic doesn't hit the police car and finish oh yeah let's just turn off traffic just to be still


I guess we are here like Excel one and seven to our CI Scott and set up a stage and everything but he is the retirement home area over here is fire it's still blowing pretty badly so let's kinda can tend to all the people that need our out

so I got a couple of firefighters injured a couple of pedestrians I suffered from smoke inhalation so I'm going to go ahead and deal with all of those victims right now all right so it's got a set up medic 71 here and we'll just Park it all right over yeah

all right so I'll Park that bad boy right there that's got him pulling medic 7 2

yes we are and now on scene let's go ahead and just pull up our displays here

and we're go ahead and open up the back or use the other ambulance here so this is my favorite feature about these ambulances here so we've go ahead and open up this right door over here you see have our medic packs and everything over to take care of everybody and let's go ahead and pull up the stretcher as well you see the stretcher Ashley comes out and let's go ahead and place it on the ground and that looks perfect so now we have our EMS area set up we've gotta start tending for anybody that is injured stretcher is there we got the bags and everything open over there so everything is looking good so we should be able to care for everybody here if anybody is severely injured willam transport than the medic 72 to the hospital but anyway guys hopefully you guys did enjoy this episode I do thank you guys for watching let me know if you guys enjoy this episode or not if you did hit that like button leave some comments down below and I'm definitely guys let me know should I use the police cars more should I use a sheriff cars you guys want to see more fire truck action more towing lawn care let me know what you guys want to see in pharmacy really and I definitely make it happen so anyway guys thanks for watching really do hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys in a next one peace


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