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so has the wheelchair hello everybody welcome back to another international taste test today we are trying out some guru male food from Raja [Music] thanks so much to Toby and came for sending these to us this is part 2 of our Russian food haul if you've missed part 1 make sure you check it out by clicking right over there let's get started as always we start from here yes Russian via campus and this is called bhakti Kabir but take a beer one of the most famous and popular Russian beer brands make itto being King for thinking about Satoshi thank you very much you guys know he loves beer ok sir here is your lovely beer what's a very light color isn't it mm-hmm oh very clear yeah it's one of the lighter colored beers that we've had in a while Cheers or as they say in Russia no no beer there's oh oh oh interesting that color is very light but taste is not light it's pretty good oh this beer has very deep taste yeah and you know I I find it a little creamy yeah mm-hmm this is nice I actually like it mmm yeah it's not bad this is a great starter yeah yeah and today's food haul we called it the gourmet food haul because this is practically a meal so we're really really looking forward to this in fact this is our dinner today so let us start with something that looks really familiar these are squid they remind me of the squid that we have here in Japan haqiqa yeah in Russian these are caught Calma Calma Calma Bundy and one these are dried squid rings well the first one is add rice could ring in Japanese dried squid well one is sort of like a flat I guess these are squid rings and these are just shredded squid but we have the exact same type Japan so let's try the slippery first they smell like the ones we have in Japan - I mean diddle it's not any different hmm document that is nice that's a beautiful flavor I mean it's very tender exact same in case one is it a little salt here or once again is in like just my imagination its depends on the production that's true different brands have given my saltiness levels look if you like those um cuttlefish those salted cuttlefish you will like him a lot good for Pierre good fart beer it is and these are the other type of cuttlefish this is the ones that I grew up with I used to eat this when I was a kid on time my mother loves these my sister loves to use hi mom that's my caper I love these I'm just reading some color fish this screen that has a bit like fishy taste it hmm you know a little bit dirty one interval Japanese long yeah you know I I have to agree with you it it does have a more I should I wouldn't say pungent it doesn't go that far but yeah it is more on squiddy squiddy a more squid like flavor but either way if you're a fan of cuttlefish you probably like this do you like this yeah yeah I like this as well so the next thing we're gonna go on to it are these here and this is quite interesting this is a rye bread rusks right and this is a popular beer snack made with dried rye bread and the flavor is Curran which is a type of horseradish kind of like wasabi in Russia and holodecks which is a Russian aspect appetizer traditionally made with stewed oxtail and so that's the flavoring of these dried rye bread plus it's not savory and be on the meaty smells like soup look like soup - like ramen soup like - ooh yes yes you know a bit of sweetness to it - it's exactly like soup exactly like soup really I guess so now I mean can you say that does taste like soup it's good though it's really good this is perfect this beer don't you think oh I found the paste of wasabi it's automatic yes yes um there is a type of horseradish in here mmm for some reason I'm not getting that horseradish taste Oh nice kick really why am I not getting it oh there we go there we go just kicked me right now the next one is also very interesting that this is a zucchini caviar it's a spread prepared by stewing zucchini carrots onions and mixing them with tomato paste can often serve as a cold appetizer on rye bread this is so interesting for vegetables on vegetable in Australia no caveat eat tebya maybe Xavier doesn't necessarily mean like small round things you know maybe that's just what we envision caviar to be and these are rye bread thins a relatively modern invention usually eaten with meat and vegetable spreads and since this is this caviar is a sort of a spread we're gonna eat this together okay so we're gonna put some of that caviar on top of the right bread and give it a try Thank You moss mmm-hmm Wow looks like well creamy vegetable mixture it's almost like a sauce like a vegetable songs but not deep you know and it's like natural sweetness yeah do not just weakness from the vegetables vegetable and you can taste all the vegetables you know the beauty and the tomatoes I'm gonna eat it as is you know like with the spoon oh yeah try it mmm try it it's like the best I don't know like concentrated vegetable sauce ever hmm I could imagine eating you some pasta the next one is instant the buckwheat with vegetable and chicken mmm this is a staple in Russian cuisine and it's often served with stewed meat and vegetables and this is an instant version so they told us to mix 150 milliliters of boiled water to the contents stir and let sit for five minutes and that's exactly what we did so we have it right in front of us here in Russian this is called grechka or greca probably like saying it really badly but um yeah so five minutes has passed and it has soaked abhava water oh and it smells like like a meaty soup I need you sue me sue they also sent us something I can of something that we don't know because um it's not in the list here but there is an unidentified can we opened it up and it looks like some kind of pork your smell is like tuna yeah it kind of smells like tuna but it looks like pork they said that the instant buckwheat is usually eaten with meat and vegetables so I'm assuming that they sent this to us so that we could enjoy it with the instant buckwheat let's give it a try shall we try the buckwheat by itself first okay

this is like kanji with me taste me taste yeah it kind of does um um what I got is like it reminds me of oatmeal well it looks like oatmeal and the texture is kind of like oatmeal and I'm not really particularly fond of oatmeal and should we try some of the bacon you show a meat she's probably it's your meat so but try some of the pork Oh yummy yummy it actually goes really well with the instant buckwheat Nets going to the desert texture yes desert section in the desert section last one is even your cookies right this is the most well-known cookie brand in Russia it's a kid's favorite and it's often dipped in tea or milk Oh dip into T a milk right rewind the next one is a tea that they sent us and the tea comes in this beautiful box here this is called the Ivan T or the Ivana chai and this is the original Russian tea this is the only tea that people drank in Russia before Chinese tea was introduced all right and this is caffeine free contains iron and vitamin C they told us to brew one bag in hot water for five to seven minutes and that's exactly what we did so this is our beautiful tea where they're beautiful Russian cookies are you ready to end this food haul beautifully these look like the kind of biscuits that you see in Japan as well they smell like vanilla and but some kind of a nutty smell don't you think so maybe maybe no I don't know what to think anymore I'm just like really happy about all the delicious food in front of us today let's eat okay cookies just from the team oh that's a beautiful tea hmm oh it's a very gentle flavor and kind of herbal but not too strong it's very soothing and comforting for me it's very gentle taste yes yes they said we can dip into the key oh right I forgot okay let's do that let's dip dip dip into the tea mmm that makes it a less dry obviously because it adds moisture to the cookie me too me too and the last one is our Bengal Dometic chakra too with salty peanuts and cracker mmm that's that's an interesting combination smoking units and crackers they said the Alpen cold is one of the most common chocolate brands in Russia it's a very very nice basic chocolate bar so I I do see some nuts in here that's the peanuts okay dr. Voss immediately you get the sweet and salty taste all at once yes yes saltiness Nazi salty peanuts it's actually quite salty don't you than I expected but the buttons is really nice this has not the power yep and you know my favorite part of the whole thing is the textures crispy texture of the crackers the crunchy texture of the peanuts and then the smoothness of the chocolate I mean it goes so well together what was your favorite thing and everything that we have today this full course Russian meal my favorite one yes this based on leukemia that almost amazing the vegetable caviar was it called the vegetable caviar and when I caught something else this is a Keaney give me Gebbia right unique area that really is one amazing jar of goodness my favorite today I really liked everything today but my favorite yes the chocolate lid yes that salted peanuts and cracker chocolate is my favorite it's cuz I've never had anything like it once again thank you so much to Toby and King for sending these treats to us we really appreciate your generosity and kindness thank you so much for that lovely letter we hope to one day meet you guys in person hope the rest of you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let us know your thoughts in the comments right down below which one was your favorite let us know for more international food halls like this one check out our playlist by clicking right up there and if you're new don't forget to subscribe click that notification bell and as always thank you so much for watching see you guys our next video bye bye

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