Casio DBC 611 - review and a detailed tutorial on how to setup and use all the functions

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[Music] hi and welcome to another what week video today I'll be doing a review and a tutorial for a Casio DBC 611 this is part of castles databank series and it's what I think a modern reinterpretation of their legendary CA 53 calculator watch and now I say modern with a relative it's actually quite relative because this watch looks like something from the 70s or 80s and it looks like something from the sci-fi movies about that age some and it's something that I used to imagine while growing up what a Smart Watch would look in the future but as they turned out they look completely different but nonetheless the reason why I want to do a review of this watch is because I think it's one of the coolest looking and geekiest looking watches available in the market today I appreciate Casio cf-53 the original calculator watch and I also love it but this one adds so many things that it just makes it look even cooler the first thing that function wise it adds is the light function and it is an LED on the side but still it makes it usable in the night to at least see the hours and minutes while the CA 53 doesn't have any kind of backlight and a digital watch without any kind of backlight is pretty much useless on anything other than a perfect daylight and the second thing that makes it even cooler than the cf-53 is this segmented case as you can see the screen part of the case is straight and then the keypad part of the case actually slopes downward and it's really thin here so it actually looks cool on your wrist because it follows the contour of the wrist and it makes the keypad like tilted towards your for easier typing and also the keypad itself is not like on the cf-53 where you have rubber rubber buttons sticking out but it's actually this touchpad looking thing although these are real buttons and you can feel when you're president they're not actually touchpad buttons but they do look like they're made on a touch function and they really look cool so the reason people buy this watch even today is not because of its function I mean it does have pretty it does have a lot of functions and one that used to be a selling point the data bank function which is just a fancy word of saying that it has a phone book memory so you can store up to 25 phone phone numbers with with names up to 8 characters per name and that may be used to be a selling point in the 90s but today it's pretty useless with today's technology but still it adds to the geekiness soft watch so I actually like it now the watch itself is forty six point five millimeters lock to log and 33.1 millimeters in width it's also eight and a half millimeters thick so it's actually pretty thin and especially in this part here the bracelet that they use although it is a folded link teeny bracelet it actually suits the watch pretty well and it looks really industrial looks like something that ggr would do like on the Seiko watches and the thing that I like about the bracelet other than the sizing system which I'll show you in a second is that although it's supposed to be I mean it when you look at it you expect it to be flimsy it's actually quite sturdy when you move it side to side and even when you try to bend it it's pretty it has its own contour and and it holds it so it's it's a good bracelet although it is thin and everything and I I did a review of a a 1 5 8 and a 1 6 4 which also have similar looking bracelets and those were really hair pullers like I had to watch for 10 minutes and it would pull my hair and this watch I worried the whole day yesterday and not a single hair was pulled so it although it looks the same I mean the same it looks very similar to those bracelets it's actually an improvement and now this bracelet uses the in my opinion a perfect sizing system it's very simple and very very well designed so you don't remove any links or anything but you have this little buckle that has this locking system and what you do you just pry the locking system open by using I don't know a toothpick or a small screwdriver I'll just do it with this so you pull you pull the you put put it in inside and you just pry it open and now you can slide this part wherever you want so it gives you like infinite number of adjustments and once you've set it up you just close snap it back to close it when you close the bracelet you hook it up to this here with this hook and you just close it and it's a pretty it's a pretty secure close once you snap it in it's really hard to you cannot open it accidentally and that's it so I actually like the bracelet you have all the functions written in the back and the back actually looks cool and another cool and geeky thing about this watch is that it comes in 13 languages as you can see so you can choose between 13 languages for its functions so it's pretty cool okay so now with the general information of the watch done wheel moment move on to the tutorial and one more thing that I wanted to say about it is that I usually when I do these tutorials or when I need to find out how how a Casio watch works I usually do it automatically like I don't know I just understand how they work and this is the first model where I literally had to take out a user manual and look up for some functions it was so complicated and so dug in in different places where I would never expect them to put it but I'll sure I'll you'll see it in the tutorial so let's move on okay when it comes to the functions the watch has naturally this home function home screen then it has a data bank which I explained is the phone book it has a calculator and it's a brilliant calculator that actually has an exchange rate calculation as well then it has an alarm and it has five alarms and I will show you as these alarms are one of the best the Casio ever made I have never seen a Casio watch with alarms as complicated as these then you have a 24-hour stopwatch and you have a dual time function so not a world time but a dual time like a GMT function and your back to the home screen and that's it so now let's move on to the setup in the home screen while it's like this you can use the light which will activate the light naturally you can use the AC button and that will switch between 12 and 12 hour display so as you can see you can have it at 12 hour display then it says the AM or PM or you can have it 24 hour display now we'll put it to 12 hour display because when adjusting the watch it makes a difference whether it's on 12 or 24 hour okay so we put her here and while in this mode pressing this the telephone button here displays the last entry that you were viewing in the data bank data bank function while pressing this time displays the dual time or the secondary time zone that you had selected okay now as you can see although these buttons appear impossible to press especially since my thumb is almost the size of this whole keypad but it's actually quite easy and it seems impossible but I actually do it and every time when I think I'm going to press two or more I actually do press the one that I want okay so that is it when it comes to the setup and you set up the watch by pressing and holding the adjust button and this is where things get not weird but you really need to do the user manual to understand okay so while in the second and while the seconds are blinking you set them by pressing the zero and if we set them after thirty seconds like a normal cast your watches the minutes will move one by one up if you reset it before 30 seconds now like this the minutes will remain the same now the quirk of this watch is that it has a selectable illumination duration between a second and a half and three seconds but the thing is that to select it you don't do it in the adjusting mode like a normal casual watches where you have the lt1 or three but you have to do it while the seconds are blinking by pressing the light button and when you select it like this when there is nothing in this status symbol in this status screen it's one and a half seconds if you press it like this and it says three seconds now the light will be on for three seconds so it's one of the quirks of this watch you go through different values by pressing any of these buttons because you can go forwards and backwards so you can move this way to move to the year or you can go backwards to move to the month to the minutes and hours and now the thing that I was said is different then when it's when it's in 12 or 24 our display is that as long as you're in the minutes or hours the P over here will start to blink and now pressing the p.m. button here moves between a.m. and p.m. and to enter the values minutes hours Ernie or anything you just type in on the keyboard and the easiest way to set up the time is to move to the beginning of hours and just simply type in the hours that you want to put in so let's say if it's and while in the 12-hour mode it will not allow you to do the 21 or 18 hours or 15 hours now it will just go zero one to twelve because you're into a 12-hour display if you switch in the home screen before you enter this adjusting mode if you switch to 24-hour system then it will allow you to type in say at 2056 2:05 six and this is how you set up this watch okay so let's say let's put it at 956 or something like that where you press zero nine five six and there now I'm kind of missing these buttons not because I can't press them but but because I'm doing it over the camera screen so I don't really and they give you absolutely no tactile feeling so you really need to look where you press and over the camera it's a bit more difficult than in real life in real life I really hardly miss any any one of these okay so now you've set up the time and you can move to the years X and again here you can type in one six or one seven one eight and as you keep typing it moves from years to month to date so you don't have to go like this through different values but you just put it to the one that you want and type in and less setting that it offers in the adjusting mode is the language setting and as you can see and like I said it has 13 languages and you go with these two buttons left and right to select these so you have the forward and the reverse okay so once you've set up everything and I mean you've setup the delight the time the language everything this watch also has the mute function but the mute function is not here and it's really well hidden and it's the one thing that I had to look up in the user manual okay so to activate the mute you have to exit the adjusting mode go into the calculator mode believe it or not and press and hold the AC button for more than three seconds and there you just activated the mute but the mute function which is incredibly complicated and I don't know why they put it into the calculator mode because it has absolutely no logic behind it okay so press and hold again will deactivate the mute function and when the mute function is on pressing any of the buttons will not make any sound from the watch except in the stopwatch mode and the alarms will go off okay so now once you've set up the time I'll just go quickly to what is displayed here because I forgot okay so in the home screen that this watch displays the full year month date hours minutes seconds in the top left corner you have the day of the week and in the top right corner you have the status screen where different functions are displayed whether they're turned on or off okay so we set up the watch we showed you the mute function the next thing that I want to show you that is only available in the home screen is activating the automatic illumination because this watch Believe It or Not has an auto al so to activate it you press and hold the light button for more than three seconds and then this little LT will show here so in order to activate the automatic illumination you just keep the watched level and you tilt it to your wrist and little bulk as you can see just activated so level up and the bulb will activate since it's not a solar watch it will turn off after after six hours and you have to turn it on we'll just turn it off for now and that's it so now moving on now the next function is the data bank function which I explained earlier so anyways in this function you can you can put up to 25 entries phone numbers and names and the names can go up to 8 characters whether it's letters or numbers and the phone number it supports up to 15 characters in the phone number to move between different entries in the phone book you go with the forward or Ebert's rivers so as you move on now I did some test screens to see how it types once you get to the end you have the empty one to edit any of these you just press and hold the adjust button and it will start blinking and now to put letters you have to go forwards and backwards like this and when you setup this letter you move on forwards and backwards with these between different letters letters or values and then you change the values with these when you move on to the number you have to go past 8 once you're on the numbers you just type the numbers and it will change it so you don't have to go forwards or backwards ok once you've set up or once you've entered the number you press the adjust and now it's been stored and if you don't want to go through different through these until you get to the empty place to the empty space you just press the AC and will take you automatically to the next free space where you can enter new values also one more thing that this watch does is that it has an auto sort function which means that the values are automatically sorted in the alphabetical way so as you can see no matter when you enter something you can enter it v in the row it will sort it alphabetically just like on a normal phone book and that's it the last thing that you can do in this mode is you can check how many free spaces you have of the 25 by pressing this p.m. or equal button it will show you that now we have 19 free spaces left in the phone book but like I said this is a pretty useless function in today's world unless you use it for something else let's say PIN numbers or M passwords which is not a smart thing to do but anyways that's it when it comes to the data bank and whenever you change something in a mode the watch will with the press of the mode button and go back to home screen so you need to go back to where you left off just like older Casio watches and one thing that I forgot to mention while setting up the watch is the DST setting so when you have a summer time or winter time on this watch apart from atomic watches this is the simplest one to set up so on normal cashew watches you would have to go into the adjusting mode and then do go to the DST and then turn it on or off with this watch you just press and hold the AC button for more than three seconds and the DST just turned on the time was moved by one hour when you want to go back to winter time you just press and hold and that's it and the only difference is that it also switches from 12 to 24 so you have to reset that back by pressing so it's a really way of setting up the DSD okay now the next function is the calculator function and it's pretty basic calculator it has basic operations and it can do up to eight numbers so you just type in whichever number you want the operation you want the second number you press the equal sign and it calculates everything and that's it you reset the calculator with the AC button but also with the AC button you switch between the calculator and the exchange rate calculator so you have these two and the exchange rate works in a way that you put in the exchange rate and the operator and then you can do the currency conversion by just typing in the number and equal sign and will calculate automatically so to check the exchange rate that you have stored you press the adjust button and as you can see this watch has the multiplication and 7.5 and now to change the currency you press and hold the adjust and now although this this is the only thing that's blinking you can actually change both the rate and the operator so instead of the multiplication you can have the division by just pressing the divide button you switch to the division why is this cool well this is a cool feature because let's say I have it now set up to transfer to switch from euros to Cunha's so if I put in 1 and press equal it will be 1 euro equals 7.5 Cunha's okay so but if I wanted to do the other way around kunas 2 euros I would have to look up or calculate that 1 Kuna is actually 0.1 3 euros but with this watch I don't have to do that I can just change the operator to the division and now when I put in 1 it will divide by 7.5 and I will get 0.13 so you can do the currency conversion in both directions by just changing the operator and you type in whichever whichever weight you want when you do that you just press the adjust button and when you do it let's say let's just put seven point five seven point yeah okay doesn't matter and close it so now when you type in let's say 100 or I don't know 122 you press 25 you press equal it calculates the currency automatically you also reset it with the AC and again pressing JC again goes back to the normal calculator this is a pretty cool feature and I never knew that Casio made calculators that have Honda's in them so I like it and as you can see in all the modes except the data bank mode the current time is visible right here so as you can see in the alarms in the stopwatch in the dual time all all all the modes ok the next mode is the alarm mode and like I said this watch has the best alarm functions of any casual watch that I've ever seen ok so the first thing to know is that it has five alarms with the snooze alarm but unlike normal casual watches of today usually have four Daly alarms and one snooze alarms that means that when you turn on the snooze alarm it will be a snooze alarm as soon as you activate it but with this watch know this watch has five daily alarms with one alarm having the option to be a daily or snooze alarm and that is the alarm number one so you toggle the alarms on or off by pressing the AC button and with the alarm one you can toggle it with daily on snooze on and off so you will see a little al one show up here on the screen I'll just try to focus a bit more ok pressing it again activates the SN z as well and pressing it again deactivated so this alarm can be a daily alarm or a snooze alarm which will go off every five to ten minutes until you turn it off and then on top of all that and all the other alarms are just daily alarm you can just turn them on or off like you can see like this but on top of all that all of these five alarms are actually multi-function alarms what does that mean that means that if you had a DW 5600 or a DW 69 those other cassio with all their cassia modules they always used to have one alarm but it was a multi-functional which means that you could set it up for each day or the month so you could select the date as well when they introduced more than one alarm like when they introduced four or five alarms they canceled that function but with this watch all five alarms are also multifunction alarms which means that you can set up the date and month as well and these are these hyphens here so to adjust the alarm you press and hold D adjust mode and now you just type in the hours minutes month and date or if you leave the month and date empty they once you close the alarm the adjusting mode they will be displayed as - so what's the difference between these alarms that are multifunction okay so if you set up the alarm like this it will go off as a daily alarm every day at midnight now already I already preset all the alarms so I don't have to go through the setting but I just wanted to show you the difference you go through with through different alarms with the forward and backwards and like I said we turn them on and off with this okay so if you set up the alarm like this where you just type in the month but leave the date out this will become a day Liam daily alarm for the month of May so this watch will this alarm if you turn it on will go off every meal every day in the month of May at midnight and once it's won once may has passed it will stop doing it okay if you set it up like this where you put the date but leave out the month it will go off each month on the 25th of the given month of EV you over every year so you're going to have a month the alarm will go off on the 25th at midnight or any time that you type in here and if you put it like this where you put in the month and dates this will now go off once a year on the May of 25th at midnight so you have a yearly alarm so it's a pretty cool feature that they not I mean it's pretty unique that they put five alarms the option to have a snooze or daily and on top of that to put the multifunction alarm which is seriously the first time that I've seen cassia do it on any model maybe there are more but I'm not aware of them okay and like I said you can turn them all on or off with the AC button also in the alarm after the fifth alarm you have the early chime display with zero zero and if you turn that on it will say sig here so that's pretty pretty self-explanatory and it's like that on almost all Casio watches okay moving on you go back to the alarm one and that's it when it comes to the alarm function and now we have the stopwatch function it's a classic 24-hour stopwatch and that has a split function in the first and second place so you can start it stop it reset it with the adjust button you can do the split time you started with the AC it press the adjust to do the split time the screen freezes but the stopwatch runs in the background pressing the adjust again resume the screen you stop it you reset it or the first and second place you start it you have two runners when the first goes through the finish line your president just button when the second one goes through you press the AC button and now you write the time of the first runner press the adjust write the time of the second runner and press again zero just again we set the stopwatch so that's pretty much it and the last function is the dual time function or the GMT function and it's pretty useful because you can have in this mode you have the home time display here and the dual time displays here and one more thing when you set up the dual time is that you set it up just like like the main time but unlike world time cassia watches where you can only change the hours on this one you can change the minutes to any value that you desire so you can have it set up for all time zones that are 15 from the hour or half an hour from normal time zones so that's pretty cool while in this mode pressing the telephone number just like in the home screen will display the last phonebook entry and not the last but the one that you were just looking at and pressing the time will display the home time as you can see and also in this mode you can turn on the DST for the dual time zone just like in the home time pressing and holding DAC will turn it off or turn it on so that's pretty self-explanatory so anyways that pretty much covers everything about this watch I hope you liked the video if you do please like share and subscribe and until the next video bye


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