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American Samoa is like a dream come true I can't really believe it right now but this is just amazing we're going to the Highland




chefs were awesome the food in our hotel was incredible and we also got to hang out with our hotel bartender whose name was sunny who is the nicest guy in the world

we woke up Sunday morning got dressed and the search was on Lisa looks beautiful but check my duds [Music]

when we got to the family's land we met up with uncle Neville who introduced us to some of the village elders who took us up to the family cemetery oh this is it





next we met up with uncle Mac who graciously took us touring all over the island [Music]

but it's beautiful yeah but it was the best thing that was the breaking point and when I got here you know I grew up here when I was a kid when I left here but I was working around concrete everyday and then when I can look at this and that's when I realized this is the place to be to come home

some oddities is falling for a guesthouse Mitch McGary or internetwork to have one husband


we ended our evening at a great Korean barbecue with a live band yesterday we walked all over pawpaw I couldn't find anything that even resembled a gym so I had to make use of whatever we had inside of our room all kinds of pictures inside Mama's house we met blood but I'm the one from Luna Park oh look at my cutie pie this

lemonade and I just want to say death our chefs really know what they're doing here because there was which wishes

freaking pterodactyl Oh [Music]


[Music] we got Oh [Music]



[Music] hey hun

beautiful huh [Music] I just can't believe the clarity that's water it's incredible [Music]

boom hit the beat running here we are at Samos all famous Tisa's Bar and Grill [Music]


oh my beautiful sweet wife so this being our last day on the island we gave a visit to the oceanic center run by and funded by NOAA NOAA lot of high technology inside this building and across the street is what I like to term the bat incident which also happened on our last day on the island whoa

yeah there's one right there

come on buddy why

your color Oh that is freakin awesome okay my bad





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