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let's jump right in I don't think I've got I got a couple mods on the sprite rehaul which and then the better doors they don't they don't change gameplay at all you can fact check me on that we're doing a Rando let's go on our beds from Ultra Omega our ultimate Omega I'm sorry I just want to say as asel you were an absolute delight and help when I was playing through into the gungeon thanks for being awesome first time I caught a stream well welcome thanks for the bits appreciate you 13 total for goddes a fee alright which insist on me sharing my fake sub over sory just do it just do it now Cabot count me something you guys besides fluffy nickels how fluffy are your nickels fluffiest could they be fluffier like let's be honest with ourselves here a big fan of liars

hyperlink to you once up what's up tier one sub 2600 over balloon berserker welcome back guys appreciate you [Music] it's a tinted rock I'm gonna go for that little dark in here can you guys see in the darkness move falala lalala fire at a 76 is bad bad bad bad bad bad bad but quad shot hopefully we'll be able to one-shot anything

and we need to have a talk you mended my eating streak with a super troll bomb and then you gave me a room filled with super troll bombs Edmund 27:4 guitar what's up guitar welcome back i'm sorry every time I touch my microphone every time I touch it it's like ah I'm gonna be staticky wow it is still freaking out angry Mike is angry Mike is doing things to my ears that I do not like Lots Mike still it's good now I can't touch it like this I need to get a new new cord what if I just did that right now or if I went to Amazon and we just ordered a new microphone what kind of cord is this what's the microphone cord called you guys I don't buy enough of them to really memorize it help me out XLR some XLR okay well that was a complete guess thanks so our cable how big of a cable do you think we need gel the master five months in rel what's up Tim Oh 18 months of hot sloth spread the Hutt's lava round everyone needs huts love in their life welcome back you guys an angel two months I see that welcome back McGregor my phone is letting me watch ads for bits appreciate the bits also mark of death hey I just want to say keep do what you're doing you're like a father I've never met you've gotten me out of some pretty dark places so I just want to say keep doing doing will keep keep your way up mark of death up is good ty ity huts thank you for your amazing content taught me so much of dealing with my father's problems for a new heart I also wanted to thank you for helping me spread the GoFundMe page in discord you might have support we've gotten is amazing thank you so much for everything you do absolutely absolutely I was like oh yeah we could share that oh yeah I don't know 1 bits Amazon on-screen dad you want me to put Amazon on the screen can I do that without like Daxing myself no I can't I can't do that without daxing myself if I'm ordering cable yeah you you almost had me you you little Oh

see what you're doing keep an eye on that one get like an eight-foot one um let me just like measure it out here three months in a row for ogor what's up third month going strong hope this trend goes well thank you oh that's like I don't have a ruler but I've got something that's 12 inches that I could use a man stop it

I would say like 10 feet yeah what do you guys feel about braided cables our braided cables inherently better for some reason I just need something that's got a solid connector piece here so it doesn't wear out and get all crackly like that they just look and feel better freighted cables are life right it just looks snappier they don't break the braid they also kink less well they don't have kinks I'm into my kinks you know what I mean Lily Phil 11 months in Rome is announcing my 9 month but I don't really want a shirt anyways just be sure to put me on the poster absolutely will lethal I appreciate your honesty I hope you having a good day yeah King shaming cables with plug this is brutal you guys you need to stop oh my gosh is purple and green and blue I need a new Mouse to my role the wheel stops working half the time it pisses me off alright speak friends XLR cable 10 feet 3 pin balanced I don't know what that means a c series is okay who knows it us stuff about this stuff and stuff and things and stuff what's a three pin balance versus a c series cable who's our audio file please come forth angel 100 or 1000 bits miss watching the streams huts keep making great content and pent lonnie for me will do absolutely will do Carmichael 13 months in row hey still will lurk around your YouTube and hope the subscription helps you like you help me keep doing what you're doing stay awesome Thank You Carmichael I appreciate you t series cable destroy it kill it nobody knows what it's okay I'm looking it up then you guys are just tons of help I don't even know what that I don't even know one like that oh I don't even mom I'm not even sure what that means I'm still not finding it still not finding my answer this explains it Hut's table guiding bide by dying bide buying guide balanced versus unbalanced common cable connectors XLR XLR should be XLR right where does it say C series on this shit this is the best run isn't it isn't this the best Isaac run I'm just trying to help you guys as ears because you you know when it explodes in your face and you can't hear anything and you guys blame me for it it's kind of a problem so maybe we can some to solve that how about a red cable may want red cable it's black and red that's kind of nice hundred bits from lucky but I only dropped in for our little Hut's was curious if you could let me know if my streak is that 7 or 14 like twitches trying to say trip-trap I I can't tell you that I don't think not that I know of in friends coke gee I don't know how to say that prime sub welcome see here let's say trip-trap said that sorry lucky but i don't know how to say that I don't know look it up lucky but I trip-trap is the three months in a row appreciate that and mr. e man are you subbed - PewDiePie don't even insult me don't even insult me I think I'm gonna go red red ten feet three balanced sure it says XLR it's got to be the same thing three balance sounds right cuz it's three pins I'm just gonna buy it got really good ratings it's got a little flexi bend in it okay let's just get it let's get it guys place your slits or I can't hear you dude was he buying stuff alright the next person who donates twelve dollars just paid for that sweet right

don't even talk to us if it's less than 20 all right it's done hopefully with the snowstorm able to reach me by next year I literally have I ordered some resistance cables because the ones I have all broke on me lucky none of them hit me in the nuts that mount up they broke on me so I ordered new ones it's free one-day shipping one day free one day shipping it's gonna take a month gonna say a month it said it was in stock it's not it I can out of stock thing what time is it in the u.s. anywhere between one and seven I don't fucking know at what time it is here you know I bid the u.s. is right oh my gosh there's a tide come and look it up that'll save me some trouble 3:20 phase it

what time is it in Hawaii was that right is it 7:20 was I right I know it's in the earlier it would be earlier in Hawaii not later in Hawaii because the Sun posts from 690

let's see here we're ready for the boss I mean we had quad shot oh no the hugs frighten me my biggest problem is gonna be my read my fuckin fire rate my recharge time they also the corner fucked me says like whatever you know what you can have it whoa wait a second 12 bucks and mallet ah I don't even hear that what is the deal I smell top you just bought my cord hell yeah goddamn it well then I see how it is oh god I saw it finally and I thank you put that shit on me I'm looking for the secret room here I've got a feeling that it's not there Zack got a feeling ooh tonight's gonna be a piece of shit it's 11 21 in Hawaii brah all right it's got to be here funds of money here we go man [Music] two of clubs okay plug it use it now and then they can start dropping bombs and then find our top secret room cuz I'm so smart smartest man alive check it out help upgrade but yeah check it out tears upgrade not bad not the baddest thing not the worst is this thing burps pretty good though if we did find it tears up from the power failure

hey Val 22 months hello there then cookie dragon says general Kenobi boom buttered it's six months in a row what's up welcome back oh that was nice was that a luck upgrade i sat there like like yeah you look upgrade as I let go the fire button so that I could shoot at them but he was more interested in his luck upgrade than he was it at killing anybody he got really distracted eight monster shenanigans so how about the thousand feet of snow we're getting huh stop you're hurting my feelings I have to go deal with that tonight it's supposed to stop at 9:00 p.m. in which I will be out there in the dark shoveling because my snowblower you guys remember I said I got a snow blower from from my gramps like a really big nice one yeah last time I buttered it up started it up dead it's like oh that's weird I guess Kay I did that the first time so I like made sure I had to pump the gas in there and I refilled the gas and everything and it's a right oil mixture of gas dies again what the hell man so I like change the choke up a little bit a little less choke stir it up awesome pal locks up it's done it won't start again it's locked I came and pull the pull string it's fucking toast exploded [Music] exploded [Music] I only bought that cable cuz Reds my favorite color red black and white and gray it's like a really good combo YUM [Music] yeah I think I'll take the candle instead [Music] does the midget still pretty loud Orlandi uh zero one supper nine months a I've been born [Music] the left pedal of my bike snapped off today that's even worse I had to walk 30 minutes to work rip all right we do a one-two punch here you let go of this and then we hit him with the flames but I find the shopkeeper we should do that I should probably do that music is okay but I have to like get a few opinions here because some people's okay is other people's holy god damn it so we need to you know really consider that sparkling eyes cherry limeade amen is good acceptable [Music] little hoard little booths empty vasile we're gonna want to get rid of our red hearts done

two percent too loud music is not too loud blade Lord Omega tier 2 sub for eight months one more hots Wow thank you for sharing your streak it makes it much easier for me to tell if you're a nine month streaker or nine months total empty vessel if I've got zero health I get flight and which already have obviously look at flights Plus Randall shields random shields I'll touch it so that we get blood bags from here on out there's one to punch by the time that this is ready then this is ready perfect one-two punch rile Rio sixteen months what's up pods best joke I came up with what's up putz give me those sixty months back no just give them back to me you've lost no you don't you don't get them anymore you've lost privileges bride storm 30 months what's up big ups Hut's Rando streak I guess yeah you know the guy do we got to do I'll find something I'm good at maybe the law streaks were going really really well until that one kurse Romi just we just should never go into curse rooms ever simple don't do it it's dumb stein mail four months in a row welcome back WOD but then I say Renjo the artist 11 months sip time got me there I almost missed it you snuck in there

you could have totally cheated Sagada zappy you do but I'm not a cheater nice to host you guys fuck you fire first time on stream big fan on YouTube says shinnok cam a gamer in the stream life

[Music] yeah fine perfect oh good show for stompy how do you stop shit if you're in the air Edmond ladies cheat on me dad few things are the game to main menu come back it resets your holy mantle

that sounds like something they would have patched Hanneman Angus what's up 14 months sexy tier 2 sub what did I miss who hurt your camera my camera is my camera look like shit doing selfie me am I hurt by this let the Seagram a were just in DIC would you consider nuclear throne to be one of the hardest games you've played so far no look a little bit green but your face got a healthy red I think that there's a little bit of smoothing going on that I cut out of my green screen like maybe that on the edges you're saying greenish tints

[Music] I'm kind of pink it's it's the saturation I don't actually look like that very undersaturated aspire something to do with the whole shit again sick of this stuff color correction hue shift is set to zero saturation set the 0.08 what have I just did point oo zero saturation hashtag no filter

why does it point one god damn it what about zero start at the nan that's better yeah whatever guys making fun of my shit you're green so is your face you've all seven months total just amazed how ye how much fun you bring me by just being yourself appreciate you you've all welcome back for months for a mint fresh boy hello sounds delicious

gotcha I got lasers too bud let's get rid of our red hell that could be fun

want to see a greenish tinted lynnie linen give me a shit bag

I can't touch the microphone don't touch it I'll move over here

[Music] pow pow pow

yeah stop just brush me it's not Junior what's up emo explosion gone are the emotes not showing up I might not have put them in this one you've all gifted a sub the cookie dragons fantastic well done I took out the saturations and everything's washed out better gray or better dream


nose licks he's a gray screen instead

I'm great daddy died of a day

he's a blue-screen it has nothing to do with the green tint on my face


all right you guys

ducks and trucks ten months total but I missed the poster you were making I can't stay for the stream but we'll save just for a bit just to see that copy sip you guys I'm almost out of coffee who's gonna make any more by the way is in this glass like super cool this double Wald's coffee glass I know you know that I know that you know that I'm your job cat hair on the nose did we get the item room in this floor yeah I think it was cheese seeds did we get the top secret room on this floor no yes we did it was balls we passed by the shop don't give a shit I think I'm ready to go Wow you've all get another sub the mighty goat and two killer Crider good I thank you for that appreciate you and T Jack 21 months em well that's interesting I got back my old account on sub months when I changed names well soon two years of subbing an even longer time for great streams welcome back all right happy Thursday digas

you just take a Bluefire head and then jump into the spikes alright yeah sure you've all get in another sub to gamer Lane look at this the new mattress Murdock

little Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily the post you guys is not here yet still doing t-shirt shit oh boy oh boy I love fighting that guy I love being larger what I drop a bomb there instead I don't know firstly my brain went to brain was like yeah I do it yeah yeah yeah oh that's what's going on Ben two bits two months total hey Dad hope you don't dehydrated hope you don't dehydrated thanks for the concern I guess and Nico me corn derf let me go five months in row feels like just yesterday I found your channel on YouTube which was a little over a year yo come back thanks for Salva to me I've got to be Seeger room at that look that feel of cotton my soul hearts by the way thanks blue fires your big help really appreciate your work that you do we got my back like a warm hug

being skal asks a question out of all games you play and accept gunjan Isaac and STS which is your favorite just between those except gunjan Isaac and say the spire out of everything I've ever played ever I don't know I don't know they all like hit a different chord I guess got really good memories of playing breath of the wild this one you're already charging all-glorious see here they're games that I don't then I own plan stream that are all like really really cool like Starcraft 2 that I've always been super super into then two bits under beds my English is very best I speak to slang use perfectly the vents you've all get to the sub to Firefly can I miss anything in there it's like I miss something what else what else is super enjoyable

one of my favorites I think this probably Resident Evil 5 love that you're in a hat and time I played at in time played a little bit that with the can tell actually you've all get to the stuff now to Mookie you've all just to just a trickle gift it's that trickle gift now give me dark bum

charges at me gets dominated dominated little monster run only yeah you news subbers pay attention which you got damn kids pay attention my speed hurts to blows

one of the games are my favorite

Oh No that's a tough question favorite questions are like the worst questions The Last Guardian that was fun and t-dog

never play Kingsway doesn't sound familiar to me you guys never watch my last guardian let's play it's up series is there you've all now gifted a sub the fancy owl still going at those sub gifts pooping your soup is a good game it's his clock yeah I know totally we should talk about that that game work hallow night how old I was pretty fucking epic wasn't it this you know despite not liking any of the DLC because it didn't add anything to the original game which you know I was all about like I said pollen I to comes out oh I'm there I'm there I'm buying merch I'm buying holiday two t-shirts but yeah you know it is not I'm not super down with the boss fights but it did add to the fact that you know I did have to get over them challenge that part of me I wanted to throw my head through a drywall through a drywall through drywall

punch a hole in my monitor Peggle was best stream [Music] we were played Devil May Cry I have there's just there's something about like super what's the right word for it what's the right word for it I know I'm gonna get scolded if I say super anime II games what's the word I'm looking for chat 50 bits from scruffy pup heyhow that's just saying the last room while working thanks for all the tips any good ones for finishing ultra hard challenge super anime games hack and slash not know I thought the art style and like the voiceover work and the you know like just like straight-up Japanese games you know I mean like do micro chewy like oh no it's not the right word for it obviously but I just got owned in that realm what the great weeb games isn't that like a derogatory term doesn't don't people get pissed off if I say that I don't know what the fucking rules are man I didn't make any these words up and tie there oh that's the word ex nailed it

unless it's complete satire unless it's just like a fucking joke then I'm like hell yeah vanilla Christ 14 long 7l to catch a stream in a few months but it's great to be back welcome back you've all another gift itself just silly Alyssa hell yeah Victor the cyborg 1015 bits thank you for that we're gonna start my sub streak finally gonna start my sub streak awesome thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you japanesey easy peasy japanesey I got a game that's like that that I'm talking about I'm like I'm like putting those games down I'm like not even know like you up if you like those games great but can do it there are way too confusing and involved for my tiny little American brain but he just dis Americans like a man carry I just I have a game that I'm gonna play I'm saying I don't like those games but there's a game that I that's on my list and it's gonna happen and we're all gonna like it I think we're all gonna like it that's hat goddamit read my penny questions o'clock on Sirius notes deep rock galactic deep rut galactic has been yeah definitely a personal favorite of mine off-camera I love that game and I love the the co-op teamwork guys I've never heard of deep rock galactic I would look it up right now in fact it I like it I haven't played in a while but I would like to play it viscera cleanup yeah yeah it's fun it's my that that complete depends on the people that you're with it's less about the game I think it's a an excuse to get together and shoot the shit Dark Souls remastered I just fucking despise Dark Souls fucking despise that I respect the people that like it though you like that shit then you go ahead you just like get all over that get it the fuck out of my face but blood-borne buddy we just we literally just snuggle

hat scarf alright if you can hold still buddy but it would you hold still for a second this would be fun no ok grumpy he's grumpy now look at him with his paw in my face he's like get the fuck away from me all Dark Souls games are masterpieces I'm not disagreeing with you I'm just saying me personally fucking hate them ace of diamonds could be useful I guess some situations but just begging begging to come up dad pick me up dad pick me up dad picking me up and then I pick him up and he's like not like fat you asshole okay alrighty then wait a second my face doesn't move when I'm gonna barf you guys seeing this my face moves inside of my mouth the fuck excuse me Edie got to comment

bad who many cheetahs 14 months I love what you've been doing Hut's peopled up love cheetah welcome back and three months in a row for Pat and Jin take a sip Pop's I'm out of coffee you guys I'll sip water so I don't get a dehydrate my hair just like get completely flat in there what happened there Renee that cat sitting on my head or something jeez

command rounds after drinking 12 glasses of water for his subs alright check this out you checking this out don't stop checking it out wait keep checking it I'm not done power t-bone forgot that my card expired so I couldn't Reis up for many months but we back on track keep on being awesome good sir thank you power boom three months in a row welcome back dehydration is cool all the cool kids do the dehydration that is it true

another run-in having run away from where your laughs from real apex legend is so fucking fun I'm trying apex legends out with some friends tomorrow if it's super cool maybe it'll be a game to be played add a day in their apex legends Wednesday night I've been saying for a while now we got to pick up something that's a little more popular and actually freakin play it turn this into a Lucky Penny and nice to lucky pennies excellent good

wait fortnight you know I played fortnight before the Battle Royale and I was like all right cool sweet like yeah sweet 67 fire right wow what a difference and then I got super big and I'm like oh I'm not playing anymore not because it's super big I just I literally stopped playing it at that same as that time right when the the campaign got like unbelievably difficult to understand because they did the stupidest fucking possible level up system in the entire history of history of history of history of history of history what the fuck dude give me some buttons push this button for damage stupidest level up system I've ever seen is unique it had potential but good lord did they just destroy it

what it really did though what it really did was made it so that you had to hit the llamas to get like random right you had to get 75 bajillion percent shit before he could find anything good and then you're like oh well just pour money into it [Music]

oops that's wrong direction

this is going well so far [Music]

the could be going well er

[Music] what you got boy a dime that's pretty good send a brat 25 total I'd add nice cat thank you total guy prime sub welcome

it's up with all the little like flesh-colored friends and why are all the little flesh-colored friends white

because their abortions from mom stop being racists mother is a white lady

mama Magadh mama Megadeth's - is it worth it [Music] buh-buh-buh-buh-buh buhbuh buh buh-buh-buh walk walk walk pom pom pom pom pom Poko buh buh I mean I guess fuck it right bug it's

why not why not on that boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats fuck you

when I'm on my own get a plate for a better trinket I guess

excuse me fuck you [Music]

speaking a better trinket songs off the hook we didn't put it back on the hook we'll hang it up it's disrespectful this isn't your home [Music] Joseph diamonds all right that's probably all that we can do here probably all I care to do here

strats for the Forgotten yeah use your bone and hit them with it hard as you can

what buh-buh-buh-buh-buh I gotta go devil deer here you guys I got to go devil deal and not into the big hole sorry it's a token Krampus fight well the call is pretty good though ripped mama mega I'm in no mood for shit today so smile top twenty five hundred bits from power and power t-bone here's some bits of my favorite content creator thank you so much my friends 2500 very much so appreciate that friend oh that's like two cords Kota get to the sub the team scholar they cross well done thanks Kota I was a cool looking golden bomb I like that free skin it actually looked at gold and not like neon yellow

[Music] I got a nalgas what if he just algae's the shit out of this and then make the rounds as fast as we can point point point point point point point point point miss that last guy son of a bitch hey this is good the other ones can I get up like a per throw maybe go here to get to the subject man welcome back man Thank You Kota I withdraw my questions as Mookie you know best devil beggars can give you is succubus lucky bitch is like real good I'm trying to like make me not want to do it by saying that's the best I could get it sounds like a deal now how would you do for a Klondike bar

let's be down X lakhs and another X elects high quality Kona get to know that sounded vidis provide us welcome Vitus Thank You koi Yoda perks probably the best thing here

and somebody else finish them off thank you

Khoda get another selves of Kodak Chateau codec snack well done Kyoto look at these sub gift streaks you guys I'm loving this Bob Bob Bob Bob we're gonna hit mm what am I gonna do for two thousand subs who's got ideas get sippin homie I'm out of coffee what am I supposed to do that the boom two months in a row hey that's my second stream lobby love your channel welcome back a boom sorry I touched the mic guys sorry sorry sorry that's why we bought the cable get more coffee you think I'm rich enough to make multiple pots of coffee this guy over here multiple pots of coffee unbelievable wealth that's powerful the recipes

have someone donate you so you can buy coffee

interesting we can go back for health but am I going to that took way longer than it should have why thanks if I could get rid of my red hell that'd be great I priestess Emperor bug it the matriarch only fuck I really don't like this guy fair balanced loving it ba-ba-ba-ba-ba love it

on our bed some calves benzo an extra finger ah yes

boom baby Oh get the hell out of here someone's upset me never you should do the new McDonald's jingle I don't even know there is there a new McDonald's jingle I think I watch TV

Potts has never upset or salty you don't need to be when you're the smartest person on the planet our you today's is cheesy puffs the cheese puffs okay kind of got like a migraine in the back of my head kind of wait [Music] why is it still doubled

then highs are 100 big ones love it

heck yes chars are ads coming out 100 options Anheuser needs more coffee go get some my friends hell yeah how many sips for that when I say Cavs bends over under bits did you did absolutely cracks there what is up Zen

hey adrenaline is pumping don't try cocaine though tan drags two months in a row what is up do we stream going to the store to get some coffee hundred dollars buys a stream cancel we just do something else fuck it I don't need to make money anymore okay hundred dollars let's just cancel the games go get some coffee what could I get for $100 coffee wise one of those like crazy sheba coffee arts you probably get like four of those

remind Bluefire you're by Neelix be belly yxz 13 months finally nope that's three months for you and then gunner 13 months finally over a year and yet still no but baby info you mean the t-shirt what's the but baby info you like three coffees okay I love it when a bomb fly comes out of those things bop bop bop bop this is the old jingle salty planned 438 you nut bags 38

go up over here 38 months

welcome back crap just get a cure egg in your room I want to get a mini-fridge you guys I'm gonna get a glass front mini-fridge in my room somewhere that'd be so cool cancer ace what's up prime sub she's my paralysis for good measure this is V 37 look at that that pots been here a long time some long ass subs right now I'm in the corner almost went into the void there for a second poof cool there's a distinct lack of liquid sipping oh it's splashed all over my face stupid bottle blame you I blame you what'd you expect blame you completely hundred percent that's pretty balls hurt some chest there I got a mini-fridge Ismail table always blame Josh you're saying if Josh's are always causing problems

what's one name that you guys just for whatever reason just don't like the people that have that name you guys have a name prejudice we all got them you're like I've never met somebody who's good who's been named blah Kevin Chad John I hate johns kappa brandon keith huts hubert those fucking puberty tanner brad oscar tim Karen advantage Karen

Oh God so tedious with this bed of fire rate Xavier

another golden bar no chests a fun I love being on the chest without getting any justice good time great time the best time curse the darkness be gone Alexandria's are too preppy

now how many of you guys are judging this based off of one person you know that's name that Amanda's and how many people are offended because your name was mentioned I'll be shy

me y'all empty my name so I know I'm cool now I mentioned my name so I'm all good

people are gonna lose friends today I didn't know your real name was Amanda ah sorry you know now on top my name's Amanda huh we gotta say about that

no your name is John I just said that cuz I'm tired of people being prejudiced about my name being Amanda I'm an aunt named Amanda my sister's name is Amanda Amanda Hagen guess plastic

thank it use your devil card +3 damage get in there get dirty do the void


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