Slice of Heaven Carrot Cake (Super Moist!)

by: Stella Adhiambo

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hi and welcome to Stella's Meza on today's episode I want to show you how to make a carrot cake now this is a very simple cake that's delicious and moist that's why I like to call it a slice of heaven carrot cake now to begin you will need some dry ingredients in that bowl I have some all-purpose flour cinnamon cardamom baking powder and a pinch of salt and here I have some grated carrots now for all the list of ingredients using this recipe please visit my blog it's WW Stella's Meza blog I'll also include a link below the video to take you directly to your recipe now what I just showed you there was one diced Apple and over there I have some golden raisins and some room-temperature eggs alright now in that bowl I have some cooking oil and some granulated sugar now you see this recipe does not use a lot of sugar but it's still delicious now that is some sour cream if you don't have sour cream in your country you can use some plain yogurt now for the garnishing we will use some more grater carrots now there I have some room temperature cream cheese and a stick of room-temperature butter and some brown sugar that's what we'll use to make our icing will also need either pure run or some rum extract which is what I'll be using in this video okay now to begin with you're going to need some equipment over there you will need a whisk you will need a rubber spatula and of course our pan I'm using a band pan that's a 9-inch bundt pan that I've already prepared I put some butter some nonstick cooking spray in there okay if you don't have that you can use just around 9-inch pan that'll make two of those whips or you'll make two of those now what you want to do is pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is 180 degrees Celsius and then you want to start mixing your batter now in that bowl our mixing our dry ingredients and I'm just using a whisk to make sure everything is well combined and once I'm satisfied with that we're going to start mixing our wet ingredients now in that bowl is some granulated sugar and some cooking oil and to that we're going to add our room-temperature eggs right now you want to make sure you eggs are room temperature and to attain that just place them on the counter for 30 minutes before you begin mixing it into your batter now in that bowl I'm adding our sour cream okay and at this point if you don't have sour cream you can add just plain yogurt and this gives you cake that nice soft texture okay it makes it very moist alright once you get that in there you want to give it a good mix make sure everything is well combined until it's nice and creamy okay just like you see in that bowl right there now what I'm going to do is I'm going to start adding our dry ingredients to that egg mixture and I like to do this in three parts right and I am not using my electric mixer to mix this today I'm just going to use my whisk right and you want to be gentle the secret to a moist cake is do not over mix the ingredients and also use room-temperature eggs and room-temperature butter if you're using butter in your cake okay so you just want to give it a good mix and make sure you get the sides of the bowl that way all the flour is incorporated into the batter and I'm going to do that two more times until all the flour mix is in that egg mixture and this is what it looks like once it's combined now at this point you're going to start adding other ingredients and over there I have the carrots I just want to put that in there and then I'm going to use my rubber spatula to fold to gently fold the carrots into that mixture now I just want to make sure that all the grated carrots are covered in that batter and I'm going to be gentle what I do is I scrape the bottom of the bowl turn it over bottom over bottom over just until those carrots are moistened by that batter okay do not over mix once again or you end up with a very dense dry cake all right then once that in there I'm going to add our cubed apples into the mixture now some people prefer to use like pineapple all bits in the cat cake but I prefer to use apples and the reason is it gives that textural balance okay where you bite into something and it's not just all cake there's a little bit of a textural interest in the cake so you can do that other people add nuts into the cake for my carrot cake I do not like to add nuts in it so I just like apples and carrots and the raisins which is what I'm adding in next okay then I'm going to fold that in gently as well now please do not panic if you look in that mixing bowl and you see that your batter is thick that's how it's supposed to be so you did not ruin your cake that's how it's supposed to look all right so once everything is well mixed and you scrape the sides of the bowl we're going to transfer this batter into our prepared baking pan okay see how thick that is that's all okay the end result will be a very moist cake right so I'm just going to start putting that batter into the pan and what I'm doing is I'm circulating that pan as I put the batter in there and that's what I do when I use this pan it's called a bundt pan just to make sure everything gets into that pan evenly and that we don't have some parts of the cake that are raised or some and lower than others so what I'll do once I put all the batter in this pan is I'll go back my rubber spatula and just kind of flatten it out and I'll pay extra attention to that center part of the pan that is raised you want to make sure that your bat attaches that pan because what will happen if you leave gaps in there is when you release in your cake it will break okay so you want to make sure that batter is touching that center part if you're using a bundt pan

all right you see me going back in there and smoothing out the batter in the pan right now once this is all smooth and to the level that I wanted to I'm going to put this in the oven in the center rack of the oven and I'm going to bake it at 350 degrees now remember to click on that link below this video it'll take you directly to the recipe or you can visit my blog for this and other recipes it's ww Stella's message ASP calm now once your cake has baked to the point like if you insert a skewer into the center of it or close to the center it does not come out wet and sticky your cake is done so we are going to let it sit in the pan for 10 minutes before you unmold it okay if you wash to unmold it your cake will stick to the size of a pan so what you'll do is once the cake is cooked just take a spatula go around the edge of the cake and the pan to help it release and then turn it over onto baking a cooling rack like you see I've done there okay so we're going to set this aside and then we're going to start making the icing all right now for me a carrot cake is just not a carrot cake without that cream cheese icing or cream cheese frosting so in that bowl I have a room-temperature block of cream cheese and one stick of butter and we're going to be using some pure vanilla extract now if for whatever reason you want your frosting to be completely white just use clear vanilla extract they sell that at craft stores in the baking aisle of some stores some big department stores but for me the fact that the pure vanilla extract adds a little bit of color to that frosting does not bother me one bit okay I prefer the pure taste of vanilla so I'm going to use that in this recipe so I just screamed that butter and cream cheese and we made it look nice and fluffy what I'm doing now is adding that powdered sugar to the mix now try and sift your powdered sugar that way you don't end up with lumps in your icing or you can buy already sifted powdered sugar at the store which is what I'm using here now what I do is once I put that pot of sugar into the butter and cream cheese mixture I like to use my bachelor to combine it first before I use my electric mixer because that way I don't end up with a big smoke of a cloud of powdered sugar in the air or if you like you can use just a wooden spoon to completely mix this remember there's no danger of over mixing because this is not cake batter it's just frosted so you can use your wooden spoon to do this all the way until it's nice and creamy but just to fasten things up I'm using my electric mixer okay and I'm going to cream that until it's nice and smooth and creamy all right and then once this is well combined I'm going to add that vanilla extract but make sure you scrape the sides of your bowl to incorporate any dry powdered sugar into that frosting just like I'm doing here

okay and then we want to add our vanilla extra I'm using pure vanilla extract in this frosting now I love the taste of vanilla so I'm going to put a good two teaspoonfuls in there if you want you icing a little lighter in color you can add just one teaspoon full and then you want to give it a nice mix again to make sure it's all incorporated into that frosting okay and this is what it needs to look like look at that it's nice and creamy very soft and it smells like heaven it smells so good alright so we're going to set that aside and we're going to start putting a topping this is what I put up over the cake and I do this just so you know you're eating carrot cake because you will see carrot okay you can leave this step out altogether if you don't want to go through all this the cake will still be delicious but this just adds an another extra touch of the cake so in that saute pan I had some butter and I just added our grated carrots into there now the objective is not to cook the carrots just to sweat them a little bit and caramelize them okay that's releasing that moisture from the carrots and caramelizing it now to the butter and the grated carrots I added our brown sugar and I'm giving it a good mix now this will help that the care it'll help the carrots caramelize slightly okay I want to give it a good mix and I'm just crushing those little bits of brown sugar that are held together okay do it a good mix and then after this you can stop right here you don't want to use any rum or rum extract but I added in our own extract into that mix if you're using purim give it a little bit of time to simmer like let it simmer on medium heat for that alcohol to evaporate leave the flavor but the alcohol will evaporate so once that's nicely combined I'm going to set it on the side let it completely cool do not put this hot over your icing but it'll melt your icing okay remember this butter and cream cheese in there if you put this straight off the eye of the stove onto your icing it'll melt so over there I have my cake on a pedestal and I'm going to start frosting it okay now that's what that a carrot topping looks like but we're going to start frosting our cake so what I'll do is just put dollops of that cream cheese frosting up over the cake all around the cake and then we're going to spread it around the cake now this cake is sweet enough it has its own sweetness if you do not want to use this frosting on top trust me it'll still be delicious okay but for me like I mentioned before carrot cake is just not carrot cake without that cream-cheese frosting up over it so I'm going to ice my cake okay and if you like instead of the carrots you can garnish it with some nuts I've seen people use pecan nuts up over the the carrot cakes but I'm going to sprinkle mine with carrots okay so you want to be very careful when you icing your cake especially in that center part if you use a bunch cake like I did in that center part it tends to crumb up pretty easily so be careful not to put crumbs on your icing when your icing that middle okay so you want to go to go a little bit heavy on the icing as you ice ascend a part of the cake if you used this kind of pan to bake your cake in if you didn't you don't need to worry about it at all okay so what I'm doing is I'm just coaxing that frosting into that into the entire cake like on the sides of the cake and into the center part of our cake and I'll keep doing this until it looks the way I want it to look now there's no particular like rule or how to ice this cake this kind of cake it's whatever floats your boat whatever works for you that's what you do okay and I'm just swirling I'm just using my offset spatula to swirl it around the cake now one those nice Swiss be looking patterns on the cake that's why I'm doing it this way now you can spread it all the way to the bottom or you can leave it like that and just garnish it I mean a little bit neater and garnish it with the carrots or you can leave this out altogether it all depends on whatever you want to do that does not take away from the cake whatsoever okay see that center part that's what I'm worried about and I'm just being really gentle as I coax that icing into the center of the cake alright now this cake is so delicious and never less in my house never more than two days but I like to share that way I do not overeat all right and you just turn it around to make it easier for you

all right now our cake has been frosted and topped with that carrot garnish and this is what it looks like see those whistles talking about I kind of like that rustic look so that's what I went with and I am going to show you up close and personal what it looks like Sophie's thine eyes look at that that's a thing of beauty smells great tastes great and most of all the best part of it it's very very simple to make now you can see the carrots come through the batter you can also see chunks of apples in there and raisins now look at how soft that crumb is it cuts up really really easy look at that take a look and say ah mm hmm well thank you so much for joining me this time join me next time as I take your taste buds on another culinary safai thank you and kurobuta stellas Meza


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