Opening Three Digimon Fusion - New World CCG TCG Booster Packs!

by: ThePunisherMAX17

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alright guys I'm here today with three packs of the digimon fusion trading card game or collectible card game I guess and yeah another pack opening video and this will hopefully be better than my first one considering my first one I only had one pack in so hopefully it was slightly more exciting I picked up these three packs off eBay got all three of them for $10 total and since we found out last time the rares in the front we're going to start from the back alright first up is beast Mons castle a late zone and sorry if there's a glare my light back here I just noticed is shining on stuff then we have dondokomon interesting I'm not familiar with him actually then we have a daipenmon very interesting I'm actually a little surprised he's a common I found out if you watch my last video I said I didn't know how to tell if it was a common and up in here in the corner where it says b10 or 36 it'll not have anything there after that if it's a common it'll have a u if it's an uncommon and then R for rare SR for super rare next we have chibi toward Oman sorry I'm not in frame there I'm not used to doing pack opening videos like this oh we have a Greymon next next up is a metal Greymon very cool also surprised that he is a common you'd think you know an ultimate like that would be at least uncommon we have another Angemon I got him in my first pack he's our first uncommon here you get three uncommon six Commons and one rare or super rare next we have a cute bond very cute as his name suggests and a ballistamon nice looking artwork on that one and our rare oh wow is tactimon that is very oily I'm not sure if that's a special insert foil kind of thing or if all the rares are like that I guess we may find out with these next few packs so that is my first pack all right get this open this next one all right for our next pack we have another beast mountains castle a blue maramon very cool I'm glad they didn't just utilize the old 90s artwork and recolor it blue a monitor man I already have one of these a Shoutmon and star sword very nice looking art there I can't remember if that's the art used for the little Digivice card or not a Sun Flo Mountain a golem on I remember when he was called Rahman uh utilizing the old art there though oh very cool art on this cyber German actually really nice artwork on that I like that a lot and he's our first uncommon our next uncommon is archly Oman unusual they included him with this I mean I haven't seen much of fusion I don't know if he's like a big character in it or something but unusual that he'd be an uncommon unfortunately utilizing that old artwork there but that's okay then we have a male bird Rahman I got one of these in my first pack and our rare or super rare is blastmon so it looks like this mosaic foil II kind of thing is just all of the rares so that's very cool there you go that's blastmon alright and we have one more pack left here let's see if we can pull a super-rare like I did my first pack if you haven't seen that video it should just be a video or two back on my feed pulled a pretty nice super rare in there alright here we get the hot springs card magma zone I don't know how to play this game yet I haven't had the starter decks or structure decks or anything but I assume those are like lands the equivalent of lands in this or energy cards or something a Dru lumen another Shoutmon and star sword a neptunemon the unfortunate thing about this set is there's only 60 cards so this is my fourth pack of the sits of the card set and I'm already you know so far every comment I've gotten this I already have so gray one and that trend continues let's see and a metal Greymon I think that was all my Commons so yeah I had all those Commons let's see my uncommon another cyber German next a third male bird German so this pack isn't looking so good so far an octa mod I don't have this one but yet again utilizing the old 90s artwork just like archly Oman I'm surprised that he got to be an uncommon or even that he's included in this opening set but you know and my rare is a Shoutmon just a regular old Shoutmon it doesn't even look like he has an effect to him so yep that is my rare alright so that is three packs of this Digimon fusion new world CCG unfortunately I didn't pull anything as good as what I got in the first pack but some still cool orange rook sorry cool cards and some cool artwork this will probably be it for me with this series in all honesty I just wanted to buy a few packs for the sake of buying a few packs and seeing what it was like seeing the artwork and stuff but I've enjoyed opening them up I've enjoyed seeing the artwork and seeing the different kind of cards here if I can find the starter decks at some point for a cheap price I may go ahead and pick those up just so I can play around with the game a bit but we'll see and I'll let you know if I do get the structure decks and I'll make a video about that so thanks for watching guys and I'll see

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