Power Battle Watch Car S1 EP16 The First Guardian 03 (English Ver)

by: WatchcarTV

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the first Guardian part three I feel so good this is really awesome yeah you slow down a little bit nonsense the fun is only starting right now ah [Music]

[Applause] [Music] to catch us the sister to just right don't you think [Music] Johnna they didn't go that far in the end

huh see we caught them you say get respect the monkey right now well what are they doing here once we catch you we won't leave you alone you can be sure of that huh who says we'll get caught such annoying brat find it maximum speed ahead

[Music] just wait okay Theo gray [Music] [Applause]

[Music] oh my god [Music] [Applause]

thank you chasing after all chard what is wrong with him [Music] oh I'm so dizzy I thought I was gonna faint I'm Xavier did oh and the mind key oh thank God we finally got the key back I'll lose it again oh my goodness what are we going to do they took away the shadows mind key you'd better give it back or we'll teach you a lesson you will forgot huh that's outrageous you're the ones who stole it from us oh oh yeah we stole it also Oh even if you don't hand it over will surely take it hurry dispatch the monster watch car whoa monster watch car discuss No

what on earth is that a monster like watch car how come on I'll beat you all show us what you've got you little broads I'll just you know to mess with those electric car ball you're going to pay for stealing our mind key move lightning hire fireballs fire

it's not only just singleton jiggle is really tickles of God and now Bonnie buzz [Music]

Hey delicious glaze Noelle started

good it's my turn now lovey Oh what's wrong with him Hanuman is out of his mind for love must be missed the best attack ever hey guys the kitchen would have great let's attack once again fire fireball higher higher

[Music] hey you call that an attack seriously I'll show you what a real attack is all about it was up in the front but you just done wrong

[Music] right keep on going no L don't I'll finish you off with the electric word what a strong electrical power if this keeps on going they'll be destroyed for God how does your little brush my god we're in trouble guys we need to find a way quickly ah everyone there is still another way white oak AG no use the mind key the power is immense and it might be dangerous but that's the only way to win this okay I get it fine I'll take a chance mind key [Music] Oh [Music]


[Music] Wow Lulu entirely different huh and looks dangerous hurry hurry attack Electra fireball

haha it won't even budge us hurry hurry attack it again boom a maximum electric wave [Music]


[Music] the maximum electric wave seems to have no effect on it very good dragonwing higher [Music] good job lu l know it's so strong we're going to lose don't just stand where I want you to know this already was what should I do about how I'm finishing up right now power coins

[Music] brave dragon Russia [Music]

oh that was pretty awesome don't compliment them up we're gonna leave today but only until next time yeah Tony don't lose me oh [Music] thank you so much Heidi that was great I'm so glad the Mikey found its true and deserving owner ah do you guys have a ride back home I can take you with no problem our home is not far really that's okay you're right we could walk home so you don't have to worry well she's just fine well then I guess it's about time to say goodbye now isn't it [Music] guys it was really great to see you all and you know next time the match will be even more fun is that right oh yeah sure a match with you would always be fun this is oh well then guys till next time everybody listen closely must my words you know I will crush you in our next match


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