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hi from Pink Hill North Carolina we're here at the tiny home show we're here showing two of our most amazing new builds of 26 foot and a 28 foot come on inside this one is what I lovingly refer to as grandma's house it's set up perfectly for a single person or even a couple we have a downstairs bedroom in this house so if you come up front here this room actually accommodates a queen-size bed when we do that the bed comes out to about here you can have this closet that goes all the way to the floor or we can stop the closet above the bed and it would be hanging and shelving storage space we chose to take this all the way the floor you can always put some bins down there something that you don't access very often but it's inside storage we have some really great carpenters at work at Cornerstone you can see with our detailed ceiling work it is kind of a scientist mathematician that that's required to do this work it is one of our signatures we have our round porthole windows it's also another unique lip of ours so this room we have a half wall or I should say 3/4 wall it affords privacy while at the same time you can choose to leave it open or closed but it also lets in the heating and air conditioning so take a look at this really great vinyl flooring this flooring is a vinyl product but it is made to look like wood plank it wears like iron yesterday I'm guessing we had around a thousand people through here we swept it this morning and this it is just wears great always looks great so we come into a pretty spacious living room we have a full size 3 cushion sofa here plenty of room to sit across from here we have the TV hookup you can put a TV mount on the wall I would say this space would accommodate the 42 to 50 inch screen and then above here is the mini slit we use Fujitsu with Fujitsu we get a 12 year warranty out of their units I think most units are probably more in the 5 to 10 year so it was important to us we spend a little bit more money on those but I think it's worth it to our clients too so another signature thing that cornerstone likes to do we'll use a reduced depth cabinet underneath the countertop this allows you to pull a stool up and be able to sit here comfortably without your knees hitting against the cabinet but it still allows for some storage underneath here now the storage is probably not something you're going to use every day but it would be great for appliances small appliances like blender maybe a stand mixer something like that that you could store down there the window up here when you sit here at the bar you can look outside hopefully or by a lake or some pretty landscape so this kitchen is really one of our larger ones we have a lot of prep space the 24 inch stainless steel range in this size oven we could probably get like a maybe an 18 pound turkey in there so you still can do turkey dinner if you want to in your tiny home this is a 24 inch microwave that goes above the range it has the exhaust fan underneath here remember it's always important to vent your exhaust to the outside when cooking in a tiny home you're gonna have some moisture buildup in the house so it's important to turn that on whenever you're cooking here we have a shop built little camp pantry you can use this also for spices or whatever you could probably fit like a can of pork and beans I would say one of the fat cans in there here again we're coming to I would call it an apartment-sized it's a nine point nine cubic foot refrigerator/freezer and then we haven't forgotten the washer and dryer it's just not here we do have the washer and dryer hookups are back there so you can install one of the all-in-one units so here we have a barn door a lot of times there's a challenge to completely cover the opening so that you have a private bathroom so we've accomplished that by putting this in an extra piece on the end of this barn door so when it shuts is flush against the doorframe you have complete privacy well it's open and it can still open all of the way that was one way to resolve that did a quartz countertop in here we changed it up a little bit we put an undermount sink here it's more traditional look I think it gives a little more height here to where you can add some countertop shelving or some storage of some kind to underneath here we have a lot of storage as well here we have a 4-foot shower you don't have to give up that much space in a tiny home here we have a mini sized rain showerhead to weight subway tile on the walls we have a penny tile on the floor it's a traditional tile install so as always we have installed a do stop switch is what it's called this will sense the amount of humidity that's in the air and then above me we have an exhaust fan that's bent into the outside for this build we really build it for a single person or maybe a couple we do have a law but we would consider this to be storage loft there's no means of egress out of this loft there's no windows to escape from if there were to be an emergency so we just would encourage you to use this as a storage loft we're really proud of this 28 foot model you can see it at simple life in Flat Rock North Carolina you

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The Meadows 28' was a big hit at the Tiny House NC Street Festival. This house features a downstairs bedroom along with tons of upgrades. Cornerstone Tiny Homes is a proud member of RVIA. They work closely with their clients to come up with a unique tiny home design specific to their lifestyle. Each tiny home is built by licensed professionals to ensure the highest quality. Please visit

for more information on designing your own custom tiny house.
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