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all right we are live welcome everybody to the Duran live chat 26 how is everyone doing out there if you can hear me let me know on the chat greetings from Belgrade hello David hello from Scotland let's see hello Liam hello pax Bella hello everybody hello Thomas how is everyone doing out there I hear something got so much fun is that you Peter no that's we differ from Toronto good to have you here hello look how you doing greetings from Parma in America all right crystal clear hello Dan all right Andrew are you doing from Islamabad cool from Michigan from the UK Toronto from AZ right on mom easy all right we have in Moscow the one the only the man the legend host of Arty's crosstalk mr. Peter LaValle Peter how are you doing in Moscow you know a spring made a quick appearance for the last two days we'll be diving back into winter later in the week but it's been so sunny it's been and and when people talk about the weather in Russia it's different than most places in the world that's it's called a reprieve okay so it's important to us I'm fine great to have you here Edie we have people from st. Lucia that away near Bangkok Mongolia Wisconsin Avenue from Denmark from Alabama hello Sarah how are you Cheryl from Toronto nice to see you here Cheryl and we have in London we have the Oracle of mug editor chief of the dred that's Vicki Alex the Oracle because he made a lot of good predictions for you oh you made a lot of good predictions last week we'll get it to it Alexander Merkers how you doing Alexander I'm extremely well we've had a balmy balmy spring weather in London also by the way a Saturday was just gloriously beautiful not selling Friday and yesterday was pretty beautiful too so you know the weather's looking up spring is coming and the world is becoming very interesting and so a break and so is Greg's grexit is so interesting yes well that's almost that's always the Chinese curse pizza maybe you live in interesting times we are certainly living in very interesting times here in England yes we are hello from people its Serbia from Switzerland Glasgow Richie how you doing all right guys hello Pat hacker how are you David from Newcastle guys let's get it to it from John let's answer some questions that people sent in before the live chat from John he wants to know what's the situation in Haiti there's this big story that no one's reporting on it's awful you want to jump in on this yeah I just brought brush it here I mean it's always bad in Haiti unfortunately Haiti has been treated very badly by its great patron the United States and it says the most probably the most egregious governance issues that you could even contemplate even and then the latest government there is accused of surprise corruption and and of course people are coming out in the street I mean they never recovered from the earthquake the Clinton Foundation and others turned it into a new paradigm of international corruption I mean billions of dollars were dedicated it disappeared and it wasn't just the government it was other people around it and though all these shenanigans are tried to help Haiti what was it I mean I came across that I think it was on zero head you know you know like they built five houses based on on twenty billion dollars I mean I mean absolutely unbelievable levels of corruption there but what I take my take away from it and not the Haiti's in crisis it's always in crisis but it's not talked about at all in the mainstream media you wouldn't know it okay Oh what about I would say how many weeks are we into the yellow vest now thirteen or so I think it's full change yeah well you know there's neither if the only reason why is covered in American mainstream media's B is to to debunk global warming I mean they don't even even get into the ideas of genuine grievances of the middle class and oh the only thing they'll mention about is it now it's just a group of communist lefties and err anti-semitic what they do is they they again they destroy or ignore and and and and create false narratives no the yellow best movement is a genuine middle-class grievance movement okay and the mainstream because they want to control the narrative we'll look look at the most egregious forms of violence or graffiti but we did again we had that BBC producer came out said Oh be it was the Juma alleged Gao seeing you know it was all the at least the filming of those scenes was a complete hoax okay we know that we've talked about that did anyone step up and apologize no okay and then what about other protests oh the protests in Venezuela okay they'll focus on that they won't talk about the yellow best they won't talk about Haiti but they do talk about that as well because it is in their political interest they are the stenographers of power so that's how the media plays off into all this mmm your thoughts on what's going on in Haiti the army apparently getting very bad there and apparently there's a lots and lots of riots and Peter's absolutely right he basically focuses on corruption and of course apparently a lot of the protesters are claiming that people from the US have been involved in some of that corruption and I've seen a report which I should stress I have not been able to research probably the several Americans have now been arrested in Haiti on conspiracy charges I'm not sure what that means and I'm not sure what the charges really relate to but it's clearly connected to this an unrest and of course speech is absolutely right to compare the situation in Haiti and the reporting rather zero reporting almost at is getting with the rising in Venezuela rather the protests in Venezuela to not be particularly big Riesling by the way and certainly not on you know as explosive as the ones in Venice in Haiti appear to be and of course the yellow vests protests but of course the difference is the United States the you itíd States has an interest in overthrowing the government of Venezuela it is completely committed to that objective now the United States or at least the deep state part of the United States Donald Trump may have a different opinion doesn't really want to see political change happen in France so and of course in Haiti as Peter absolutely rightly says the United States has been deeply involved in hi eating now for a very long time if we go back to the 1990s the Clinton administration of course ordered I think you carried out an invasion of Haiti at least that's my memory of events it was involved with supporting and then opposing president sorry Steve the Haitian president at that time I mean firstly assisity supported him then I think it went against him it was all very messy and very complicated in a very sophisticated in later transparent smear campaign okay because it was really quite I mean they this is that was their first run at smearing people in the Western Hemisphere like that on on that level Peter Switzer's book Clinton cash good chapter on 80 in there absolutely I was there I wish people just anticipated some of what I was going to say because it seems that the Clintons also have personal financial and business interests in RHD at that time and probably since at least that's what's being fought it again I'm not going to pretend I know the first book and chapter about all of this and u.s. involvement in Haiti has been so extensive and it's been going on for such a long time and it's so if you like uncontroversial that it was even touched on in a James Bond film as I remember I think was Quantum of Solace where you see CIA agents operating in high ET and plotting the overthrow of guns not necessarily in high ET but in all sorts of other places so it's apparently these protests in Haiti which we are seeing now are not only about corruption in Haiti and by Aisha ins but they also have an anti-american flavor and given the history it's not surprising at all and it's because I suspect that it's the case then that's the reason they're not being what and what are the interesting things too is it because the current government in height Haiti is supporting the Americas and endeavours in Venezuela they get a free pass free pass ok cuz they're on our side ok you know that's that's really a moral politics but nothing new and it shouldn't surprise us yes all right there's a story that will definitely be covering I have a feeling about that let's go into some more questions that people sent guys send us your super chats Pay Pal patreon links in the description box also go to the dirac shop pick up a t-shirt that really really helps us out and remember to like this channel smash that like button share the channel with everybody you know if you haven't subscribed hit that subscribe button Peter from Katherine can Peter please verify reports that Russia is shutting down the internet for a day is this for real or is this an April Fool's thing ok I don't know all the details about it I did come across it very quickly well I think very simply what the the Russia is doing is up and it so very open and transparent about it is developing its own internet because if the if the what do they call the the deaths which is in in Trump's office ok I mean the Russians and the Chinese and everybody else do not want to be held hostage to that so Russia is developing its own internet and from what I understand that there's I don't they're not gonna shut down the internet when I understand they may be running it parallel to see how it works ok you know because we know what Noke one on a major country like Russia can't shut down the internet from one day what about all the bank transactions and you know people needing to go to the store and me I mean I at least from what I've seen in Moscow you always have to be careful when you talk about Russia the number of people that pay with their cart okay it's huge he's less and less cash is being seen in in commercial transactions oh they would never shut it down it could be wrong but which I can't conceive something like that but what they would be doing is running it parallel to the existing Internet to see what the performance would be you know it's like kicking the tires so it's something they very much have to do again this is very much in protecting Russia's sovereignty and it's a really smart thing to do and I'll tell you depending on the results I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if people countries around the world would come to Russia and say we'd like to buy ya you know your software and how you do it okay cuz we don't want to be held hostage as well okay being shit you know because the biggest threat to world security is is the US Treasury Department okay that's where you gotta watch out for these days okay sorry gotta compete I mean can I just sort of jump in here because as I understand it they're not actually going to cut off Russia from the Internet on the 1st of April what they are basically doing is testing various systems so they are developing and this has to be understood in the context of the West's sanctions war against Russia and the Russians are anticipating every conceivable sanction that the US and its allies can throw against them so there was talk some time ago of Russia Russian banks being cut off from the Swift interbank payment system the Russians have now created their own payment system there was talk about Russian that David David cars banks not being able to operate MasterCard and Visa cards so the Russians have now launched their own Mir card in substitution and replacement of that the Russians have been cutting down as everybody has heard about on their holdings of US Treasury bonds because let's talk about the West trying to stop Russia from a refunding it's it's US debt so they're now piling up gold and of course this is just one further step that they are taking they are preparing themselves for action by the United States and Britain huh and see can't Russian Russia off from the World Wide Web now if that happens what the Russians are working towards doing is creating a system where a kind of intranet system within Russia itself will continue to function that of course being far more important for Russians then integration in the whole part of the World Wide Web this is not an intention to set up a kind of to isolate the Russian and the Russian Runet the Russians the Russian part of the internet from the world wide web but if Russia is basically expelled from it then they will be able to continue to function with an intranet of their own now not many countries are in a position to take these kind of steps Russia can and it is doing it it's managed to do it in his financial system is now doing it in his internet system and it's being pushed into doing it by the Western powers who that way are losing influence and losing leverage over Russia all right Alex head there a question from Andrew can you comment a little bit as to what's going on between India and Pakistan we did mention a little bit you talked a little bit about India last week during our live you know what's going on between India Pakistan in the relations between the two countries but I think in the present moment in time they are reasonably well should we say their rather less tense than they have sometimes been India has Eden Prime Minister Modi an Indian nationalist government which is historically taking a very hard line towards Pakistan over the Kashmir dispute over disagreements over Afghanistan over all kinds of things but Pakistan through its part has recently had elections and the new Imran Khan government which has emerged in Pakistan is believed to be more inclines towards Baptists towards seeking better relations with India so that seems to have taken some of the edge of this hostility and at the moment things are less tense than they have been for some time there are multiple problems there is still I think considerable potential conflict over Kashmir though as I said the Imran Kant government seems to be less interested in that there is also the Indian concern that Pakistan remains a very closed our life China and the Indians have always been extremely nervous about this alliance between shots Evan what's that last hours real quicker Alexander what about India purchasing the s400 systems from us yes yes I mean this is this is all always part of India's edges I mean the Indians in last couple of years have appeared to tilt increasingly towards the US but they have never wanted to break their connection with their bricks partners china and russia they've always had a somewhat difficult relationship with china so in compensation they've continued to maintain very close relations with russia indeed and that has meant that they've been buying very sophisticated weapons from russia s 30 fighters rs400 anti-aircraft missiles various other missiles as well let's talk about now acquiring the right to buy and build mig-35 fighters as well and this is very much part of India's usual balancing act what I will say is that India over the last couple of months has appeared to be distancing itself from the United States it's continuing to trade with Iran it's continuing to trade with Venezuela apparently it said but it will continue to buy Venezuelan oil and it has made it very clear that it is opposed to us moves against the Maduro government in venezuela said we see India constantly maneuvering maneuvering I think was great skill this kind of maneuvering happens irrespective of what government you see in India one of the things all governments in India seek to do is to maintain a very close relationship with Russia which has been a close friend of India ever since Indian independence so that has always been a central plank of Indian diplomacy and that explains the s400 missile purchase we have to remember - that Pakistan has a very activist foreign policy right now reaching out very much to the Gulf countries I think the crown prince well gave the go-ahead for a pretty massive aid package in investments not just money but investments and China is obviously very active the Pakistan China relationship is very active right now so with India seeing is seeing the three-dimensional chess being played here and it wants to be have its influence made felt and I think that it's a it's a very exciting very interesting paradigm shifts going on there - and what I like about it more than anything else is that these are countries that are in the same region or greater region and they are working among themselves they're not looking from four cues from the outside this is the distress what Alexander Mackerras is saying right here the relationship between Pakistan the United States isn't it's never really good I mean they try to put a good face on it but you know they have to worry about themselves and they have to worry about their neighborhood and you know what they are doing it okay the Kashmir issue has been mentioned that that's some time or Memorial I say that didn't come in cheek I mean it's a difficult situation but it seems to me and I agree with Alexandra curiously the Pakistani government and the Indian government understand the limits of I mean the consequences of pursuing it so much is so great in contrast to some of the other positive trends that are going on all right asthma wants to know Peter is it true that Brazil applied to join NATO and if so does it mean that NATO is no longer NATO and some kind of other organization outside of Europe well it's it's Colombia that wants to join NATO and it shows it shows you is this and but John Bolton will put this on steroids it's a it's another example where the US wants to replace the United Nations it wants NATO to be where they call the League of democracies this is kind of a legacy of John McCain it's it's their way to start you know they want to break they'd like to bring in Japan they'd like to bring in Australia and New Zealand okay they you know and then maybe you know front somebody may get Nigeria in there okay what they want to do is they see if NATO doesn't expand then it collapses okay that's the the unfortunate logic of it okay because NATO's mission there's only one mission for NATO and that is to exist no other reason their mission is to exist and having a country like Colombia which is it's nonsense the goals ridiculous but for the plan for the architects of NATO right now that is a perfect way to continue the alliance and if you get bring in Colombia then why not bring in you know all the other countries of the of the Washington Consensus you know considering the state of mind of the neocons will probably push it I mean having truncal Trump will say you know first you want Macedonia now you want Colombia well let's go not here I'm not sure he's gonna comprehend this one but I'm sure we've said it many times for and we'll probably say it again as long as it is it is there in contravention of the the lids of all the promises Trump has made on that envelope that I keep talking about you probably will say oh well whatever okay go ahead all right let's get to some super chats thank you guys for your super chats that's awesome Alexander we have super chat from Brody what do you guys make of the Lao Institute's Asia power index describing Asia ASEAN countries as the upcoming political and economical global powers I identity is any doubt about this that the economic balance of power has been steadily shifting towards Asia and it's been doing so for a long time we have to be very clear that the country that they're talking about ultimate East China I mean China is the key it's at the moment going to a certain slowdown but it will get stronger I'm sure it'll pass the shuffle this off when it will get stronger Asia is the rising continent it is becoming economically more important it is becoming politically more important its diplomacy is becoming more energized I mean previously I mean as recently as say the 1990s Asia was rising economically but he was not very active in in world diplomacy they basically kept themselves to themselves now their economic power has risen to the point where they are becoming politically more important and diplomatically more important to a video that Alex and Peter did some months ago I think on the few CDs trap which is about the fact that the rise of China and the rise of Asia is in fact Atlas at the root of many of the international tensions that we are seen today as the old powers first and foremost the United States look upon this rise of the Asian states with increasing skepticism and alarm you know I would I would just I would say Eurasian states here in relations because I think that's really important and if you think about it I mean I guess all three of us saw the same maps growing up and what was those the world map it was the Western Hemisphere and then you had Europe and then Russia and China were always cut in half remember and so they would be on each side but they the west was in the center now think about how the Eurasian countries see the world they see the United States on the periphery they see Europe on the periphery and and and that is a more of a as we go in through time that's more and more realistic view of the world because you know the the Eurasia was always marginalized oh you know we can go from like 1500 all the way up to basically the the the turn of this century here but now those optics are very much changing and there's a real awareness of it I keep saying here the multipolar world is in existence yes but the emotion in consensus still believes in the unipolar moment that's why we're getting all of these tensions so you know Iran Venezuela you know North Korea the Korean Peninsula nomally in a sense and I personally think and this is just my personal feeling this is Trump trying to leave his mark okay and I think yet he gets a lot of resistance from people around him but he wants to say he made peace there he wants today was it I mean if peace comes to the peninsula and he wants to take credit for I don't care I draw I just want peace on the peninsula all right he wants that Nobel Prize okay I took me once Obama got it he gets it he wants it - all right and that is kind of an anomalous situation and I think since Pompeo in Bolton and such they say this is a personal thing with Trump okay if none oh no other things really are Trump is is following into the the Washington Consensus about Iran okay I mean he I mean if you even look at his treats the tweets they're not very imaginative these are just repetitions of what we've heard for what almost 40 years now okay but you know this that's where all a lot of this global tensions is coming from that's why this this rush for energy resources because the US wants to be able to control the European energy markets okay it's very very important for what they see is their security and when you have country you know North stream is very symbolic because it is the center of Europe the most powerful country in Europe Germany and it is making a bid for a energy future with non-western powers with Russia for example or specifically here okay this is what really keeps people up at night in Washington DC because they see it's like sand in their hands and it's just going through they're losing it alright and this is gonna make them far more aggressive that's why we do as the Chinese say you know don't wish to live in interesting times because we do mm-hmm super chat from Irae Peter I have a friend in Barnaul Russia who tells me Russian people have developed a by Russian products attitude do you see this in Moscow not really okay but I think I can give a more nuanced answer to that one of the things I love doing is going out to lunch and there is so many new places and these are Russian expressions of cuisine okay it's not necessarily Russian cuisine but the Russians are very interested in international cuisine and they're coming up with a lot of their own things as far as like cars well you know I actually do this on a kind of a regular basis you know as I'm walking down the street to the Metro it's about a ten minute walk and okay Russian cools there's a very popular winter clothing long chain it's thin fair but it's Russian it's Russian production Russian design but they call it thin fare wall because when they came out a Russian branding wasn't popular but Finland has this kind of you know wow it's cool you know is chic and all that and and so it's a marketing gimmick here so you know a lot of the food yeah Russian stuff okay I mean when I first moved here everyone wounded by imports food it's Russian now okay and it's high-quality okay it just as good as anything you'll find outside of Russia but like clothing on jewelry no they still have a ways to go on that it's a big the think one of the things that a lot of people understand is that brand awareness is everything for a product okay I mean it may not be the greatest product but it's a brand and Russians are very brand aware I really like that okay I've given the example in the past is that there's a new company I like wristwatches Emery knows that and in there was very little branding during the Soviet era they made some good watches but you know people didn't know about them okay now there's a brand called Nika and they really amazing beautiful watches but you know it's people buy the brand they never heard the brand that's a nice watch but people want you know a Rolex Rolexes are great watches but you know the most important thing about a Rolex is its name not the product and this is something the Russians haven't been able to adequately attain I certainly believe they can do it but it's there's a lot of investment in that and it's brand awareness and that's where there's a deficit all right we have a super trap for penguins fan and a happy family day to all three of you any comments on Justin Trudeau unfortunately he got himself in another controversy at home in the justice system are you guys aware of what's going on with Justin Trudeau I read I read a headline in Zero Hedge but I'll make it higher I here live okay I will have every Monday or whenever we do our live chats that we will out trust you Justin Trudeau moment okay and I will give it to you okay I to do that okay so I yes I know he screwed up something but he always screws up so I didn't need to add that to my day Alexander yeah you know it's going out to some I'm afraid I'm afraid I have to give a pass on this one I mean like a lot of I mean there's a obviously there's domestic politics in Canada which I don't follow especially closely but he screwed up he doesn't surprise me in the slightest I haven't seen anything the Justin Trudeau does which I would personally call success so since he is completely unsuccessful and pretty much everything that he does externally why should it be any different internally but I'm not going to pretend I know anything about the story because frankly I don't you know the alright you think the only major thing is this Freeland you know the the the foreign minister and her meddling in Venezuela you know that is so uncontained it's so anti Canadian it's it's so it's so anomalous for me why my Canada wants to step up and emulate the United States and meddling in foreign countries just beyond me but anyway she's ideologically possessed and he and her his whole government is too and it's it's going to make Canada a worse place to live yeah alright and Tweety Bird says that Trudeau is caught up in a corporate influence meddling scandal with SNC level in yeah right Thank You Tweety Bird for that chat and we have from Arthur super chat Alexander will the Labour Party defectors join a Tony Blair backed centrist globalist party just as everyone else is jumping ship there's also a question sent to us by John before this show started as well Alexander on the Labour split what's going on yeah yes I mean Alex an audience did a video about this and I think that is exactly what's going to happen I think we are going to see an attempt to set up the centrist party which will be Blair right which our interest to be integration will be aunty aunty breakfast I need kryptonite and which will I predict come the election fail dismally in the polls I think it will be a total and complete failure I think it will rally support within the Labour Party further behind Jeremy Corbyn what he might do in a very tight election and I should point out it at the moment labour and conservative are neck-and-neck 37 percent each was lost or optimum poll what he might do he might take away some votes and in some constituencies which might prevent Jeremy Corbyn winning a majority and that might be the agenda behind it or at least the agenda of some of these people behind it but that is what the plan is it is to set up a centrist party it's been in the works for a long time the fact that it is happening however is a sign that the Blair ight attempt to recapture the Labour Party and to strip Jeremy Corbyn of his leadership has conclusively failed these people have been trying to do it ever since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party they've now realized they can't achieve it so now they have done the logical thing in some ways which is set up their own pocket Alexander II case I have a quick question here from what I understand it was 7 yes sir yes I'm at this is not a trick question here ok those 7 the constituency is that voted for those 7 did a back exit absolutely right not in all cases for example several of them are London constituencies where they were devoted remain but you're making a very valid point because of course something like two-thirds of labour constituencies constituencies which return Labour MPs actually that breaks it but London and London constituencies which tend to be labour and so far as I can judge most of these people come from London or from places around there they tended to vote remain but well they should resign in that case if they had any moral fortitude a toil they resign well well well Peter the point of bear in mind is these people were elected to Parliament as Labour MPs supporting a Labour Party manifesto in June to 2017 about to the election then which clearly committed the Labour Party and the Labour government to supporting grexit if they're if they're now turning rather than saying that they don't support brexit which is what they appear to be saying and that they are not labor which is obviously what they're saying because they've now left the Labour Party then they have they are saying something completely different to what they said when they were elected and already I am reading people saying from the constituencies in which these people of which these people are MPs people there are saying I am disenfranchised I did not vote for these people thank you and for the policies that these people say they support yeah big Democrats with a small D huh jeez all right balli yes thank you for your super chat and on that note Peter on a lighter note may we see Skippy come here skip skip skip come to Papa no Robby Robby wants to be see try to get Skippy on onboard right yeah so progressive I mean grab his ears there you go he was sleeping you have such an international following everybody wants to see you know and this questions for you creature it's a super chats and the question is on Belarus and Russia are Russia and Belarus integrating or what and there was a question before we started the live show Peter which is from a loop which is also about Belarus is it better that Belarus stay an independent country it isn't it the country oh come on I mean look I mean the Belarusian economy is so tied to the Russian economy there's there's mutual interdependence here this is this Lukashenko he does this like every two years makes a big deal about it you know and what he's looking for is looking for some better trade deal with Russia on food imports on energy on all kinds of things here I looka Shenko you know he he's a lost dictator in Europe remember Condoleezza he's okay and now he's trying to you know appeal to the European Union and I'll come on nobody takes them seriously that way all right so you know this is a it's just kind of reminding everyone that he's around okay you have to remember a lot of people don't know this but the the union treaty under under Yeltsin which we you know two countries one Union and Lukashenko cuz he's been around for so long he really pushed that you know why because it would have allowed him to run in the Russian presidential election and he saw himself and I remember because I was here in the late 90s and he was on Russian television all the time he played the the Russian Slovak Brotherhood card really intensely good-looking guy strong guy well-spoken guy and and then Vladimir Putin screwed it all up for him okay to swept him aside okay and ever since then he's essentially just kind of disappeared from the Russian consciousness okay so I don't take it very seriously it's just a trend I mean if you'd be CEO you know I'm sure the radio for Europe people are all you know all orgasmic about this you know but it I would I don't put much stock into it nobody does here they're Russians can come to Russia without any problem so there's free movement of people it's a very soft border so no I don't I don't see anything really there and Plus you know the Braille Russians have a different economic model model model it's much more state driven it's a smaller population very homogeneous so no real news there okay it's this kind of Lukashenko you know rattling the cage to see what he can get from the Russians and the Russians will say you've gotten a good deal already okay we don't see any reason for for anything more it's not as if they're gonna be a candidate for the European Union anytime soon right from jr. Alexander how can someone be both anti Brussels and open borders globalist a friend of Assange and Corbin a libertarian and a Marxist an excellent economist and to think Russia is doomed to decline and to be from Greece and have Australian citizenship and to stand for elections in Germany Yanni's varoufakis is all those things Alexander what are your perspectives on him well he is indeed explain it for us who use photo fuck yes yeah yeah I thought this was gonna be a trick answer Yanis varoufakis is the question I asked a an economist trained in Britain by the way and I happen to know the man who trained him is an economist who is a very very brilliant economist Indian who who as you know we've chatted a bit about very fact it's a very focus and I though I don't remember him this would have been in the 60s Virna fracas is a very left-wing academic Marxist economist he was for a very short period of time in 2015 the finance minister of Greece at a time when the syriza government led by Prime Minister tsipras appeared to be challenging the European Union over the bailout terms that Greece had previously negotiated now I get to say straight away are in my opinion very focused was a disaster as a finance minister whatever his abilities as an economist which I'm not really in a position to judge as a finance minister he offended and aggravated leader appeals to an extraordinary degree by he's amazing arrogance and his mismanagement of the diplomatic negotiations he led Greece down a blind alley and when he turned out that the Europeans were not going to cave to his demands it turned out that he and tsipras his friends his friend had prepared nothing in the event that the European Union turned them down so he was a disaster the effect of what he did was to result in Greece ending up with a worse deal than the one it had previously been offered before varoufakis and tsipras came to power so I get to say this about matter of fact is he is full of inconsistencies he doesn't see his inconsistencies he is a left-wing Marxist a there is a very very powerful tradition in left-wing Marxism of disliking Russia and very fact is absolutely part of that that was even true by the way when the Soviet Union was around a lot of these people were Trotskyists in those days the very fact is is pro-eu because he fits in very well with the globalist integrationist near liberal outlook that we have often discussed about he may be a Marxist in certain economic terms but essentially he is very mainstream in others and last but not least his friendship with people like Assange and Corbin is I think not surprising for somebody who takes a radical chic to an extreme now you will have gathered from all of this that I don't think very highly a very focused and the fact is I don't I I think is that he he led us up the garden alley in 2015 in Greece and I think he is a major disruptive force in where were not a major disruptive force he is a disruptive force which proof prevents a coherence anti-eu policy being developed by the sort of people who should be developing it and if you want to talk about a genuine Greek Marxist economist who apparently has no time for very focus at all I would refer to Costas lapavitsas who is a Marxist economics professor at so ass he is dead against the EU and he even written a book about this saying that there is no a no good case for the EU so there we are a complicated answer to a complicated question but very Franky's is a complicated man and not one to be relied upon under any circumstances it seems like the the very core of his code is virtuous signaling because in not everything you just said doesn't make any sense about him okay well I'm not questioning you I'm giving your answer this guy he's birdy he's pretty screwed up I mean this is this is the thing that comes across so as I said he's one of these people who's able to hold contradictory views he's not a politician he's never had a consistent political background he's never stood for election if I can put it in that way so here's he because of his arrogance he's able to sort of put all these various different contradictory positions and make it seem as if there is some political coherence behind that when there isn't it's kind of like that seasick guy you know they I mean that pure garbage what that guy said doesn't make any sense at all it's it's word salad it's all this post-modernism post Marxism nonsense gobbly gook exam it you know it sounds cute okay really sounds cute to people that with low IQs I'm sorry exactly exactly look the south's cute low IQs Marx is a Peter a lot of people are asking what are your thoughts on a OC and although she's made the last week I've got a lot of other questions but you just led into this one so so nicely so cute what is it you know that we did I don't know I'm not validating this here but I just came across she says there's a lot of homeless people they can't pay their mortgages keep it coming keep it coming no I mean on a more serious note look she's the darling she's a very interesting mix sure here she's the darling of both the left and the right all right she's trees she's broken the code okay because she is an attractive person she's very enthusiastic I mean we knew look at her you listen to her she's you believe that she wants to present some kind of convictions that she has here what she essentially says doesn't make any sense at all she read all of the wrong books did University that I guess he just hung out in Starbucks and listened to the verge of signaling over a cohort but you know of course she's a rallying call for the left because she's an attractive figure she's very adept at social media kind of like Donald Trump in a way she is a figure that shows that Democratic Party is dynamic but I think you know every time Nancy Pelosi hears the name she heard her dentures you know start chattering in her mouth okay she's worried about that and of course the right is in love with a AOC because she makes a mockery of the left oh I mean I I think they probably more they talk more about AOC on Fox and they do at CNN you know maybe worth checking out all right so she's kind of a fulcrum for political discourse right now that is at a very low low level in the United States here and also on all I'm down this look at the juxtaposition you have an older man white man a very wealthy Donald Trump and then you have a woman of color that was a year ago a bartender maybe that's where she picked up her politics on the bar and she is a very dynamic so I mean it's very interesting the optics of all of this and the media loves to because it works for their business model okay they're not educating people about the issues not at all what they're doing is they're putting on a show political and that's what it is and it's very dangerous because you end up with the public of know-nothings at the end of the day and right and you end up talking about things you want but you know you know I want stuff too okay but this cuz I wanted have a right to it yeah all right enough AOC let's get out to some real news serious news and from Voltaire a question about the yellow vests this one goes Peter and then Alexander cuz a big topic but air is gonna open it up well Alexander makiura stone this one you'll defer to Alexander Iran Alexander from fault there ya are the yellow vests being hijacked by the extreme left and then let's just open it up Alexander what's going on all being a champ on the extreme left I I think that we are going to be getting grown using that as an excuse yes yes yes I mean this is of course the point the whole agenda is to try to discredit the yellow best sometimes by saying they're extreme right sometimes by saying they're extreme left sometimes by saying that anti-semites sometimes by saying you know other things but the fact of the matter is it remains what has always been which is a grassroots movement of LaFrance proformance the French mass of the population especially those people who live in the countryside and in the small villages that make up the basic the basis of France and I think we need to keep a very clear head about the yellow vests one of the great problems is because this phenomenon which is incidentally as I understand it actually growing it had got a little smaller for a while over the Christmas period but he's actually getting bigger now again because this phenomenon is not being reported properly or extensively it makes it much easier for it to be misrepresented by people who are hostile to it so we have to be very very careful not to fall into the traps of thinking that these people are in fact some of the things that they have been that they have been called now I said it's a grassroots movement because it's a grassroots movement you will come across people with very divergent within it it is not a political party it does not have a single centralized leadership it has it is its strength is that it has avoided those things but that does make it easier to write in as as I've just said views which the majority of the orbits of its members don't know I would describe for what I've seen about them most of the people who participate in them in in these protests as middle class small see conservatives also it's very interesting how both of you would shed light on how the media the this state structures like to portray the yellow vests they're anti this anti this ante this they never say what they're for and I think that's very very important the second point just a footnote to what Alexander McKee was saying yes a grassroots movement like this it is not or doesn't have a hierarchy which is its strength but is open to entry ISM in the social science as they say meaning it's easy to put on a vest okay and they're of there always are those elements when you have a easy entry environment that are people going to infiltrate it to discredit it okay and and this is a long tradition I would like to point out that I I saw this documentary I made a couple of years ago yeah I'm like two nights ago it's called best of enemies and it's about William F Buckley and gore Vidal I don't want to be a spoiler here but they had a lifelong hatred to amazing American intellectuals but a part of the film that is devoted to the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago and we new years and it was very very violent very violent made-for-tv violence if you know what I mean again this is very manipulative propaganda efforts on a part of the authorities and it was I don't remember the exact number but something like one in five of the protesters were had connections to American intelligence either domestic or international meanings the FBI or CIA and they're the ones that were throwing the chairs throwing the fists so it could made-for-television violence here and we have to always be very careful I have a good friend of mine Alexander McCrory you are on with him on crosstalk Zeb da Moreau wonderful wonderful guy he's keeping a very close eye on the yellow vest and we're gonna maybe what we could suggest having him come on and maybe talk a little bit about it because these in France is a going to be a very very big coordinated yellow vest demonstration I don't know on what day I think he's still in the planning process but he's talking to a lot of people across the country and hopefully we can give you the freshest updates of what's going on there from people that are involved in it alligator oh really good guy watch Dante's crosstalk that's on YouTube yes all right Alexandre a question from Abdul Karim her see what's Alexander's perspective on congresswoman Olano Mars alleged anti-semitism and her confrontation with war criminal Elliott Abrams well well III think she said exactly is advising Lillian Abrams I mean I think I think all the things she said about this a truly sinister man Elliott Abrams who has done the most important things in the past that Oh who's in her hands I have a lot of blood on them I think she was absolutely spot-on right and I have to say I mean IIIi am very very tired about the way in which people do say some sensible things right things about people like Elliott Abrams and who seem to me to be trying to move towards some shall we say impartial or less partial position for the United States on the Middle East issue get attacked in this way and talked about being in an anti-semitic items even spiders either emit anti-semitic at all and I think it's as much more about this terrible atmosphere of intolerance in the United States that she was attacked in this way and attack as far as I could see by the entire political spectrum good for her and brave of her to be talking out like that also let's let's be very clear here and it's something that I've been watching over the years here okay congressman Omar came out with their statements well she was her criticism of the of AIPAC the the Israeli Lobby in the United States when she said was objectively true all right her attack on Abrams he should be given a medal for okay I've complimented her and given her praise on two issues that I think are important but I I seriously doubt that there would be other issues that I would agree with her on so I think we should take it out of the partisan polarize this binary that they keep stuffing down our throat no code pink okay there they are a peace movement in the United States okay and when they protest war criminals in front of countless speaking in front of Congress they go out with their sides and they dig they express their First Amendment rights okay good for them but when they go out in the international Woman's Day parade praising late term abortion I disagree with them and I will be very vocal about it so let's not get it's not categorize ourselves into ideological boxes okay that is intentional to divide us tomorrow I'm making a program on crosstalk is it is it time for a peace candidate in for the u.s. presidential election and I have brought together a conservative and I've brought together a progressive I'm still waiting for the name of the third guest but I want to show this goes beyond party lines and beyond these labels that were were given and we're supposed to adhere to no we have to break out of that morass of linguistic swamp 'dom okay and and and that's why I will praise congresswoman Omar on that issue all the more power to her but it's always more complicated than that and I think we that's one of the things I like doing here at the Juran is be able to flesh out these issues without being labeled something hmm.well said Peter a super chat from a look to both of you anything about the 700 hostages in Syria yeah very good question what has it what did ever happen to those hostages this was something that President Putin spoke about some months ago now and and that entire story seems to have disappeared and I don't know what has happened to those people Putin said if you if we go back to it the some of the we European Union citizens and it would seem that there is no great desire to talk about that story yeah oh yeah absolutely I don't know I don't have an update on it either but I mean logic would seem to dictate that and and and and we believe there may be even Russian citizens there engine okay all right and what do you do with these people you know there's a it's it's a it's it's easy to get in and promote these conflicts but I've said this you know all the way going back to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan you can let these people loose but you you'll lose control of them and they'll come back and they'll bite you hard okay it's called blowback okay and the the world leader that has to worry most about this is air Dhawan of Turkey and that's what keeps him up at night believe me they stay on there Peter stay on there because it's super shot from penguins fan which is update on it live in Syria and what the eff is going on with their dog on well we just had a few days ago we had a we actually had two summits okay we had one in Warsaw where the US was pushing for conflict and Israel conflict with Iran and then we had one that got almost no press coverage and it was in Sochi and we had the counterparts from Iran as Russia and Turkey and basically and we said this last time we talked I'm sure Putin is saying so my friend err Diwan what have you come up with to resolve it live okay and it looks like air Dhawan is still shuffling he's still looking for a way out okay now there could be a way where the there's a possibility it's been aired that the the Russians the Syrians and the Turks would work together so everybody knows what's going on and start corralling these people and trying to figure out what you can do with them who they really are where they're really from and we'll have to I think it down to a case-by-case basis that's a long long road ahead but it is one possible one and it shows again and we have been very adamant here is that Russia will not give up on statecraft okay there's got to be a resolution to this okay because the military conflict is over like I said irrespective of all the nonsense you hear coming out of Western media it took what six weeks and thirty Russian jets through the to just to destroy the caliphate okay and that was from September of 2015 look how long this conflict has been going on look we're American troops are right now and look where Isis is they're right next to each other what do they do have t it in the evening after prayers you know what I don't see them the u.s. playing any positive role here whatsoever they didn't destroy Isis it was the Arab Syrian army with Russian air power and with help from Iranian advisers and Hezbollah foot soldiers they should be given the credit for destroying the caliphate okay Donald Trump did not destroy the caliphate all right he didn't now he should honor his words and get his people around him to get the American forces out of Syria ASAP Alexander you want to give an update Lester how you see things initially been to Syria yes indeed I mean what what was very interesting was there two guns comments after the Sochi summit because he took a fairly anti-american I mean he said first of all that the deal to have the Patriot missiles which the US was offering in substitution that the s400 missiles that that was going nowhere he continued to speak about Russians as his major strategic partners he seemed to have good relations with Putin and as Peter absolutely rightly says he's floated this very interesting idea of some kind of joint operation with the Russians and the Iranians to basically clear out a blip which to be to be absolutely clear has now been taken over entirely by Al Qaeda there was also a very very interesting report in Al maja star which is a Lebanese news agency which is very reliable one of the few reliable sources of information in the Middle East which you need to be very careful what you read hinting at least some sources by the way but this one is a reliable source and it seems that the militant fighters led by al Qaeda in Italy are running short of ammunition which suggests that Aragon is quietly ever so quietly putting screws on them so as Peter says all is in play I anticipate that around sometime over the next couple of weeks or months at the most there will be a general resolution between the Russians the Turks and the Iranians and the Syrians about the overall situation in Syria I suspect that there will be a deal done whereby the Kurds come back on to Syria Syrian government control getting some kind of loose cultural autonomy but nothing like what they've had up to now and that the Syrian army will eventually be able to move into a blip after the Russians and the Turks and the others have basically essentially cleared it up and I think that by the end of this year Syria will be a basically at peace this is what I think is going to happen and I think so was a major staging point in on the route to that destination yeah I'm sorry this will mean reader can we get to some super chats on this exact subject that they want to ask you it's not it's on made living on Turkey and one of the super chats is we have a lot of super chance on this one of them is wide as in Turkey and Russia just bombed lip turkey just let the rebels go and then there's a follow-up super chat Peter which says dare Russia shoot down Israeli fighter plates so you want to comment on those two super chests well I mean sadly to say in this day and age after all these years or the war on terror the the US would not tolerate that and they would not tolerate the the physical destruction of the terrorist cell at large Enid Lib they they would usually be the the the deep state neo cons they would use that as a opportunity to actually destroy the Syrian government okay there's also a humanitarian crisis genocide it'll go through all the usual litany of nonsense okay know what there's no quick solution here and and what I wanted to say before the super chat is that I pretty sure Putin has made it very clear to air21 and to Assad is that Russia doesn't want to have a large footprint there they want a base there they want to have good relations with the the two militaries but Russia's it's not in their game plan for C they don't want to pull an American thing of just staying there decade after decade after decade no like I've said before here is that putin tells his generals what to do and the generals will say who do we kill and when do you want us home that's how it works okay no long-term commitment because it's not rush in Russia's national interests to be involved in an endless conflict all right and I think it's we have to make that very clear would Russia shoot down Israeli planes I don't think so why would they would Syria yeah maybe yep they have they are growing to see this is the whole thing Syria in a regional context here is that the miscalculations of the in the Gulf countries and Israel has brought us to a moment where Israel no longer has supremacy in the sky this is the fundamental strategic change as a result of this conflict that was badly planned badly executed and badly and ending for the people that started all of this is that now Syria has the capacity to protect itself and we're gonna get to that point I think relatively soon Israel is terribly worried about that because that was their trump card over the last few decades is absolute air supremacy and that's being whittled away all right and I tend to think also I always tell people keep an eye on Lebanon because as Israel's for a fortunes they're going to react and they were gonna lash out okay and their favorite lashing target is Lebanon because Hezbollah defeated them in the in the last border war and that is a really difficult wound for the Israelis to lick okay because that was that was a turning point and that is a turning point and now Syria the catastrophe for the West and Israel and the Gulf countries Israel's gonna pay have to pay a higher price for its security as it defines it itself Alex ahead I know you want to jump to jump in here as well and as you jump in another super chat on Syria air Dogana turkey should make peace with Assad in Syria will that ever happened right let's take these these questions one by one there's the first one a joint Russian Turkish bombing campaign in Eid Lib that is very very close to what earns a gong has floated since the Sochi summit I think Peter is absolutely right I think we are going to see some kind of military operation in you need live but the diplomatic process has to be prepared very carefully the diplomatic ground has to be prepared very carefully Oda GaN needs to be quite confident that he has the support of Islamist opinion in Turkey itself because he politically depends on it he's got to be concerned about what happens to these people in a blip once a blip is cleared of them all these jihadi and militant fighters and of course there has to be a sickly Russians need the Turks on site to prevent the intervention by the United States that Peter was talking about so I hate the Russians master diplomats as they are are aging towards that outcome and we see arrogance comments pointing in that direction we are not quite there yet I think we are moving appreciably closer secondly on the subject of a gun himself and needing to make peace with Syria and as that absolutely of course he does again an utter gun needs to find a way to do that that will preserve sermon his face given the kind of expectations he has raised within Islamist opinion in Turkey itself which had supported the jihadi war in Turkey so a Syrian so that I am confident will eventually happen but it will have to be prepared carefully and that is again what the Russians are doing so I'm confident we will see that we will probably see that before the end of the year and I would not be surprised if eventually we see some kind of the meeting between the gun and Assad to basically end this conflict that is existing wait which I think that I think Russia would be the broker to bring the two together be part of saving face right there I think they very very important exactly that is exactly the point and the third point can I just come back to what Peter was saying about the Russians to shooting down Israeli aircraft the Russians have made it absolutely clear what the circumstances of them shooting down Israeli aircraft would be it be if the Israelis started launching attacks on Syrian or Russian installations in Syria which put at risk Russian lives the Russians will protect themselves in that situation and they have the air defense system in Syria ready to do that now the point the point always to remember is that though there are not many Russians in Syria they are everywhere in Syria so it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Israelis to just launch attacks everywhere and in any place without endangering Russian lives the Israelis have to work have to tread very carefully and increasingly they are doing so and Peter is also absolutely right as a result of the Russians being in Syria and the Russians acting to support Syria and to build up its air defense system Israel's room for manoeuvre it's a formerly unchallenged supremacy over Syrian airspace is gradually disappearing so the balance of military power is slowly but certainly shifting against Israel and as Peter also rightly said the Israelis are very concerned about it Peter we have a super chair on that couple of sentences here you know about the diplomatic parley that's going on right now it's very very important to remember that the ago Gulf Council cut the Arab League is welcoming Syria back into the fold and air Dewan doesn't want to be left out in the cold he wants to be part of this process two of reintegrating Syria into the Arab League and into other regional arrangements or he doesn't want to be the last guy he wants to be part of that and having a meeting with Assad with the good blessings of the of Russia would be part part of the way for him to call claim victory and certainly say that it wasn't all for nothing okay it's you know for the for the for the Turks it's always about the Kurds okay and that's the Damascus good Russia can work with the currency and Corral them in where they get something they're not going to get everything they want but nobody's getting everything they want in this here okay so I think you know air21 can it's basically public perception I think that that's what has to be management perceptions alright Peter very quickly a super-tough from rainy on the same subject would Iran ever attack Israel no never never no all right I I cannot imagine any area where Iran would attack Israel I think this whole story of Iran posing a threat to Israel is ease of phantom it is an invention and it should be called that yeah okay I remember Mike Pompeo Hezbollah is in in in Venezuela I mean they to pull this stuff all the time my goodness we're Twitter it's like comic book diplomacy yeah we're 20 minutes over the our guys hit that like button share the channel with everybody you know send us your super chats let's get more people to subscribe to the Durant and we appreciate all your help thank you for joining us and let's get into some more topics here some big topics we have a super chef from Arthur Alexander how will the EU react to solve Annie's call to close the Italian Central Bank take back their gold and jail the bankers well I think the Europeans are watching salvini and hearing salvini say more and more things like this and I think they they they don't like it at all and I think what makes them particularly annoyed and upset is that the Mussolini talks in this way the more popular he gets in Italy and I think this is the second that alarms the most I don't think Cellini is really planning to do any of these things I think he says these things because he wants to annoy the Europeans but I think what they are also saying is that increasingly Sylvanian or just so big I mean the entire Italian government Lee fiestar League people as well are starting very gradually and very cautiously to actually exercise the power that Italy as a major EU economy and a major you state has within the EU so they've now veto the recognition of glider as president of Venezuela by the EU they made it increasingly clear that they disagree with the sanctions that many people in the EU want to impose on Russia they are slowly and steadily building themselves up to a position where they can challenge the EU combine as I call it better and I think it is that which is concerning people in Brussels and in Paris and in Berlin and in Frankfurt more animal as they see the situation in Italy and just wait for the next time to vote on Russian sanctions so but the Italians will have something to say and we have a super Janet from fair violin and Bernard thank you for your super chat as well forever I would like to know what are the dogs called we've given their names before but go over it again real quick guys okay my choking me first my chihuahua that's buddy and I have two dachshunds the brown one the chocolate one is Skippy and they right at my feet here the black one here that's Robbie Robbie Skippy and Buddy all right well they're two golden retrievers there but brother and sister the one everybody what we see there because he comes and licks me doing programs as a way of saying hello to our viewers is Myshkin who's the brother the sister is so vexed she's a little bit more shy Myshkin is Russian for little mouse solve egg is Norwegian for daughter of the son they're both literary names picked for them by my wife who is an academic who teaches literature at the University in fact she's the head of a literature department there and can I just say by the way thank you to one of our viewers who suggested that I buy the Mishkan some Polish sausage I absolutely did he loved it but please don't worry about sending me any money for it as you very generously and currently offered there is no such need Peter from Liam we have a question with the protests in Haiti Mexico France Germany Belgium and Spain do you think we're heading for a time of social unrest do you think that's the 2020s will be marked by social unrest oh I think we've entered an age of rage look I mean you know this whole international order that was put into play after the Second World War and cultivated during the Cold War it was a very simple message you're gonna get richer and richer and you'll always be safe with those two pillars of this huge project of lib neoliberalism has fallen flat on its face all right you bet this good to be more and more and it's good to take on different forms in different places because of certain conditions and political culture but you know it's really these elites have failed they are safe they're richer they have their walls surrounding them and they lock and they determine goes who goes in and out and they do all this virtuous of virtuous signaling and how everyone else should take take in all the you know the Statue of Liberty you know you can actually you know give us our Pope give us your poor and all that exists that was a gimmick made up decades after the statue went up and for tourism more or less it was given to the Americans by the French for liberty it's why it's called the Statue of Liberty it's not called gateway America okay at another example where everything is twisted out of proportion so the elites have made them set themselves say and they've insulated themselves from all these social ills and made people get to get by on less and less and less this is about dignity this is about dignity and pride in yourself your community your country your history no this neoliberal project wants to destroy all of that you were all the same right no we're not I'm not Mozart I'm not Beethoven I'm not in Steiner okay I'm a talk-show host okay I'm people are better in their abilities and their talents and we have to respect that okay this this equity you know forcing equity on society where everyone has to be equal it's nonsense it's dangerous and people rebelling against it and the biggest rebellions were brexit and the election of 2016 which brought Donald Trump to power and I agree with Peter you know yellow vests yeah okay we have a lot of people talking about Ukraine and we also have a super China on Ukraine they want an update on what's going on with the Ukraine elections and a super chat from penguins fan update on Ukraine how is the economy working and what will happen to this country will it break in half and is there going to be a war Alexander I see that you're ready to jump in well first of all let's talk about the economy of Ukraine he's going nowhere now I I'm I'm well aware that people are producing some statistics which appear to search show growths not very high growth around two to three percent which means that you even if you took hits at face value would still mean that Ukraine was well below its pre Maidan point which is pretty low already but I'm very skeptical about that growth as a lot of economists are including economists who are pro my done because it doesn't seem to take the inflation figures into proper account I think you would probably find that Ukraine is ticking a long bottom economically surviving basically from month-to-month as a result of IMF and EU and US handouts so the only great revival in Ukraine I don't believe there is one and that is the cause of the very widespread economic and political discontent there is in this country which is expressing itself in what is happening in the Ukrainian elections where this bizarre 'fuck this TV comedian is now not only leads olenski ugly his name is is now not only leading the polls over the incumbent president poroshenko and he's supposed chief rival Yulia Tymoshenko both of them Pierre poroshenko and Timoshenko been around in Ukrainian politics since as long as I can remember not only does he have a big lead over them that lead is now actually growing which is remarkable now what will happen in the elections in the months time is of course another thing because one of the things we must always remember about Ukraine is that this is a very dysfunctional political system it doesn't necessarily follow that if people vote a certain way the votes will be counted in that way and I would not be surprised if all sorts of stocks are pulled and devices are used to try to saving Boris but anything they were honest well exactly I mean I I Peter said exactly because that's exactly what I remember happened in Russia in 1996 I can I can I would not be surprised personally if at the end of this process we saw President poroshenko again but we should be very clear if that does happen it will not have been done honestly Peter you have any comics and if you Sonia lectures it seems to me again just my observations is it doesn't seem to me that the West is particularly invested in poroshenko I given the three major candidates they can live with all three of them okay because there there still to be a client state of the EU in the United States like I I don't the shenanigans will be internal and I think you know from the Atlantic Council point of view I all three of them are acceptable there are all anti-russian they all want to join the EU they want everybody to pay for them as the oligarchs continue to just bottom out the economy and these will be people that will do political favors for the westin to avoid reforming the economy it would mean basically destroying things which is not going to happen under current circumstances nor do the West does the West actually put a lot of pressure on them because we've seen the they'll be the IMF because of political pressure from Washington the IMF is willing to see a country like Greece live in the gutter for generations but they'll break their own rules to give money to oligarchs in Ukraine okay more rank hypocrisy here and it's only for a political agenda has nothing to do with the welfare of the people of either country yes okay can I can I just completely with what Peter said and may I just say something I mean I don't want people to run away with the idea that I think zalenski if yes that is correct now this comedian is in fact a change represents any sort of change if he was elected the universal view is that he is basically a front man for another Ukrainian oligarch static Mazen who's talking horse for a man called kolomoiskiy who is a very sinister figure indeed so in effect what we're saying in Ukraine is yet another battle between all the girls poroshenko was an oligarch of the total chocolate king but he's got lots of other business interests Timoshenko who's the gas princess and kolomoiskiy who had to be heavily invested in the steel industry and in banking and he was known to be on very bad terms with poroshenko so we shouldn't take these elections - seriously or expect any great changes because there's no choice anymore the anybody who really did offer a serious choice in Ukraine and and exactly and and who was able to articulate it and seemed to be coming anywhere close to winning would not would not be able to continue their election for very long there would be some way found to stop them standing and that is the reality of Ukraine today kolomoiskiy the man with three passports absentee Cypriot Israeli and Ukrainians and the man that probably knows the whole story of mh17 but that's and on that note Alexandre there's a super chat from Phoenix FP 40 can you tell me where the apparent hatred of the Jews comes from and is there justification for this the apparent hatred of the Jews is I'm afraid something that has gone back a long way you can you can find lots of sources of a you can find you the sources for this in medieval Christianity with all sorts of extraordinary ideas that the Jews were somehow responsible for the murder of Christ you can find it from the fact that Jews in the Middle Ages were the only people who were relay able to engage in a banking act because they could charge interest as the Christian Church didn't prevented people from charged Christians from charging interest so the Jews established themselves in in banking and those sort of things but I think personally that the major drive behind animus against Jews originated in the 19th century when Jewish communities became integrated into European culture and began to become assimilated and a lot of Jewish intellectuals at this time were at the forefront of the rise of modernist and what I would call modernism and in healthy ways if you look at 19th century early 20th century European culture people are Floyd people like Kafka people like yes marks people like Einstein in physics and I think this created intense animus against Jews from various people within 19th century societies who did not like this rise of modernism now this is a very simple - a very calm no exactly very exactly a very simple answer to a very very complicated subject my own personal view incidentally is that hatred of Jews in Europe at least is now very very limited indeed I think that there is very little anti-semitism in Europe left I think strangely enough there's more in the United States something I don't really understand but that's my sort of feeling about this there is very little indeed in Russia Russia is not an anti-semitic country by any stretch of the imagination and President Putin himself is actually quite Philo Semitic I think the major racial issue in Europe today is not anti-semitism it is russophobia which is at absolutely staggering levels and I'm not the only person I a couple of years ago I wrote an article for the dear Adam which I talks about it and talked about how racism against Russians has now become the only acceptable form of racism and if he's now becoming something that he's increasingly talked about by more and more people and that is a good thing but it is russophobia that is the real problem yeah if we said if anyone said you know it's the Muslims are genetically programmed to deceive or Jews or their genetic code is to deceive you would be you would be roundly criticized and thrown off of social platforms but you can say at the highest levels of media and the and and and the political establishment Russians and their genetic code is to be deceptive and it goes goat passes without comms absolutely yeah and and there's no consequences for it if you say it's perfectly respectable Peter thing ok Peter there's a super chat from Arthur the Spanish elections look to be a right-wing landslide is the EU dream dying is the EU dream dying Peter well the EU project is faltering let's put it that way you know we're all skeptical here of the European Union there's a lot of people in the European unit actually like it so let's let's be fair about that all right because it works for them all right but more and more people it doesn't work for so we have to keep that in mind here when we look at these right-wing and populist parties they have their own get grievances against the European Union I am not advocating for some kind of right-wing coalition no more than anything else you need to address the democracy deficit within the European Union you know I I I don't want to disappoint anybody here I'm not I'm not advocating taking a sledgehammer and destroying an overnight okay that will be even worse for everybody involved okay what we have to do is it have if this experiment is going to continue then you have to start looking at the deficits and you have to start not demanding people act in a certain way or accept certain beliefs it should be the reverse the the the powers that be in Brussels up the you know we need more feedback to understand why you're so Grievous it's the first step in you ignore all of their mistakes why because it doesn't affect them oh that the different turns that have taken here and I I want more of a balance right here I do believe in national sovereignties of countries I do believe in cherishing the culture that you were born into and gives you an identity one of them your identity as our identities are very complicated okay and being part of a greater group is one of them necessarily mean exclusionary I see people like to paint populist and conservatives of being always exclusionary we're not exclusionary Zeigler much more inclusive than most people think so the European Union is in very deep trouble here it's future I don't know okay but one thing I will say one of the the worst thing the European Union ever did was to introduce the euro because the Euro puts every national economy into a straightjacket where you don't have the tools to to been able to control manipulate and and stimulate your economy Greece is the best example of that can I just jump in on Spain I mean we do have election oh my god yet we do have elections coming in Spain but I I'm not absolutely sure at the moment that there will be a right-wing landslide in Spain but the Socialists there still seem to be leading in the polls but in Andalusia the right wing Vox Party did very well and under Lucia was one of them as left-wing regions of Spain so we will see but coming back to that underlying question is the EU failing I think the unequivocal answer is yes it is facing rebellions on all sides and it will continue to do so whilst it remains committees to this integrationist top-down anti-democratic mission that has imposed on itself and which the people in Brussels and Paris and Berlin I'm trying to force on their own people if they continue to go down this road yes there will be more and more rebellions and I think at some point we will see the whole thing start to unravel alright see you thank you for your super chat and - next thank you for your super chat we have a super chat from penguins fan Alexander the EU and West place sanctions recently on Russia should Russia - a knockout punch sanctions back at the EU to bring it to its knees and Russia should just have killed the Ukraine economy by completely banning everything in Ukraine right well let's first of all take III don't think Russia has the means to knock out the entire EU economy I think if they were to try to do very damaging to Russia you're very I was gonna des get as they've said be very very very damaging to Russia and they they haven't done I mean the Russians are very careful never to you know you don't cut your nose to spite your players as we say in England and I think this is very much been their policy in response to these sanctions that the EU has been imposing upon them what they have done is much cleverer you know which is adjust their own economy and their own society so that it is able to move forward successfully without the sanctions I mean we talked about this earlier in the program when we were discussing the steps the Russians are taking to protect their own internet so that's what they're doing and I think it is the more correct policy I mean you can't Russia can't knock out the whole EU economy it can only cause problems for itself now Ukraine is a different story and I think here we need to be very clear about what Russian objectives are in Ukraine Russians do not want to destroy Ukraine what the ultimate agenda is in Ukraine is a phrase a Ukraine friendly to themselves and because the Russians have I think a much clearer understanding of how to achieve that they realize that destroy Ukraine's economy and immiseration the Ukrainian people will not make them feel more sympathetic to Russia it will make them feel less sympathetic to Russia if situation in Ukraine goes from bad to worse which is then let them blame their own government and the people who seized power in 2014 and not Russia that I think is the Russian calculation and it is the rush it is the right one Russians always play this game they always play they always give space for time they always play long and it always works for them in the end and also to kind of follow up on that who in the world wants a failed state on their border well no we look look at the you'd have emigration catastrophe yeah it would affect Russia it would affect the European Union and it would affect everybody here and and in Russia has a long game they Alexandre curious is right Russia wants to have a Ukrainian neighbor that is not hostile to it okay what friendship means we could discuss it another time but they don't want a hostile country that is being used as a pond by crime primarily the United States to create instability on Russia's borders and within Russia itself okay so Russia would eat could be playing into the hands of the people that want this instability so they're playing a you know I've had long arguments with my Russian friends and others about the long game alright and and that's what's being played right now because you can have this banderite ideology you can glorify Nazi collaboration it can do all this stuff here it doesn't fix the economy okay and this is what the long game is about it's about the Ukrainians coming to terms of what it means to be a cranium wet and what it means to have a country called Ukraine because with the the coup in February 2014 it said into a that in a into a train of events into a play where its sovereignty was compromised Crimea left and joined Russia you have to rest of regions and in the East they do not see the government in Kiev is legitimate and considering how the Kiev regime treats Donetsk and Lugansk why would anyone and those to rest of republics want to ever be under the control of Kiev again these are the issues that the Ukrainians have to start work

all right food water and in undead you have me yeah yeah we here yeah okay oh I guess somebody was censoring me okay mm-hmm YouTube YouTube was censoring that that discussion Peter Peter we have from jail I was on a real role too well here's another question Takei you go it was general Qaddafi yes was general Qaddafi's free homes farms education a real thing and if so how was it paid for and could Venezuela do the same thing those kinds of ideas would be dangerous to the Western world because if a third world country can do it then anyone could do it there was a lot of free stuff in Libya and it was the richest country in the on the African continent per capita it was a yeah I think it's very fair to say it was a very authoritarian regime but it was quite prosperous Gadhafi with the largesse some oil exports through his money around all throughout Africa is very popular leader within Africa but the political system is different I'm sorry the political conditions in Libya is very different than it is from Venezuela basically he had seven tribes in Libya that Qaddafi was able to unite in some understanding of of unity to keep the country together and because of the largesse of the oil revenues he was able to keep you know keep them all in balance and that's why he had such longevity everyone says it was always through the use of force and violence and torture no not at all they had a social contract they work for the most people all right and this is no myth here with that model work with Venezuela I don't think so because one of the things that's not talked about in the liberal media that a great deal of in his Whelan politics is race-related okay you have many people in the opposition that are descendants of Europeans just look at the people that's around the the random guy I love that how moon of Alabama uses that term and why doe the random guy yeah he has a face for Western media but not for her Venezuelan because the the race differences people that identifies your politics for a lot of people and for these in that dark-skinned chasuble not everyone each race the important issue rate didn't play a role in with Alex Brissac Peter again can't take your night can I save you can either say I had such pearls of wisdom there my god can I say can I say first of all by the way he was he was in general Gadhafi he was Colonel Gadhafi but that's a incidental yes a lot of what he did was indeed kicker can you hear me yeah I what he did was for real I mean Libya was transformed socially and economically under his rule I mean had been an extremely poor country with very loans living standards before he became his leader in 1969 and at the end of the time when he went the time when he was over you know he'll overthrown it had become much much much more sophisticated and prosperous country with very generous health and education systems they may not have been up to first world of developed world standards but compared to pretty much everything else which existed in Africa there were of a very high standard into what Gaddafi achieved in Libya I think he's not reproducible in Venezuela partly for the reasons mainly for the reasons that Peter said I mean Venezuela is a much more sophisticated society a much bigger country than Libya is is not seven tribes that somebody can manipulate in the way that Gaddafi could manipulate them in Libya and on top of everything else I read recently a very interesting art by Erik Zeus which we republished in The Joy on with his permission which basically argues that one over Israel is great economic problems is that because Venezuelan oil is so heavy it is only profitable when the oil price is very high now by contrast libyan oil is very light so sweet oil perfect word Peter so it is actually a profitable at a very low price so Venezuela doesn't have that big room for financial maneuver that Libya had so I think we're to keep talking about two profoundly different countries facing ultimately very different problems and we shouldn't make too many analogies between them the one thing they have in common is the hostility of the Western powers and of the United States okay we're approaching the two-hour mark will be going on for about another 10 10 15 minutes and Peter we have a super chat from Jess in the face of obvious criminal activity and FISA Court abuses do you think that the new Attorney General will actually indict the real criminals I certainly hope so as we did a separate video on this here there's so much public knowledge now in the public domain testimonies we've seen perjury all over the place here it's it's it's a no brainer to call the Federals have a federal prosecutor and grand jury get this started here I mean it's like a slam dunk as far as I can tell I mean what was it I mean you had what's-his-name on 60 minutes okay I was a confession I mean you could introduce that into court the confession just tried to put back he's trying to roll back on it now Peter yeah just how how damning self-condemned it's actually walls carry on no no but they seem again this goes back to one of my main tenants here is it people like McCabe well they he knows that the liberal media is on his side so he has his guard down I mean it's like you know they're they're that they're in communion with each other and then you know and then it's people like us and say what did you say did you have a lawyer next to you do you realize what you just said I mean this is this is this ideological possession you know right so I really hope that William bar can really lift the bar in the Justice Department because it's these people this whole Comey crowd gang really degraded it absolutely can I just say one person who must have been watching that sixty minutes interview with a absolute horror would have been Rob Rosen Stein I mean mccabe has really put Rosenstein in it and it's now turning out that there's more and more evidence that Rosen Stein was deeply implicated in these activities Alexander could I could I cut you off there very quickly because when you there's actually asking before you go into this line of logic what can you give some examples of some of the crimes that bar could actually go after these people for Oh for example a jury well well but I mean the other thing is I mean this extraordinary and I are the previous question of touch problem this extraordinary abuse of the Vice and warrants process I mean the thing to understand about that that FISA warrant that was obtained against Carter page is that it appears to have been based on false information the people who signed it all signed off on it one of them of course was Rosen Stein misled the sort of the FISA Court on absolutely Allen points Alexander on the third FISA warrant remember during the congressional hearings during the summer he was grilled did he read it and he never answered the question the he was very very slippery about it and it proves to me that he was just that the the fix is in he doesn't have any just his signature is pro forma it doesn't matter because we're doing this here that's a fraud on the court keep going absolutely the other thing is of course and and this is actually going to be a major issue is this campaign of leaks to the media which was carried out on a simply an enormous scale especially during the transition period before Trump was inaugurated but which continued afterwards now that looks to me not just as I'm not just as a you know a a a campaign but a criminal conspiracy involving criminal acts which were leaking of information which is itself it seems an offense but when it is leaking classified information as it certainly was in this case that becomes extremely worrying indeed so I think we are going to look at the you know this there's a potential criminal offenses there also and I think last but not least I'm sure there are other criminal offenses in the pipeline which we don't yet know about but I mean it does look to me as if we are talking about a genuine conspiracy here to stop Donald Trump first becoming president first being elected president than being inaugurated president and then to remove him as president I mean I I am not sure for example about the legal propriety of somebody like Rosenstein meeting with Trump and recording secretly things that Trump was saying in order to prepare the ground for removing Donald Trump the elected and constitutionally elected president of the United States under the 25th amendment I mean that looks to me a very sinister operation and I would be astonished if when it was investigated properly the when some kind of criminal acts committees also thinking counter intuitively it's pretty obvious every everyone is looking out for number one now they're gonna start throwing everybody else under the bus so now we're gonna get any conspiracy on top of the conspiracy yes what do you bet on what's up well in they let let rod take the fall let Peter struck take it and we'll we'll plea what we'll ask for immunity and we'll give the whole story they a couple of these characters probably not all of them I wish that all of them would but they're gonna set they're gonna flip they're gonna say to the whatever federal prosecutor is I'll tell you everything on my knees okay I don't want to yellow orange jumpsuit okay it was Rosen statement it it was beater struck and I wouldn't mind if you fit Jim Comey for an orange jumpsuit too they're getting stuck see this is the lack of moral character we have here okay and lack of commitment to what they were supposed to be doing is being non biased not being partisan what the mission of what they're supposed to be doing now these are it is like a gang of thieves they're going to flip on each other it's good to be amazing to watch okay McCabe's appearance on 60 minutes was the first public opening salvo ending this watch them all tear each other apart get the popcorn folks enjoy the ride indeed can I just follow up to seven points or PG was making which is good I mean I talked about criminal offenses but of course there are lots of possible civil wrongs here a lot of this Carter page and well a lot of this behavior it amounts to I mean into usually civil the English Civil expression gross misconduct and abuse of public office now that can be both a civil right a civil wrong sometimes it can also be a criminal offense but if these people were doing all the things that they appear to have been doing about which we can say definitely I think that they were doing in order to remove the constitutionally elected president of the United States I mean you know abuse of office or misconduct in public office can be a very serious thing indeed post both of you and our viewers here what if they got a prosecutor of the caliber and the intent and intensity of a Muller going after these people okay I mean they went from man afford for her tax evasion and fiddling with taxes in Ukraine okay they go after Papadopoulos because he had a went on a drinking spree and exaggerated things I mean these are this is these are such minor things but the things we're talking about challenge the Constitution in the democratic order of the United States if you had the same kind of bulldog what do you think the results would be I think you would see a lot of people go to prison I would well can I just say about that pizza I think the very last thing you want actually is a bulldog like mother what you want is a very good lawyer who can look through all of this and construct proper cases because where mother is essentially creating crimes nearly all his the great bulk of his prosecutions are as you correctly say process crimes these these things that a federal prosecutor looking into which all of these people have done we are talking about actual crimes actual conspiracies actual wrongs and one of the things such a prosecutor ought to look into is the conduct of the mother investigation of itself health exactly that's I mean that's been a very improperly conducted investigation are supervised for nearly all its existence by Ron Ron Rosen swimming who has a personal interest in it and who seems to have agreed to do it because of the pressure that she came under he's a witness he's exactly exactly okay let's let's take some super chats to wrap it up real quick yep real quick so we can finish it up we're two hours Ritchie thank you for sharing and retweeting the channel and our merchandise is at the ranch shop guys go to the Duran shop pick up a t-shirt like this one looks good feels good pick one up that really helps us out you could donate to us on paypal and patriotic and of course like the channel share the channel with everybody that you know so real quick let's do these super chats Bernard thank you for your super chats Sean Ellis your super chat do you consider what they did a coup against Trump Peter do you consider it a coup an attempted coup yes Alexander do you consider it an attempted coup yes I think so I I'm not the I'm impatient are not the only people who said adding darshan is that the same I think lots of people who have legal backgrounds and have looked at this thing and who know constitutional law far better than I do I think the same thing I don't have any doubts about it if you're going to try and use a device like the 25th amendment to remove the presidents of the United States and if you launch an inquiry like the maloca Lamora inquiry which is essentially geared to achieving the same objective what else do you call it you almost said muller gate and that's you're right you're right it's another day that's what it is yeah that it is Peter what about Marco Rubio calling Maduro Venezuela mafia state and this aid from the west through Colombia what's going on that's from penguins fans super chat you know who cares but Marco Rubio says I during the campaign I I thought it was a new a new crayon that was made Marco I saw a cross that you guys mentioned about the aid and how how the United States uses the aid for its regime change of purposes MMA that's it that's why they have Elliott Abrams there he wants to repeat what he did under the Reagan administration humanitarian aid is arms all right money drugs a whole the whole shebang okay he wants another shot at it right now so I mean Marco Rubio is a complete fool the little boy from Florida I have nothing more to say about Marco Rubio yes I mean the UH the other function of the aide as well as being a vehicle to send arms into Venezuela which I'm sure is motif Bartley is is it its intended to provide Guido with a means to bribe are to bribe people and to set up a kind of parallel government a gradual ed government with resources that the United States is providing to undermine the Maduro government some very sinister operation it's straight out of the area's Abrams copybook just as Peterson let's do this quickly guys let's run through these super chats Alexander recently the BBC producer revealed that last year at gas attacks staged by white helmets what will happen next we did a video on this what do you think's gonna happen next with the the admission of the staging for the Duma attack well it'll be will be suppressed be forgotten III mean it's hardly news him there was a most extraordinary article in the Financial Times in which is buried deep inside it there was some sort of a discussion about the doom attack and he still went on to say that there was an alleged that the Syrian government was alleged use chemical weapons in it whereas increasingly we're seeing that the evidence that there was a chemical attack has almost almost collapsed the the only thing I will say is that the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is due to do a final report on this when it does report and I predicted that report will probably say that there was no chemical attack almost certainly will say that there was no chemical attack we will see how extensively reported that is but my own guess is even if that happens it will be buried all right rose but thank you for your super chat penguins fan Peter the three Baltic nations they are anti Russian but their ethnic Russians do they want to go back to Russia so the ethnic Russians in the Baltic editions do the water return to Russia the ethnic Russians want to turn they can return okay it may be with some difficulty meant they can they do faced forms of discrimination in the Baltic republics and that they're you know a the European Union doesn't live up to its Creed about treatment of minorities okay because the Russian they're conveniently ignored okay so their plight isn't something you would want to envy and to follow up to that question a super chat on that Peter the pro West liberals in Russia have they forgotten what liberal policy put them through during the nineties but they still want to be pro West why we did a show on this as well hilarious it reminds me of a socialist and Marxist you know they just did it the wrong way in the Soviet Union we can do it better ourselves no I mean look most liberals that live in Russia right now have have a lifestyle and an income because of the Putin economy okay so these are the big complainers the ones that benefited from the economic transformation of Russia since 2000 so what their sayings are just talking out of their sleeve I won't use stronger language than that all right at Alexander to finish it up a super chat from Bernard Isis fighters who want to return to their home countries hmm what do you think of that should they let them return to their home countries yes and go on trial yeah exactly a Peter said it's exactly I mean these people have had have been implicated in terrorist activities if they are citizens of Germany or Britain or France or wherever it is they should go back to those countries be prosecuted for their involvement and membership of a terrorist organization and sent to prison and treated in accordance with the law and I think that's what should happen and I think that's your and that is your honor yes your honor all right I will leave it at that guys thank you very much for another great live chat number 26 thank you for your super chats thank you for all your support share the channel with everybody you know smash that like button if you haven't clicked a notification Bell click that notifications Bell go to the direction a to us on PayPal and patreon Peter what are you looking what are you looking at in this week coming up oh geez there's just everything here you know the whole Venezuelan story fascinates me here because the shock and awe period is over and it looks like it's faltering but that means that the possibility that military some kind of incident will be created that's what I'm looking at next year all right I don't think Trump wants to get into a military operation that's why that brought in Abrams to create an incident a venezuelan my don keep your eyes open my dad alexander what are you looking at this yeah I mean apart from Venezuela well I mean there's always brexit sorry to say that but for me for me the big story actually now is going to be what's going to happen in the United States around Russia gate because I think the McCabe interview actually might have been the the the bursting of the dike it was incredibly unbelievably reckless interview actively and I mean incredible interview I mean a bit of an idiot frankly just to go on television and say the things that he did say but he said them and as I think he's trying to road back on them but he won't succeed and I gather the Republicans in the Senate are now getting geared up and so I think we will see what happens but I think that he's potentially very big news there yeah you know it's like oj going on 60 minutes and saying yeah I did human nature I can just imagine you know some people they want to admit their crimes they're dying to admit what they did we talked about this Peter you know that these guys are happy you know they're they're part of the resistance so they want you know those bonus points to say look what I did it's not true you can all resist behind buck up or behind bars okay good for you all right we'll send you oranges okay goodnight yes yes alright guys great chat great live show thank you very much to everybody we hope you guys have a really good week wherever you are in the world and keep on following us we have a lot of good videos coming out peter Lavelle host of Artie's crosstalk live from Moscow thank you very much and the Oracle of London from London mr. Alexander makers thank you very much take care everybody have a

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