Круглое дно из газетных трубочек! Вариант 2

by: Любимое дело

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hello friends welcome to my channel my name is Lada in this I'll show video how to weave this interesting variant of round bottom I will definitely tell everything in details tell on each stage and show so that if you need this topic interesting then I I invite you to view to start I spread the skeleton of my the bottom is like this manner take three tubes I put on three tubules from above it's all places smear with glue pva so that I have a bottom did not move

further I take the following three tubes can and 4 take tubules but I do so that y I did not have a bottom especially voluminous spread on diagonals a little here in I take this place so as not to be too large volume and strictly diagonally I spread that here these corners were identical and the next three I also take tubules I grease the pava here it is middle place in order for these the tubes did not move at me and as on diagonals I build give a little bit dry up gain a foothold and proceed to the next stage after I have everything was stuck together straws I fixed myself I start to braid skeleton basis for I take this tube contrasting color and that's where I have it tip of the end of the tube where I sealed it when twisting I cut off literally one centimeter is mild he ends it to me in this it will not help much so I'm his I cut off now this end I put on a group tubes like this here is the way that he did not bother me beyond the borders and start this braid this basis

so here is something there are braided bands tubules through one one from the bottom I'm braiding in one from above

the tube of which you flattens and see so that you have it soft plastic so that the acquisition of there was no creases so I went back to the beginning here for me this tip I'm his little one I paste it completely a little bit glue pva I fix its like this way and now he has I will hide under here this tube is so that's what I'm on I just put this a tube so I place and the tip is hidden I continue to fly further on the same scheme that is under group per group but

here build-up we have tubes just where together she goes under group of tubules increased weave continue here we already went third row at the very business ranks you can regulate themselves then you can have and two rows of wicker or like I went third row can and 4 yes And you can finish and start already rope Well, I'm 3 so yeah I'll do it later. transition to Britain rope see we with you finished braiding our ranks it turned out everywhere three tubes and here you can stop at this stage if you this all suits and you can go to rope of two tubes already for this we take a additional a tube here we here so here's the tube place additional we substitute for this a tube like this that's the way you can even the tip itself business, too, a little bit clip this one soft here we are substituting that's what we have here it turns out and is simple we begin to braid by rope in two tubes are our one our basis is such here is the way reverse side but that's all this will close you can even drip glue pva with reverse hand everything will be look like this this is one option The second option is we you can start braid our base slightly in reverse order that is look at us here this tubule group flew from below it on top of this in the the reverse order, we you weave this group of tubes already top and not bottom a it's already bottom how to make a transition to In this case, very just watch me with You reached this groups of tubules last time yes we have it should braid in three rows first a straw I'm braiding above, there are two rest I'm braiding from below such a transition produce thereby this a tube at me falls on the following group of tubules from above and here she lies down under this group tubules that is in this staggered order here from above here the bottom is so we increased the tube continue from the bottom braiding from above thus the bottom of the we will be more interesting look try here braid also as much as possible denser that you do not have there were no superfluous gaps from this the bottom will be very look neatly look our the bottom is practically is formed but such a beauty our The bottom looks like front side so she looks like on the wrong side then the transition that we made almost invisible now we can switch to a method rope in two tubes and braids more this way how to do it easier now I'll show you I take a second tube take the contrast color pruning tip as usual here this me what now to us this second insert tube so look at us with ends with you row of britain with one tube We are three rows of this already the last row is in this place where we have this work tubule we are superimposed here we will hide and our second straw making it so that is, I a little and I get here for these previous ranks but I then have so here's the exit and that's it. with this tube I do it place close here you can drop it slightly glue pva so that fix this place slightly literally close this a tube and all at us 2 tubes for ropes are available here already begin braiding by rope method by groups for example three tubules are like this here is the way either already you can breed these groups of tubes one such here not this one option by the way more just like it because what is obtained here interesting drawings now about the stove and I'll show you be sure here we have when is this group tubules are bred at we get here type faith is very interesting looks this way here we happened The transition is here and weave further rope in 2 Tubes are like this the bottom with us it turns out on my look interesting options and decent replacement of the usual round bottom if weave contrasting tubules will be generally just super try it experiment necessarily all I hope to get what video to you proved useful in any and part be sure to put thumbs up up and subscribe to channel I wish everyone an excellent moods inspiration and light We'll see the weaving very soon in the following videos and

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