The Art of Making Ravioli

by: Sacramento Bee

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Jim Vinciguerra from the Vinciguerra Rab the only company here in Jackson California right on the highway 49 and we're going to make ravioli today handmade ravioli and so we're going to have a little fun have a little wine and make a few ravioli

we make the ravioli as needed so we're running a little low on meat ravioli so that's what we're going to be doing this afternoon here's making the meat ravioli we try to make dough ahead of time it gets it more time to get more elastic and the longer dough sits the better elasticity it has and don't ask me what they call this I love the old Italian called it the custom is she meaning crust but anyway it's it's an antique machine it's going to go in here

so we'll see what what it does now what we do is we run a 12 foot by 2 foot board down here we flatten out our dough balls and spread it 10 feet by 2 feet and then the next step is we trim that then we put our meat filling on top of that dough chard and spinach in here that's what gives you the green ground beef Italian sausage and a ground pork I tell you the secret ingredient I think is a lot of Italian sausage it's got the fat in it that gives it the flavor okay is there any authority cheese in this there is yeah there is parmesan there is ricotta there is garlic there are eggs

do this dough in then what we do is we make another 10 foot by 12 foot 12 foot two foot by 12 foot piece of dough to layer it on the top so I'm making a bit and it's all layered we trim the board

and then the board actually runs under our dies here it's an old antique ravioli press they don't do this much anymore at all most most your ravioli that you see in the stores are are all commercially made mechanized this is all hand done is your meat gradually coming out the back down there that's actually pressing them lengthwise width wise so they kind of ups the ravioli and once they get through here we're going to uh we're going to cut them to box size okay one two three there is whoa

and we're just going to trim the excess here now what we do to make sure they're they're crimped lengthwise so they'll snap apart release we just run a ravioli crimper down every length line here this is the boring part you don't want to do this if you have a few glasses of wine our menu consists of about four or five different types of ravioli cheese spinach mushroom pumpkin meat they range from 850 a box to $9 a box and a box will feed to healthy adults with some leftovers a box will feed three adults

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Jim Vinciguerra and his daughter Teresa making ravioli the old fashion way at Vinciguerra Ravioli Co., in Jackson, California. Jim Vinciguerra never got over his grandmother Teresa's ravioli, "the best I've ever tasted."

So after a 32 years with the Department of Corrections, he decided to start his own little ravioli company in his hometown of Jackson. He searched high and low for a ravioli press, finally locating one in storage that belonged to a retired Italian deli owner in Stockton. Vinceguerra made him an offer he couldn't refuse and in November 1999 launched Vinciguerra Ravioli Co., where he churns out five kinds of sauce and an equal number of ravioli - 54 to a box - attracting customers from Nevada to San Francisco and beyond. "We've done over 7 million ravioli since 1998," said Vinceguerra, who's in the middle of his busiest season - around Christmas and New Year's, with Easter down the road. Video by Manny Crisostomo

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