Shell Graduate Programme: Who knows where the journey might take you?

by: Shell

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Everyone is listened to, from the CEO to the graduate. You are encouraged to go and see what you'd like to learn and why. It's just a continuous journey of learning. What I like about Shell is that they give a lot of opportunities for new hires to develop themselves. They very much structure your learning to you and your job and what your qualities are. When you start as a graduate, you will be part of a global graduate scheme, which is a very structured programme and one of the best in the industry. Although it's structured, there is flexibility, so you can choose and pick a bit, what courses you want to do. You can also get the opportunity to go on external courses and go on courses organised by external universities, professional bodies, There's soft-skills training, in things like communication and leadership, which, even for people who are technical, such as engineers, really complement your development as a professional. I have a feedback session with my line manager every week and I show him what my progress is. They want to let you discover what's right for you in your role. They're not going to say, "You're going to do this role." They give you the opportunity to look at roles and see where you fit in. And you discuss this with your line manager who can secure the support and resources for you. I know for myself working abroad on two of my three placements so far, you can get a bit homesick being away, and the people and my colleagues have helped me through that. Day in and day out, you're working with really intelligent, really motivated people that also really want you to learn and develop as a person. They're also more than willing to invest time in you, to invest time in your development in your knowledge learning

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