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I need a monster to clobber that bear Kirby hello so after playing the demo and waiting forever star lice is finally here everybody so I had pre-ordered this game two three weeks ago and I took them that long to get it to me don't know what happened but boy oh boy was I was I happy that I got that I paid extra money for pre-ordering when I could have just like gotten up I guess didn't make that doesn't make it I don't know what the reason for the delay was but whatever it's here ooh but I did check up on on the demo as you know but there's gonna be the full stream of it coincidentally to the end of this - it's gonna be a full game full stream of games full games of string you know what I mean but anyway Kirby what can I say except I've been really looking forward to this game as I said we played the demo and here it is so oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy but that's further ado let's play some Korb sorry I'm like five alright alright anyway let me get it on the screen for you also this this stream is accidentally in in 60fps I did not intend on that - it just so happened it is because I I was streaming other stuff last time Tekken so you're gonna get a smooth smooth kirby stream but doesn't really matter that much cuz the game is in 30 anyway well regardless I really it again it doesn't really matter but six DFS for a 30 FPS game yeah yeah yeah I don't know but anyway so let's play some damn Kirby some goddamn Kirby Oh No Oh guys do I need to update this help me Kirby I need your software advice help me technical support Kirby yes hmm so importantly an instant 60fps well okay yeah okay well we update it then boil boil peasant take a hundred days well fine let's hear everybody Kirby does his taxes I was saving that joke for later but uh Kirby broke the Internet Kirby broke my game hmm oh oh okay well there we go that took now neat yeah what did I just update what was that about uh two minutes I mean I could you start the software and get straight into it but I'm guessing I need these very important patches you say they forgot to make Kirby pink they made him blue instead I said wait a minute wait a minute Sakurai god damn it can't do anything right right that's what happened as you know where Tracy

it thanks Sakurai thanks it's how you doing how you doing today who created Kirby I was Sakurai man he made it he pressed one button on a computer with poop and then the curry was made neat alright not nice so without further ado as I said sorry about all this waiting oh boy oh boy are you excited I sure AM so we're also streaming or playing a kirby stream course at the moment which is I'm not gonna finish this stream but maybe tomorrow tonight actually but for now just a little bit of nice kirby I always thought that dog had eight eggs oh damn alert [Music] sorry [Music]

[Music] destruction away pain and suffering yes yes J death and here we go guys oh boy wait wait a minute this game is kind of like in in in 60fps oh this this might actually be good I love that what's wrong with my voice I just woke up but um all right everybody let's check out story wise Oh completion rates well star slime heroes hmm well I was gonna like mention quick like mmm this sure doesn't look like smash 4 does it but then again you know I can feel the Sakurai's hands all over this music is not helping by the way [Music] all right well anyway let's play some Kirby play together ah gee I wish I wish this was online huh not really well anyway uh look at some some office stuff like that Oh picture pieces yet well I guess I gotta collect that stuff huh hmm I don't know why I always do this but Rumble of course I won probably all right so what is start start you don't we're gonna check that out at the end of the stream along with top teams but for now a nice little story mode to introduce the Borbon super smash bros melee and kirby air ride share the same industry I know that [Music] now came hard three looks great I'm sorry shut my mouth shut my stupid mouth [Music]

I need a monster club without their carbon I'm sorry I was waiting to do that again honoring a monster was me

my god [Music] whicka panicky I'm sorry [Music]

urge to kill ricing all right world apiece I don't know about that oh we got a like a Mario 3 thing going on here okay oh man look at look how good this game looks oh I said that during the no no no no I said that during the use I can talk but demo too but look how gorgeous this game look Kazan I'll meet well that's gonna find here a secret other Yahoo emerge I was gonna say with all this money I can buy anything I want but then I gonna it's kind of like I do whatever I want cuz I'm Kirby I just devour and I eat and here we go guys boy oh boy I've been looking forward to this as I said and yeah man odd question I said bad if I want to play with a d-pad more than I want to play with the analog stick I guess unless you really matter with whatever [Music] sup man

ah yes Kirby this guy this is accepting of his death it's like just do it do it [Music] yes well now that I have the full game of course I'm not gonna say it differs anything from the demo I played but obviously the whole game as a whole game but you know I'm a little acquainted with what I'm supposed to do already with the friend ability look at Kirby Kirby's thinking when in trouble use violence is throw a friend hard to make a friend it's adorable drama planning on streaming the whole game yes indeed this is gonna be the the full Kirby experience this time so someone mentioned there the demo stream I did of this that when I kill whispy woods the fire ability I was apparently one of the first people are like show that on YouTube so I feel sort of proud of that but anyway searchable that's right you know what come here you two it's blade night this game would have really an awesome online but you know it's fine the CPU does a fine job of emulating real friendship yes I said this before but god this these graphics look great I mean odd it just has to style to it where it just has this softness that's perfect for Furby why don't we get this watermelon awesome out of here and this game is all about being nice and cutting the shit out of your enemies all right anyway uh let's see here yeah so uh I'm not gonna be talking more about the demo stream I did but if I repeat myself you know why but anyway just rest right from the get-go I'm a big Kirby fan superstar it's one of my favorite games but I also mentioned that I used to play the Game Boy Advance game magic mirror [Music] mmm you know what let's switch at poppy and poppy can both fire up kibble and late night it's a burning super death sword yes I know anyway so yeah I love Kirby and I'm happy that switch also gets a Kirby game I did not play the the we want the you Hershel rather Epic Yarn I wanted to but I kind of got sidetracked with a bunch of other stuff and then I'm like oh wait the way you kind of like is it is discontinued now [Music] you know it's kind of weird by the way I've noticed a thing I don't know like wine about stuff but uh man the switch just like everything that we you had the antennas just like is saying listen I know you made a bad purchase here everything you did on on Wii U you can get on switch now don't worry about it so I got you missed out on Bayonetta and worry about it oh you missed out a more card Adam worry about it right which kind of makes me sick of course it was plenty of good games on the Wii U those exclusive too but I just kind of felt bad cuz like I didn't I didn't think of the Wii us like a bad console or anything like that at all in fact I was like news to me when people told me like Oh Joe but Joey was bad I'm like oh okay thanks for telling me now I know Dan don't think I did oh I didn't get that on on the demo stream I keep mentioning this demo dream um I mean I apologize but I mean I did play this level completely from the start so I don't why but the game seems to run a little bit better on the full version than on the demo I'm not some framerate drops of stuff like that we'll see if that's the same case here but played I've no I didn't tell you to kill yet let's get a move on here all right mr. frosty actually this is new guy's help I saw like a bunch of shit on the internet with this game where I you can't theoretically win by doing nothing you can just stand in the corner and do this and just love everybody else do everything mmm I don't think burning leo and chilly would work together so I'm gonna switch out chilly for that to see if I can get on ice swords but again this game is all about abilities which you know has always been a tried-and-true tradition with with Kirby but and this gave me if you'll know you have your friends with you and you can combine into a various poison its various combinations and fun fun mischeif I'm not gonna do that that that dumb thing where with you nothing and just like the friends to handle the situation but uh there it is okay [Music] neat this is a game where I can totally get behind like collecting all of the secret items and stuff like that because uh there's so much damn fun but uh but yeah I'm not gonna do the stupidest thing where we do nothing we might make it later in the game but yeah for now let's play for real you know there is one thing I miss during the demo stuff and that is to check on the the descriptions on every item and an ability stuff like that but I've got a windy blade use a while updraft yeah I got that sword alright well anyway let's continue on going pause for lure Kirby lure everybody [Music]

for a canner every time he says neat well this game is neat man come on alright go game I know if the timing is the same on the NES but I mean oh my god yes it is almost the king of this back one day all right anyway whose lace hmm well well well well [Music] here we are anyway uh loves green gourds yes mmm let's see what else we have here [Music] look at water not maybe I shouldn't be uh oh I see they kind of I if you like behind the Estella talk to you alright gotcha hmm I'm feeling there's some secret levels on the map here if Ike I know so but yeah hey I learned how have this powered up like oh wait wait and hang on blesser cutter alright see what the the lower has to say about this huh or rather I need I need to actually get a new about me first

I stood yeah I know I know yeah it is a very pretty fur beguiling it's it's uh the style is great it's not overly uh it's basically uh refining all the cuteness with with HD graphics in effect it doesn't try to be anything less than than what I could do it should look like and I like that it's a very vague description I know but but that's you know hmm what am i doing oh I want to drop the ability what I'm doing over here what did I use do please like oh oh I see okay I can take my blade thing that I had can I can I then eat my friends ability you know what cancel this cancel this okay so um it wasn't exactly what I thought I'm doing uh unfriend unfriended everybody [Music] now we'll have no friends and then I'm gonna do this come here I guess this works it's what my storm actor I swear to God I see great everything is dead hmm IIST you see the cutter for now I guess I show you know what you know I'll get I'll get Shelly back I already kind of have it she'll ability sell the fine now can read some other more and what I keep I keep referring through I said lower with a little bit of a sarcastic sorta like really mmm I get some work for the bosses really yes remember unfriended yes remember that movie I sure do they should make an updated version with this court now that nobody on the planet uses Skype except like businessmen [Music] it'll be a movie about waking up in the middle of the night and you have instead of you saying one notification it's six six six and then it turned out that that Satan has entered your little discord server armed or double please do not swell my discourse arrogance Oh hot dogs and hamburgers awesome I'm real turning it to angry American Kirby now please please do not

all right anyway here we go what are these calling and the circle damn thing in it's a Japanese thing I know that but this is something new with like a festival outfit or whatever it is like I don't know what it is but it's something through osmosis that I know about now his eyes curly fucking shit off all right you know what's really really fucked up by the way uh I don't make this dream all depressing and all that but um and I was streaming the demo I made a gotcha Mookie reference and Kurt can turn into one of the Gotcha Moochie all over that see yourself one of the gotcha Moochie uh really gotcha Moochie but it's a muscle man you know hang on if I can get him sometimes you might get an ion should be here somewhere it's random every time but that's ddd-dear it is okay so uh I made a joke saying wake up on icky or whatever might have been or like oh my shoulder the day after or like seven hours after I stream that it's on the news that Billy Harrington has passed away and I'm not saying anything but Kirby you you my man but completely unrelated to that yeah IIIi knew about to noose about Billy passing away unfortunately Billy Billy loved this pants man I I don't make this dream all like sand and stuff like that but Billy Harrington actually liked one of my tweets that might sound a little weird but yeah but I was in Japan last year I saw a figurine or like a figure thing in a shop and I said like god I love Japan and Billy actually liked one of my tweets so so well this is really appropriate to talk on a Kirby string when everything's supposed to be happy Jesus Christ [Music] well now that we're all sad and we're crying and we feel like shit let's not beat this look well Joel you're brewing the stream you have ruined everything now we're all sitting here sobbing go ago God well I guess it ties more into like celebrity deaths and stuff like that but I swear to God I Google people all the time like some old like rock and roll musician or whatever it is next day on the news rock and roll legend dies usually out of old age - it's never like it's it's you know an accident but yeah it keeps happening like god I can't do many examples at the moment but some like blue fishes and I looked up the other then I'm like oh he died yesterday oh okay see your friend ability all that's what is the company Oh Pharisee well it's the kiss ability still in this by the way can I like kiss my might my friends to like regain health bow I don't know what I just did oh I see if I hold it down I can become like super super baby alright well what am i doing I'm uh supposed to do that too hey what's this what is do oh oh that's what it is okay hold up and do it see there's these multiple things I can do guys guys guys guys guys guys curl me up boys okay we have a bit of a problem here can I take a nice zoom in and take pictures no it's all smash but what does that hotdog have like green on it I guess it's relish or whatever but listen curve doesn't give a shit he eats be more like Kirby everybody be less picky about your food and you too can become a world obliterator you didn't know that pickle relish in Sweden on on hotdogs is not it's called Boston cucumber one of the weirdest things ever and I don't know why for some reason we've named a pickle relish after Boston like straight up Boston Boston Boston cucumber but it's pickle relish but I've heard for some people it's not actually pickle relish it's like me like compromised weird version of it but yeah I don't have an answer for that all right is I think it might have been because on my theory here which might most likely be correct because we've invested a lot they they basically steal things from America and says I made this it's some old like farmer John guy saying no this is America American sauce and suddenly we have Boston cucumber I just dropped the city on that thing but June palace open are you busy you go on eat [Music] and feeling we call a cucumber salad cucumber salad from pop flower so yeah if you want a pinch I gotcha okay [Music] is this this is like a vampire's worst nightmares this might be the sunniest game I've ever seen [Music] this has taste like vampire death right now you know what no you know what Jesus Christ overkill

dance but anyway but Boston cucumber uh I could go for some of that right now I'm not a big fan of that actually but wait almost dama nice I see food invidious I'm like I'm just like Kirby myself curb is actually useful well I'm not - I miss around and I just eat things all right wonderful tell what it is yet but soon we shall reveal the lost puzzle piece - Atlantis [Music] celebration pictures mmm honey Hill Oh dream palace' let's check that out might meet legendary characters dream palace is now unlocked so I saw a little bit of that it's really direct the direct updated with some of the not superstar dish god I forget the other Kirby game that sounds super nintendo love superstar more but it's the one that has a very aesthetic art style to it and the Huestis got hammy the hamster and uh Stuart the sunfish or whatever right the animal buddies and the owl from the game boy see here Here I am saying like oh and hey everybody I'm a huge Kirby fan hey guys remember uh otto the owl from the the sega game yeah that's that's my favorite idiot anyway trained characters used the dream rod [Music] mmm what old ER tell you what cable love you but honestly what bandana what Lee I'm so sorry I keep in my head I hear banana waddle dee that's right hmm perhaps I don't think banana what a leader that man I said bad dad I say banana bandanna waddle dee has any special combinations but we'll find out - it's time to conquer awesome dreamland threes the game I'm thinking of by the way who's this clown today we're gonna switch up at scale and see what I can do with the gym awesome all right so power up well thanks and you too much but uh hey at least my destruction for destruction force is oh wait he's got a giant fist I thought it was just like a holy shit I didn't even see that you know what that kind of fist this that's a fuckin here

Kirby's had enough of this [Music] Joe you know you can ride your partner's right yeah I did something like that at a demo but I kind of forgot how you do that no no no don't push me it's busted again ha ha ha how I did that no no no no no no no no chill out late night we should probably do I'm not gonna drop this ability and get this instead no no I wanna go jump on and press why okay and you know that's not what a good either it's down on them that's what it is okay now that's awesome [Music] looking me up spin to win what up not that I need it this early on but still hmm charge this up or there it is being really confused by when I first played my first curb again it's kind of embarrassing to say this but I didn't really like I had played Kirby before I played smash but I didn't like recognized Kirby's abilities in smashing like what is all this stuff he's got a sword now I guess I'm a Kirby poster because when I played the first Smash Brothers on n64 she's like a fuse thinking like who's this who is this man they keep in mind I had only played the NES version so which by the way lacked the this suck ability so all right then that'll suck no I'm fucked I'm thinking of the gameboy version i'm yeah i'm thinking of the english version i swear i am i know i'm going to write the wrong way I should be doing the right way instead but you know I think this game rewards you maybe a little bit for exploring the levels to its fullest but well you know what come here man we're gonna destroy shit today [Music] damn I cut off multiple ones all right let's see if this any hook walk with lore about this or there we go okay I can stand on him and do it it's this dream friends making a special appearance this fellow was selected to represent the water leaves as their as they accept their perfect tennis award for the kirby series what what asked he said oh I couldn't but he was practicing his spear moves at the time what fourth wall separate in the game man well see what Jim's up to all right where's that Lord Oh Jim doesn't have any lore well what about blade in it at least oh I guess that only works for for the dream friends I guess but you can Freck you can stack your friends Tower really hang on really wait oh holy shit oh my god and I'm like okay so but but if we stand on like this then can I then also like attack oh my god oh that but how are we climbing all right well I always wanted a a solo Waddle Dee game and I guess I I guess I got that walking this is infinite okay no it's not okay [Music] guys I'm not saying it but I'm gonna make a wild prediction bottle b4 smashes I should have stayed on that all going I'll need to I'm sorry I keep saying that this game is neat so shut up let's see if I can the charge up and do anything here [Music] Blizzard yo-yo anyway what is a meat alright I'm adding a good thing and you amplify that a hundred times that's a ten or what I'm trying to scar but I'm saying me too oh jesus oh Jesus God you know I'm an idea I'm gonna do this I met a horrible horrible mistake here's some bore bandana waddly was the one who survivalists of his people he carries on their destructive legacy now he's the last one the last one OD the summer one man Danny DeVito is waddle dee oh wait you can't power up then bandana waddly not the god damn it oh we're not gonna get fan on of just pure that's not reverse psychology by the way don't do this that will be making fun of the Etna my inability pronounce his name all right hey what's good Derby okay guys guys guys you got a hmm I wonder what I'm gonna see if I can do this [Music] can I can I then maybe do I need stone or something sissy [Music] I'm coming boys well maybe if I had stolen now but oh I think I know what I'm supposed to do I'm supposed to have an ability than all they let me to break the stone then break this it could be that I got a cook oh my god Jim's dead what are the immediately took know to be no time to avenge him though or help call a doctor he's fine you know I want a little bit of fire now Jim you're supposed to be dead no Jim please stay dead my son all right here we go what am i doing hook it up

[Music] can't be that either so it has to be something here definitely something I'm lacking mobility here whatever it might be see that I'm gonna stop - uh no no no boys maybe one of these fire can help us up there Joel look at the rope ah the rope I know the rope but I'm saying that's no that's not what I'm saying Joel you fucking moron please well that doesn't lead down does it you see uh I'm very aware of that rope I'm saying or I guess that worked - oh I thought I had to like okay so I assume oh gosh okay or I guess not hmm so we're gonna do that again and stand in the camera to do it but I assume there was such like a thing is I gotta like drop down into the Canon or to activate something at the bottom but I guess not [Music] guys get down here huh help me up dude so I didn't need the fire waddly after all your name boys get em boys well look at that [Music] alright well I guess I did need them after all huh hmm okay there's something I got to do here fucking run I got open this up okay you did great lobelia you fucked a thousand bitches ah you first a big sweet okay gotcha Oh jam alert jam alert pause for pause for tunes awesome okay let's go with my nari soon jam alert all right neat uh sorry about that i I have I thought that Oh paprika I thought there was something had to do with some III I had totally I overthought it rather but anyway alright well hmm the big switch in turn up the line a little bit more I think what Lee is stole a a pig [Music] only you can prevent forest fires water leave Jesus Christ I'm sorry but I I think I like fire the most of the money just because it's just a contrast to huh cute this gameis and suddenly just pyromania they definitely want me to do something here we've done but I see this one is rather easy effect get em boys [Music] whole - an owl Advil places hmm [Music]

flame wince again burning burning the ultimate cleanser our guy sticks out number one oh yeah that's what I'm talking about [Music] we kill them all Kirby back in an edgy adventure for a new generation Jason Statham s Kirby [Music] it's a little bit of King Dedede in there this Christmas get ready to suck [Music]

terrorists have 20 hostages in the office building sir what do we do there's only one man who can do this calling car be

[Music] let's get Westar to replace a gym I like gym but you know let's see what combinations that I have here I stabbed my friend the crotch please sizzle with it's it's that spicy weapon you know what let's get blade night two in fact they're young where the flame patrolling we're hot we're caught boys will spice it up well here we go nothing stands in my way now holy shit everything has to die the hottest crew in the town for a moment there the pigs face was just full of regret why did I wake up this morning

I told you man I told about that fire Kirby's fuckin burst mommy there we go she is Christ look I don't know why but flame is it's the best right now between like waddly throwing flaming Spears and me burning you have a super deaths or that's on the fire yes burning super deaths or I know haha and then we have the flame whip damn King Dedede you should've not woken up this morning on an immortal abu khdeir calm man you got a monster right

I'm glad simpleflips is not lost washing the stream at the moment I bet he's gonna pop it pop in eventually and when he does we're all gonna open the fuck out of him when dude hmm

there we go chalices simpleflips we might have to do more on a blind more sick before by the way over the weekend what we'll see we'll see I know a lot of really a lot of people really like that stream so I'm fine trust me yeah oh dude [Music] okay so so what I always imagined you know the Kirby kiss that I talked about I always saw that how a bird shoots its mouth up well choose food in its mouth to kind of like spit it I spit it out to the babies that's how I saw the the kiss ability I always thought it can be like chewed on material and when it's almost mouth and you know I'm sorry this is bye [Music] homeless all right we set oh okay I can get all them oh you know what no that's the point of this I mean I really like my crew I have right now but listen listen you and me buddy okay you and me you and me well I'm a banana waddle dee with fire abilities fucking amazing but uh you know what let's out full like full-on full-on waddle Dee's squad all right let's see here that's its umbrella well actually let me let me try to do something uh gonna get gonna get flame no kill him actually uh I gotta unfriend you and I need your ability and then I want to see what parasol bodily looks like with what flame so wait that's oh I can do that too I guess but uh now I kind of want to I kind of what to do what I did before I'm a voice [Music] no no no no keep it up again no do it oh I see he doesn't he can't actually be transformed in in a belly okay so he's just it's just uh okay I see get yo yo fire yo yo that's always nice Jim please what Jim can't can't be modified either huh well yes he can what am I talking about there we go well thanks I I wanted flame here but fine we got water for Jim then I guess our flame squad is over huh eh whispy woods here he is I can understand why this tree so pissed all the time like he eat he just wants to sleep man [Music] and again I'm gonna come to do what I did in the demo is just torch him alive

Jesus Christ

is prefer all God oh that's nice we have some water to like be condescending about them to burn it to the ground I'll roasted apples Oh Chum Braille has helped me look at it it's Beth's not awesome only you can prevent forest fires set Kirby I'm fine post rats before we do that but you need to see the lower here Kirby's familiar fall wispy with his back bright eyed bushy handed and dropping more apples than he should should have it be possible neat oh it's fire by the way it's fun take these burns bright plus use your friends weapons or whatever you want with the searing searing ability fear and fight literally but the flames get in the wind all the friends all sort of fire devastation as possible so even the game acknowledges how destructive this is what can I do that oh I'll be friends with your buddy so I thought dude I got it took too long damn it I want it I want to wispy woodson bye well what we cool them off at least put him on fire and they cool them off so you know smell of burning wood is great by the way if you've ever been in a house with a fireplace you know what I'm talking about to rip the run reset doing a game I'm sorry I'm sorry little bit he'd probably be back maybe I can't redo the level of course but yeah for now uh unless you didn't cook them alive this time yeah in this timeline it all right let's go most probably ikuo be yeah I've gotta go to the extra level we unlocked by the Oh who's this clown I know who you are but you're my body now look tell you what a like parcel water D I like CH Amborella but let's see what I combined with the plug look please yes he is now a Scandinavian god of thunder zap yo yo okay so now we have fire and electricity right [Music] well they don't stand a chance man yeah I feel he had to grab those things too there we go oh maybe I gotta like them all off or something someone at the bottom what am i doing wait don't kill them all I was gonna write on him that's okay we have cake now kill Carol yes go forth and kill kill fuck copy hey wait wait wait stop it stop you're fine we're not gonna have that banner we're gonna have a fun time yo knuckle Joe come here yo hey buddy can I get thunder fists what am i doing hey hey you know what let's screw that you know what can I get you get fired fists then no no no I'm good I just want this okay knuckle Joe come on probably get get your thing up there look clay Joe please guess we gotta stand on a better surface to do this all right nuclear oh please right now stand in line as I can't

I guess he really can't talk I guess okay I wanted to fire knuckle Joe but you can okay he's just being stupid then I guess I am being stupid [Music] hello wannabe - bye well gee what'll do one of these here's Bugsy bucks it's from an earlier game I think Boston bucks

you know today's circus okay there we go no no no no no no no what anyone oh you're Bugsy uh-huh replace a plug with bub bub see what could possibly go wrong yeah I recognize her from superstore alright anyway so let's put this on again so if I just do this and then chill and Uncle Joe will do it oh well what's happened here dude knuckle Joey is total like pinched waddle Dee's asshole get over here [Music] you wanna be with the tough boys think you're man enough I'm a handsome and of course wait a minute buck SIA can't do something here Oh God Oh what's everybody meeting of immortal D for first it's like his whole butt but just its crushed and now it's like God I want Li doesn't give a shit he can take the heat man he know what we signed up for man [Music] the worst time of his life [Music] I'm like I know the friend ability hero get on oh no no no no no no oh there we go okay here we go oh that's right Bob Bob see bugs see is a beetle so I can obviously fly around and stuff so hate you can throw people too yeah I know that's anyway let's check out a little bit more than the work I said I like it but but see it doesn't have any floor you know what can I get a full team on knuckle Joe's and a stupid plot that sounds fun [Music] oh he's too thick [Music] you know what let's see if I can throw water Li again I'll give it a pig here we are supposed to pick everybody usually I eat my food raw oh look at that the baby milk and wanna drink some milk with me yeah the kiss ability still in here but I get I keep seeing that Kirby is kind of like throws up in his friends mouth and they're okay with it I'm willing to bet that I can do something with these tonight not really that's one of my I'm madly what if I know Bobbsey come here it's gonna call him that from now on no no no knuckle Joe no no no no here we go if I got on top of him and then I okay doesn't work like that fine well [Music] fucking out of your plugin I wish Joel would throw up in my mouth okay that's a man what happens in dream world stays in dream world let's get on top is there I love when he throws his enemies lobster doesn't give a shit I can't be slowed down again I know okay Russia I think I might have skipped the puzzle piece by the way that's bad it's gorgeous beautiful hmm should I get on top of Bugsy before I go into a fight what not what will leave a king dedede all right time to buff it up hmm question can I can I essentially sacrifice Bugsy and become him I probably can wait a minute if not I can probably redo this but just curious yes suplex you know what you know we're gonna have a whole squad of just Bugsy because I love them can I get another one yes I can oh my god hang him with the tough boys there's a little bit of irony how you look at new I become a knuckle Joe you know what I kind of like this team we have we have a bandana waddle dee with fire we have bugs see that fucking soup like this people in throws trigger and we have knuckle Joey's delivering the pain and Here I am just suplexing as well fuck you hear me damn

I need a monster to clobber dear Kirby can i suplex King Dedede I don't think I can but uh but I can't do this talking to stomp on him like this soups scoops haagen-dazs that ain't falco argue that the look at the lower by the way surely king did he would never steal all the food in the kingdom Hornet for himself well what I do Satuday vile deed such questions will have to wait as the king of is coming in for his eternal rival with a fury of a wild beast it's clobberin time boys what's up well this seems to be working fine swole DDD well die vdd die already oh shit [Music] let's give you three all Jesus yeah it seems they fixed up the frame rates a little bit for the full release here fuck I can't get through here oh there we go hook a nice ow ow ow might actually put on two sheep awkward [Music] these I can play a mortal kombat stage I'm fine guys help me out you know I'm gonna write on but bubsy come here stamp fuck still aren't they all like that beat them anyway can I then quickly yes I can yes I can awesome I'll tell you what we're gonna do we're gonna we're gonna replace knuckle Joe cuz knuckle Joe out of like a hierarchy here banana what'll be it's like a special friend Bugsy is like sort of mini boss and knuckle Joe's like kind of like it's kind of meatloaf you know it's not that important so I love them but I ain't King Dedede look at that huh squad [Music] they're all dead Hey alright get the whole returning G well that's a pretty good game everybody I'll see you around next Saturday maybe and yeah good shit everybody good shit bye


all right envoys into glory oh boy oh boy plot twist the plot thickens dream from King Dedede can now call on dream friend King Dedede head to up dream palace but why would he though it's none of my business really but uh chase the dark heart across the world of miracles hold up to wield the mighty friend abilities as Kirby and pals continue their journey of companionship and destruction and death pain and suffering across the vast seas and rolling hills boy oh boy [Music] planet popstar we should probably go back to dream one real quick because I did miss a stage here well of peace world of pizza strike that would be the second one ah gotcha we're on boys it's time to devour

Megatron oh all of the song ah yes the perfect song to suplexing your enemies into fucking bones Jam alert should add layers to this I am currently I look like a stupid tit and I don't give a shit I'm sorry I shouldn't be singing those vile vile lyrics such a cute game what I meant to say was mammaries all right

I actually I love it a story with this song I have an old recording of me back in like 2007 or whatever it's all in Swedish ofcourse but I used to sing a really really stupid shit on top of like old video game soundtracks and there's there's a recording of me singing over to Mario Brothers Super Show theme and there's also one with blades of Steel and basically I had a real cheap microphone it is no point of telling this story because it's so stupid you gonna be like fuck you but this is more than more than 10 years old and little baby Joel was even more juvenile back then but but I used to do I have the cheapest microphone on the planet and I put my microphone in my mouth and i i i i i sang a bunch of shit and it was so incomprehensible it made me laugh until i almost like puked and i put a reverb filter on the microphone so it sounded like a broken voice box of God was Telep telepathically communicating into Kirby like I can't even describe this [Music] one day you'll hear what I mean you'd be like what the fuck is this Joel played Joel yeah I don't have it on on my computer anymore but I probably have like an old like I put a lot of my shit on like old CDs I don't know why I burnt like physical media on CDs but probably find some remnant of old stupid shit god I I think I'm gonna sent this to a few friends I'll try to find the the blades of steel one it might be about computer it might not I'll see if I know one of my mods if an throws in chat if anther comes around bugged him and asked do you have Joel's blades of Steel recording if he comes around that is it's it's sweet in time right now so we live in the same country see he might wake up I don't know maybe it might work overnight shit to what everybody if it comes around you you're gonna be like Joel you you have issues Oh God anyway oh Jesus Christ can I not suplex this ball of of do Oh JAMA lurked you know what idea took that he ate that for dinner now I really want to listen that's I I gotta do a search I just have to do a search here and see if I can somehow find this it's the stupidest thing ever but I hope I can find it God please please let me please I'm doing a search on my computer right now but [Music]

now I don't have it that sucks and now that I've told the stupid store that didn't lead anywhere no he's dead oh fuck oh Jesus now quickly let's do this no I'm gonna break the pig nothing remains now all is lost King dead dead dead no back back a little bit here rest in pieces motherfucker [Music] sorry I have to unleash my anger alright I was gonna fall down from one thing enter the pork zone well they're all crushed and dead now so great I'm sorry but what if I ever show this you'll immediately be like oh that's what he meant ninja [Music] sneaky voice you know what why don't we heal up the team here real quick oh you want to be on the team man you want to be on the team all right gotcha can't do anything here oh yes we anime now [Music] all right well bonkers

he says press Q Kimmy Kimmy / kill him anymore he's fine quick bonkers please I live in how nobility all going nice police uh yeah you know what you guys do that in the corner I'm gonna sit here and think about what I've done no I'm fine out you know what by a spark lasted like a second but you know it's fine [Music] awesomely I guess we're Mario Paint still life what own eat up okay it's like the movie hook used to imagine the food bangarang oh okay I see what else can I find [Music] all right you can say that friendship blasted as fast as a spark oh that's just that just stinky that's moldy that's a come that's not even a dad joke that's like diaper joke change it change it around stinky I don't recognize for this sign though and I again a pump I sound a lot like a Kirby poser a poser because uh you know I love these Kings but I don't know all the characters another like that I have a memory of a goldfish obviously but uh all the classics obviously like Waddle Dee and and King Dedede and stuff like that and you know knuckle Joe and stuff like that but like a little bit newer stuff I'm a little bit like hmm [Music] listen you just a poster Joe how stairs is to start man yeah I've been falling Kirby since the radio drama dates and the comics before a Nintendo sold up the other her design is based on the triple deluxe boss painter I think okay I'm fine [Music] space the final frontier these are the space alright well check out the friendly field apparently takes plane has space already which is like you know Oh jam alert [Music]

and what the Senate looked like Kirby's like walking with the music he's like I'm sorry I laugh at the most gullible stuff here's some spring cleaning for ya [Music] you know I'm gonna take you you're gonna live on a farm now boy I'm going to the store job you want anything yeah pick pick pick up some Mike and Ikes a Pepsi and I I don't know [Music] get the fuck in here I'm not too sure about the Kirby's face here it's a little too happy about sucking it the intestines out of their ass holds together super back well with this clown [Applause] I'm like I'm not clean the streets man I'm Charles Bronson Oh God death wish don't occur bleep you know what I don't want to switch out my friends yet [Music] here oh my god wait a minute from for a moment there I saw hammy the hamster see what his name is it's not Joey I said no that is it I'll kill the bear oh god Rick Rick this isn't in the other we go you guys chill out don't kill from once in your life do not instinct Charlie kill Eric I mean I've taught you well my sons but like there's a time and place for everything and violence is not always the answer like there's a Ministry of one point one one one one one like zero sometimes but there it is [Music] violence is probably most most likely the answer but not always what happened to Bugsy and EDD all they died unfortunately fuck you out of here wombo combo you guys remember that old video used to play on autopilot get dusted son and that's a blast from the past oh all God mistakes I just left my friends man to die me draw you missed something oh shit stinger clinging I should do that soon um actually no I shouldn't because I well my apartment is very clean looking at the moment in fact I I bought a wine glass for myself a decorative wine glass for my from my little living space that I have for my TV and and my sofa I have a table there and I bought a a like stone plate that's very neat looking I've made out of marble or something like that and on top of that I have a wineglass but I ended up not even buying wine I just drank Pepsi out of it

well actually I do have wine at home but I'm not that big on on wine I mean III never drink wine for alcoholic purposes in fact I don't even mind drinking like alcohol alcohol free wine because for me wine is is purely for the taste not for the inebriating effect that has so I might have a little bit of wine to like pasta or something like that but I never like really drink wine for life when you're when you're a stupid teenager and you go to the store and you buy your you buy or your cousin Sweden you can't buy alcohol in in grocery stores you can buy like beer and stuff like that but you can't buy make your own wine boxes and I remember some of my friends did that in high school they were like all right dude we're gonna get fucked up and so they did they made their own wine that tasted like concrete

this liquor stores here by the way but I'm saying like irregular like grocery stores you can only buy up to like 3.5% but yeah actually used to do that when I was like when I first when I first got it how old I was but I started buying beer grocery store sized ended up I used to get oh my god [Music] well after that I was gonna say why I ended up doing well I I got really drunk on like a Heineken at 3.5 but the problem is like when you're drinking like that and I want to be talking about alcohol like curvy stream but uh it's like okay so here here's a problem liquor goes into body what happens with liquid it comes out of the body so if you're getting drunk on like beer you have to consume like a whole lake of beer and at one point I was so drunk I was just in the bathroom taking an eternal piss ass of ass drinking I'm like I can't leave the bathroom thanks Kirby [Music] if the friend circle the power of friendship

stupid curb is a family-friendly game let's talk about getting drunk and pissing along exactly exactly I feel bad for the people that that I've never seen like a Joel stream before and they're on YouTube and they're like let's check out something some gameplay finish out of this and this skipping type I like the stage suddenly your server boost yeah yeah they're like never again YouTube that's it I'm switching over to the meal [Music]

all right let's try this again oh that's it that's it all right ah yeah okay you got him ah there we go imagine parents watching this with their kids well there's so many youtubers and you know I have a student for 8 years and you know I I'm not always swearing that we're talking about disgusting things but like sometimes sometimes I feel I feel it's a nice contrast sometimes when you have a cute game and you talk about taking a filthy piss oh yeah even a curb is like stop in fact maybe that that is what Kirby really sounds like right let's see your King Dedede I didn't uh fuchsia rate I'm gonna suck yeah and I'm gonna suck I'm sorry

here's a stage reply link demo better which looks absolutely gorgeous is the listen if this does if the state stages and mocked make you wanna wish for like eternal summer I don't know what this but Oh God look at it swimming voice Joe what do you think Kirby suck feels like you if it's a lot like ah the empty void it's inevitable and sort of comforting alright anyway you hate summer you hate summer well when you're sweet like me and when you're wintertime and January stuff like that it gets votes up like minus 30 degrees Celsius you start to kind of like really appreciate summer the rear little we have of it so you know Oh [Music] Gemma lurked turn it up love it it's like jam jam alerts tonight fuck out of here and when I wasn't intending on sir she's not bonkers but all right

and this song friend ability huh well I don't really have anything back to you seer but but I could maybe do that I won't work you so I need I need flame flame man himself I'm just throwing water what else I've a list it's covered yet with this you know in order for me to even do this I need to do umbrella to so we got to go back and get boiled e and you know I love the V a'dreea but yeah for now just for now and wait I already have burning me yo well alright here we go there we go there we go so I don't think this suck right now but alright there we go load up [Music] one up soon you know what KMS like the best food power-ups are like a best looking food power-ups I would argue this game but like I love bubble bubble bubble bobble always used to make me really hungry I'm like Iowa ice cream please alright let's go boys oh you're giving a fish it was that was that Ricky the sunfish or whatever that's the same right isn't it Ricky where's that the owl it's either Ricky or Jarvis hmm and any carbon through CSTO kena Keaney Rick is the mouse-kini am I saying that right King [Music] Kenny the sunfish [Music] Richard II it is me Kirby Richard the sunfish I have returned from the dead rick the hamster king of the sunfish cool the owl what cool that kind of makes sense because it elves do Goku I don't really sure what what actually you know what you know what there's this sort of arts and naming owls anything with O sin it becomes Oh like uh like if I was and I all I'd be sufficiently close to scooby-doo actually oh alright alright miss the puzzle piece

it's me that is the scariest thing I ever seen but I love it what here we are guys hey like it wildly ain't having that shit it's like ah nah I'm too buoyant but is it blue blue yet I'm too I'm too much of a floaty floaty boy [Music] I'm not getting wet today I don't know why but this is slightly reminding me just a little little little little bit of Kirby's joshy's Island in fact our no story sorry my bad Josh's story in fact there's a very underrated game in my opinion I have very much like that game in fact and it's it's a shame that people kind of crap on it a little bit oh yeah I need I need two of these rights oh shit burning Leo I'm sorry you gotta go now do you think that [Applause] oh dude all the Sontag reps no she [Applause] [Music]

that boost ladies there's that kiss and feed it to your teammate look it is feeding it isn't regurgitation it's not a kiss it's straight-up just brilliant Kirby straight up just pukes in this if France mouths and their cables it another stage awesome I told you I told you [Music] here my son's eight open up brother Darius alright awesome let's go boys kissing it's nice to read it's not canon but in this game is confirmed its Canon that Kirby projectile vomits into the house I'm sorry [Music] in a way but unrelated very much related risk being effect I can't I can't stay I can't overstate how much I like this right you know I made that for clear but I'd like really I I adore this game I love it and I want some prayer like polenta Kirby game too which is great for me because uh it might be one of the first Kirby games I've played that's uh from the previous generation and now you know up until my last game I play with magic mirror so this is really a a treat it's a treat for the ice and it's super fun to play too so yeah what can I say about except I'm having a blast you know what tell you why I want to be become plugged in plasma I'm kind of reminded of Matt and magical Goemon Buddha that's a game that's we're definitely gonna stream one day but anyway for now you know what hold on guys he's getting fucked off no no no no cookie I'm fine I'm fine like what Piersol bottle v gotta go boys [Music] get the fuck in my boss [Music] welcome to hell supper-party a hold of shit whoa okay well I know what we're doing for the bosses this game is so cute it's making my diabetes hurt ways to the charge oh really well I mean I'll get it back eventually right here we go oh yeah Oh awesome that's my first like clean one too

probably read or move said to in fact plus my probably can combine into other stuff too well I have I obviously had Luke or earlier but let's see what else we can combine it into alright how to say goodbye to our friend oh no no no no I refuse to have this no I'm sad now I want to say goodbye to my friends it's more advantage to be a fan of extra staging they unlocked Thank You Kerber for teaching us this yeah you guys have an argument with a friend and you you know you need some time away from him just plus a right on the bumpers right in silence what else mmm does that lead somewhere else but for now hmm you give a high morali a thunder hammer Milman we mix it [Music] what's this Thunder splashing sweet this move said yeah supercharged plasma bill it returns my control said bill up more energy ah okay you can even shoot upwards you know zap your friends weapon with a mighty jewel to grant them extra stroking powers plasma needle past my chart while in various directions shake controller shake controller all alright time to turn it up we boys plasma wave facing right plus the needle on the cutter spark okay face right but a barrier let's beat - winning tasty meat and plasmus charge okay just uh pee and then left right okay that's a lot of stuff here can do [Music] that's right up ah that's what it is can I also use do this it's either gonna shake the control dude yes I can I don't want to do that though cuz I have a tendency to drop things oh oh oh God whoa Jesus Christ my soul just like evaporated but it's kind of fun to use to take the controller I'm sorry I just killed a spider with my power from from hell you know what let me let me get the spider no no no no I listen I love you Westar but there you go como se what superteen it replace him me no no no no no what the fuck no no no no what happened why is Westar there here we go so if you can do man yes a spider net friend bounce Nate cool mone holy shit coal mone what the fuck new meme returns [Music] and then if I do this and then I oh oh Jesus oh wow the clothes man Miko Mooney who mo is Japanese aspire I don't even know that I know kuma is bear but hmm now that we have this should I get on - all right fine pull it down I spelled you did that huh want step pad on me man bojam alert hmm what does it say inhale instead of sucked I have no idea I can't believe that made that that horrible choice power up boys Oh can't cover up when I do that basically I kind of kind of love plasma you hold too much just having the controller to shake around it feels like I'm pulling a prank on a friend when I'm holding a coke bottle and I'm like but I'm not entirely sure how I need to check this out again plasma wave small plasma charge okay so but in order to me to do plus my barrier medium plasma charge will activate medium plasma charge ah and up and B but I don't really get plasma barrier though so I need media for that medium is just medium and then suddenly I need to do left right and then the patroller so so wait so little just a little bit and then okay I see I can fuckin teleport now that's that's amazing I'm sorry but plasmas too good to them good I think the the out light system here with new friends and ability it's great like I even though its CPU from the moment mixing up what you can make with the Bailey's it's super fun really uh you're seeing what everything can do and did little like intricate puzzles you can do they're not overly complicated but just having like pixel bottled east and underneath the water and maybe getting uh you know a fire ability on another friend mind you that would also like torch something a fire and then you know I love it it's great can i maybe i can't really teleport through that can hello friend he smells like a super good oh don't kill a bear don't for once I kill the bear well [Music] alright well you only can miss something here you know now that we have web mobility why don't we utilize that Como acid yeah that's what I want to do what have an embarrassing but you said it's caught these puzzles aren't too complicated in here I'm like well what do Hey Judy I Kirby what happening [Music]

that's my shitty King EDD voice by the way that's how I always imagined it sounded like kind of like the show the motion comics and corn beer Aloha he gave they gave him can get a accent car BAM your voice and video are getting choppy all really it's my voice fucking up actually shit I have an idea I know what's wrong I have twitches a dashboard thing open fuck as but that's my voice been choppy the stream oh oh not for me no no it's smooth its mood like Iceman cheetahmen reference funny missed every now and then a little happen a few times really just a little occasional dammit well I hope I hope we generally can have a smooth thing here now so sorta but it's kind of stuttering I hope it's also show up in the year local recording at least

if might it might be fine now because uh Kirby Kirby this game is cap recorded but Michael Cole look at--look all gooshy me come on no I have twitches new - Burt open sometimes and it lacks the fuck on my browser it has a memory leakage issue where it it's horrible but once I close that page down the streams don't have that issue anymore like it's weird but so I might have fixed it actually maybe anyway Danny start the stream over I missed the first part yeah sure hang on uh-oh the bomb shit I don't wanna switch off the bomb though I just realized what what Coleman's doing he's actually cocooning like uh cocooning but wrapping up my enemies head in in web that's horrifying man text indeed adios meta knife was Spanish in the end the enemy I forgot about that down in a monster club back there Kirby I keep saying that but I'd love it okay I'm gonna charge up the controller here all right all right I'm fully powered up

but I wish I had chef kawasaki to cook them up did you know what you know what can I know what just how am i doing okay I'm on shorts here I can't really tell afford around but we're fucking them up yeah maybe that frost the end and and Bugsy here in a second wait there we go say what we don't have we don't need to Como's and then you know what tell you what I'll I'll take on chili for now [Music] with a me ice skating master if I can combine into over up kind of one of the boxes ability they'll love it it's really nothing to do let's see what what this class up to let's see we have ice skate eyes breathe I sprinkle super I sprinkle okay I storm ice ball i suction there it is ice ejection this is this is I don't know snow porn or I'm having a Red Bull I'm that that's about my jokes are so lame [Music] first you give me this I stock and I do the ice eject and then you get the ice scatter closing the best sport soup that fix-it thanks yeah I totally man that twitch is that sport can go fuck itself Kirby stream everybody [Music] Oh Oh what up I gotta eat all the stories damn I'm kicking ass at this day [Music] then you get the ice loneliness there we go var can you please say less swear words alright for now on I'm gonna limit my vocabulary to a fart ting poo and booger and ass testicles - [Music] Joey you're not legally allowed to say fuck words during a Kirby stream I'm sorry Oh Goblin - goblin goblin there we go you're freaking fixed [Music] Echo's edge Sharia hmm am I having fun so far Joel okay so jokes jokes and all that aside this game is really fantastic I really can't recommend it enough if you want if you want a Kirby game that both looks great and it's fun to play Star Allies I would say is definitely where your purchase of course not the only thing that kind of sucks with this game and aha soup is the fact that I wish they'd seen what's online man I wish I could like play with Benny or like with you guys or whatever but yeah for some reason and intento skipped out on this and it's only local co-op which is which is fine but if you're weird hermit like me who only socialize it but like wild local fauna ah then you're gonna have a bit of a lonely time but that's fine really because the AI is doing a excellent job of compensating for my lack of social skills but yeah out of here oh thanks Hyderabad Hyderabad has been a-been a new guest in our stream by the way I don't know where it came from but suddenly Hyderabad shows up and he tells me to hydrate myself which is which is great because I I did that string month or fortress for like 11 hours a couple days ago and it's important to stay hydrated or else you'll you'll turn you're turning to like an ashtray just like me a garbage sounding ashtray can you freeze ice you can I feel I have the wrong abilities for the stage I've got a stone might work for this but yeah we should have definitely packed fire huh oh shut up what's the thing up there I forgot play with others by handing them a joint : you guys wanna come over to my house I got some bagels like Kirby and you know

we can talk about stuff I made bagels this morning in fact he's bonkers again chill out

we'll kill the dinosaurs the Ice Age chill back burn see I lost my ability welcome a kind of cream cheese though I like plain sometimes I go a little wild with my cream cheese sometimes I sometimes I get like garlic garlic cream cheese sometimes I might I might I might spice it up like a lot like we have wasabi cream cheese sounds weird as hell but it kind of does actually work it's not overbearing like action wasabi it's just a little bit of touch of oh yes I can taste the horseradish right sun-dried tomatoes cream cheese is good too paprika cream crease cream face cream Ted hello everybody it's my cream cheese Joel today with another bagel stream health what the fuck am i doing yeah but yeah I like to get a little ball of my cream cheese but since most of the times I missed having plain cream cheese [Music] all right

sour cream and chives is the best sacrament Travis is a great chips flavor many women I've ever had it on on one chip Oh sleepy boys come here yeah yeah ah yes I believe Kirby is acquired at Joel ability by the way like a fuckup Kirby

truely's just like me I can't I can't relate so much let me get him again tonight can I mix or not he is father please

mmm wait a minute can I get on top I like Bugsy here if the winds the winds then one time again top of the bear and I fuck up check that popsicle up can I just stand in place and do this that's I planted a bug little bit reference this one more time now that's stay stay stay Soni

wait a minute wait i gushed onto my metier i'm gonna brain fart here yeah we're I'm actually going oh oh I see that was a wall blocking okay I thought my bagel do you like sesame seeds everything us as the a goat cheese I just like bagels that are completely playing it as much as I love like the sesame bagels they have a taste of like they ruined the bagel complexity where it which is like the bagel acquit the bagel equation is is to keep it simple and not fuck with it too much I'm sorry not to freak with it too much because listen the further you stray away from the the bagel the genius cost of a bagel we're simplicity is key you started getting into like is it really a bagel at this point cuz I see people like putting it like salad in between their bagels and like blueberries in their big I'm like that that's not a bagel man bagel is it's a big old steroid doughnut but with cream cheese in it [Music] do not stray GLE from the bagel cheddar show taken his ability but then again I I barely I'm not a big a connoisseur alright in fact well you started getting bagels I gr ago in Sweden love it kidding like it it took forever to it like Mountain Dew is still a new thing is sweet and then like there's a lot of like new American things here that we haven't grasped dip like Doritos is something that came here only seven years ago or something like that I first had my period on my family's are kicking kick the shit out of like store-bought like tortilla chips and now like I had my first dr. pepper like ten years ago I'm like what is this what this amazing you know in fact one of our mullets chowder he sent me a Twinkie across the states so soon you will have a Joel Joel pops his Twinkie cherry I'm not even kidding I've never had a bigger than the Twinkie before you're gonna see the first-ever by the way I need I need a any another guy here I never had thank you before ever GPM sent me Mike and Ikes which I really enjoyed by the way that's fair it's like a whole Twinkie I don't want a Twinkie is but I don't know what I want when you taste like you oh okay friendship wins again you know what now I'm good I used to see you it's the stream gonna turn nothing into ice puns give me your give me your best ice punch yet and people who do not participate in ice puns you get banned so uh coughing my voice I don't like Mike and Ikes tropical tropical is way better than the regular ones I like that one's better [Music] by let's try that again

banning people is ice-cold yeah but I'm not very ice [Music] zombies are cold-hearted job well froze before hosts I know that's that's kind of where they've a bad model these have an existential crisis on screen chill out Joel I can't come up with any punch right now don't give chat the cold shoulder any fries you need to freeze the chat to read them all I'm so sick I got the chills you guys got a chillax you guys gotta break the ice this is a chill stream you're slipping up man I think your game froze

joel is such a cool dude bagels with cream fries [Music] freeze to the name of the law take a chill pill grab it I stock y'all that's no good [Music]

sorry ice melted I forgot to mention one thing chap you're all banned now nobody survives but look at the bear look at him its last moments in life it's realizing oh my god I'm gonna die [Music] distraction alright here we go ooo I'm gonna do it aw damn it you guys can stop at the ice bar this out please please please alright awesome

Barriss affect your weapons unrelated as for playing this question we take a little break here how now not how that's not our thing what is what is III or the well I know a Nintendo isn't do III like they're doing direct at the e3 or whatever but god I hope we can get some Metroid Prime for news like fuck I'm really looking for that new smash to in fact you know you know I've been having a I have it on an idea I haven't an idea trademarked I'm thinking that we do because I might want to buy Mario Kart and I'm thinking we can host a weekly mark kirk tournaments or something like that here on the channel I think that's a that's a that's a spicy idea and I can guarantee you that there wouldn't be no anger there will be no there will be no resentment or unfairness no no but let me know let me know I'm thinking of actually scheduling a time like every Saturday would you Marquart at 3 p.m. I don't know est I don't know but uh you know but you know me I'm not I'm all about like keeping schedules and like streaming regularly I kind of do it whenever but you know sometimes sometimes like I can get a little discipline for stuff like that but yeah but anyway my whole point about this is that I sure I'm looking forward to some of the new switch stuff here I mentioned earlier that I I don't mind too much that all the Wii U titles are kind of like getting ported over to the switch because I think the switch is what the WiiU should have been in the first place [Music] looking back on the WiiU like it was a neat concept yes but it was also kind of like a little misguided we're just a couple of games did the whole oh they were there he is there's a couple of games did the whole screen thing like a zombie you not a great game on you but like it at least tried something with it and other games just fucking ignore it completely so uh yeah well well by the way guys Jam alert so you say the switch is the Wii U version - no it's it's it is his own console but I'm saying a lot of the ideas that was like on the you know a coma I love you man but I'm gonna try out bio spark a lot of the ideas that that it was put in place on the Wii U was like better refined on the switch I guess that's what I'm trying to say but the switch is better because the portability of the Wii U was like a big thing for me I loved having like the leisure of I can play the game whenever I want like wherever I want but I was only limited to my apartment right and now I'm like I can fucking go on a plane and play the switch I can do whatever and yeah it's basically uh you know IIIi 3d essaouira des or whatever except it's actually like a real console you know and it's great and I'm I'm looking forward to see what else the switch can do the only thing the only thing I'm pissed about and let me tell you something I should have gone you know I did you guys a disservice all right I did I did all of us all of us at the service welcome in Japan I should have gone to like Nintendo's headquarters in Kyoto or wherever that is and I should have knocked in the door and I should have I should have gone like this and then Miyamoto goes Ohio and I go listen where's Virtual Console and when can i buy old roms again it's a god sorry III wakarimasen I'm like well you better speaking of a is to add some takoyaki listen here

a police understand the commonness I assume I said well listen here man you might have done you might have made Mario but listen I'm gonna throw money at Joey not honestly but jokes aside I don't know why isn't intended strolling Virtual Console like the arcade shit is on here like you can find Mario Brothers vs and stuff like that which is cool I guess but like that's not what I want I want like n64 I want in fact the only reason I I restored to like using retroarch on all the custom firmware on PlayStation traits and shit like that it's only because I I want to play old-school stuff on the go you know and now but the switch I can really do that but I can't because nintendo doesn't have fuckin virtual cost are the most horrendous but I'm um I'm giving you 10 bucks 10 bucks and a slice of pizza if they don't announce Virtual Console like the director III III think they're there waiting they waited enough and now they're gonna be like I listen listen check this up you can finally play Super Mario Brothers NES on the go and herelet's gonna be like based Nintendo oh my god my god Nintendo wins III [Music] Super Mario Brothers on the NES Miyamoto himself comes out and they have a big luck with flashing impact font oh my god the legends and then Sony's like oh yeah oh yeah I think that's you think you won intend oh well guess what PSP Vida - and the next box is like oh yeah boys think you wanna freak and guess what just stands 11 and then antennae comes out with just a piece of cardboard and then PlayStation comes out with with you can now watch DVDs on your ps4 ballin which is a little bit of joke by the way uh my playstation 4 does not play fucking it plays DVDs but doesn't play audio discs I wanted to listen to my own sight board CD on like a console right but then it's just like it doesn't support it and I'm like why I mean surely a media center should be a media center but I guess it's obsolete technology just like how laptops doesn't have this drives anymore taking a lot of damage here by the way it doesn't support my work

we'll intend to defeat the evil Sony and Microsoft find out the next time on video game Z you know at one point I gave a shit about about which console was selling the most like I like at one point I was I was a gamer who was like I want a Nintendo to win no I want Microsoft to win you know and then I'm realizing wait a minute why why am I like pledging loyalty to like giving my money away for something where they they and then I had I realized oh my god it's like this these companies aren't your friend what I'm trying to say is that Kirby's trying to steal my money

it stole my money look at him but uh yeah IIIi call some worse than all that I'm like too old for it really like I for me all I want is to sit down with a controller and have a bag of peanuts in this play a game however I can look from an objective perspective where I i commend these companies for trying to put out the best product for a consumer where it's also a little funny looking back on how Sony I mean listen uh I play no favorites really but Beckman when it was 2005 and 2006 PlayStation 3 I used to remember what uh in fact I I lost I lost like I had an old friend called Sony but that day when the place in three of us announced at that incredible high price it was over for me I was like what I can't beg more for this at Christmas I gotta go with 360 but wait a minute I hate Xbox God all right so yeah the 360 was a replacement and I think for a lot of people it was a pleasure it was just too fucking expensive and I did see it leveled by the way so yeah I went for Xbox 360 for a while and I loved it and was still but to play the sign it was still with the old school stuff you know and eventually 360 kind of went down the route of his being a generic sort of like multimedia machine and with a bunch of Kinect stuff but at first first 3d was great and I remember I remember like back in 2006 I started like hate on Sony I was like yeah David trade me man you know and now when the console is dead now I'm like buying Playstations berries to rediscover like what was the PlayStation 3 all about I think was a great console but like they need some fucking awful decision for the PlayStation 3 like I think but then again Microsoft also did that and what I mean with that is um obviously the price was really fuckin steep is the blu-ray thing you know but looking back on it both the 360 in the PlayStation 3 had the same issue it was basically cramming a jet engine into like a little Volvo core what I mean with that it's like okay this ties into what I happened on Twitter by the way these costs in I don't know what generation 3 16 placement rate was but this console was too fucking powerful for the time so they all like ended up melting in shit they were red ringing they were yellow line of death thing they were unreliable it's like everyone was just rushing to make these behemoths of consoles and nobody like gave a fuck about is this gonna last over time and then like I just put a bunch it in it and ship them out you know so I had like god that's even saw my xbox 360 red ring on stream like they were unreliable and you know placing three eventually got the slim version and the super slim which I own a fad and super slim nail but yeah if you didn't catch up to it my playstation 3 that I bought from eBay this is this is when I acknowledged isn't what happened I bought a PlayStation 3 on eBay because I wanted to install custom firmware on it and I wanted to put retroarch and I wanted to about the PlayStation 3 fat Edition with the 60 Giga gigabytes thing so I can actually play playstation 2 games on it not emulated problem is problem is the fucking thing had yellow light of death on it I contacted the the buyer on and said hey hey man is this thing broken no man I tested it before it worked every day when I used it gets to my place and I'm like how come when I Playstations when I put my PlayStation 3 on it just kind of goes eep-eep eep-eep [Music] little a streamer trying to explain last and console industry log you know nothing guy ellipses well a blue 3d dog X are you more qualified to have a stupid opinion about video games then than me

I'm not necessarily trying to explain anything this is I'm not I'm they're saying from my own perspective how the the seventh generation of consoles how I perceived that back in the day I was just a stupid kid who got caught up in in in Sony's high expensive price switched over to 360 and then you know when I when I became a Marilyn on of my late teenage years and I I had my own money I realized the value of like an investment in the console stuff and I think really the best bet the worst thing you can do as a consumer for video games at the moment is to own a xbox one and I'm sorry to say that to any that's just my opinion really if you want a free xbox one more power to you but for me it's baffling to me to see that Microsoft is kind of like ignoring their own player base because every game that's on PC is now on the Xbox one if in fact the Xbox one is feels like a a PC a cheap PC which I guess it cannot but what they went for really but for me man I I I'm just wondering like why [Music] anyway I need to switch to you want me to view ice here okay anyway I'm sorry to let go on a random anecdote about video game stuff but uh listen again the whole the whole Justin what I'm trying to say is like I like what Nintendo is doing at the moment but I also have problems with them because they they do some really bad decisions and from my perspective if you fuck up enough with bad decisions you lose customer support like people stop giving a shit people people move to another console or company you know I [Music] need to stop fucking around by the way I [Music] need to get this power [Music] a lot of people shit on the lab ball or whatever but I gotta be honest I don't think I don't think the love bow is for anyone in chat right now what I mean with that is like I think it might be for kids and if I was like seven or eight and III saw that hey I can I can I can pretend I'm a giant robot with cardboard little baby Joel would have shit his pants you know I I'm not the target audience for it and I could argue that this game is a dieter but then again I'm a giant man shouts oh who the fuck knows but but it the same way I don't know it's it's no secret that Nintendo you know their target audience it's a little younger than than the the the PlayStation 4 you know Sony's always had the more like the dude bro sports thing you know just like the Xbox the Call of Duty's you know stuff like that and it tell us always been very a very family-friendly company too so [Music] anyway a lot a lot of stuff a lot of stuff I gotta be honest as I'm getting older a lot of stuff I whine and complain about there's a simple equation to it it's not for you and the sooner you realized that that not everything you want about is meant to please you it's meant to please like a whole different kind of like customer demand for for stuff you know and when I'm saying like oh the lab was stupid Intel is just like I don't buy jackass and I'm like oh but Nintendo call a doodoo listen what I'm trying to say listen what are you said strike it listen I'm I'm just angry I'm just angry because I can't I can't take a piece of cardboard cardboard put on my head and pretend I'm a goddamn robot and play doom

anyway the fuck am i doing sorry anyway you know what what if I just go full fire this time this maximum fire actually strike that too you know you know what I you know what I'm trying to say here booyah is the choice of a generation are you ready for a new dimension in games Dean are you ready to say yeah with the oh yeah oh yeah get ready boys I you sacrificed my friends I'm sorry oh no no killem let's be nice there he is burden hmm I wonder can I can I roast this bird I can get a wind blusters bear huh okay hmm and let me do it sorry sorry for the the long-winded anecdote about the last generation of causes by the way again I don't want to give you the impression that III I just like in a video game company like that I get I'm just I'm just saying from my own perspective as a consumer I'm looking back on it I'm like what why did the play c-23 cost 599 dollars why did the Xbox 360 break down and why was the Wii for grandpa's and why and what's the deal yeah you know what banana waddly is with us was for so long the plasma Joel is okay the guy who complained was just an attention-seeking idiot no I wouldn't say so we're all entitled to our opinions and listen how I equated all two is a penis are like assholes they all have one and mine stinking have you been enjoying this game so far yes or no I've been really enjoying this I've been having a blast of a time various Oh [Music]

better like you're getting fucked up

[Music] well thanks for helping me out guys [Music] blusters toward you know I don't like doin up and go - you're up shit I'm definitely gonna try to friend Matt a night if I can here we go shadow clone replacing threes for LittleBigPlanet I always wanted to play that but I never got in the beloved into the chance to all God gotta find a real one

how great well we gotta hide letters perspective anyway oh my I'm not actually have my first death of Mennonite here if I don't shape up i stub that more not him this is him yeah I think so come on yeah there is called II okay we're going for wood well [Music] a little more I think you got him no no no no no no no I think at a previous streamis said why does Matt a night look like underneath but well tried I couldn't get this ski right because I was like standing a little too far away damn it I might have to redo that now I want him back guys guys how would you mind if I go and redo that entire thing with King Dedede I might actually redo that level I I'm serious cuz I I need Meta Knight that was fucking bad do it I should redo that level anyway because I was just like talking about hey guys remember where you attend your soil that you widened at Christmas that the PlayStation 3 was too expensive remember that it was a good show remember Bobby's world on what into glory all right all right well wait a minute I don't I don't need I don't need to redo the entire level I can fucking just go drink palace fortress of shadows Jam bastion Jam bus station it's a fairly not really that all that but [Music]

all right well uh wait am i can I can I just go back to Planet op star [Music] jam Bastion so I've been thinking of doing something that's related to space and in jam I mean a kingdom heart joke earlier but I I really like the first Kingdom horse to him I never played the second one I didn't play dreamed to drop into these things I didn't I never played my fuck I got it like come back all the way to dream land you you know what I'm talking about I might actually take up Kingdom Hearts 1 for stream in fact I have unfinished business with that game because I never beat Sephiroth I never I never was able to beat the Coliseum stuff so who knows maybe maybe you two can enjoy a stream where I do nothing but make Donald Duck noises and goofy else well I Final Fantasy [Music]

it'll be a spicy stream full of laughs and hoo-hah he's haha when you walk away


the war stream and existence coming soon coming soon to a horrible twitch near you you too can enjoy noises and funny he he's funny haha anyway his dream land by the way I'd assess of a catastrophic proportion has occurred in this peaceful line King Dedede has stolen all the food for himself that nerve of that guy now kerbin was set out on a grand adventure with a new group of friends and i guess we should just go back into dream palace and redo what a yeasted you've already brought it was clear what [Music] gee thanks

Marsh birth I really like the first Kingdom horse game it's that but I always looked back up came the marks and I go what the hell man how did this happen did no more I just get really drunk one day after our C's went home to like his family and he's just like I just want something to watch man he found like an old you know Donald Duck and Goofy goes goes goes to the dump the movie and said you know what I want I want Sephiroth with those guys and no Morris wife was like no no don't it's like too late it's all we're making it that's how it went act actual description it's rare than that distance square shared offices where well really a key March on paper sounds like an impossibility like to this day I found it weird like it's it's almost like if if you took a Burger King and Super Mario Brothers and just made out legitimate game out of it it's almost like if you took rabbits and Mario Brothers and made a really good game with it anyway I have not unlocked the dream palace stage which is really embarrassing can I just do that real quick got a friendly feel there it's almost like you took Sonic and Hooters and did a crossover so what was that I think Bob I don't know but well I should ever stream Mario vs. rabbits honestly you know what I should do instead of doing that I should just start up XCOM 2 again that's a stream I feel bad for like being so fucking awful at like I can't play strategy games because I have the I have the brain capacity of an amoeba a dead amoeba I have I have the mental capacity and like intelligence and just wit of just general comedy timing of like Jesus Christ III got a dust bunny you know but yeah I should you go back and fuckin finish XCOM 2 as XCOM 2 had DLC in it that you know in fact we had a lot of fun moments with what with X come to I was never good at it but lord knows if I don't should finish it you know I know I can I just look at the I can't look at the sword well I gotta find it oh don't kill him this time but yeah I don't think you can ride the mirror these diet but you'll you play Dwarf Fortress yeah but if throw heart is easy man like okay I'll give you the Joel equation right Joel equation is can Joel do it I can do it top sleeping it's like it's a fucking idiot test you know some real bear like basic stuff that [Music] this is really close to green grill hit it green green hills it's not quite all right I have an idea that's what I figured it was something to do with here yeah I knew it it's good replayability in this game I liked it assess the man who has a God at second oh my god dude I can't tell if that's like an insult it sounds like it because I am you have no idea how bad I am attacking like it somehow I'm maybe I've given the impression that I am good a tech in but like no no no no no [Music] okay well we got to find dream palace something more up here hmm find your thing I'm sorry I I love that stupid thinking emoji finger hmm [Music] okay I never know that's all exactly what I wanted though but hmm by the way speaking of the moats we have a new a molten chat if you are subscribed to my stupid channel you can find we have a we have a we have a Skeletor mode now for real it's taking me four years to do this but finally uh I was able to clear the the uh not the rights to it but I was able to put it in so we finally have Skeletor in chat now Skeletor and in Randy Savage all year by the way I just figured out where the fuck I'm supposed to go and I'm I somehow just ignore that it was the most simple thing on the planet Earth but yeah I said like a lemur [Music] repeat could it be like I was thinking this right yeah they tackle mm-hmm some boat but can I use obviously I'm not here but I'm guessing I need something here uh tell what we're gonna do by the way so the the the thing where I throw my heart I think it's like a reference to dream course but let's switch up - I don't wanna switch I'm Batman Ben Donovan Ali he's like he's the og you know that one I love bird on but hurt on all the dust winds so uh let's splash toward that's what I want [Music] great you ruined this clown fine I'll do it then

hmm wet sore dude you think I just yeah here we go you gotta moisturize my sword come on yeah yeah yeah yeah I am definitely overthinking this I think we need cutter we don't need sword God can't even play a Kirby game fucking moron oh thanks thanks buddy not exactly what I wanted to do either but cool cool neat and cool

listen here only the solution is just to follow me games to be so easy but it's not it's complicated so cryptic card I can't understand this game [Music] all right so now I guess we just gotta okay so now now that we have this yes dumb idiot solves basic pastelon stream Oh welcome back down this soft course Saturday were idiot complicates things for 20 minutes when it should have taken him one second it's nice welcome back to another suck Saturday by the way [Music] hmm I don't know where the dream palace stage is on this one more time the oldest guys playing a game made for kids what's up with the money listen when when you feel nothing like me it's nice to have something that does full of sunshine hmm after that yes yes we've been expecting you here we go now finally have I played trumpet clean trucks tropical peace tropical freeze yes I have in fact I might even rebuy that I own the original but this one is funky Kong and let me tell you something when when you're seeing a tropical free stream with me you better believe you gotta get a lot of - sha yeah that won't drive you nuts hooha bodacious [Music] hey do it [Music]

[Music] it will dry me peanuts good [Music] Meta Knight is a friend he is a friend to us all say that here is the thing that's a paprika right when when does a paprika stop being a paprika become a a a green pepper as I think this is one of those like American words that don't translate well into what I think English is or maybe I don't know what i'm talking about but uh okay i okay so uh but I'm trying to say here I'm gonna I'm gonna clear this up real quick - wait hey dudes alright so check this up this is the swedish word pork let it go right this is a popular yeah right right ready [Music] oh look at that that's a picture and it looks that looks that looks especially close to uh to the episode where it where Kirby and King Dedede they make the make a cartoon show and the budget gets increasingly shittier and it's great man anyway uh so this this is uh this is a Poetica right there's a paprika right that's how you pronounce it but sometimes this is also called a green pepper now you can make the the the assumption here that I'm saying like oh it's not a green pepper because it's like whoo ha ha ha but this is also called I'll demonstrate for you right look a little paprika get around which is like paprika green now some people are saying that that there are that that a green pepper is not the same so [Music] bell pepper

ever language halted a paprika except this English huh [Music] well I'll give you a even more confusing thing right you guys want to talk about spiders let's talk spiders okay ready so this guy asks you know arias this guy right now this is this is the if you guys are scared of spiders watch the fuck up right this guy is a daddy longlegs right this is a daddy longlegs they stay down in the laundry room and they just kind of chill out bother yeah right they have some big old legs right daddy longlegs right but but somehow this is also daddy longlegs but it's also a crane fly these are the these are the dumb idiots of the the fly species they will they they are so dumb that you can like pick a partner they're their wings and in on mind there's like okay I guess I'll dive in but uh yeah but by the way if you ever want to see a that it longlegs up close they they they they're not as scary yes another spider by the way look look okay at me it's like yep that's me hello but anyway yeah so that's a bit confusing thing crane fly daddy longlegs what the fuck so a confusion paprika oh hello it's me daddy longlegs hello [Music]

right the legendary characters the dream ballast is now unlocked yes it's me 1982 David Bowie daddy longlegs aren't actual spiders oh I'm sorry that they're okay for what are they then say what we're gonna have we're gonna have we're gonna have dee dee join us well shit now I have now have like the complete super team look at this Meta Knight deity and bottle the dama they're marsupials ah yes yes well I hope you guys have been to join the Kirby stream so far I know I go only luck random anecdotes and I kind of talk bullshit for a while but that's just kind of how I stream and I I just kind of like you know but I hope I hope so far it's been a it's been an enjoyable experience watching Kirby it's been a real treat so far to play this game and I I'm I definitely say that when I first saw this game being [Music] announced at the direct I lost my shit cuz I love curb and now that I finally get to play it I love it too by the way don't you love dee dee dee look at him

alright let's go to the jampa station it was fear in Jolla below all fuck off I just want to know real quick about anywhere close to the ending am i right I've just askin just asking

but uh I sincerely hope not No thank God okay let's get the game myself uh skeleton or like a like a vacuum but um yeah cuz I'm really enjoying this and and knowing this this games cute the cutesy atmosphere at some us I'm like just destroying it I really hope cuz the Garba games are really short date they're never that long I actually beat Kirby's Dreamland on Gameboy on a mp3 player hey Yama you might hear that to be like ooh I'll give some context if you don't know back in the day I head up views views fuck what they called an mp3 player with one of those like rotation wheels on top of them right there's like mid two thousands things right and you could put custom firmware on your mp3 player and there's something called Rock box and if you put rock box on it you can put emulators and shit on it keep in mind a spring that was like s big-ass a quarter of a Snickers bar and a control that was basically one wheel one spinny wheel button and another button and somehow I beat Kirby's Dreamland with that if you have any old mp3 players by the way check out wroth box you might actually revive your uh your ollege like a very old iPod or anything like remotely similar in fact you know what I'll show that off real quick by the way we still gotta find out Mennonites lower here by the way but I'll show you real quick I don't want to like keep interrupting the game player and I thought that but I just want to show this off for for old times sake but this is what rock box looks like and if you have any old mp3 players you can probably I did this at its heyday when I put through plays what was most like an actual thing now it's kind of like old old technology right but you can see all the supporting ones here if you've got a release or you release well it should come up with like the ones that are supported but yeah here we go you there's a bunch of ones but anyway you you download this and you can you can fucking do anything on it you probably watch a movie it was called a fuse here it is well yeah but uh regardless that's what it was

watch out though those cheap mp3 player makers they might they might sue you by the way do you know how do you know how cheap do you know how cheap oddly disgustingly cheap an mp3 player is these days by the way they are as much as a less than a dollar so yeah anyway back to the game sorry anyway [Music] but I used to I beat I'm on her game so they even played from our brothers to the Japanese one quinoa used to save stamps of course but uh you said this during a Vietnamese Pokemon yeah yeah yeah I I repeat myself so uh a lot of infinite source of like dumb stories I mean I am sort of but you know a lot of a lot of things like dwell in my mind not like these guys heard about this [Music]

tell you what can I can I write on dee dee dee actually you're not a little idea I think Mennonite wants me there like to sit on him no he's fine with it I'll look at this saw now this is what I'm talking about everybody so I need plug for this uh well actually fish stand on it can i there we go the rival to rival old rivals ever since Kirby's Dreamland oh there we go the stuff guy calls himself a king and can take a friend's power and add it on top of this hammer where rather than reading about it you should just try it out to go on you know you can't resist alright and now let's try it with good old meta Knights alright first introduced way back in Kirby's Adventure this warrior takes the spirit of Chim Chim January cavalry fee MacDonald is my name potatoes field Oh hail table REE to heart chivalry he has sat on a journey of training but he ever never forget this connection to his friends may new friend powers awakened and imbue his blade chivalry clean big neutral didn't hey me lucky charms hey I'm sorry hey everybody another daring stream

actually let me let me just get DD here a little bit Oh oh god oh god what is this combination bottle Dino get the shit off me that's not really useful already but try that again Meta Knight yield you'll do it right here okay with this [Music] you know ask if too much in these levels you might miss the the secret stuff on it friendship thought oh man you want to believe how many times people confuse me for their and what it's got to be well I I no longer have long hair I shave my head these days but uh fucking people there's nothing funnier for me than like having people use Darren's picture and think it's me I'd like to dude dude dude dude dude you're the cake you yes just expecting you awesome that is regurgitate into nanites mouths no no

my mother's face horrifying yet nice oh you weren't even hiding that come on gee I wonder where the pussy could be it it was a SC R sis see senior senior peel hello video where you speak yeah yeah can I pronounce that guy's name yeah he made a video with me and it quote unquote and it wasn't me and we it was all a laugh it was a good time all rights get out of here I know I'm like walking so slow for this senior P law hello he Lords Mia suka be act

hmm hey they are owned in Boone my favorites

all right he'll back here [Music] damn combogia let's all stay in same spot and concentrate our fire oh hang on what's over here it's a massacre kiss me dee dee dee dee kiss me with those adorable duck lips penguin ders I don't know what he is but all right [Music] good lord cutter work excellent for this a little oh I gotta kill the other guy too right out of here come here boys hooray so we're not buddies we're just kind of like uh he's like okay you beat me in that never buddies I guess hehehe awesome hey Joel I'm in Japan and it's been a blast I got that Fist of the North Star game for pleasure - oh sweet man this is your first time in Japan uncle you hope hope Japan is treating you well my friend I hope you've been going around to all the vending machines and getting all sorts of weird stuff yes my first time lifelong dream I'll call you where where are you in Tokyo right now cuz uh you should head up my favorite food place I have a couple of really good spots there's a really good place in Akihabara I know some pretty good place in in Kyoto - and also call I've been doing the Gacha pond I got our altar rare metal Greymon oh cool man cool man yeah there's this this this really really really really good place in Akihabara that's near there's this a bunch of game stores and Sega arcade place but yeah we're really up man it sounds like uh Keys meter like hey man you down the street yeah I'll teach her like we're the places but you know how much Japanese do you think someone should know before I visit Lauren si assume I said I don't report it to Duke on this car which is like listen I gotta go take a shit where's the toilet hello Alex all right well I didn't see if he responded in chat but Uncle you I'm in Tokyo auto mode yes last day I leave at 1:00 1:00 tomorrow uncle you uh if you can if you can't get on the fucking a subway train now honest about take the train number number go down to Akihabara and I know talk is fucking enormous but listen uh just just head down get get your fucking you're taking all that go to Akihabara and I'm gonna I'm gonna get you to an amazing place right now the Shinkansen no you don't need the Shinkansen no no here's the place it's called Haruka I can't believe I'm doing taking this all effort to get you here but you need to go to this place if you can man this this is my favorite place to eat in all of Tokyo it is orgasmically good it's called Haruka Haruka it might get a little weird to go and look for that reqtest over there but it's it's so good it's unbelievable it's it's called Taiwanese men's soba or whatever it is but I showed this in the last video I went to Japan with and I I'll show it real quick to again it's Haruka in Akihabara and I can't I can't even like describe how good this is uh I hope you're not like a vegetarian or like that because this is like meat city all right but hang on let me let me just get this on real quick and I know the rest of you guys are like get on with the game jewel listen in a second all right listen we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna do that but let me just do this super quick I have this video around listen here Jolin come here you stupid food I know sorry all right baba baba I'm gonna skip this video on-screen did you do it done it should be around here some there just give me a second yes here it is here's the play look look look at this look at this ball of food look look you could be having this today go down to haruka get that shit i forgot what it's called but it's something with DX on it like the looks oh god it's good god ah it's so good it's criminal you know french like but go go get that it's it's it's fantastic haruka akihabara menya Eric acaba right it's also called but here here is the name you can probably find map to it Hey look at that I even found a map on Google Google Maps again this is long-winded think to use to get get someone to an awesome food place but here it is if you are curious it's right there yep and it's they ever be a Cabana right here's moss burger which is good burgers by the way I had a really good milkshake there and here's McDonald's in case you want to have a little bit of taste of home but anyway yeah I get to that place get whatever it has DX on it and I'll tell ya man you're not gonna you're not gonna be the same when you get home they're gonna be like oh god that place kicks ass anyway games but yeah uncle you head down there man if you're you'll have the best food in your life man a guaranteed or money back out in fact if you have a bad time there I'll PayPal your the money what's everybody what's up everybody be it's it's a food travel with Joe today will be chicken out cocky oh boy oh man I remember when this channel was about video games not stupid food traveling shit what's up your blood it's me Trevor James put another boo video here's the review hey what's up where rats me joy

hey guys it's me Joel eats pizza won today we'll be eating a pizza - 5 second video can use to go home with another food review all right everybody this pizzas pretty good i rated lettuce out of concrete 20 concrete's out of 25 salads on the Googleplex scale at ranks 5 salud review running on empty [Music] this level looks weird it looks like I'm in like a mold city mold dungeon City I don't like it what's this right there oh I don't have spark though other food review by the way we had all this time to power up with your friends and I never did that bluster hammer and alright sweet [Music] now I'm powering up as your food review gonna be like them on Park dog that he did forever go yeah if you guys don't remember I burnt a pop-tart on my stove once their spark over there about too late now man [Music] so I'm dancing along with the music sorry I'm silly this is running on empty our the food review [Music] in fact I look a lot like review bra when he's when he's drinking like math and do out of a wine glass that's what that was me I have a wineglass if you don't know I bought one and I miss drinking Pepsi out of it let's see if the AI can figure this one out come on Bo ah here okay good good job what do you think of weirdest thing you've eaten this I asked because you eat some weird shit well the weirdest thing I've probably ever eat them is is this well really if anything I guess it's this Sudirman thing but that's not weird for me to eat oh shit finish up foxy for me boys [Music] help me act I'm dying great fuck you no no no no you know what give me give me your ability here it's like a super fucking cool suplex dudes I guess the weirdest thing I eat on a regular basis I ate the blood cake or blood pudding in fact I'm gonna have blood pudding for lunch this time I'm gonna throw Mennonite yeah I love blood pudding blood pudding with a little bit of bacon and and lingonberries blood pudding isn't that weird yeah if you're if you're in England I think blood sausage is like pretty common I think yeah it's called black pudding I think in in in in England maybe maybe it doesn't look like it's blood by the way but yeah and getting Mario to vibes vampire Joel [Music] Oh black pudding here yeah yeah oh my god guys guys I think that I might have been a Joe Joe reference look at me do you think I give even half of a shit [Music] money [Music] guys here comes here comes ready ready oh my God look at that it's like a rocky himself made this game whoop come on boys here it up all right ma there's something else to this I'm wondering oh [Music]

look at my little wings flap I love it I'm glad you know what I hate an idiot here's a pet peeve of mine I hate when abilities touch that are like very normal for for whatever creature you're embodying is somehow limited like you can't fly all the time like why look like it play a player x-men game oh don't use Wolverines claws it hurts him like what don't god I'm thinking of something else stupid bullshit demons Christ on Super Nintendo or you can't fly all the time your flight is limited and the stages I mean but they do hurt him yeah I know but like not not in that way like when Wolverine uses kloss it's like shook it comes out it's like out fuck but it's like it's not permanent like aah oh god he's a tough guy you know but I'm saying like in the video games on x-men use your claw attack your health goes down see you will be dying if you use his skill you know hey my special hey you're applying for like x-men x-men school hello Xavier is like hello and I'm like hello I'd like to join it's like oh what's your ability I'm like I can die really hard by your end you also do goo the sushi made from puffer fish I never did that I never did this but I did however all dudududududu uncle you I hope I hope listen listen I god I hope I hope you've been following my advice have you gone to loss on our Family Mart and you've got on a corn dog do those corn dogs are fucking to die for listen I'm gonna I'm gonna be I'm gonna be angry for you if you leave Japan without having a Japanese corn dog I'm gonna be oh those things are good and boss coffee - you can't leave Japan without boss coffee come on

yes good but the hell am i doing the hell am i doing [Music] anyway uh I get the feeling Swedish food is just shit well maybe it's just taste by that this stupid - appreciate it man [Music] I fucking love basta coffee that shit is the best oh yeah it is dude it is it is fantastic love it too and I'll take this

Kirby's horny so that that joke wasn't even like remotely funny I like to retract that joke [Music] anteye humor jokes are made mate meant to make you laugh not cry said I don't have my stare Sparta no it wasn't up oh wait a minute you know what yeah yeah sure I could get got those puzzle pieces but I don't wanna get rid of like my super team right now that they're the best [Music] tonight somehow I can do this though you'll have great meatballs yeah we do but honestly I I do like Isis in in Sweden like don't do this it just guess I'm lacy okay you see I I don't really cook my meatballs anymore i I just throw them in the microwave they all are precooked my mind you but when I'm making like when I'm making like macaroni to meatballs Swedish classic by the way I'm just throwing that shit in the microwave I'm like fine it seems to think here's the thing with with making meatballs i I can't cook meatball I dislike an inability and listen I'm culinarily like disciplined I I can make a good fucking steak and I can if I put my energy and thought into it I can make a delicious right but the thing is I put meatballs in the pan and a little bit of the sides of the meatballs get a little bit of a little bit of a burnt edge to it and I hate that I want an even even nice warm temperature on the on the meatball without sacrificing one part being a little bit more crispy than the other I hate that and what's even worse it's like there's a bit of like burnt there's a bit of a burnt fucking sauce in the sort of pan after it and that oil low would have it's like buttery buttery death combined with like charcoal I hate that like it's just better to microwave it these days cook yeah of an oven it's way better [Music] all right all right well I mean a killer breakfast every day by the way I made crispy bacon crispy bacon an egg baked beans some fried cocktail tomatoes by the bush a little funky but I'll shut up for this bone jam huh that's how we greet people on my planet I am Francisco one of the three generals of magic together we command the fortress of shadows known as Jabba station we wish to assemble the dock jambo heart pieces that were scattered across the universe once we do a most twisted of visions will finally be untwisted untrod unfound but I do not wish to waste my time with pointless chatter so I won't just know that that should be attended ably to oppose us I'll have no choice but to put you down on ice forever wait a minute I'm done with the ice puns happy birthday Joe while I appreciate that thank you it's not my birthday but I appreciate the sentiment regardless listen here Francisco when I get the Sun come do what do you want want some Cooper don't be get W you oh I'm Kirby I'm you


I'm telling you man you get yep BAM ten I want to leave banana beat and you get King Dedede and you get Meta Knight and boom you have a killer combo man oh I can't do that yet huh okay happy bon jam in her happy Halloween Joel I appreciate it thank you

the true star allies was two friends for me along the way happy Father's Day July appreciate it son okay well well Bobo we're gonna do one more stage here and I'm gonna call it or kirby star allies but Western on the wall here we go to top flowers to get items wrong for these floaters if you're pinch [Music]

what's this - my beetle but I think my favorite Villa like my favorite ability so far suplex fire zap and like Biel - I guess clean is cool - but I didn't like the vacuum one like it seemed a little stupid where like you gotta just charge up really a long time to get the the actual super Hilary forth but there's something else I missed here staff is the best ability in the game by the way oddity okay butchy actually tell you why I'll be right back sit tight I'm gonna continue the Kirby here in a second but yeah let me just have a little bit of stretch and a little bit of a stay hydrated bought advice and get some water first but yeah I'll be right back sit tight and more Kirby come right up so I'm going to where we're back there was not oatmeal of that BRB I assure you anyway this friend throw I didn't want to throw Waddle Dee but sure whatever hey jobel are you free for are you free tonight might not be xerath but I'll get back to you on that just this popup message on this chord

[Music] hmm oh yes I got it and I'll finally let me do one there we go Anna here you know what yeah I don't know being a little bit boring by just having uh the the squad right now I mock you but I guess you straight up stealing rubella oh there it is I mean like kirby 64 flashbacks by the way I said this before but people think I hate Kirby 64 like where did this come from I don't anyway let's see you set on the voyage of training with alcohol from paint power on your side admit it materialize Yummy's to share with your friends it's like a magic art has the power to save the world oh it's brush blush brush splash and painter sculpture huh creative destruction I just know just summarize my streams paint brush okay still at life [Music] oh my god humor companies' [Music] d-daddy whoa whoa whoa whoa what what that's it's well Joel hates karma voted by popular Japan Joel his covert six before I cannot believe it I don't liked there there goes this this ability is like super overpowered holy shit

master that spongebob thing one of these guys and here's a lot of flour Bob Ross would've been proud not sure who this is but man out of Maui [Music] okay well I thought I could get a muscle man here but I hate ordinary tourists

if I had enough thanks [Music] all right well [Music] Susy my sweet Susan no no that's not what I mean Hey look at that huh hey what's this oh wait a minute I can oh it's a key okay yeah yeah of course it is a key why the hell my throw-in it there was a thing it was downstairs so where's it hang on I [Music] could I could I kind of bubble up sorry I couldn't oh my god first death first death and it's Oh oh my god

I have to do that again you got guys helping me out there I'll cheer you on it kill kill kill for me kill kill more I'll have my belly see this go boys

one solid fist come on kill kill for me there we go

got some more stars though it's definitely got a beat-down right hmm all right let's thus carefully go down oh god what the fuck oh my god okay I'm fine I'm fine not dead yet ah whoa Oh bullshit I can't do it how to say goodbye to our friend everybody express L&Y and you can tell that friend of fuck off that's how you do it solid advice trademark all right I should still have to do this please [Music] I can actually just borrow I can stand on the ddddd Achilles Meta Knight bit it please caught it standing on your enemy Avenue that your friends doesn't really work that well like you pop off too much whether we can I stand on you at least here we go thanks man okay now we're not gonna flood that up one more time [Music] all right well no mistakes man this is it just look what's down what's down here oh Jesus Christ all right we're fine all right good suck the key but I can't all right oh god no no no Gus help we're standing around for you oh god what if it's up [Music]

well half now voice vvv okay I'll use yeah model what we'll do good gravy

- well check below and then before taking up the key anywhere unknowingly that's true but I don't know if it these spawns if I do this so but I can just do this real quick then hope so at least oh Jesus Christ wait no no oh god damn it that was my paint ability - I needed a

[Music] Mach

car beat us is taxes a game that's so much fun

attempt number five get on top it's ten so please come on there we go all right now we please do this fun for the whole family dad why are you screaming I'm angry and you're back Derby dad oh god I still got to do like some finicky jumps the real key was aside all along

oh no it's gonna work wavy ever a totally perfect pair but extra stage open sweet first try and art well me [Music] out of your Manhattan all right like this team I love it I love it here you know what I'll need any more give me more stuff guys with raw fucking statue out of me Oh autoscroller yeah yeah yeah the dreamland dream team the meme team all right awesome guys have 43 lives you think I'm gonna get a game over soon gotta be it's gotta be a clutch moment man - is something down here again

oh geez okay I shut my fucking mouth uh well well shut your damn mouth good timing huh huh guys maybe it's a good thing I stocked over 40 lives to do this cuz I'm playing like a fucking a clam like I'm playing like molasses I'm playing like an amoeba a sea creature oh my fucking god what am i doing don't be calm now

how can you possibly fuck this up I'll find a way watch me go

nothing okay we did it and we only died a hundred times all right I'm gonna ace it I'm gonna there we go guys oh yeah come on oh yeah yeah yeah come up [Music] sorry I felt like slamming the table [Music] truly we were a starry ice all along [Music]

alright well everybody we're gonna be checking out more of star allies maybe tomorrow but for now we are done with star allies hope you enjoyed the adventures of pink Annihilator and friends as they sucked their way to victory real good game uh I highly recommend it if you need a cute game fun platformer full of mix-and-match abilities and just figuring out all the little little puzzle stuff you know it's not too complicated but it's a neat little package and it's mmm I love it truly we were anyway see you guys after the BRB want to do a little bit of Anthony Friday that's a little light at this point but better late than never so be right back sit tight and more games coming right over

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