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[Music] good morning family I'm in such a rush today um I had such a bad night's sleep last night and when I say bad night's sleep I mean I pretty much did not sleep at all I just lay in bed trying to sleep I think I may be good off for half an hour like max but that's about it so tired today but we have things to do so unfortunately kind of pushed forward and I'm about to leave for my appointment at the hospital gastro appointment and I've decided to wear those trousers that I got with this like a white ribbed top and my Congress I need to get some sandals because I cannot wear my converse with everything if they just look silly um but anyway I don't care today because I have places to be and I've got a restock all my medical storage when I get back because it's literally empty that top drawer I have to go and get a syringe this morning to flush my line so yes anyway we're about to leave hopefully I'm leaving myself about an hour to get there and then that also includes me parking my car and getting to my appointment my appointments at quarter past two and I'm leaving at 1:00 so I'm hoping I should takes me around 40 ish minutes so that I should have like technically like 35 minutes to park my car and get to my appointment excuse me so we shall see how we go I might just see if I can find the appointment letter before it go because sometimes it like gastro is in clinic 6 and then sometimes it's in clinic 1 it just depends and I don't know which clinic it's in so we will see if you find it confidential this Kabir [Applause] that's for my channel for you guys okay so update I couldn't find them later so we're just kind of gonna go without it and I'll just go to a mine on your clinic and I'm sure they will direct me sunglasses in the car think I might be in my bag car seat gets so hot because it's leather it burns your legs off if it was possible it would happen like I know I complain in the winter when it's cold I can play my foot please have sunglasses in here

okay that's much good I think I shall see you guys are just parallel parked like a boss and there was two other cars as well yeah so I was gonna update when I was at the hospital but it was just so hot outside and I just wanted to get like home quick and getting the aircon so I didn't update and so I didn't actually see a gusher doctor first of all they were all like oh my gosh like why are you okay because they were looking at the blood that had that had done when I was really anemic and and they were all like oh we need to get you an infusion quickly and I was like it's fine it's been done like thank you for the concern but I don't think I would have made it to a Christmas if I didn't have it sorted already kind of thing and anyway so basically I saw my TPN nurse and we just kind of discuss everything that would gone on I think we possibly gonna get some scopes done and to see if I'm bleeding because although yeah I don't see it's hard because I obviously don't share every single thing online so you guys you know don't always know 100% like what's going on and that's my choice because it's my life kind of thing and but I have been bleeding and from areas and although it hasn't been loads a blog but because it's been going on for such a long time we think that's why my levels have dropped also because I'm not getting any iron from my TP and I'm getting very very small man but if I'm actively bleeding or actively losing it then it's not gonna be enough to you know stop it and so because I've been bleeding from the front way in the back way for quite a while now and because I vomit a lot I get little tears in my esophagus and there's often blood in my vomit and sometimes I get gastric bleeding small ones usually and I've also been bleeding from my back end for a while now but I haven't really been sharing that online obviously because I didn't want to at the time and so we think that I think we're possibly going to do some scopes just to see if there's loads of blood coming from either and maybe I don't know if that's going to happen yet but that's what we talked about today um and yeah maybe gonna put some more iron in my TPM and I'm also good news as I'm fun doing my own dressing changes and I've got given another all of these which is like these special wipes to like clean the surface of my tray that my shops been in one moment those of you that don't know I actually have injections into my leg so that's why I have a sharps container but anyway again I don't show that online but so I thought I would do a little haul of my dressing change supplies so we got these which I do have some of these over there in the corner and these are the Tegaderm dressings with that little square is a bio patch it looks a bit different to this one because this one is blue but that's the biopatch but it looks a bit different so I'm gonna use these and the ones that I have until I for now and then I'm just gonna be using normal Tegaderm I would just be using normal tag again with a fire pack these are what the fire patches look like in their little packets which is this little thing here and I have to use those for six months and then I can just use Tegaderm without anything so how long's it been how long have I had my line now got it on the 20th of October in about three months so we have another three months of the bio patches and then god it's already been three months since I started TP on wow that's crazy don't look quick and so we have those the biopatch then the dressing these are just some small mistakes again I have a supply of these and this is to clean around the site with and consume it and then I have a bag of equally port I don't know what they call these blue things on the end basically these twist off and you have to change it once a week so I have a bag of the end all these things somebody comment down below I literally cannot think of the name right now the two doesn't say but basically a bag of those I plan on doing the video on how I do my TP n I feel like I'm comfortable doing it now and I also want to film a video of how I change my dressing because those are super requested videos so definitely something I will be doing in the future um but anyway I just want to share it with you and I need to go edit yesterday's vlog the washing machine is on I need to put that water on for ages and I kept forgetting and then by the time I'd remember it be the evening and it'd just be not worth doing it then Oh also good news I kind of so I thought I got my period a while ago I don't know if I mentioned it on my vlogs or not but it lasted for like a day and it was like spotting and and then it went away and I haven't had it since but yesterday I ended up getting my period again and it's actually seems to have lasted this time I still have it today it's kind of heavy so I'm kind of worried that I'm gonna you know lose iron and blood because that's when I was younger around 17 I had extremely heavy heavy periods and I actually became severely anemic and I've actually been suffering with anemia and iron deficiency since I was around 16 17 this is not a new thing that's happened now I've been suffering from this for a long time and I did see a hematologist for a long time and we kind of came to the conclusion that yes I have heavy periods and also at my body doesn't absorb iron properly and it's common in women like a lot of women are iron deficient like Tom's mums iron deficient and there's no known cause like she just you know her body doesn't absorb it that greatly so it's just one of those things unfortunately so I'm kind of worried that yes I have my period back which means the a my body's recovering but also it's kind of heavy and I really don't want to become iron deficient or anemic again but I am getting my bloodstone on Friday so we will see where everything is at anyway just read that with you all that's not how you do both if you get down ground what do a few actual perform [Laughter] here's a jump up and like jump on the fan yeah like that and then then kick out there you intellect I jump your legs out and in again oh yeah like that and then then I jump into the position and then up yep and then down again you got this do ten you're doing so well baby so great how many have you done I've lost count

seven hey feel the ground shaking nine one more okay you got this

well alright is it really as me standing you have some water Jesus you need to turn it is good cardio I think it's because of the possible changes yeah it is and also it's actually better to do cardio in spurts like that you actually burn more calories then oh yes sorry it's got lit with a lemon line it's a hint good for you hint however rest of them we can do ten more I'm proud of you Bravo how does it feel to have pot take your breath away that's the highest Mahara is that's the last month the highest is gone is 135 wait a month and I'm essence how do I do it to be fair in the last year hundred sixty one in a year okay let's see what mines been than last year this was this is just September this is just a random month because I took more ha raise this just to see what my RA is so the minimum that was was 34 which I don't know maximum was 208 oh damn and that's just from pots so I've read all your comments on yesterday's vlog about my stoma so thank you for your input and I did know that using this alcohol wipes was like not good for it so yeah I think I'm probably not gonna vlog tomorrow guys to be honest with you think any little bit break for a day plus tomorrow's gonna be quite like a do day so I've got quite a few things to do so I'm pulling up this polygon over you know floor for tomorrow but I'll point vlog either the day after that the day after that anyway if you'd enjoy today's vlog please to give it a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below and there's also know things that make you go home today excuse me um yeah anyway you guys know the drill like subscribe all that jazz and I'll see you in my next vlog good

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