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yeah it seems like you've got some unique characteristics here what we'll be working with hello welcome to tinkle tongue we're so pleased to have you here so what are the first things we'd like to do when you come into tangled oh yes establish your tinkle probe so this is a really basic rudimentary just assessment to make sure first of all that we figure out what your kind of anti drinkers are most importantly we want to make sure while you're here but we also want to figure out what sort of things in the past set off your because I do believe we do have you written down as being one who does experience wonderful so what I have here is basically a checklist I'm just gonna go through with you it's just a two-sided page and we'll just be exploring the depths

fast weather watching videos or in person obviously now that you're in tingle them most of these will be in person but we yeah and this is something that you get to take with you as well if you'd enjoy this process and want to go further

get your more detailed profile basically taking on the anthers we have here and really drilling down and finding out exactly what works for you today it's just a little brief and let's get acquainted I don't want to overwhelm you too much in your birthday here and now most important which is great for me to know from the beginning is what sort of voice you prefer so here we have basically whisper a regular voice soft spoken some people really like a semi inaudible or a combination and then just have a little category for accents if you really like a different type of accent so first of all just let me know no and then if you just know I can't pick you anything like that I'll just leave it blank if it's a bad thing put an X and then I'll just give it a tick you've ever been experienced okay so with whisper but yeah well that's some more that so soft-spoken kind of this sort of tell my boys I'm using right now the best thing my best compliment you can give to someone entangle themselves yes some people do really like a regular voice I don't usually like to test it in here I can't Academy but it has an accent but kind of not too strong X and some people really like a combination going from a soft-spoken to a whisper you weren't just prefer one okay and semi inaudible accents anything there yeah I mean I think everybody has finds a certain appeal you know very nice excellent so now our next section is basically just going through trigger sounds now this is purely based on the sound if there's a particular context that you need or something like that try not to worry about that right now we that's more what we go into with the detailed analysis or even beyond that yeah well we can take the detailed analysis and I really do a workup

tingling can be quite a science so now we'll get into the triggers and with these we're just looking for anything that ever has that up your ass some more or you think it really matter if it's been in a particular scenario that's kind of more phase three oh just this bare-bones you know if you just like pure trigger sound so you can only take it in a role play or has to be layered we can accommodate all that more at a later stage this is just get us to get to know you a little bit okay so the first is scratching so I'm just a nice scratching scale maybe even if I scratch my hat and of course you pick what is tapping sound blowing page turning or shuffling concentration concentrating [Music] we're involved in doing a task that sort of thing rain I won't attempt to do that one [Music]

scissors some people have to have it cutting something I'm out sound switch

typing smoothing fabric or there's lots of different fabrics people really like to hear their name just you relaxing hand candles watching them be lift lots of things with candles pointing so [Music]

brushing brush like hair brushing tooth brushing all sorts of brushing our gum chewing writing

right marble rocks clinking together water noises fire crackling gloves being put on leather click some people like that for particularly video games or old-style telephones so those are the triggers we have listed there and so I'll just go back through here and just love you know which ones are for you okay so scratching tapping blowing page-turning concentration right I think that is for everyone crinkles scissors the birds mouth sounds die opee fabric sounds your name and movements candles pointing brushing gum chewing writing marble rock clinking you ever had an experience with this water noises fire crackling leather but now the next portion it's probably a portion is the more that can get overlooked bit as a type of is more experienced and that's the professional answer mark we call it here it's basically where you are getting a experience by interacting with someone as you would in the real world it'll make more sense than you hear and the sort of professions we're talking about here so we have like a librarian that could be checking your books out showing you bugs giving you suggestions real estate agents showing you your for floor plan letting you select out the materials for your home showing you through a home architects waitress particularly menu reading the huge thing here and most people if they if you book a table they will ask you if you want the menu reading so you come

I'm live menu reading a lawyer going through paperwork contract laws that sort of thing sommelier talking deep wine tasting wine pairings that sort of thing chocolate ear creating beautiful chocolates and all that sort of thing fashion designer making you likes a beautiful clothes to interior design for helping to create ambience and home more personal type of analyses such as color analysis figure out what clothes you might want sales which is a whole sub-genre on its own you know we have our own dedicated home shopping network here when none of the items are actually for sale well they are there's little less tacky other places you might see a place like that they're not really trying to sell you that much a personal shopper or travel agent magician that's actually a fun one artist chef teacher so just know what of these you've experienced or if you've never you know seen a chocolatier you may not know but if you have an interest and we can note that down okay so we have librarian yeah I know I think we all have a real estate agent architect waitress we can be friends oh well I'm always a lawyer gonna be a bit scary thinking about the smell yeah yeah yeah I thought chocolatier you might what yeah I saw your eyes light up on that one but sommelier not as much fashion designer interior designer personal analysis sales personal shopper travel agent magician artist chef teacher

so now we'll move on to a bit more personal attention type experiences one where after you in particular that could be some physical interaction perhaps such as a haircut manicure pedicure ear cleaning massage there's all types of massage medical whether real or pretend and there's lots of subgenres for the medical or having your own hair brushed so any of those haircut manicure pedicure your cleaning definitely no massage I find myself I can get yes more just from watching someone else get a massage we used to get massages and yeah third place by working holidays

I would start the kids as tomorrow when I could see them on the other side of the room medical airbrushing now this is hard to do I guess a little bit more meta with how the experience is framed the type is called mannerisms is the name of this so some people like really detailed description so instead of just saying you'll have a dozen roses we might say an aroma sweet as a deck a beautiful smell

you know maybe a little more nautical than my off-the-cuff descriptions now air of authority so some people they like yeah I mean say it up it's that this is the sort of thing you must do the exit will be over there you must follow this instruction to go down this pathway that Aerith Authority can sometimes be something cornice I admit I'm not the best at that one next door a little bit down the same line but different feel so we have if you like something like that or conspiratorial if we're planning something together other people don't know about long mysterious brother I know something I'm not going to tell you about which there are many mysteries and more sometimes I want a pure comfort and kindness where you know they're just looking at you as if they're your grandmother and you can do no wrong don't say mother cuz I love you but they get annoyed with you grandmothers it's just you are the most amazing so do any of those mannerisms because you really like Authority [Music] comforting yeah I think everybody likes some another genre or situation that we found that can really help people get going yes education so people can be particular about what topics it interests that we can engage their attention enough but the other things can come so science is Bayes history mathematics finance language culture how - okay so science base history mathematics financing - language culture how - and then finally the last is you're almost in well almost a magical realm here entangled up the rules are different here than to the rest of the world even though we are in the world you may notice don't hear us too much in the news see you and talk about us we're not very well known but of course we are in the world fact we can engage other aspects if you want to delve into some other forms of magic obviously

so the Justice to civic types if you want otherworldly type magic so going to a world that's just completely different to this one but not rooted in a specific genre specific universe okay uh and specific universes this is Harry Potter Lord of the Rings avatar Marvel Disney any of these sort of things yeah I think everybody has up he's one then we just have pure magic so just straight up

or more a mystical air and time travel okay let me just go through with you yeah so I have for your tea no profile you like some whispers I'm soft-spoken maybe an accent affect me thrown it triggers are scratching tapping page turning rain typing fabric hearing your name writing sounds water noises or professional yes tomorrow you have interest or if experienced yes I'm are with librarians waitresses chocolatier that more of an injury yeah future personal analysis magician artists for personal attention like haircut massage and we're gonna avoid anything with your ears don't like here cleaning sounds like you don't like any touching of the years no ear touches for mannerisms we have an air authority or comforting and kind I kind of two ends of the spectrum and for education we have a science mathematics finance and in the magical area we'll be looking for otherworldly specific universes and magic it's not like we've got you down okay well then it's a good time now to go and get checked in you stay first night that the floating in would be a really cool experience enjoy just let me make sure I wasn't gonna you know be wrong by tapping so I think I really enjoy that I'm really excited to have you here entangled and this will be forwarded basically to everyone who you will see according to your itinerary so that we can make sure you take my pleasure and I'll see you I think we have you in a few weren't days just to get down really detailed your profile

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