Hyundai Ioniq Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) test

by: Bjørn Nyland

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we are in 2017 hyundai ioniq electric and in this video i'm gonna demonstrate and show you how this elke a the line Keeping Assist system works it's in a way it's like you know all stare in Tesla or but it's not on the same level and also I want to see how it works against the the new Nissan Leaf which I will test soon so let's see we are good to go and by the way so the Lane Assist system has three settings so the first one is just lane departure that many other cars also have it will just warn you but it will not do anything actively and then you have the standard L key a which is kind of auto steer right it will correct the course for you and that active LK which will correct like do more adjustments and of course some people might find it a little bit uncomfortable that's why they have two settings so let's start with just the lane departure warning and let's start driving and a switch to this one okay all right off we go so I found this while your usual route is the highway to cluster hopefully they will not be doing too much traffic there and I will also test what happens if you don't hold a steering wheel too long because if you let go you can let go the steering wheel for like five seconds and then it will bug you and then if you don't do anything it's supposed to disable that system and I want to see what what the car does let's say for instance if if the driver faints or on Oh something happens and then what's going to happen with a car so we shall see so hopefully we don't have too much traffic here I would say and maybe I picked wrong time of the day because usually when they do my test here it is not like crowded at all but now it is kind of crowded all right what did they okay there's a problem with the car cannot see the lines properly okay activate the system right so now it's active and then the car sees the lines but [Music] okay it sees a line though alright so let's see if I try to like leave the lane there okay yes so I got that warning but of course let's let's just provoke something where like like this right so weird well we don't have too much traffic here okay let me be looking more speed here all right so when I just let go the see it will warn me when I swear off the the truck all right and now let's test now let's go into the setting here well you can you can do like this very limited how much settings you can do while driving but at least the driving assist can be changed so now we're gonna change to stand on lka alright and this is slightly different than Tesla because during the test lock in order to use orders there you have to use that the cruise control but here you can use that I mean it's already acting now and I haven't activated cruise control yet so now I can let go of the wheel and it will steer for me you see it makes some small corrections there's I will have to check in every like five seconds otherwise well we can we can see that what happens

No yeah yeah yeah so I'm and it's not perfect this system isn't perfect it couldn't handle that turn which wasn't very sharp at all but you see I can use the Despoiler state without using cruise control so but let's let's enable cruise control also right now it doesn't limit cruise control oh okay so much stuff to do okay let's let's cruise at 100 kilometers per hour there all right now it's cruising now this is more like you know the the olives steer with the Tesla I've tested under some stuff here okay go I part by the road let me see it may decrease the speed here because it's slightly slippery though I've tested the system in impera ii which was not cool at all it was like ping pong we kind of like that system was just you know doing like it was just kind of like bounce to this side and then he realized oh and going close to that side or underneath it corrected and went to the other side and then like that but let's see so now we have the standard LP a is I'm gonna let golf again see what happens and this time I won't do anything just gonna see what happens I'll be quiet also you can hear all the said the sounds

what this is weird I haven't touched a steering wheel for the longest time now and he's steering for me but it's not doing a great job is - he's playing a little bit of ping pong also which is not the best but okay there okay [Music] oops okay I just had to take over there because it was a car coming let's let's try to provoke it again let me see I want to slow down a little bit but not too much okay I think if I cruise at this speed 92 which is about 88 km/h oh but then the car Canada's heads right for for the snow on the edge of the road okay let's try again I think it works best if you go on a straight line

[Music] okay steel stairs Rober cosmos that the health case will be disabled monetarily oh we just okay that is a little I mean it kept you kept the speed but it disabled lka and then you just ikana whatever you go you know just crashed somewhere so um it didn't slow down I believe that the system for nice only the new Nissan Leaf will slow down and then bring it to a complete stop but at the current lane just like a Tesla system because you know you don't know what is on the right thing you know there's there might not be a shoulder it might be a cliff there so that's why you know it would just stop like that okay of course if if the cameras were more advanced and it could detect a cliff or something and or detect that it is a safe place to park but we're not there yet okay let's that's for the next setting which is active Elkie a because I felt that it I kind of like was a little bit you know went over the lines and play a little bit more ping pong then I let me double check that it is okay so it's on active now active FK is on all right let off again see what happens all right

okay well yeah but oh listen it was again you know heading for oh man okay it could be okay there there I mean it will show me like if he can see the left of the right lane or not and then a little bit closer I'll take over here yeah this is the problem because we have snow so again Tesla autopilot would work better here but you know yes I mean some of you guys will complain that why do you twist again just autopilot it's freaking expensive well model 3 will also have the same system and that one is way more affordable and we can't really compare this to many other system the BMW has also some kind of lane of this assist I should test that also but I will actually also make a dedicated video about oh when I'm very but let's just see what happens down yeah ok so then after a while it disables and that's it then you die you crush and die so let's see that's at this table cruising TOEFL bit we're gonna turn around now and the thing is by the way [Music] okay and I think is that the pro pilot for Nissan Leaf there is a dedicated button a blue button while I'm in the button with some blue stuff on it that says Pro pilot and then you have to activate it just like Tesla autopilot you have to activate it but the system for the system for I three I don't know too much yet but this one is like always active and also the system for amperi is always active as long as you have pressed the button there's a button here on the side too to activate it or do you activate it and then it will always be active and that could be a little bit weird because I'm just set the receive cruise control here okay so that means that when you are driving if you are one of those people like those guys who changed lane without using turn signals like this the car will yeah of course then it will also bug you that do you cross the line you know but even that's so again so yeah yeah I would I would dare to say if you are one of those idiots we don't use turn signals when you change lanes then yeah it will be punished but if you use turn signal then you know you are you're letting no you're letting the car know and you also let other people other drivers on the road know what you are doing which is the whole purpose and then you know it doesn't bug you obviously and I think also it will temporarily disable the system that the FDA or less yeah but you see like let's go back on this cycling again come from behind so the thing is that if you have a system you see there when it's active then it's actively steering and then of course if you also steer you kind of like you will feel a little bit of resistance because the car is also steering for you so it's a little bit weird because even if I also take over and steer and correct the course it is still green so it is still also actively steering it's like there we are steering together you know yeah miss doing the sunken ship together all so um oh let's see so let me try again so let's I want to see how good it is okay let's try again go straight we have some we have a little bit of snow on the left side on the right side on the road okay getting a little bit close to the to the right there and then he get caught corrects okay and then he goes to the right again and then the color corrects but it seems like you know that beeping thing is not okay there you go there's act like ho little bit give a little bit of resistance and the car knows that I'm there it's not like it's fixed time it seems to be dependent on various conditions but technically this car could drive very long without you know just like test I know you can use the drive like through in in average I measured three minutes between each like check-in I call this I call it's a check-in where you have to do that of course there's a trick where you can put like an orange here but I'm not gonna show you that because that is unsafe driving that is not what the manufacturer made this for so oh yeah especially this system is not you know mature enough but I've seen some videos that who know they are developing you know better like more self-driving capabilities are I'm not sure what you would call this I mean it would be like a low level to autonomous driving maybe one and a half maybe a Tesla is like between level two and three yeah I'm not sure about the other cars Pro pilots I mean from what I've seen it also seems to be around like level maybe little as strong a level to than this but at least it's there and I mean is it totally useless no I wouldn't say that because you can say that okay and it's not as good as testa but I mean if you have the system on it like okay well I have to grab something reach over here and then you come back then you know the car is still keeping somewhat in on course so it's like a nice support system because yes from time time I see people like oncoming cars coming like over the line there they're doing something you know in the car and then they are not paying attention and if they had the system then the the car would help you steer for you yeah okay let's see but again we're challenging place here because we have snow so maybe not the best place but again you know there are snow many places in the world so it's not unlikely that this could also occur but maybe on like dry tarmac summer it will work better yeah but all right so I think that's it for now it was interesting demonstration yeah yeah so I'm living here man let me know what you guys think in the comments is there something else I should've tested what other cars ran tests always looking for feedback on what else to do yeah yeah so that's it for London and

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I demonstrate how the Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) on Hyundai Ioniq works. This is not the same as Tesla autopilot. It's a support system for helping you steer. In a way you can consider it "autopilot light". I will in a few days test the new Nissan Leaf's ProPilot feature. You can get free supercharging when buying a Tesla Model S or X by using my referral link:

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