Psychopathic Manipulation Over Others-Charm and Pathological Lying

by: Peace and Harmony

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hey it's your buddy peace and harmony with you here today I want to focus in a little bit more in depth on the psychopathic relationship manipulation tactics that are used and so you can identify these and furthermore protect yourself and let go of the psychopath the psychopath is an individual who possesses a high degree of charm and manipulation ability of over others and the manipulation is to put others at ease in essentially violation of their boundaries their own instinct their own moral compass their own values in order to seduce and violate them so that they can overpower to get what they want and it's a very calculated approach to the identification of their target or their prey these psychopath is known as an interspecies predator by dr. Robert hare forefront psychologist who has studied and identified the hare checklist which lists twenty traits of the psychopath individual and namely the main characteristics are they have a highly high degree of charm very superficial and so superficial meaning they tend to compliment others and have a very sort of glib superficial emotional quality to them and they overpower others in a sort of a Dominion stance meaning that they want to have power over others and they do this through their communication their verbal stance their body language and oftentimes play a lot of mind games to manipulate and control others and it's done in a calculated way where they're going to identify an individual who they are targeting and sussing out sussing out meaning kind of sorting away from the crowd identifying this individual generally who has the capabilities to be highly empathic or possessing of a lot of the qualities the emotional qualities which these psychopath does not have now the psychopath is completely devoid of a sense of empathy and so for to be devoid of empathy basically means they they do not have the ability to relate to understand the feelings needs wishes of another so they cannot feel another's pain they cannot feel another's joy they witness it completely from the outside they're very disconnected from others the studies have been shown that when a psychopath is witnessing an event that most people would have a guttural really reaction to these Psychopaths will just kind of stand and observe so they have a very discreet ability to just be very disconnected they do not possess the wide range of human emotions they do not really experience the feeling of love they do not experience the feelings of fear they just witnessed these in others so they find it very interesting and they really don't connect to music in the same way they do not connect in a heart-to-heart relationship with people in the same way they seek to overpower they it's by virtue of their physiology so it's based in their hardwiring of their brain and the way their their brain is wired they have a excess of dopamine and then coupled with very inactive centers that relate to morality and conscience and it often times a high level of testosterone so it makes them very focused on reward seeking behaviors pleasure seeking behaviors but they're very prone to boredom so they have a high need for stimulation and so they will create then a mask and that they will then present to others a a seeming type of individual so the mask of an employee the mask of a partner the mask of a husband the mask of a wife the mask of this intellect or you know whatever if they're a professor they tend to put on this mask or this persona but underneath there's a very very deep predatory nature and if you've ever seen the mask drop and you've been in the presence of this individual you know that this is not a normal person this person has there's a chilling energy that emanates off of them and this is the predator this is the individual which will really stop at nothing to get after what they want so stealing theft violation of people's marital vows going after I mean it's just the this guy is the limit whatever it is the psychopath once and it is up to you know is within each individual but chances are it is to overpower and oftentimes they take a lot of pleasure and you know over through their calculating mechanisms they really take a sort of pleasure and reward from fooling others fooling others meaning like pulling one over on people they that's just it's how they take delight so most people would not feel good about that they have a sense of morality they have a sense of inner integrity I mean they don't want you know that's not their an individual's Drive in fact most people exist to self-improve so that they're really and you know in that pure heart in that pure mind that pure alignment state most good people I would say have a tendency to want to self improve improve their their abilities their connection to others or connection to their guide source to get more of a pure life to you know it's an emotional drive it's a personal relationship with life the psychopath does not engage in this in fact if the psychopath is engaging in religious it is for sure only it is to connect with others to be a seemingly religious and it's not a genuine connection for them so the the emotional repertoire of them is very very limited the psychopath will exhibit psychopathic rage basically if if you are trying to you know put some guidelines and boundaries on the relationship and they are not going to have that because they're not able you're they're gonna lash out so you might get this psychopathic rage where then you have a fight and a spat and it gets very you know there's a lot of conflict and then you know 30 minutes later they it's like the nothing even happened they they have no connection they have a very disconnected emotional relationship to people and events and often times you will not hear about their past you will not hear about their family they will not have pictures they won't they don't seem to have a connection to a pass so very disconnected to I'm just going to say humanity or relationships they don't have there's no connection there so if they were divorced they have no connection it's just like this person was here for my life and that's just they're gone now and that's all it is so they move between relationships very frequently and very adeptly and they will modify a mask for each individual's so if they're going after somebody who is of a specific character or of a specific personality they will then put on the mask for that setting so if someone is for example a Greenpeace or someone with a lot of interest in the environment that will all of a sudden become this environmentalist and be able to speak you know after doing a little bit of research speak on different topics that this person is interested in dries you know change their demeanor change their language all of a sudden metamorphosize into this environmental person and then right around they'll be able to flip masks almost like a multiple personality and become you know the bad boy or the bad girl for this other person and they'll be riding motorcycles or wearing chains and leather and you'll be this totally different person and then you know they might turn around and be all of a sudden a professional and the it's just like it's not the same person it's very very odd but they do tend to metamorphosize this mask into whatever it is they are looking to manipulate so and they are very well aware of this and so when someone has entered into a relationship it is very calculated calculated meaning they're going to take the relationship only so far then the court unquote other person is like well this is love or you know they'll have led them down the path of feeling like we're gonna get married or you and I are soul mates or it's you Anna against the world or you and I in business and they'll completely delude deceive this other person and if you have specific examples you want to share that you can go ahead and use this in the comments section to share your specific situation is because it is absolutely mind-boggling and mind-blowing the degree to which they hurt people and lie pathologically so one of the other real true traits is their ability to pathologically lie really um to others and they do this on a daily basis 24/7 so and they do it with the greatest of ease you will you will never ever in fact a lot of them do even tend to fail the polygraph the lie-detector test because they have such a physiology to lie that they just can oftentimes lie undetected which makes them really lethal evil and destructive so if you know this type of type of individual if you find yourself in a relationship you absolutely need to go no contact with them get everything out of your environment that relates to them and furthermore you know it's going to take a lot of mental strength and fortitude to recover from the gaslighting the brainwashing the fear the trauma bonding that this individual has placed in your life peace and harmony with you here today I hope these videos do help please share and please subscribe for more great tools videos

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