2009-2014 F150 Transmission THUD Coming To a STOP (Drive Shaft Slip Yoke Greasing) FIX!

by: TheDeedsta

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[Music] 2009 f150 that's four five four five four doing a slip yoke greasing on the you know the driveshaft so checking the collar up off the ground [Music] all right got these four bolts loose one of us one of the bolts here that one right there is mark just marked one so you know which where it goes back to like mark the flange in and that piece is all the piece alright so you I take the four bolts off and you got a hammer it right you can't see anything you to hammer it right here and you should come out so I'll do that in a bit show you guys okay take it off that's now give me the steel hammer hammer coming all right pull it straight back forward straight back here we go there is no grease you clean oh it's a brightening first see this all right want to clean that up a bit Eugene's transfer case fluid as well yep [Music]

you put it facing down all the fluid could go alright that's good let me clean the actual [Music]

[Music] all right so this is the the grease for the driveshaft there's a part number [Music]

all right take my clothes off

all right so now I'm gonna put it back in yep let's see all right slide it in you should go in smoothly there you go I did it I think those more no all right should I put grease on the outside too okay so now that white paint used to match up with the flange here we go like that put your bolts back on I think it's a 78 foot-pounds of torque

all right so you put all four bolts back on and that's really it all right so we're done so it was a 2009 f150 5.4 4x4 to mark the 2009 draft I'm gonna take it for a spin and see how it drives taking it you know I already actually drove it around it is so much smoother I am on a 15 racing tune so transmissions a little it shifts harder that's normal but the studying the pushing feeling that you get that's gone like when you're coming to a stop [Music] hood it's so much smoother I can't see ya let's stop right here see if it does it no no kick no kick it off used to kick you forward can't let your slow down again we'll stop the see nothing butter smooth yeah so that's how you fix it it worked I'm glad because that was a really annoying app thud it's felt like you're at an extra gear it's just down ships and it just pushes you this yes it's really good all right


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Truck worked on 2009 f150 4x4 with the One Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft. I forgot to mention when you need to take off the other bolts on the flange put the car in neutral and spin the shaft, then back to park to break the torque on the bolts.
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