UPDATED: Record Multiple Individual Tracks on the Zoom H6 in Adobe Audition (Windows/Mac Demo)

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hello this is an update from a previous video I did but if you want to know how to record multiple tracks on the zoom h6 on a Windows or a Mac I'm here to show you how hello I'm Derek and welcome to hindsight 101 well you're learning about things that will help you in everyday life now if you like what you see hit that like button if you want to see more hit subscribe let's get to it so previously I did a video on how to record two tracks in Adobe Audition on a zoom h6 it was kind of a makeshift and I don't really know how it worked but it did well now thanks to bene own studio I'll link their YouTube video below that kind of helped me out and then got me on the right path and so now I know how to do it both on Windows and Mac and that's what I'm going to show you so stay tuned on a Windows machine you're going to want to go to the zoom website and then go to the Downloads tab from there you want to proceed to two files the first file will be series ASIO drivers those are the drivers for the zoom h6 and then series multitrack drivers those are the drivers that will help you record 1 to 6 tracks now let's move on to the actual Adobe Audition software in Windows Adobe Audition you want to go to edit and then edit you want to go to preferences and then audio hardware you want to make sure that you change the drivers to ASIO drivers and then select yes and then from there make sure your zoom h6 is selected the first one is for two tracks the second one is for multi one two six tracks then press ok from there you want to go to file and then new multitrack session name your track and then you want to go to template choose empty session don't choose any of the other ones because they will pre-populate information this one will just give you a blank slate to work from then go to multitrack and then add mono audio you want to do that for as many tracks as you have here I'm going to do two next you're going to want to select the input remember what input you chose on your zoom h6 at left right one two three or four here I select one and then on the next one I'm going to select input two you want to arm the tracks for recording so press the R and then they are on the second track as well now you can see audio levels moving you can see as I hit each different mic you see the audio levels moving my mics have two different sensitivities so that's when you look at the gauges they don't have the same intensity but they are both recording two tracks which I'm setting up now to show you

you see that I have two tracks recording now and I'm going between each mic and you can see the audio levels being recorded you can record more than two tracks you can record up to eight on the zoom h6 if you have the right attachments so let's move on now to Mac once on a Mac you're going to want to go to System Preferences and select a sound once you select sound you want to go to your input and select the zoom h6 USB you want to adjust your input levels I usually keep around 75% for the mic I use now you want to go into Adobe Audition click file click new and then multitrack session from there name your track and once again select empty session so you don't pre populate any tracks you can make your own starting from a clean slate next we're going to select tracks you can expect as many as you'd like I'm going to do two so what a multitrack track and then add stereo track this is different unlike Windows we selected mono track Mac you want to do stereo once you've done that you want to select your input so select mono but this is different on a Mac you have 1 through 6 1 & 2 are left and right and then 3 through 6 are 1 2 3 4 of the inputs on the zoom h6 so select 3 4 input 1 on the zoom h6 and then select 4 4 input 2 on the zoom h6 once you have that armed the 2 tracks now you can see the audio levels move as I said before my mics had different sensitivity so the intensity will be different but you can see I'm going back and forth and the gauges are changing as you can see audition is picking up two individual tracks for audio you can do more than two but in my example I chose to thank you have a good

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This is an update from a previous video I did where I showed you how to record 2 track on the Zoom H6. In this video I demo a much easy way and you will be able to record up to 6 tracks. Zoom H6 - http://amzn.to/2wvSAu6

Thanks to BenoniStudio for getting me on the right track see the video https://youtu.be/fa13gS1lpyA

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