Found Murder Weapon Underwater in a River! (LIVE FOOTAGE)

by: RiceGum

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[Music] good morning guys how is everybody doing this is day three of the upload Street I just woke up and I'm currently on my couch watching some American football I just play off your something so it is very intense and you know watching football makes me want to play football so I don't have any friends so I just have to play catch all by myself and there's one have a little bit too much air in it but hey to the pony cuz nobody in the bottom thirty morning he's gonna go I'll get it guys every day I've been waked now it has been so gloomy and it's like the Sun is never out but whatever speaking about Sun here's my studies back for another vlog we still have a name for him so common the name Elijah wedding named him little Kodak I want to how I feel about that but I'll be still taking the suggestion if you didn't see yesterday's vlog I basically stab clearly do sugar baby died in like oceans and seas and water and it's like just dive into water and he like tries to find stuff do you be finding the most craziest stuff but something unexpected came up yesterday which made me not want to do it but today I'll be doing it bruh underwater let's go so I need to make a quick stop at Best Buy I need to pick up a waterproof case that I'll be going underwater and I don't want my technology getting broken and a waterproof case is 15 plus clothes and then as one longer than my big made a cup of man alone what do you wanna do is pay for it all and steaming and body so I just got the waterproof case and now we're on our way to a very historic body of water record to the lake it's going to be like an hour car ride so I'm going to take a little nap maybe but yeah I'm going to the lake and I'm diving in and I really hope I find some cool stuff like that other guy I saw regressive Lake about the jump it's lost I really don't feel like jumping over this gate right now actually I can only jump over gays if I have some motivation we finally made it in and look at this beautiful body of water I mean I don't even know what I'm gonna find in there guys there's fish there's pyroxene stuff I'm not sure I'm about to hop in but I'm really excited [Music] hold on first all that test out in the water actually I want to do it like how they do it in the cartoon now they're just like oh I should go down that's just so cold no I underestimated I know it's like 40 degrees outside right now but I didn't think the water would also be that cold how not brothers should too cold it's okay I heard there's like a creek or river near this area that the water is warmer so we can still explore and find stuff I'm not sure all right so we just made it here at the river nature is beautiful enough chair chatting I'm a jerk hop in

Versace Versace Medusa hit on me like I'm nominated [Music]

let's go


imagine this actually worked for some reason has one bullet in there it doesn't work holy shit man the gun actually works man I could have died I did no good water dad well anyways life moves on there's nothing else to do today I think I'm gonna go on a little ranch so the other day I was on YouTube and this video randomly pops up in the title web I had sex with rice cub and I'm like whoa did I just get exposed but looking at the thumbnail and I'm like I don't think it I ever seen this girl ever I'm diggin back to my long list and I'm like I don't think she's on it I'm really thinking really hard I'm like yeah she definitely has me mistaken with someone else she put a program because you know that will tell us like me so I decided to clean up a video because I want to hear what she has to cynics as you know like this type of stuff could ruin my reputation [Music] you mind ever and welcome back to my channel today we're going to be doing you anything well guys we got a click big man me a lot of youtubers are doing this outdated or they do a Q&A and they talk about the most randomest stuff for like nine minutes and for 10 seconds they do you know have sex with rice go and they just throw it in there title when the whole video is even about the cut anyways I would just skip to the important part but you know let's give her a chance let's watch your Q&A you rather jump off a building for your veteran or get get to have 100 million dollars I mean 100 million dollars is not alive 100 million is a lot imagine that things I can buy with a hundred bill girls nowadays are so needy so this was a would you rather question right so get to pick this or that for instance would you rather drink a bottle of ketchup or drink a bottle of mustard to things that are both disgusting so you have to pick the question was would you rather jump off the building for your best friend or get a hundred million dollars and she really said a hundred land on even that much as if she's considering jumping off of get the fuck out of here blame AJ now what do you think about when you're having a bad day dick what little what you think God I try to give these up-and-coming youtubers a chance you know I try to sit down and watch their videos but like what girlfriend is this you know I'm just going to skip to what we've been waiting for the clickbait part let's get with you ha Franklin right go girl

alright gum I'm calling you out if you like training I'll write down my back and face like a motorcycle bitch I'll file like I'll let him flush the life out of me with his little fucking egg roll no what what is going on this is a YouTube family channel what was he saying so before I said about what you just said because that was very inappropriate why was this the title like why out of all the things you could have clicked vated why why did you put I don't want to be involved with it at all I mean I get it man when you use rice Cup in the title you get more views right but like what's this clickbait really necessary like all this clique nation has to stop it's getting out of control but like back to her video I think she was like calling me out or something he'll to the no note to thank you I'm good spicy Africa's interested though boy shut up like I don't know why you're talking where you click mate way more than her what yeah right Road you did not find our murder weapon like that's just a weapon you're only saying murder weapon to get more views like you're not fooling anyone bro you have no proof that that gun killed somebody that is not a murder weapon I don't know what you're talking about all you do is ring now it is that was like the stupidest video ever but I just was going around with that if you guys laughs at all make sure to drop a like if you did not enjoy this at all well I will try better tomorrow because I am daily uploading once again thank you for making it to the end do not press the thumbs up and if you are new make sure to subscribe and welcome to the family I will see you guys tomorrow

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