March Favorites 2015 [English Subs] 3月のお気に入り♡

by: sasakiasahi

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hello everyone. this is asahi. today ill share with you my March favorites! lets get started. my 1st item is this. the foundation from YSL called Fusion Ink Foundation. this has just been released in March and since then lots of people are raving about this this foundation got a high rate on @cosme (japanese site) this is a liquid one but the texture is more like water. and when you apply it on your face, it turns to powder. interesting formula. i didnt think it would cover up much coz of the thin texture but actually it DOES have a good coverage. and on top of that, its so light! ive been trying different ways to apply this, applying with fingers is better than using a sponge or a brush. i think this is good for people who are not used to use liquid foundations. my friends who dont usually use foundation tend to like this one. its quick and light so i used this in march a lot but only one thing i just cant like is that this package. the bottle is made of glass so its kinda heavy. and you take this cap off and you screw it off, it looks like a nail polish the tip of the bar is not a brush. so use it to get some foundation on your hand or palette to use it so i dont think its pretty hygienic. it exposes to air a lot which is not good for foundation so it could have been better than this bottle. since its so watery, they couldve used a pump i think.

and its got SPF18 and PA +++ only. so its better to apply another layer of sunscreen before applying this foundation to make sure you are protected. so except its sun protection aspect and the bottle, i really love this foundation. next is this eyeliner. Lisee Super Slim Gel Liner by Visee as you can see, its sooooo thin i know there are other brands thin eyeliners but this one is more black than others. it glides on the skin and once its dried, it wont budge. so easy to fill in the gap of the lases. i used this almost everyday in march you can fill the gap the lashes and apply a liquid eyeliner on top or apply this and blend it with a brush and make it a natural eyeliner i really used it a lot last month next is CHANEL ROUGE DOUBLE INTENSITÉ Ultra Wear Lip Color this color is called light rose actually this was a souvenir from Risa Sekine when she went to Guam, i think. thank you! i heard she bought it at a duty free shop and this is not released yet in japan. i dont know if it even comes to japan in the future or not this is kind of a set of lipstick and a gloss so this side is a color and the black side is a clear gloss the best part of this item is the color WONT come off. the other day, i had a lot of pizza, oil pasta and a gelato with drinks i wasnt thinking about the lip colors at all and kept eating and after that, the color STAYED on my lips! it was surprising. i know other lip items which declare it wont come off but this one is not comparable! fistly apply the color one and leave it about a minute while its drying, try not to put your lips together otherwise the color wont stay long. then you apply the clear gloss as a top coat and finished the clear gloss gives more shine and make color stay longer if you want more shine afterwards, just reapply the gloss this particular color blends well to my skin color but if i had a red one maybe i could see the result better anyway, this lip color works really good btw make up for ever has similar one, l'oreal has one too even though you cant get it in japan, and max factor has a set (2 separate bottles for color and a top coat) make up for ever one can be purchased in japan so i would like to compare with this. next item is already used all up but NARIKIRI face masks its all started from Hello Kitty one, princess, anime character and so on they just made me happier and made my skincare time more fun not sure if you can get them overseas but in japan, this kind of masks are so popular. several makers have different masks so if you have a chance to come to japan, i recommend you to buy some NARIKIRI face masks as a souvenir! next one is these earrings! i bought them at SLY arent they cute? arent they cute? look like protractors i went to singapore last month and over there, i matched them with my casual clothes, and also it matched perfectly when i had to dress up for some occasions too they are so useful for both casual and dressy style not sure if they still have the same ones but check them out! next is this handy and soft scrubbing sillcone board from DAISO (100 yen shop) ive already uploaded the video on this before originally u can use this for socks or a underwear this is like a portable washing board but i use this for cleaning makeup brushes i saw Sigma has a glove shape washing item and another maker has a big one to put in the sink i wanted to get them but i didnt think i need to pay that much of money on that silicon and i thought there must be something to replace it so everytime i went to 100 yen shop, i was searching for it and i found this when i made a video, i opened the package and used it for the 1st time so i used it a bit too roughly so i wanna try to adjust the power. if you push your brush too hard, it will damage your brush and the last item is this mug! i went to ireland last month and i bought this there. this has a knitted pattern isnt it cute? it says Ireland here. there are many souvenir shops in Dublin i think they all have this cup in Ireland, i also visited Giant's Causeway which is a world heritage there are so many hexagonal shaped rocks these are actually made by volcanic eruptions so they are naturally made. isnt it cool? i was like "how can it be done?" and i was so impressed by the power of the nature it was so windy, got caught in a squall, was cold but im so glad that i did once in my life. if you ever go to Ireland, please check it out. so that was all my favorites in March my videos tend to end up getting long but thank you so much for watching till the end if you enjoy this video, dont forget to like this video and subscribe my channel!

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▷Translation by Luv2bfree

Favorites items: Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation / YSL LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU B20

Kose Visee Lisee Super Slim Gel Liner BK001


NARIKIRI face masks

SLY/2015SS Earrings DAISO handy and soft scrubbing sillcone board

Carrolls Irish Gifts Mag Cup イヴ・サンローラン タン アンクル ド ポー B20

ヴィセ / リシェ スーパースリム ジェルライナー

シャネル ルージュ ダブル インテンス ウルトラ ウェア リップカラー


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