Dawn of Titans - Mid-to-Late Game Defense Theorycrafting

by: Game Rescue

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hello everyone it's vintage and welcome back to game rescue all right here we go theory crafting defense and this is of course early 2019 put that in there for the folks that happen to be watching this and May and June everything might change by then so this is going to be a period specific type of type of video so this is such an enormous topic I really wrestled for the last two weeks on how to present this so this is what I'm going with this is gonna be a very long video and we're just going to be looking at a lot of typical situations it's impossible to put every scenario into a video so like I said you got to be patient and I know folks love put in the comments yeah but I can do this and I can do that and that's awesome and that's what this game is all about is how adaptable are you and I'm just gonna leave it at that because once again it's impossible to just be talking about everything that can possibly happen in this video and because we have to we got to start with our with our chart and in this video we're gonna be talking more about how the mid-game transitions to the late game and that's happening in this range this is when your troops just become just way more powerful and we're gonna be talking about how we're straddling that line because what I've decided I am NOT gonna put out a end game defense Theory crafting video because it's so specific and it's so tailored to your tactics and tastes and choices and in all that stuff I'm not even gonna try and quantify what happens in the end game so what we're gonna talk about here is we're gonna talk about just the meat of the mid castle range and how you're going to be transitioning from mid castle into the late game because something that's very very possible in this game is it's actually quite likely you have a end game attack far before you have an in-game defense and I think that's just the reality because you know once you get into the end game your troops are everything and if your castle 21 I'm sorry but you probably don't have an in-game defense because somebody's gonna come in with castle 25 troops and probably stomp on it so yeah that's that's a topic that would just do nothing more than an inspire endless debate and I'm just trying to provide an instructional video to the to the masses think of it that way so here we go mid game and this is where you know just a huge majority of the players are so like I said this is a general information video and if you're not prepared for a very long period oh hey you've been warned this may not be the video for you but if you want to look at you know do I have to choose high damage versus high armor piercing and how do those perform against high armor versus elemental resist and so forth that's what this video is for all right you know in Lego saying it's easy and it's very very likely that you have a late-game attack even before you have you know a late-game defense so that's where the transition starts happening your attack gets out in front of your defense so now you know again on that power curve I'm hoping that you see where you land and it's all again it's all conceptual this is me mean not me pointing to very specific things and like I say here I am NOT dealing with statistical outliers and it especially exploits you know there's a lot less of that crap in the game than there was you know even a year ago when you know castle 12 dudes with with a ranger could go out and stomp on everything in the game fortunately it's not like that anymore so yeah this again general video so the known deficiencies in this video and this is the stuff I was starting to get feedback on is I'm not gonna try and consider spells and Splash Damage and firing rates and all this other stuff okay because you could spend two hours just talking about a fire attack you know and what spells you bring and all that stuff and you know that's that's a whole different video series so in this one just to simplify and try to make this less than a one-hour video man we're just gonna look at damage types versus defensive types and you know just know how the scaling works in this game because that's gonna be you know a big part of the conversation as well you know it's just for the sake of a of a reasonable length video we're just gonna be looking at just you know crude damage numbers nevertheless I think the matchups that I'm gonna be showing not only are they very realistic I think there's get might be some surprises in there and I hope hopefully you pick up a couple of good golden nuggets from this video otherwise I apologize in advance for wasting your time so here we go mid castle traits now this is when you're just gonna start relying less on champs and paladin's you know I've mentioned this in previous videos and at this point you may or may not have a variety of four-star Titans you know you might have a fire attack an ice attack an earth attack right you start specializing more because your troops got us you know got us you got to start focusing what you're doing when you're attacking attacking elite type of defenses and of course if you're on defense you've got to know that these specialized types of attacks are coming in all you can do is just you know try and prepare the best you can for this stuff all right so and again you know the focus goes to the troops you're starting to really leverage those especially X skills you know range your attacks are start getting very devastating and really it starts becoming all about the relics and namely how do your relics make your troops better so yeah so here we go we're gonna start with some you know some very typical types of attacks this is gonna be your mid and late game types of attacks and once again I'm gonna say yes I know everyone has their favorite thing this is a general video to try and educate people and prepare them for the mid and late game I know you're you're the best attacker that Donna Titans has ever seen and the thing that you're doing hey if it works for you awesome I'm just trying to show typical stuff so here we go Rangers are definitely coming to the fight and now you know like with a Holland and very recently we've had urge red you know this is where archers you know they kind of fell off a little it felt like with the summoning Titans well with these troop x skills in combination with a ranger woo you're bringing legit meat shields and devastating range damage and especially in the mid castle range the ranger himself in this case Tollan he actually adds something to the fight still you know in the mid castle the later you go of course the less role talent is gonna take one so again very you know just a vanilla setup this is not trying to be the apex elite at a very specific thing this is just a really strong general attack and you know I put the archer stats and the Spearman stats up here on purpose because again you know in this type of setup this spearmen make for a really good meat shield they got a few elemental resists they got a lot of health they got it you know you know not much armor but oh they're all their job is to just go out front and hang up the uncoming enemy defense right just hang up the enemy and let these nasty archers do a bunch of work and I just picked castle 19 I'm not saying that's the very definition of a specific point on our power curve it's just in general castle 19 is probably you know mid game ish right so again general think general so yeah it's just a devastating attack you got a really confident meat shield and you got nasty archers I mean not just a bunch of armor-piercing and pretty good damage - it's just like I said here in the bullets it's a complete army meat shield ranged damage in the Titans it still brings something to the fight and you know in the case of talent here he's actually good two-way player he's decent on defense too so yeah it's just it's just you know it's a it's a scenario and again here's another scenario we'll call this a high armor piercing type of attack I love to hell because she comes with guaranteed offensive x skills for the star maidens there's a crapload of hell's on the game this is gonna be a very typical type of attack again you know if you get lucky on the skill roll you might have a decent meat shield in your militia but you're gonna have a nasty attack namely that it's a higher armor piercing 234 % armor piercing I mean it's really high and you know a lot of Defense's the troops are not going to have in excess of you know you're gonna need what 280 to 300 percent armor before it really becomes something significant now of course the trade-off with hell for instance you are sacrificing damage for armor piercing now on the flip side here's here is the definition of high damage you know here's Hades I mean these Omega grenadiers and even just the bass grenadier x' the damage numbers are just obscene okay I mean in that you know this is without rage spells and all the other considerations that go into this this is just troop stats but you are sacrificing armour-piercing for the sake of damage so you know at castle nineteen even you know you got your all the critical you need you know these uh omega grenadiers z-- man i mean look at the damage you know you're 75 ATK of damage holy crap I mean and of course at max Castle level these Omega granted ears can be hitting for you know damn near a quarter of a million and of course if your raid raged them it's even more so the point here this is a high damage attack that you will have to prepare for as a defensive player so alright the fit defense types because I have to throw this in there because they're you know there's folks that still use paladin's even into the mid to late game because hey if this is your best four star defensive Titan you know what there's nothing wrong with that you know especially like a mid castle level you know here's Astaroth I mean he's probably the best palette and you can get you know I'm not trying to offend anyone that doesn't have him that has a palette and they love this is a this is just an example you know this is an astronaut that I have I can build him to have 90 percent resist all elements annie has a huge health pool I mean 400,000 health so if you have 90 percent resist on all elements that gives Astaroth a net you know call it an effective four million hit points their health right so because even with Hades you know he has 90 percent fire resist which means only ten percent of the damage gets through so you take his health divide it by 0.14 million I mean it's just a he's just a monster man now you know with the build I have you sacrifice some armor you know as always as it should be in this game nothing is perfect but in the mid game you know there's nothing wrong with an excellent paladin so you know maybe you got this role maybe you didn't so in any way this is the type of defense you could potentially rely on in the mid game for sure now on the late game you know we'll show an example here in a minute to where they become less effective but that's the whole point right of the of the power curve graph that I made you know in the late game it's not all about the Titan however here in the mid game we got our level 19 troops and we got Astaroth on defense so good armor-piercing so you know it cancels out the the armor of course that Astaroth has so down here you know we don't were not even counting armor but that 90 percent elemental resist and that's why I always say that elemental resist is king right right here you know our archers are doing you know an average damage of almost 30,000 well that comes a little under 3000 meaning you're going to need your archers you know 137 iterations of this base damage to kill Astaroth so oh my gosh you know this Astaroth versus level 19 troops I mean good grief he's a freaking monster right that should be pretty obvious but that's just one you know attack type right that's just it's Talent so let's look at a different scenario here's our mega mega damage and this is one of the things that Hades brings to the table okay so we don't quite cancel out the armor because again we're sacrificing armor piercing for damage but it's still you know it's still 108 percent so it minimizes astir us armor but look at that average damage I mean who oh my gosh 83 and damaged meaning after we consider the elemental resists the armor these Omega or sorry yeah the Omega grenadiers they're hitting for about seventy six hundred meaning it takes fifty three of these average base damage iterations to kill aster us so and of course I'm ignoring splash I have no idea how to model that you know I'm certainly not even gonna bother trying so that seems like a fool's errand so you can see you know you cut the number of damaged generations down you know less than half so that's the power of Haiti's just an enormous amount of damage so and here's why Astaroth just isn't gonna be a you know very good in the late game you know if you do all I did was take castle nineteen oh make a granted ears and replace them with castle twenty five Omega granted ears you see now they're hitting for average base damage of over a quarter of a million in the number of iterations gets all the way down to seventeen so now I just threw that in for that's why paladin's in general are not in-game garrison defenders so all right let's keep moving now here's my favorite just all elemental coverage now the problem here you can't get this skull in are anymore and who knows how many are actually not only in the game but are actually active in the game I kind of hesitated at adding this but here is you know just one of the ways that you can go with your defense but the idea in general is you want to be 90 percent resist to whatever you can so if you happen to have a unicorn skull gnar or Avalos or Matano again this is just an option it is not the best defense okay and I'm not saying that it's just it's a choice that you can make if you don't want to constantly be guessing at what a cat tech is coming you know now I got to change my Titan maybe change my relics and you're spending all this time up your defense and changing it constantly man if you have this kind of tighten just throw them out there because he's pretty good at you know everything I mean you know it almost doesn't even matter what attack is coming you know he's gonna be pretty good at all of it so this is just again it's a scenario so and as you can see on my notes down here on the bottom right the primary threat is high damage because to get all the elemental coverage man you're having a very specifically choose relic types and they typically don't come with you know the troop health troop armor you know these other good things for your troops right so and as you can see I mean we have a poultry 72% armor you might as well not even have any you know and we definitely are sacrificing our health pool on our Goliath for the same reason again this is not saying this is the perfect defense because it's not there is no perfect defense it's just it's a good general defender that is going to waste time of on the part of the enemy and that's what you want right you know you know you're in the middle of the war if it takes him four minutes to beat your garrison and you can beat his and to you win I mean yeah because you can cap to islands and rate is garrison in the time that it takes him to defeat yours so you know now honestly that's what war comes down to but this this gonar is just gonna be pretty good at everything right so anyway that's why I set up this scenario now let's look at our here's here's what people are bringing on offense now here's talon you know obviously the armor piercing exceeds the armor so it cancels out any kind of troop armor for sure you know respectable damage and of course the archers have a pretty good critical to so their average base damage is around thirty thousand so again because we made our Goliath 90 percent resist everything we sacrifice in the health pool so you know this 30k damage this is you know again elemental resistors King if you can get it it brings the archers all the way down to about three thousand meaning it takes 31 iterations to kill one Goliath and you have not specialized this scone are to take on physical archers right he's just a good general defender okay next scenario with our all elemental resist here's Haiti's like I said what's the primary threat you know it's it's just massive massive amounts of damage and that's what Hades brings you know these Omega granted ears you can have it only takes 11 under iterations to kill one Goliath so it's just nasty right there's Hades is hard to game plan against and you're gonna see on defense the choices we have to make when facing that kind of stuff alright now let's I jumped ahead let me back up some slides here a little bit of spoiler action I forgot to set these up alright now we're gonna look at high armor defense types again this is not saying this is the greatest thing ever it's just a way to set it up to where it's pretty good at a lot of things and Poseidon is is the king in this respect as far as having net effective armor so you know and if you haven't heard that term before you must not be watching my videos so you know there's multiple videos that precede this one that will you know help you understand what I'm talking about here alright so again we're just using castle 19 you know you can feel free to do this setup on d-o-t database and you know tweak things how you like right it's just I'm just saying if you want a good general defender well here's Poseidon now the primary threat here again is gonna be high damage just that humongous damage number that Hades can have that's the primary deal because we don't have well we don't necessarily have Elementor resist versus what they are attacking with and of course on defense you know the defense of AI they've definitely made the sets emanating troops arrive faster it's just they still spawn pretty slow as we're if we're using a Poseidon on offense we can get all of our you know Omega Imperials out in a few seconds well on defense mana Tate it just seems like it takes forever anyway I put up the Imperials and the Omega Imperials because you know the issue of Poseidon being this slow spawn rate is the enemy is gonna be chewing through your normal Imperials much faster than the Omega Imperials so you know I just for the sake of numbers and you know just what's interesting you know here's that big Hades threat right just a huge huge amount of damage now in this setup we can go back again just for making him generally good you can see the frost shield I have resist fire I put the Spartan helmet on for resists lightning and poison it just you know why not have some resist against a few elements again not saying that's the way to set it up but you know it helps mitigate you know some of the types of attacks that they're bringing namely lightning everyone uses lightning spells again especially against Imperials why not try to shave off some of that you know devastating lightning storm spell damage anyway so the Hades of course because we have that enormous amount of armor you know this kind of makes us 75% resist against all troops all Titans etc and then you know we got a little bit of Elemental resist I mean it shaves off 40 percent right so that brings the Hades Omega grin damage down to about 12,500 and as you can see this is why this is the primary threat it only takes five iterations to kill one of these Omega granite are not granted ears but Omega Imperials so yeah I mean that's that's why I listed as a primary threat alright let's keep going we're Stewart we're gonna stay on Poseidon here so here's hell okay I mean really good armor-piercing because we have those guaranteed storm mate and offensive X skills you know it cuts into our effective armor a little I mean that's how much armor you can have on these Omega Imperials I mean you know 300% I mean holy crap that's as that's as good as it gets I think so anyway our great star maidens have a little bit of critical right so we got to come up with our average base damage about 19,000 again we got some elemental resists we got almost capped armor take st. taking our maiden damage all the way down to 3,000 so that's where this huge amount of armor really comes into play because the higher you can get that if you can have that at 75% I mean it shaves off three-quarters of the damage and of course because we're bringing this type of storm mate and attack yeah we have huge armor piercing but we're sacrificing on the damage and that shows right here right you know it's gonna take a while for these health store maids to chew through all these Imperials and you know mega Imperials again that's the idea right we want to waste as much of their time on defense as we can and that's why I think you know maybe save for the the specific Hades attack you can make Poseidon into a pretty good general defender all right now here's Thailand again he's got pretty good armor piercing pretty good damage because all that critical I mean you know look at our damage calculation we're coming in over 30,000 pretty good we got a little bit of physical resist we're still capping our armor so I mean this is no joke I mean you know takes 14 iterations on these archers to chew through one of these Omega Imperials so you know if they're bringing you know 10 L it's gonna take multiple volleys just to kill one of these things so and then of course there's the the normal Imperials as well so that you know it's pretty solid man I think Poseidon is pretty solid now obviously here is the you know the best available this is the class of defense this is the elite defender in the game it's forlorn because you don't have to choose you're not choosing elemental resists or armor I mean you get pretty good armor I mean 208 percent it's pretty good right you know you know you still get somewhat elemental resist I mean it's very very reasonable to expect of a Lauren to have resist versus four elements I mean we're not quite there unphysical but you know we're gonna call it coverage on four elements I mean you know leaving two holes and like this you know we're not looking at earth or ice so not a ton of people are attacking specifically with earth or ice of course Oh dread might be changing that but anyway here is here's just your best in class this is probably the best defense you can have everybody knows this already because man and when you run into a valoran it's a pain in the butt so that's why I list primary threat man it's a screen recorder and make no mistake man if you're battling and legends League people are doing this unless you have good memory they can look at the things flashing on the screen and remember all crap I'm attacking this valoran with fire but the next time I know to bring earth so it's not perfect defense but that a good thing there should be no perfect defense but we want to have you know at least a competitive type of defense so anyway the primary threat of a Lauren its screen recorders and you know it's the folks that keep notes I mean these some of these elite war alliances they keep an online database of everyone's Garrison's again you know unless people can remember everything you know they're just gonna know hey this dude's got Val Lauren you should attack it with earth and you know that's why the primary threat is screen recorders and of course you know that's because you can't cover all six elements at ninety percent so yeah it's just the Laurens a monster we all know that so here's hell and you know hell has that high armor-piercing which cancels out the you know the armor of the spearmen the issue is like we said we're sacrificing damage for armor-piercing so there's a trade-off I mean we're hitting for 19,000 that's pretty good the issue is of course elemental resist so you know these star mains aren't actually hitting the Spearmint for much at all I mean less than 2k I mean it requires 63 iterations to kill one spearmen so you have to be a kiting god or you know pick up 15 spell drops or whatever nevertheless these health star maidens are really going to struggle in defeating the Lord and this is castle 19 versus castle 19 so you know it's a quote even match but again someone attacks with this hell they see well next time I got to bring grow guard right I mean so that's why screen recorders it's the it's the primary threat now here's Thailand it's got a pretty good combination armor-piercing and damage in a shame it definitely is featured here right we're cancelling out that armor and you know we're still running into the the elemental resists but our average damage is way up there's 30,000 and our damage per hit the iterations comes way down but it's still a pain in the butt this is going to take minutes plural to the feet but you can definitely defeat it because with Tolland you know that does nasty nasty spearmen on meat shield they can just sit there and trade with the Valar spearmen for you know for what seems like forever and given your archers time to to kill and it should say kill one spearmen obviously that was a minor mistake on my part but you get the idea valoran even with a you know just an awesome awesome talent army is still gonna make it a pain in the butt alright let's reminisce if we go back to my original defense Theory crafting video way back in June we had this scenario and at the time I said this is the most ridiculous thing that I can come up with and what I did was I said okay we're gonna take Valkyrie we're gonna maximize health and armor and make them 90 percent resist against fire that way the mesh grenadiers is because this my mash grenadiers is was the best attack available because you know xql armor-piercing X skill damage 100% crit you know this was the most devastating thing you can come up with and you know still took 56 of these mesh grenadiers shots to kill one of these Valkyrie spearmen but if you remember the problem was you were playing Russian roulette because those Valkyrie spearmen you know you can only choose one element and say okay I'm going to resist against this one element and it's still a valid strategy with all the Hades out there the problem is like I said you're playing Russian roulette and you're not just putting one bullet in the chamber spinning it and then you know pulling a trigger know you're covering one element you have to spin the chamber with five bullets in the gun you're probably dead right so here we go now here's the Hades versus the valoran so it still holds up it still takes 57 iterations to kill one of these spearmint because you have the 90% resist and you're capping out the armor right I mean this is this is the best you can do on defense and it shows you know Hades is not gonna beat this the Lord because the part of the issue with Hades of course you can't have an adequate meat shield to hold out this long so yeah I mean so it still holds up right but the beauty is a course with valoran you can have four right so if we're talking about playing the Russian Roulette it's no longer five bullets in the chamber pull the trigger it's only two right that's the beauty of valoran you can you can resist against four elements and while if not unbeatable it still makes it just an enormous enormous pain in the butt and it takes you know four or five minutes to beat that garrison so I went ahead and did the the same exercise in the most ridiculous preposterous thing that I could come up with is actually Crowell gar right you're guaranteed the defense of X skills for Goliath now and then if you make those Goliath 90% resistant against fire right here again we can still cap out our armor because the problem with Hades is lack of armor-piercing look at that now it takes 86 iterations to kill one Goliath but this is back to the the five bullets in the chamber you know pull the trigger you're probably dead because this grow gar is only good against Hades and fire attacks anyone else that brings any other elements they're probably gonna beat you anyway I just want to throw that in there so in summary the balance is definitely improving you know back when I made my original Theory crafting defense video it wasn't even close I mean offense was just I mean light years better than any defense but yeah the balance is definitely improving it's still a mismatch as it should be I am never gonna advocate that there you should never have a defense that can't be beat okay and I think they've done a good job in doing that even with valoran you might lose once but it's your responsibility to know which elements that valoran does not resist and then bring that attack the next time so yeah it's just you know the balance is improving I love the direction we've gone in this game since my original defense Theory crafting video so going forward this is what I think we as players should be you know harassing that the Donna Titans team for and actually look down here at the bottom I should have put this bullet first because keep in mind if you're an in-game player you're supposed to be not only defending your garrison but be defending you know twenty twenty-five thirty islands so here's the point we need to keep harassing the d-o-t team for defensive relics okay just in general defensive relics namely elemental resist and troop buffs okay yeah you know cuz like elemental rings they're good they're great for plugging holes on your defense when it comes to elemental resists but it does nothing else for the troop it doesn't add troop health it doesn't add troop armor it does nothing else for the troops so if we just keep communicating hey as you bring out this you know non-stop tsunami of new relics that we have no storage for well at least give them troop elemental resistant troop armor or troop element or resist in troop health you know we just need them and I wanted to point out very specifically man Goliath I don't know what it is about Goliath man since you know our original make Goliath great again initiative they've done some things to help goai us out they they have namely the the health pool change but my gosh go on do T database sometime and look at how few relics we actually have for Goliath it's it's it's a ridiculous you know I'd say there's at least a five to one ratio of all these written you know just a ludicrous number of offensive relics for you know these other troops versus the number of defensive relics we have for Goliath I mean it's like for you know there's terra firma there's earth cask there's Goliath belt and then a couple of other you know newer point solution type of relics it's just ridiculous anyway guys continue to just get ignored for whatever reason alright now the other thing we need to do keep harassing them as again this never-ending tsunami of new Titans man bring back elemental resist for troops especially they've done a little bit of that you know like with urge read and some of these newer Titans you know at least we're getting some kind of quote guaranteed elemental resist for our troops but they just need to keep doing that and once again I'm gonna make the make the case for a vole stand rework if you gave vole stand you know the the chance to have five unique elemental resist for spearmen dude that would be fantastic because you know unlike valoran you're not gonna have those defensive ex skills for your spearmen but it would be possible to just have you know all six element coverage for the spearmint again that would that would be a very defeatable garrison but it would be it would give especially mid game type of players the ability to just set up one good defensive Titan that covers is you know just pretty good at everything so I want to make the case for it you know avulsed and rework once again and of course a new Titan volt stands brother can have five elemental resists for militia right and then we could have valoran like Titans for militia Imperials go iose you know these other tanky type of units because again that would be an awesome awesome defense but we're not unbeatable because you can't cover all six elements with ex skills also so anyway just some just some Titan ideas there and of course in the comment section I love hearing other ideas that you might have for defensive type Titans but they'll again just keep in mind you there should not be a perfect defense in this game all right now the other thing that we can be doing as players in especially the in-game players they probably already have this but as you are transitioning from the mid to the late game you got to start thinking about a defensive rotation okay and this is just hypotheticals you know hopefully you have multiple four-star Titans but if you have a really good valoran and you're covering fire and poison and earth with your valoran and you got some guy that keeps coming back and defeating it well you know it's a different element so maybe you have a Matano to cover lightning and ice or maybe you have an Avalos to cover lightning and ice or you know you get the idea right try to keep them on their toes yeah that's the idea just the defensive rotation to where if you're if there's this one guy that keeps consistently beating you at least you can try to bring up something that either stops him or you know wastes more of his time right so that that is a very valid defensive strategy and then I just threw in some improvements I think we need so for a long time we've been talking about you know letting the defender know what was used on a tack and you know I asked about this in the most recent livestream and they actually addressed it it sounds like this is coming and it might even be in the next update so I am so hyped for that change because when you when your garrison gets beat other than the elements you are covering then you start this guessing game and because defense is outmatched anyway it just I don't know it seems more fair to at least know that Titan that attacked you but it sounds like it's coming that's gonna be fantastic and here's something I hate the whole hiding and the trees exploit this takes me back a year and a half to win all you needed you could be castle 12 for crying out loud all you needed was a level 60 Ranger and the troop half thing was busted in there was no balance in the game what so ever so this whole hiding in the trees exploit I think it's stupid that's just my opinion you know and I understand there's dudes out there that love attacking you know five castle levels up and the only way they can do that is with the trees and having that go away you know it would you know cramp your style little but personally I think it's stupid is it's an exploit and I just don't think there should be exploits in the game alright now the one that I've been talking about since really the start of my channel we at some point my goodness I would think we can pick what goes in our garrison let's say you know you've been playing this game for a year and a half in the best defensive Titan you have is Tolland right and he's good on defense you can have your tanky spearmen resist a couple of elements you got nasty range damage that's a good you know defending Titan especially if it's the only one you have well if it is you're at a humungous disadvantage because the troops are near garrison you get archers or spearmint that stinks man same thing for militia my vole stands brother five elemental resists on militia that would be awesome but again even that Titan would be a disadvantage because there's no militia in the garrison feint same thing with star maidens in my opinion this is this is massively massively overdue and man I hope they can figure out a way to get this into the game because that's six you know depending on how many troops are in your garrison you're talking about four six troops that you could be adding to your defense as right now you know if you got talent on defense what are the Goliath's doing for you right or if you're going all armor and you got Poseidon on defense you know what are the Panthers doing for you and so anyway I think you get the idea there that that's an improvement that I would love to see is being able to choose our garrison troops so all right guys I'm an again I'm not gonna do an end game of defense Terry crafting because all that's gonna do is cause arguments that's what I feel like I wanted to just talk about mid castle transitioning to late-game because honestly pick any of these slides you want right here's Thailand versus valoran all you have to do is go from level 19 troops to level 25 because it scales really really well into the late game it really does scale as where if you were to change these two troops to Castle 25 it would still require these thailand archers around 34 iterations to kill one of these valoran spearmint so it's just a scaling thing and i didn't want to spend two hours talking about just super super corner cases and so forth and yeah i hope you understand that being said if there's just a lot of demand to see a whole bunch of very specific scenarios and what I'm thinking about it hey man put it in the comment section because if there's a lot of interest in a topic I am more than happy to prepare a video for it so but anyway that's where that's kind of where we stand on defense it's not the mismatch it was you know six seven months ago yeah sure it's certainly not broken as hell like it was a year and a half ago you know there's a lot more balance in the game in general and I think in that respect the game has just gotten healthier you know I am man I'm really looking forward to 2019 just again with this healthier atmosphere when it comes to balance it's just now what they got to do make war great again they got to figure it out so maybe that's the next initiative we really start banging on and putting out a lot of videos on make war great again all

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