European Exclusive: Alolan Raichu Box - Pokemon TCG Opening

by: Derium's Pokemon

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hey Mikey here and I am bringing you some awesome stuff from London I grab I got a whole bunch of cool things from London and I got this cool thing this is a nolo and right shoe box and a lot of you Americans are like where did you get this box and this is so cool that's mean it's it's because this is not I repeat this is not available in the States this is crazy I really really love this card and they also have a shiny holes jumbo size card which I am trying to get which is so cool cuz I they don't have them here in the States and I'm like oh my gosh ah so yeah so it's just like any box collection it has oversized right cheat card so it says the TC the Pokemon TCG alone right shoe box includes one never never be spore scene foil promo card featuring the lowland rights you won oversized foil card available right you and three TCG booster packs a code card for the trading card game online alright Surf's Up and a lower right she's ready to battle get ready to ride the lightning with the Pokemon TCG a lower right shoebox a lonely right shoe is a laid-back surfing Pokemon with some quick attacks in this collection you'll get a lower right shoe as a stunning oversized car as a playable promo card both ready they hit the beach and catch some waves let's do this inside there's three packs and it looks like there's just really old packs maybe I don't know I know I see a roaring skies in there so I love the box art and stuff like that it's still obviously its its box it's not Japanese but code for you I know we do not have this oversized start because I would have it in my collection already so now we have this a lowland right shoe oversized card which is so cool so cool and it has the tech quick attack and we have electric surfer which is interesting and let's see what we get out of our packs okay so not too bad we have Aurora skies which we can get a shame in in we have guardians rises with the toppled Leila and Bernie shadows that has Gardevoir and Charizard let's go with this assist you can get a shape a code for you guys I look sorry I love giving out kids I couldn't remember the Patrick because this is old Togepi chef BAE Gregor binnacle we have a meal gligar switch Tropius chop it and a beautifly let's see you will say that got you get that top of lately laughs oh hey view the it's a white coat so get something good let's see let's see what we get we have a dab skull oh I tried to dad tanomo cutie fly riolu right horn dusclops Charmeleon tormenting spray azumarill and ab aloe and muck nice let's get a sleeve for this boy keep the sleeve for this buddy get in the sleeve put you right next to cute lowland right you and our last pack I just like flung it all over why is it flip that way now there's no kids no no I'm not gay anything good but let's see what it got that energy there that energy life all right here we go a lowland staying true taught me Bellsprout gligar matang choice ban feel blower good alter the mood and a conch crow alright well that was super simple but that's a cute little review on this a lowland right reset hopefully you enjoyed it um I'm going to try and get that shot that uh rainbow rare hoo I promise it's gonna be hard I didn't see it when I was in London but I know it exists all right take it easy have a great day see you

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Today I'm opening an European Exclusive Pokemon TCG Alolan Raichu Box. Mikey Judged the Pokemon European International Championship a brought home some cool Pokemon card product to open on the channel. Ways to support the channel (YouTube ads are getting worse by the day): Webstore:

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