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by: Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga - Dr. K N Jacob

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[Music] if you're on medication treating depression continued your medication this is the journey that requires a lot of sobriety how do you say that I like to charge some of your paradigms tonight in a way perhaps you did not expect the reason I'm saying this is because a lot of people believe depression is like any other disease just like malaria or typhoid I beg to differ and Beaudry suggest this is an idea propagated by the mammoth pharmaceutical industry and some medical doctors especially in a certain professional field first where is the might because if the mind was physical like the blood system or your heart or like your brain and secondly if the pressure was caused by pathogens and the five categories of pathogens viruses bacteria fungi protozoa domes then I'll never write or speak on this subject prescriptively but the real question remains where is the might or what is the might we may even need to interrogate at what point did we surrender such a delicate source at a concern to medical practitioners alone that a craft has been done and practiced over the years by professionals doesn't justify it or living it continuity dr. Lydia come and knit Patterson in the book we carry the what was occurring everything they described in my new details how Madiba doctors would press a sacrificed puppy or kitten or lamb or rabbit on a cancerous tumor believing the cancer was like a ravenous wolf which would prefer to feed on the sacrificed animal than on a human patient in that particular book they have described various bizarre treatments that doctors used to use that have now been busted and they used to be needle eejit but they are now they are overtaken by trial and challenging conventions is not just in the medical field but it's a cross board for instance for centuries we believe the riad is flat and it's at the center of the earth scientists suggested that the ad is spherical and it's not necessarily at the center of their people a galileo galilei you are castigated in public it ain't even arrested by then custodians of knowledge purporting that these are people who are spreading and propagating heretical teachings you see you don't see the world as it is you see the world is your instruments allow you galileo galilei's worldview was premised on superior instruments in 1609 he had developed his telescope that give him a magnification of nine times you don't see the world as it is you see the world as your lenses can permit you as your lenses can allow you and tonight I want to invite you to do away with inferior lenses and cry to a higher ground where you can begin to see from superior mental magnification because while we get uncomfortable with new information new behavior can only come from new thinking and while I quote in the law of gravity it is perhaps the most known law in the universe it's a reality we cannot deny but the reason planes are able to get airborne is because it's a superior law the law of aerodynamics if you do not appreciate the law of either aerodynamics you'll always be grounded by gravity when you don't recognize higher principles you'll be a subject of inferior laws as often said knowledge is power and you know the enemy controls you to the degree of your ignorance so I want to suggest at this early stage of this momentous presentation never take any advice as gospel truth not even what I'm teaching you tonight you are a thinking being interrogate what you hear powder over it research over it but don't disregard someone before you give them a hearing the highest form of ignorance is disagree something that you do not fully understand don't draw it a baby with the bathwater do not allow anyone to interfere with your quest your search for the truth when you hear new information process it listen to it keenly again is timeless if it challenges your norms and your conventions then change your behavior I'm saying this because there are many doctors have good intentions they are few they are some in their ministry turned this noble calling into business the news no bounds make no mistake medical science is not on trial tonight the point on driving home is this depression is not a prerogative of the few choosen few in the society to desire it the rest of us from deal in this subject we must speak about depression in our churches in our homes in our places of work and by the way this beautiful morning I had a joint session for liberty insurance company and heritage insurance company of all staff members including they are two and BMDs speaking about depression just this morning and encourage every single company to deal this subject why is that why should we talk and learn about depression first you can live with someone who's depressed and you're not aware no matter how transparent someone maybe they haven't told you everything no matter how open someone is seen they haven't disclosed everything to you and you can be so close to someone and they still don't share with you what they're feeling this need not be your fault they work addition long ago to stop up everything to themselves to deal with their inner struggles and feelings because of all growing up someone means trusted them they shared the insecurities and feelings and were not trusted and Beatrice in August talked about that age in life where we lose trust so they have learnt over the years not to share their worries their concerns their fears with anyone because after all who believes them we'd be literal what they are going through but second and more important we need to learn about depression for our own good you cannot get others out of the pit where you live the first step towards cover in any enemy is identifying the enemy you our enemy is not your spouse your enemy is not your boss your enemy is not a bunker and the auctioneer will sell in your house your enemy is not even a tummy no sickness your enemy is not your ex your enemy is not your past your enemy is not a child who calls you names your enemy is not that child was ignored to support you and the challenge is this you can be depressed ignorant tree without realizing you can even read the top of your career and still be depressed illegible Tishbite at a very peak of his career after slaying 450 prophets about 450 prophets of Jezebel a messenger was sent as Jezebel and she's four by her gods by tomorrow evening and like you're not be alive and a month through four his wife I brought the ledger should have known he destroyed Jezebel spiritual support I thought the ledger should have known that God had already judged Jezebel after such a demonstration of God's power he caused rain he led the largest revival in his generation he was running away from this woman and by the way if you check the Bible closely that was the end of his career he took a journey 40 days in the wilderness and go to them to anointed successor Elisha he gave up the fight and began to pray take my life I can't handle it any longer after the triumphed exit from Egypt the greatest manifestation of God's power drew mayor moto Hans Moses was confronted by approximately 2.4 million people in the wilderness demanding for food and he said I had it enough this is after a great victory over fellow and agent a hard-enough take my life I can handle the misery any longer after God giving a testimony about job the most righteous man of the face of via the richest man in the East equivalent to Jack martyred a job after loosing his children after his wealth and health failed him the wife disowned him he ruled the day was born and wished he was a stillbirth in pre-language wished he was never born we see the same with Jonah the Prophet and Jeremiah telling God to kill me but maybe as you listen to me you say doc those are medieval stories I can't relate to that can you get moral about hold your peace I'm coming there how do you behave if you love the love of your life then you remarry and you add up more in a nutcase who are pieces you day and night you lose your two sons you lose eight elections and after finally you get elected to the highest office in the land the country is owned by Civil War after four grueling years or trying to keep the country in touch fighting with a coup d'etat after restoring the Peace of a nation they finally assassinate you yes I understand why Abraham Lincoln throughout his life suffered clinical depression in World War two the fall of Europe was eminent the entire Europe looked up to Britain for their salvation what a shame the Prime Minister of Britain about Chaplin resigned and Winston Churchill decided to take on the challenge head-on most historians agree with me tonight he almost single-handedly saved Christian civilization in the world what a great man you know American Russia came a little late of the war but for such a great hero larger than life here what he says here what Churchill says depression follows me like a black dog you know you can make the money as to be depressed you see money is not a resort n't of inner tranquility harmony between you might serene heart money is a resultant of solving people's problems consistently persistent with focus determination and hard work even by entrepreneurs who are hurting on the inside a forty eight beautiful lady who enters a cut-rate she was fighting depression to the psychiatrist our problems and the sake artists say before I prescribe any other treatment have got some good news for you tonight in this beautiful city Whitney Houston is performing I suggest go for her performance first and then come back and then we pick it up from there they only looked at a seka treat insane but doc I am Whitney he is done I'm sorry accreted the story but the point is this two days after she commits she committed suicide two days before her performance last year 17th of November 2017 UK minister of children and communities car surgeon some of you might remember committed suicide he hung himself after his Labor Party decided to excommunicate him on allegations of sexual misconduct the lifteth headless for celebrities billionaires heads of state and government who've committed suicide in fact people great men who conquered the war baku not Concannon figures like a dove hitter in fighting a lot 100 years that one heads of state and government took away their lives and tonight on a show you six of them Oh

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