OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes | Season 1 Episode 20 "Everybody Likes Rad?" | REACTION

by: Mattytime

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gentlemen we have another episode I don't know I I gotta hand it to your ad I can't not share this see the joke maybe on me

[Laughter] [Music]


no Nik smacking sounds a little worse

you guys saw it yeah I'd love to when you're all well sure but physical comedy is universal that old thing is going around huh haven't checked in a while you know everyone's sharing there's a lot of views you do know I'm the one who shared the video in the first place right famous right what do you think it's just a new finish even glory I can only imagine the possibilities like maybe he'll check his phone all night or maybe he'll check his phone all night this isn't just a phone Enid this is the birthplace of those views you're hopeless Enid I think dad's getting addicted to attention from strangers yeah why would anyone care what strangers think remember the video of that guy who bungee jumped off danger bridge [Music] yeah that was hilarious yeah but people only liked it for the one part we caught on fire now he has to be on fire all the time to stay popular does that sound like a happy life to you is this a metaphor for Paul I mean it's funny to us cuz we know it but who are these other people see these stupid faces I'm making this is what I would cut out I hope that's true anyway I'm pretty sure his 15 minutes of fame almost everyone's favorite social media sensation he's actually the only speaker we have planned so let's give him a warm welcome blow up your hands together for right Ackley's [Applause] can I get tickets Turan con people who recognize my comedic genius what really makes it funny is everything leading up to the for instance that guys get snake for hands just like just like this

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

all they care about is

so much guess it's time to retire back to the quiet dignity of consuming content instead of making maybe I should do that I know it's got you down you're big too big for those tiny phone screens but I just happen to know of a screen is big enough oh yes the big screen I think you have the right stuff the kind of stuff people will pay 30 bucks to see what do you say must be like 1,000


hey rad we're ready for you on set this is a big moment the tail sections just been shot out you're plummeting through the stratosphere it doesn't look like your ships gonna make it give me action give me drama that lady on the left looks like Steven universe character all right new scene got a few questionable choices meet Mort you know a judge

language radical easy guys get a lot of life changing role but I don't know I thought I'd get to do more than just the basic alien stuff I mean I get it but this all feels kind of stereotypical oh sweet little fledgling baby pterodactyl everybody in this town is a stereotype look at me big budget director no look at my actors the hapless funny man the attractive woman the loyal get doomed head this strong attractive woman the rugged yet charming leading man and Oh whatever happened to Joe goodbye alien no but you guys don't get it I was being funny on purpose it's not just funny because I'm an alien look just give me a chance I think that if we work together we can make this character or something new and special we can make a cooler alien in a cooler movie I understand you completely radical ease wait really yes and I think I know just [Music] did they recast the one it's 2018 rules a life that is not okay

well thank you for joining me here this active volcano we're here we wrap this episode is nuts [Music] I love I've said it before I love how this show just does whatever it feels like is just bonkers it just create crazy cuckoo cuckoo crazy pants crazy crazy person I'm fine I'm very tired well well guys have I have I proven to you yet why doing uncut reactions is terrible and unentertaining do you like this video please give it a thumbs up did you not like this video please give it a thumbs up if you if you hate me please subscribe improvise a joke on your own and pretend that I said it here I'm gonna go take a nap now and you should click on things that I put on the screen

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