Perks Of Being Pregnant

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let's go keep going learn nightmare what does that mean no I know what's that now - you want the number yeah yeah yeah thank you for this dress honey the best dress ever we are off to a restaurant called actress for those who don't know I think touches is a restaurant off Gordon Ramsay's Victorian age and thank you so much for a treat Christmas or birthday to remember they gifted us an experience or a house so while we're in London it's perfect


we're here in Mecca looks like what it makes this year because this whole line rock rules Victorian thank you so much for this I can't get the champagne so I have a mock kill instead true here's the refreshing love apple blossom at the top it looks like a little garden it's very annoyed I'm reading what is really that's the point of eating in daily classes and so here for the main course we have I think this is a lamb chop Oh mine looks kind of alive in here no don't say that I have here tasty lunch them so far when you go fine dining until those portions are so small it really makes you savor every every bite the texture the flavor you give to it Oh cute

so there was a final course of Honor extravagance much what is the way you look really in all look at never remember my little ship is very liquid [Music] off point I remember here earlier we were in Paris and it's a ritual life camera in London I become the Harris no fool get to walk and look at all the stuff that we can afford we felt like a 3,000 points stuffed camel I'm pretty sure you buy one for like less than that a new one and then we felt like a 7,000 pine troops we are here at Tom gymnast market it was loud with my 10 years in here making ever coming here again we were told awaiting would be like 20 minutes or 30 minutes I will say in 10 minutes it won't you also know

those who it we've got a family too because there's other people waiting and I feel like I guess they are

[Music] she must have it so you could come

yeah buddy I'm staring at these tricksters in front of me and I'm like it feel familiar and I realized that it spongebob squarepants mr. jobs to dress public at the Krusty Krab it's a lobster truck Tyrell if you kiss me after all these years Tim look like thought it was a pineapple the lobster [Applause] I ha a beautiful night we're going to end it with a chocolate brownie and a la salut a famous toy so I remember taking a test and I belong in Gryffindor I'm sidrón is llevaron here we have the wall we launched a harry potter father actually really big genuine threat home even get the one from fantastic beasts poppers express so cool i guess then what's the free agent anything get the Triwizard cups of elders he gets suburban maas well one of the kids or back at max Shreck Susan miss with me trying the Seven Samurai lobster roll [Music]

compare you realize how and you have a child just to give so much attention we were just getting each other like 70% really nice or I mind to be a baby again when do I get to be a baby again on University I'll have a say I want the attention I think you do homemade her brother Jaime we are on our way to some dinner we're meeting Isaac as mother's know they're back with my little shadow my dear twin but why shadow food and thunder was delicious but what we were having rice withdrawal symptom relief is a heavy sword tell me only poor thing and I put in the bed little blanket on him hi I thought you said Oh sir Tommy so you think I'll sort on me would you look like you're in pain I thought you'd also tell me do you have a shirt on me mm hey not because that's a word you trying to call them one chopper to come every morning oh good ducky kid whining Dumbo sir she's waiting for her chubby she's always longer without all oh never mind I've been getting paid and my gum I'm in my ear and on this side of my head this was like all of this ah the mind of Easter eggs I has received is crazy I think he's got like at least eight thing else it'll means what Easter is when I was growing up I was lucky if we had like one Easter egg between the four huh let's go upstairs let's go giggling - what does that mean man I know what's that you want the novel yeah this is a Phoenix I think we are getting new doors for our guestroom wardrobe because we need more drawers well duh I'll be used to put a lid closed yeah sorry I haven't been vlogging like you guys it's because I don't think you guys would really want to hear from me because to be honest I'm sick of myself I feel like every day something's wrong with me not even but I like start today I'll leave it all for the hubby can i push me to watch the issue today is your cheek is it your face or is your teeth I think the whole joint

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