Would Your Life Be Different If You Looked Better?

by: SheRaSeven1

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hey I'm back so I was very motivated to make this video today because I have seen so many people level up in the level up group I've seen so many people change for the better as far as appearances are concerned and so has their life so I was motivated to make this video today because I was looking at my old videos I was looking at pictures people have sent me and how they look last year versus this year and how their life has totally completely improved for the better okay so this video is mainly for people who are still on the fence about improving themselves changing their looks doing what is necessary to get what you need to get or be where you want to be in this world so I just want to make this video for everybody but mainly those people who are still thinking about it I can tell you go look at my old videos from like a year or two years ago okay major difference why because I put more focus and energy into you know myself okay just a year one year that's all it took and those year I mean that year went by so quick because I was actually having fun I was in a group of women who were all leveling up at the same time so I went ahead leveled up with them because we can't talk the talk when I walk the walk okay so I mean I thought I looked through the back then too but I could always be improving right so that's what I did so um if y'all know Mickey you already know she's improved a lot she sent me pictures earlier today and I was like from last year I said wow you know you did that so let's let's focus on how much have our lives improved for the better since we have leveled it I know a lot people have gotten rid of a certain type of friends ex-boyfriends who were boyfriend's better jobs better positions more money better treatment nicer nicer treatment in general right and getting rid of Dusty's exactly so I can say a lot of ladies lives are way better since they put the energy and the focus on them instead of chasing behind a dusty man okay or being thank you for subbing or being um you know worried about the wrong things and never putting yourself first if you realized how much you're missing out on in life you would stop whatever you're doing right now and make a promise to yourself to put yourself first no matter what it is if your skin is bad go make you a dermatology appointment if you need to lose some weight go figure out the best method for you and move forward if you need to dress better all right all that crap in your closet and go get some new stuffs and if you can't afford it give one thing a week until you have what you want okay if you need to just change your entire style because whatever you're doing is not working for you go find a style inspiration and and try your the new style out you know anything that's gonna help you improve is going to make your life way better in the long run so if I were in the same place as I was last year I would do it over again why because it was easy it was easy and it was fun I had friends I had people that I could also be inspired by and watch that's the reason that I started the group because it's easier to do what they group believe me um you found found you improve my looks started dressing differently and got a rich man and I don't have to work see Felicia and her name really is Felicia Wow I love that I love hearing stories like that um [Music] if you don't if you let yourself go you can get yourself back believe me I a lot of ladies in the group you know came in saying oh I'll let myself go I used to look like this I used to look better and I want to get back there so lady you know taking care of yourself is often seen as being selfish but once I became selfish I gained so much confidence exactly that's what it takes um you just jumped out of your pops boat Big Sean bout to be around the corner from me okay um let's see I got a party okay you really are a LevelUp guru for women she would thank you um Jim do wonders yes I Mickey and I go well we were going to the gym during the school year it's kind of hard now that the kids are out of school but I have a treadmill and we often will go to the pool you know with the kids and stuff but it's it's important to do something right so you're always trying to level up but I don't want more changes I can make to see a real difference in my life I dropped toxic friends Dusty's never really tolerated and now it's all about me good for you um when you look good you feel good exactly an attracted so if you have your hair cut in a mohawk can you level up and keep the style yes if you put a wig over it no problem okay I'm just keeping it real unless you plan on trying to date someone who owns a tattoo shop and also has a mohawk and they like Mohawks I don't know a bike shop tattoo shop whatever but I do think that you do need to put a wig on it anyway somebody said leavening up has changed my life I am healthier happier more confident I get treated better and I no longer work as hard but I have more money yes awesome so you know I just I just help y'all realize that you're important and you should put yourself first you know y'all did the work we all have to do the work but I'm new but I gave up sweets and sugar I knew I never gave up sweets and sugar I will still eat sweets and sugar treat you know but I won't eat a meal if I choose to treat it's either good dessert over the meal it's not both mm-hmm so if I want a cupcake or a cookie or a piece of cake guess what no dinner that just eat the dessert be happy okay switch the calories out cake and whipped cream trying to eat healthy mm-hmm oh can you make a video about religious parents who look down on our lifestyle I don't care about religious people that's them That's not me okay that's that's the point you got to stop hearing what people think it doesn't matter anymore you're first that's them that's their life that's their free will this is your life do what you want okay so I don't waste time making videos about that if you can't cut people off by not caring what they think you could still love people talk to people visit people but cut off when they start trying to lecture you just like oh gotta go busy yeah oh I have an appointment got a phone call that's what I do if someone starts talking it and I don't like what they're saying I feel like oh my god I have a consultation I totally forgot about I got to go or oh my god I'm supposed to pick up some letter I totally forgot I gotta go just get out of it that's what I would do every time they start talking it whatever you don't want to hear it leave you know um can you talk about levelling up on behavior and certain characteristics I'm such a loud person who really had to work hard to soften my voice it's made a huge difference in how others yeah you know Layla's a little loud my my daughter and I have to constantly remind her it's a conscious thing it's like you have to really be in your zone you got to be in your acting mode when you're in the presence of other people that you want to you know to perceive you differently so you got to just change your persona real quick as soon as you get into that environment you got to do it it has to be a conscious decision just like Beyonce says she change to Sasha Fierce on the stage but then when she gets off she's back to Beyonce you got to do that it's just a mental thing okay someone says you like loud women yeah but do they like you just kidding okay so my social worker said that if you spend too much time alone with a man he will get bored of you you are double date so double dates good no I don't suggest double dates I suggest United States that don't last forever a couple hours and that's it leave them wanting more if you bring someone else on the date you're distracted they're distracted they what if they're looking at the other chick what if him and the guy start talking and forget all about the girls or whatever you know I don't suggest deletes unless you're a couple and y'all have known each other for a couple of months or years and it's just something fun to do okay so making sure like I always say that I always say you know what Lila my daughters I said imagine how different our life would be if you know I looked like this supermodel or Beyonce or this person um she's like wow you think you'd still be married to Daddy I'm like you know but that was just getting me on the topic because we always joke around like that but whatever you can physically change realistically about yourself will always give you a better lifestyle anyway does it matter you know and like sometimes we laugh and say you think if daddy hit the lottery that he would still be with us but we always joke around like that it's not something that we're sensitive about because that's just our crazy sense of humor we if y'all go back on this channel y'all will even see the prank that we did on him with the fake lottery ticket we bought some fake lottery tickets and I was like hey James will you help me scratch my lottery tickets I need help and you're lucky so I want you to scratch it for me he said okay all of them are winners right so he started scratching and looking scratching and looking he put on a glass and look like this we're just sitting back there like waiting on the response we're filming it so I think I want how much I don't know I think it says you know four hundred two hundred thousand like what oh thank that's my car oh no he would not give me the car back he it was his card at that point I said I just asked you to scratch it oh man I didn't give it to you on this is my car this is my car I said okay well we're married so I can have for that anyway he's laughing I was like he was getting all excited yeah got up start walking around blood pressure probably went up then the kids started laughing it's a fake lottery ticket ha ha ha ha then he was like his whole life just shattered if y'all ever want to do a good prank and see how people will react when they get money go get you some fake lottery tickets from the Dollar Tree in the toy section and give it to you will laugh I probably can film it anyway so Jesus is about to be hot you think I would give somebody lottery tickets to scratch knowing that that's how people are I want I will be out I'll just send him he's good I'm like here James so what do you think about a guy who doesn't believe in long-term eating and wants to get married within six months I think something's wrong with that okay um unless he's super religious unless he needs a green card unless he needs a tax bit tax write-off or something like that unless he's got bad credit I don't know I would do a total background check on him okay read flag man don't rush into marriage okay just understand that unless it's for an alternative reason that you don't know about mm-hmm men will get married fast if they need your help exactly don't do it maybe their house is in foreclosure I don't know maybe you could get the refinanced loan with your good credit I don't know um at 19 what should my focus be on should I know just go have fun go fall in love go have fun date whoever you want when you get about 22 23 24 then you can start thinking about that but you're too young right now it's good not to be with the dusky but don't try to be a sugar baby right now unless that's what you really want because at your age you're still looking for love you know you need to go do that I have I had a man that wanted to move in with me after the first date that was weird yeah he's homeless what after three years me and Dioner getting married and he's not a dusty well that's good three years is a good time is it bad idea to tell a potential sugar daddy about my new delivery job don't why are you telling people about work no never tell anybody why do men always leave pretty women for ugly women if they do leave you for a lumen it's because they can impress the other women they can't press and press you anymore and you might the pretty woman might have expected too much from them and they weren't willing to do any of that you know and plus you can probably do better than him anyway my mom says a guy is not serious if he doesn't propose in six months lol um that was the old days okay I'm very good-looking very attractive but only Dusty's approached me perhaps it's how you dress it maybe you need to be super classy you know what I mean and it could be your hair makeup nails just you need to reassess your look she's probably yeah mm-hmm you're reinventing yourself and you have not been able to invest in yourself in a few years and you want to let your apartment go get something oh I went to let my apartment go get something going where I can level up I have no career okay if you're trying to level up and you're don't and you don't have things focus on that first okay you got to be financially stable in order to start leveling up fix your financial problems first okay do what you can do borrow clothes from your friend go thrift shopping do whatever you need to do but don't spend money that you don't have okay go get yourself together first okay level your looks first well if you if you don't have the money level up your looks I mean do what you can for free you know if you need to lose weight start working out if you need to you know start dressing different rearrange your outfits to look a different way but do what you can until you have the money okay is it okay to look for love when you're broke and can't fix your looks yet if you want to be hurt sure yeah you can look for love if you young I did I always suggest looking for love first don't get pregnant okay mm-hmm I learn how to level up through bartending eat easy money and it's mostly based on looks exactly so if you think about it I was watching this video on YouTube and it says attractive people are treated better they get paid more and their lives are way better and anybody can be attractive you know it's just how you take care of yourself you might not be the most beautiful person but you can take care of yourself to make yourself attractive okay I've seen ugly attractive people but they were attractive that means everything about them was in place it was nice they were well-groomed they took care of themselves they cared about how they look they were nice clothing they attempted to put on makeup and do their hair and their nails were nice they're you know it was good okay they got better treatment than someone who didn't do that okay so make sure if you're trying to go on a job interview if you're trying to level up a meet new type of people and not dusties then make sure your looks are up to par make sure you investing in yourself putting yourself first doing what you need to do okay because it looks are very very important even though people say they're not and it's shallow that's a lie and you know what he is you know do your best you know it's a lie okay so you wasn't allowed to date when you were young and now you're 27 should you be looking for love or experience level up and look for you're gonna be looking for love anyway so you might as well get that out the way but you're 27 so we got to be realistic about this you got to hurry up you know you're gonna fall in love with the first person you probably date so doesn't matter just go get that out the way

okay what you said you have to be honest you're less patient with the chick that's a 6 or below um okay gold diggers help the economy by spreading the wealth exactly fat women get the worst treatment shaking my head well you know in general I would say they probably get used more and they accept more and they let more slide so yes they do accept the worst treatment I will say they accept it because that's a choice um let's see

but anyway if you're if you need if you know you need to do something didn't just do it you know I feel like I don't think that weight should rule your life but I think if you know if you looked a different way that your life could totally be improved and that's what you then maybe you know you should put some effort into that direction you know it's up to you though because some some men like you as you are some men will take you as you are and you know treat you good some men will use you and treat you bad but you just have to make sure that person is with you and they like what you look like ok so cuz it it all depends I know a lot of guys that like women that are larger but it you have to understand the type of men that you're looking for may not so you have to kind of take in to consideration what the type of man you're trying to get likes ok yes and weight can change and that's that's one of the easiest changes so ok anyway so imagine whatever you look like now and imagine how you want to look and imagine how things will change in your life what you will have I think the opportunities you'll get how people will start treating you how many friends are going to be jealous how many friends are going to want to improve with you how people will treat you yeah I think about the good and the bad because it comes with bolts leveling up it's not all good ok people will start hating on you people will start saying no why are you doing that people will change on you some you know and the good parts is yes you will get more attention yes you will probably get an increase in pay or some type of promotion or raise or a better job if you apply you'll get better type of men approaching you you'll get better treatment nicer people better service whatever you know preferential treatment so if you think about the good versus the bad the good is always going to be more valuable you know so you have to choose a struggle you can't be ugly and y'all are so great so I understand okay so I have I have to tell you guys this if you're trying to get a millionaire or a high six-figure man most of the time they're not gonna be dating a certain size woman okay so we got to get that into our mental if you want to date you know mid six figures too low six figures okay maybe they have a certain range they can work with okay so you gotta understand that first and foremost some men will date you but they won't commit to you okay because they're holding out for better so you gotta understand that you can't get disappointed and think that something is wrong it's just how guys are okay that's just how they are like a woman as long as you got money it doesn't matter I like for me I'll date you fat skinny tall short as long as you have some money that's all I really I thought it's got it okay I might draw a line with the bad teeth but that's that's it okay because people with money can get that fixed so um that's it you know but man right like that because a woman's looks are basically equivalent to a man's wealth so your looks are your wealth unless you're dating a dusty then your wealth is your will and his will no double digits so put yourself first and I'll guarantee you a year from now your life is gonna be improved a lot a lot just start doing it who cares what people think who cares for how people start hating on you and one year from now you won't even care about those people and no and people hating on you and whatever whatever you're gonna be so happy you did what you did that you made a change a positive change for yourself for your life that you won't even remember the bad things okay she said you bought your first week today cool mm-hmm um my sister married a rich guy that turned dusty cause he's lazy oh gosh she should have been saving his money you can grow six to eight inches of hair in a year at lose 30 pounds in a year you can be happier in a year oh um sure do you recommend starting a fitness insta so you can perform and attract no because I don't recommend that because it just depends on what like I don't rep I don't recommend an Instagram account because so many guys have access to you you know you can have one but don't do all that extra stuff unless you're like an instructor that's your career and things like that you know what I'm saying but if you're just doing it for that reason and they'll be able to tell you know make sure you put that it's your career first don't wear skimpy stuff you know you can wear nice stuff but that's your brain but still that's your career in your brand they might be less likely to you know approach because there's so much competition but I don't know you know I feel like it could go either way so it just gonna hit be careful how you advertise yourself mm-hmm you can't just assume that me wants it use women just because they are plus-size women get used all sizes that's true I said they get used the most because they accept the least the woman accepts accepts it you know men can't use a woman unless he she allows him to use that's what I was saying yeah how do people treat you and you are not level up zero people will don't notice you that much they they're not extra kind to you they don't give you preferential treatment they won't look you in the eye you know they'll try to avoid you if possible they won't smile at you you know they might be rude and like for example when I when I dress up really nice and I look my best or at least somewhat decent and I go out you're just most of the time because I don't go out looking crazy people will treat you so nice they will open the door for you they will smile at you they'll ask how are you Jay they will offer you free stuff extra stuff you know tell you about stuff like oh if you go online you could buy this to get a coupon and you know then come back tomorrow and buy this at this price you know they'll tell you deals and then you'll see somebody that comes next to pay and they don't look so nice they don't tell them that and they just hurry up trying to get him out of the store you know so you know we you're walking and a man rushes to open the door for you when he was like a you know 50 feet behind you you know you look good okay so and they treat you like a lady versus a man okay most unattractive people especially women get treated like men though they'll slow down so I don't have to open the door for you or they'll rush so they don't have to open the door for you I've seen it I've watched it they'll stop tie their shoe when it wasn't even untied to avoid you I've seen it why because I can't because that's what they do look so important they're more patient with you they want you to stay longer and talk when you ask them stupid questions they don't get upset they they're glad you ask the dumb question even though you probably already knew the answer you know even women treat you better but most some women not all little bits a lot of women even treat you better you know so when yes men and women are so nice to me when I have all my makeup and outfits laid yes they give me compliments and go out of the way to speak to you yeah so knowing this you should never leave your house look in any kind of way just by knowing this I know some people still do they don't care they don't care what people think and that's good you don't need to kill what people think but don't be mad when they start treating you bad don't be mad okay that's all I'm saying I don't care what people think but I know I'm not leaving my house because I'm not you know looking crazy because I want the best treatment I don't want preferential treatment so i'ma leave my house looking good it's not that I care what they think it's just that I like getting treated well and when you look good people treat you good most of the time so I don't care what they think I think you're less they might not like my outfit but if they like everything else they're still gonna treat me nice you know I don't care what they think oh you know I bet she's you know a gold digger what I don't care if they're still gonna treat me nice I don't care what they think when I'm walking around and you know shopping during the middle of day I'm a drug dealers girlfriend or something like I don't care what they think they still open in that door and smiling don't care so it's not about what they think it's about how you how you get treated as a result on how you take care of yourself how how you treat yourself as how other people treat you does it matter what they think about you it's how you treat yourself as how others will treat you so you come out the house looking watch it that's how they're gonna treat you like a ratchet and you can't get upset because that's what you came out the house looking like dressed like so Davis they thought you as a ratchet until they treated you like one I know all people should be treated equally but y'all know that's a lie -

mm-hmm by the time I'm in my 20s I'm going to be so ahead of the game you sure should if you want if you don't care about yourself others walk exactly I laugh when I see people with socks and slides oh my god yes they think you're gonna steal when you go out looking like a bum yes they will okay so I went into this little bougie shop today looking cute looking like this my nice outfit it's a little dress a little Free People dress had my you know nice purse and you know look at cute just walking around you know the lady went into the back lift me alone in the store for about five minutes I could you know I don't do that but I wouldn't ratchet so she was comfortable okay if I had been ratchet with house slippers and I bought it on that would have never happened I'm trying to tell you

okay she's like oh did you buy that dress here I'm like no but I saw it was really nice you know so that's not racism it's classism I keep telling y'all it's not racism it's classism cuz this lady went straight to the back for about five minutes there's jewelry in there all kind of stuff you know what I'm saying it is classism it is not racism it is classic now you look like you got money and you don't need to feel they don't they're not gonna follow you they're not gonna be suspicious of you they're gonna treat you me and rude unless you don't look you're like you can afford something cuz that happened to me I went to Marshall's one time and I it was like early in the morning and I didn't do enough I guess to my my look I don't know but one of the man is just like oh it looks like this was born and washed and retag I'm like do I look like I can fit this and do I look like I can retag this and have time to do that and uh you know whatever there is a shirt for Layla and I said I didn't I bought this yesterday and so you know I was upset I went stood outside called the corporate office and reported that dude like three times wrote emails whatever whatever um and then I said you know I told them I said I hope you take care of that because I don't want to have to go further legally so they said yes man we'll take care we're gonna talk to him about this and then put him some some type of training whatever whatever I'm like whatever but I wouldn't look at my best and I already knew that well you don't look your best people will treat you like that it's not that there cuz he would have told that to you know trailer-trash to you know anybody that was you know of a different race he would have told that to someone who looked like you know they just rolled out the bed you would have told that to anyone that wasn't looking like they could afford something so I didn't take it as racism actually I did pull the race card but I knew it was classism because but I had to use that to my advantage anyway next story so you know then I go I go to nice places and when you look nice got on expensive brands and not labels and logos but nice brands that you know people recognize that aren't so flashy and they know they cost a little change and you're not super flashy and ghetto they understand you know like oh she's not like that you know so they they put you in a different class that's what it is okay yes you can have money but if you're rocking like Gucci flip-flops and you know Louis Vuitton of everything and logos everywhere it just looks either they might think it's fake or they might think you know you still ghetto you probably spent your tax return on it you know they're not going to treat you the same as if you have on like something from Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue or some type of brand that's not really you know in the videos it's the music you know what I'm saying ghetto fat yes so yes celebrities dress that way all the time yes but you're not a celebrity you're trying to be like a celebrity it's just a difference you know and the celebrity isn't spending their tax refund on it the celebrity is not driving a Honda okay that's the difference so how to handle jealous women black white women I'm fit and beautiful and brown skin woman always hate on me and I have long black natural hair how to handle these haters on me I'm very confident I don't think you should recognize it I don't think you should care like they're supposed to hate on you if you look good okay they didn't hate on you you go back in your house and redo your makeup redo your hair do something they're supposed to hate on you okay they're not hating it ain't working that's how you handle it be happy um I got bullied in fourth grade because I have you a small and white no well everybody's been bullied for something so welcome to the club okay you lost weight and your sugar daddy out of nowhere start to get you more money and now he's talking about wants me to be his girlfriend lol see I told you they won't commit to you until you are ideal to them anyway leveling up is more than books more than looks to educate yourself learn skills exactly like in the group we talk about manners how to speak mentality not getting emotionally attached putting yourself first keeping your standards all that good stuff there's many many books many PDF book files in the group it's a paper yes but the books are well worth the one-time fee believe me because the stuff you would have to buy mm-hmm do you have on any tips on how to look nice when you're sick and can't do a full face of makeup like if you're congested sneezing at least put some concealer some blush and some mascara waterproof if you eyes are watery and some lipstick or lip gloss you don't have to do a full face um what do you think about Elon Musk dating Grimes okay I looked him up yesterday thanks to you guys but I don't know who Grimes is them up who's Grimes let's see Grimes Grimes

okay Canadian musician okay let me see what she looks like she looks like a little child

mm-hmm she's a Pisces I see mm-hmm chick creative type non-threatening she's a siren um magical clouds would pop hmm Jesus oblivion I think he likes that she's into some you know some info some knowledge she's a Pisces of course so she's off always she's gonna be a siren seductress hard to resist those spicy stuff she ain't got no wrong this is what she look like so I say I understand it it's a different allure it's her vibration I think she's just different you see she looks like an other pictures oh this looks very ethereal let's see she's a little strange a little strange you know he's into technology Tesla so he's a little strange and it's going on that's her you know Pisces women like Rihanna they'll steal your man

anyway sure Pisces a lady at Target showed you one time because you feel and she said I got the floor dirty a little well it shoved you Wow that's not that's not nice you could've sued you know they had that on camera that's how I got Katt Williams I'm always thinking Rihanna has Venus in Aries I think that's what makes her I mean either huh so she got fired the next day okay I still would assume target I'm sorry I have a nice paycheck right now you won't have to work she or do you think a woman should delete her social media to focus on herself you know if you have to do all this extra stuff depends on what your social media look like are you do you have classy pictures or every picture of your book I don't know you know what I mean or do you have too many dusties in your feed or are your old friends not leveling up or having the same type of lifestyle change you are I feel like I would start an entire new social media an alias one where I'll only allow people on there who are like-minded you can have more than one get you a different alias only invite people who are like you you know I had I had another social media account years and years ago and I don't even check it anymore do people go home okay it's a whole new one mm-hmm so freestyling and shyness there's no time to be shy you know if you want something go get it don't be afraid there's no fear in this you have nothing to lose you know if you're if you're shy somebody else is going to not be shy so it's your world you can't be shy you got to choose what you want and go for it not as far as going up to people but if someone approaches you don't act shy you know this person risks walking over to you to speak to you and you're just gonna sit there and barely say anything they felt like they just wasted their time and you probably just wasted and missed a good opportunity okay are you shy on a job interview yeah okay same thing people who say they're shine oh yes I'm shy and shy but then like you need a job and you're desperate and you're on that job interview you're talking up a storm telling listing everything talking about this talking about that trying to impress this person oh yeah you can talk then so don't be shy that's a choice how should you handle the fact that you are a cam girl um-hmm I feel like if you're in that industry no one's gonna take you seriously while you're still in that industry and once you feel like you need to some people won't even know you're in that industry because they're not gonna really research you but it's a risk you know it's a risk of not being taken seriously unless you totally change your look and your name that girl just look like me I don't know that is okay

do you have promised ring engagement ring advice um how long have you been together because if it's if it's too soon then you're gonna scare that person away okay any tips for depression yes go to a third world country and volunteer that's what I that's what I think you have too much you don't have enough you wish your life was different make the changes that's necessary to get you out of that depression I like I don't like when people ask me about that cuz first of all I'm not a psychiatrist I've never seen a poor third world country child walking the ten miles to get water depressed never that's all I'd say low depression never seen it someone says go shopping shopping is good um how to level up on a budget thrift shops Ross borrow clothes Poshmark you know thread up those are online through stores some of them have new stuffs as well with tags still on it but they sell it less because they don't want it you know so look on those sites thrift shops in expensive areas yes because you could get like I found a $500 jacket for nine dollars at a thrift store I found a Burberry sweater for four dollars that's worth four hundred dollars at a thrift store I found I mean you can find some really nice expensive clothes if you know brands and I found what else you could do it you know just go to the nice suburban areas upper class upper middle class suburban areas and shop at the thrift stores around there the good wheels are a good little selects around there and you'll find nice pieces that are really expensive then you could even sell them online like eBay Poshmark whatever and then go buy you what you want right like all that stuff that I found I found a Scot up pants I'm not I don't wear any of them they're up for sale I don't want imma sell em and go buy what I want thank you define I Society for the nice donation I appreciate that your goodwill is expensive go to the suburban areas mm-hmm on the outskirts of town you'll find better stuff and they'll be less mm-hmm thrift on a Westheimer mm-hmm goodwill outlets yeah goodwill is trying nowadays yeah yeah I've been to some goodwill selects that are more pricey than other ones if you're in the city they're more pricey if you're outside of the city they're less pricey you know what I mean so it just depends on where you go okay you you finally leave Vuitton bag oh cool okay so I just want to make this video letting everyone know that you know your life can totally change by changing yourself you know putting yourself first looks do matter whether you're ugly or beautiful you know you can still be attractive and put yourself first and keep yourself up and make yourself a priority no matter what because not everyone is going to be a perfect 10 but you can go from a tool to at least a 7 if you choose to okay you don't have to keep going backwards okay do you think woman's problem is getting started I think it's changed a lot of women don't like change or they fear like they don't like it but I'm a Pisces I like change all the time every time I want to change and like every day I want to do something totally different as far as looks or dressing or you know something so if you get into that mmm wanting to do something different each day you know you're more likely to change or accept change you want to get started on something I know I there are some women in the level who looked just the same as they did as the day they started because they never started and they're afraid of change literally afraid of change like physically afraid of change and even though they try they still look the same and if you want to change you have to put in effort and actually do work like you have to actually take steps to change yourself you know talking about it it's not the same as being about it so men like change exactly it takes a lot of work okay but so does working I rather work on how I look they work for somebody else you know if I didn't look though if I didn't put effort into how I look I would be working literally punching a clock or working or you know doing whatever I went to school to do or dinner I would be doing something I would have a boss

because I would but I have option now you know looking decent gives me an option that's just the truth mm-hmm so when you want it to stop working you started looking for a men or just happy I just the day that I walked out of my job I told my co-workers forget this I'm gonna go find me a man to take care of me I'm doing so yeah when I met James I was actually going to work for my old boss because I needed to do something because I was trying to kind of lean I work with him you know me he was he was one of the targets but instead I met James before I left I'm kind and that's how it was so he so then yeah never I always had an option of not working after that so but if I was ugly that's right if I was ugly didn't care about myself didn't take care of myself let myself go back then I would have still been working you never wouldn't he never would have walked over to me I never would have been there I would have been somebody's job but do you that's you so yeah I'm you know I understood the power of looks from a young age because I've seen it like I've seen women who look good don't really work I've seen it

to make sure but a lot of the ladies in the comments have said since they've leveled up they didn't have to work anymore they don't have to work anymore somebody's taking care of them yeah it's it's amazing what a man will do for you if you look good I know a lot of you guys don't believe that but there's so many women who no longer have to work it's like okay I look good you wanna be my man this is what I want my man to do for me Pema beetles I don't want to work the man is like okay because he can have the woman he wants and to him that amount of money or whatever it takes to be with that person is not a lot to them they don't miss it it's just like having a subscription for a streaming app on your phone it's like I won't miss that money it's just like your automatic deductions from your account every month for a gym membership you're not gonna miss the money you don't even notice that it's gone it's not a big deal to you if you got money okay mm-hmm the difference between them no they're not they just have money they can afford what they actually want they don't have to settle they don't have to demand that their woman works because she don't have to you know um it's not being a simp when you have money so flowing that you don't even miss it okay and it's like you know I'll stuff this pig out of my account every month if you add it all up that's someone's like a whole month paycheck just a little stuff I don't even miss and what I'm saying is money it's different to every person money is different to every person you know if you got money like that you don't miss it it doesn't matter you're not a cent you you can just afford the lifestyle and the type of woman you actually are attracted to okay it's not a big deal to you so anyone that's saying you're a simple a simple would be more of a person who can't afford the woman that they want and it's being taken advantage of and used and then you know being made a fool of but if you can actually afford the woman you want it's not a sip it's just I got it like that okay so if somebody's broke spending their paycheck on you they can't afford it barely survived it and not taking care of their own kids taking care of you that yeah that's a sin that's a sin but if your man just got flowing money and your bills are nothing to him and he has enough financial you know abundance to take care of you and the family and everything else then it's not being a sin it's just being paid okay that's all that is being paid do you think these women who are married to basketball players are out working is LeBron James's mm-hmm so if you're not paid and you're trying to pay to keep a woman in your life yes your skin but if you paid and you don't miss the money and you've got the woman you want you're not a sin okay so whenever I see the word sin I know the person is not paid never I see someone commenting that because that's how they think they don't understand a whole finance flow of money that's not mist they don't understand that concept mm-hmm hmm let's see do women like men with muscle injections and fake hair only if you're rich they don't care you got some money don't matter have some money they'll like anything you do most of them spend that money on them they'll like you without all of that I promise you save your money you don't need to improve yourself use that on her there's this joke I think it was like just this old dude was at the gym he's asking his personal trainer which which machine should I use to impress women the most and that in the the personal trainer said the ATM the a to you okay ATM machine outside exactly that's the one so women become beautiful for the sake of money not love or relationship why would a beautiful woman be with a broke man though like I love you I'm gonna be beautiful for you bring me home that minimum wage no you know why because they want it all they want the life they deserve you know I'm sorry but it's true do you know much makeup cost do you know how much cosmetics cost if they were with someone just for love they couldn't look at it Beauty cost money okay I feel like you only have your youth for a short amount of time so why not look beautiful all the time exactly because think about it when you get old and wrinkly and you can barely wear makeup because you got too many wrinkles or you know or all your hair is turned gray you don't wear weeks for real and you don't have to wear wigs or you got a certain type of weeks you know you can't even you and you're all hunched over you can't you know you would be young and beautiful now don't wait till it's too late even when I'm old I'm still gonna I'm gonna be that old lady with the full face of makeup still still trying yes I'm gonna be the old lady that still looks good okay but better to know how you look good as a young woman as well mmm-hmm you got a rich man he can pay for surgery yeah well the women in my family don't really age that bad so I probably never need surgery you know my mom still looks good she barely has wrinkles okay most wealthy women aren't wearing makeup it's very much understood yeah they're wearing makeup and the products are still expensive and their skincare products are very expensive and they have a dermatologist and they have you know they get facials and things like that in LA yes they might not wear as much product because their lifestyle and the places where they live and the people they hang out with it's more understated but their products still cost a lot of money okay if your lip balm is $50 you know if your illumination moisturizer is $92 it's still expensive okay if your mascara is by Christian Dior and it cost 30 something dollars that's still expensive you know it doesn't matter how much you put on the product still cost money because there of the quality and no matter if you got on green eyeshadow or no eyeshadow you're still paying high price for cosmetics or moisturizers or creams or whatever mm-hmm I can't believe I got to get rid of my locks good thing I'm only 19 and I'm having uh-huh well you know a lot of people change you know you're not gonna look the same way forever anyway he might as well make sure you're benefiting from what you look like that's all I'm saying Angelina Jolie is beautiful why do you think he divorced her cuz he's already had her okay he's like he's doing her forever they had a bunch of kids I mean after you look at someone every day all day and she seems like she don't even like him anymore you know Angelina Jolie seems like she has attitude she's not all after him she could care less about him you can tell she's into herself and she does not care you know like I said he can divorce her tomorrow and she'd go get a billionaire the next day like literally because she is attracted okay she not worried about no Brad who's Brad he's an actor okay she can go get some billionaire if she wanted to you know they're trying to find out email her email her managers I just want one date with Angelina can you arrange it you know them billionaires are trying to find her so that's how I feel about her he's it's not ugly but angelina is a prize you know Angelina would be a prize like no billionaire woman is gonna want Brad Pitt but a billionaire man will want Angelina that's how it is okay whoever Brad Pitt ends up with will never compare to Angelina Jolie okay that's his best that's the best he can do that's it even hit the top level with her so he can't do any better than her but she can do better than him that's the whole point because she looks like that she's getting older though yeah but she still looks good she's still gonna look better than anybody that he can catch you know what I'm saying I mean if she wanted to she could get plastic surgery beauty fades stop it he has money yeah he had money but he's never gonna get another Angelina I mean he lived Jennifer Aniston for her okay B could get whoever she want but she's staying with Jay yeah they have another alternate they have another mission going on there it's not about any of that it's another mission totally okay a woman yeah woman turns 18 everyday that's true and a man becomes a millionaire every day no man wants to put up with all that baggage if he can afford it he can when kids are getting older she's about five years they'll be grown if not dirt they're calculating it out hey let the dog in thank you so thank you Sasha Oh is Lela letting the dog in go let the dog in okay Lela what did you say about Rihanna I missed it oh I just said she's a Pisces and she's always changing and someone was saying man like change yeah okay girl you come come back so strong if he could afford

upstairs Rosalyn or I think I heard her me I mean she's in the kitchen Oh Rihanna's 30 or it's gonna be 30 ekang she's 30 30 what do you think about Lil Kim gone bankrupt I think she could have gone a totally different way but she was too concerned about what people thought about her and self-conscious she messed up her whole look you know she messed herself up like she did level up she leveled crazy she could have gotten a millionaire you she just live with crazy there's one thing to level up and there's another thing to totally change who you are and what you look like Chane you ask a woman for money on the first date sure she ain't gonna give it to you know unless you i'll pick me should should have pulled of each they say Eve's getting ready to come out with a new something new song video something um she rose so you think once you get your looks right that's eighty percent closer to a sugar um yeah I mean it's super easy nothing mean value looks that's it getting yes I agree you should always strive to be the best version of yourself yes definitely mind and looks yeah I don't care about the mind believe me just looks mostly looks yes you gotta understand what they're talking about as men but you cannot be smarter than them okay and most women are and most of the time so just pretend to be done that's all I say act dumb but understand what they're talking about that's the stats as smart as they need you to be okay who are these dudes yikes beautiful teeth always is a must five dollar leggings I may not be a hood in hood for those stuffs good rich men love intellectual banter and someone who can keep up at least in Calgary that's true but when you're smarter than them it's competition when you're correcting their mistakes because you're actually really smart it's competition you know a woman is very smart a lot of women are very smart and if the man is talking about something that they know a lot about they're gonna have to pull it back and be impressed or whatever he's telling you intellectual banter not intellectual discussion there's a difference okay so I've you know I've had to I had to pull back all the time because when people start talking to me or my everything they're saying I know half of it's wrong but I'm not gonna correct them it's not my place I'm not gonna get what I need out of them so what I'm saying is like a lot of guys think that you're really smart but just think about how smart women are okay you don't you don't understand how much they want to correct you when you're wrong but they don't so you can keep your masculinity you understand that a lot of things that you're saying sometimes are wrong or that there's new studies that you haven't researched yet or new discoveries or bla bla bla bla and that whatever you're talking about was ten years ago or five years ago or two years ago because technology and all this other stuff is constantly changing and improving and there's new evidence and studies and things out on a daily basis I'm not gonna correct you I'm just gonna let you talk okay so that's what I mean about what a man wants you to have a mind it means he wants you to be able to understand him so he can impress you that's basically it Hey


mm-hmm mm-hmm education is sexy it is until you have to live with it okay I say education is sexy but went to your way to you marry a woman who's smarter than you and starts telling you what to do it starts earning more money than you then it's not sexy anymore it's a competition and you're losing they had actual job I watched this study I looked at a man fine educated smart independent women sexy from a distance from a distance when they have to actually date conversate talk or you know be in a relationship with they don't like it anymore because now she's out shining you so they don't like it anymore it is true because they start to compete with you and you don't want a competition it's not a partnership you know what a partnership is it's not a partnership because it's it should be okay this is a woman that I like that I want to impress I want her to feel safe and secure that's not a partnership okay a partnership you can have a partnership with a man you have a partnership with anybody when you're with a woman you need to act like a man like a gentleman she she expects you to be more masculine than she is she expects you to make her feel safe and secure and if you can't do that then yes it is a business partnership it's not a a masculine and feminine relationship it's not a merit you don't have a wife you have a partner you don't have a wife or a girlfriend you have an equal partner which is not the same it's not the same you know most guys like to impress women like to show off like to feel masculine but if you're dating an equal partner you will never feel that way ever and eventually your nature your masculine nature is going to want to feel that way and so you're gonna go find some other chick who's not a sprite that is smart and not competition and you're gonna go try to talk with her because everything you say is Wow you're right I didn't know that you're so smart oh yes uh-huh you know now your ego is being stroked when before it was being threatened so you like the idea but you don't like the actuality and once you figure that out you leave Bob the Builder wife or Bob the Builder partner your girlfriend and you go get the woman that makes you feel like a man after you can afford it because honestly it sounds good partnership is not romantic at all wife girlfriend I want to be a wife I want to be a girlfriend I don't want to be no partner I'm so sorry don't want to be no partner with you if you need a partner that means I get have to say so and everything and our pool rank because I'm a woman I will say oh no it has to be my way we're equal partners but since I'm the woman I'll cut you off sexually so then it's unequal then she has all the power you have million and you're left to go find someone who will still try to find you masculine after you're emasculated daily by a smart independent intelligent woman partner okay they will I promise you and you think it sounds good but it's not good why because you're gonna grow tired of it you're going to maskull ated on a daily basis when you have kids she's gonna correct you in front of your children make you look stupid okay and you're gonna feel even dumber and dumber every day and you're gonna be so upset you gotta start having your midlife crisis and leave pay her half of whatever you got and the divorce and go start over with somebody else that still finds you impressive if you got some money okay that's how it's done you've done that two times huh my friend acts like a man she bosses her man around exactly because that's who he wanted independence you want to independent woman partner so that's what he got usually if you have a partnership one is always over the other no matter what no matter what there's always one that has more influence and that's how it always will be there's always going to be one dominant partner and it's always usually going to be the woman so you can't have an equal partner and be masculine you just can't it doesn't work that way

hmm would if he can't afford the divorce I'm gonna pay I gotta pay for it girl no if he can't afford the divorce then he don't need to leave his wife he need a there right where he is and you need to go move on mm-hmm she good time to go to be I'm sure she does it's like that in Dubai I need to find a man who is Tim all right okay get a sponsor exactly now how how to track long distance if you're poor over the phone oh gosh work on that work on yourself first get some money first okay yeah get on free dating sites I don't know make him pay for the divorce exactly can't afford a divorce can't afford it sugar baby exactly or don't want the divorce and just lying your eggs try cutting you off to get her away she always crumbled and gave in okay well she's a pygmy how I shoot remember Sharon Stone in the movie Casino huh yeah she were how do you get him to rush to wedding quick after he proposed you don't want to wait around a year um tell him you're pregnant and you don't want to get married with a baby you a fake pregnancy test you can get ahead it'll work how can I get money out of him without meeting him in person only online mmm that's gonna be hard unless he really really likes you he's really really old and gullible okay mm-hmm being a liar isn't cool but it is effective and beneficial okay I know y'all agree with some of y'all wanna cruise line but everybody lives sorry mm-hmm everybody lies in my lives tell him you need to make up in clothes well I don't really suggest getting money first because most guys aren't gonna do that you know unless you're like unless they're real desperate okay hmm unless they just want you know unless they just really like you a little hot dope they'll give it to you if you just ask mm-hmm what are some free dating sites I don't know I'm not on any dating sites but a lot of the girls in the LevelUp group there on some they know a lot if y'all know some put some in the comments fake pregnancy are you trying to get women killed nope if you can lie I'm saying you don't have a girlfriend and cheat on your girlfriend or if you can lie and say you know you've got money and you're broke then why can't we love how we wanna lie mm-hmm we can lie we can lie to women kill are just as good as men we're gonna lie where it benefits us the same as you guys lie where it benefits you okay okay if you don't want us to lie you step line first you stop lying first and then we'll stop lying maybe [Music] yeah do girls in the gold-digging group use dating apps some of them hmm miscarriage after the wedding whoops so which hey you seem to talk the talk but let me ask you can you walk the walk of course I've been walking the walk for many years hmm because she gave up most okay y'all are talking to each other mm-hmm most guys will say they are single when in reality they are married mm-hmm so I mean if you come here if you and make and lie about being married we can lie about being pregnant okay that's the same thing basically to a woman anyway mm-hmm that's why you need this game exactly and these days is very hard to tell but the woman is lying about being pregnant there's too much technology out there now free people selling a pregnancy test online um I need to get him to chase me again I messed up and lost power I need it back and then you got to take it back you got to cut him off stop calling him stop texting him act like he don't exist and get you a hobby level yourself up until he starts chasing you what if he makes you take the test again buy a couple of them get you some disappearing ink draw your own line in mm-hmm get you some secret anything they sell that at the Dollar Tree they have these pens let me tell you they have these pins if you put a shine a certain type of light on it you can see it or if you get it wet you can see it or whatever you know they got that stuff purple marker disappearing ink reappearing Inc they got all that stuff now I told y'all technology will help you oh I'm pregnant get you a faith ultrasound online name the baby start buying baby clothes you gotta make you gotta set up the illusion okay if you're buying baby clothes they're done this lady did that on Glee she was begging for an eight months she'd he believed her she had a fake stomach and everything but if you rush it if you rush the wedding so your stomach won't get big and he says okay because you're pregnant you know everything so where is so yeah I just saying you know and you trying to rush it do it like that most men will go ahead and go for it with it if he already asked you to marry him this that's not a big deal good what if you were pregnant what if you did have a miscarriage after you got married it could be true I don't understand why women aren't such rush to get me really awesome women culture they need to be married you know I say wait but some women their cultures are different and you supposed to be married soon you know it could be their age it could be she thinks he's gonna change his mind it could be whatever no sorry look under the couch what if he hates you after he finds out you like house they're gonna find out you lied if you're a good life you never find out

mm-hmm oh sorry though yeah if yours it lyin you won't ever find out you gotta be good with after yourselves okay please help how to track over phone long distance I don't know like it's 2018 if you don't have internet you gotta find Internet they still have those do their cell phones call in lines quest quest love or whatever it still got that hotline sure you're a horrible liar that's my problem I'm too honest well then become a good liar okay that's my honest opinion okay I can call them what time do you go I don't know I go live whenever I feel like men who are spending their money want to see you just to go out yes go out

yeah you never supposed to do that with the sugar daddy until you spend at least five to five thousand or more on you okay don't be done I say even more but or not at all just switch and get another one when he starts wanting more hey mickey oh yes we were talking about I actually mentioned you and I'll say you know how a lot of the ladies in the group included we included our so looks so different than we did last year and our lives have improved because of it and help putting yourself first as a priority can totally improve your life and that if anyone's doubting it they should try it make that change you know start their process doing what needs to be done to have the life they want

mm-hmm so we were just talking about that and how people treat you better when you take care of yourself and look attractive versus when you just don't care um how do I feel about plastic surgery or just one little lower um I feel like a lot of people who okay I'll say this I know a lot of people who are talking about plastic surgery until they leveled up but they didn't even need it anymore you know it's self discipline if it's just something stubborn that you can't do or get rid of it no matter how hard you try then yes but if you can do it yourself then do it yourself you know what I'm saying because if you don't have to discipline or the lifestyle change it's gonna come back anyway if it's liposuction or whatever so that's what I think if you can't do it yourself no matter how hard you've tried and everything in your power you done but it's a stubborn area and everything else looks good you just one little piece area then yeah go do it um I had to get my money back for your surgery oh really you did what shopping spree you need to get it do not play the up pay fully out-of-pocket for surgery I don't know do y'all pay out-of-pocket for surgery some people do I don't know I think they finance it now I don't know why does the man keep telling me he has been looking for a house that's that's dusty talk okay when a man says I've been looking for a house it beans potential husband material money that he don't really have cuz he's looking instead of happy it's just like a it's a line it's just a listen Sasha said the devil is alive

he's like it's a scam oh ha not your pain he's gonna take that money how about I'm building a house I'm having my house built you want to see some people wanna drive by you want to see the contract you want to see the closing would you accompany me to the closing how about that like okay we'll call me when you find one

anybody watched passion Jones on YouTube she's leveled up yeah she's leveled the hell up after telling her big fans her fans big is beautiful yeah I subscribed to her when she's still considered a plus-size girl she just don't have to you know maybe she don't have to worry about diabetes and high blood pressure anymore but she still represents for plus-sized women I think she's wrong for it I think she did well first off you know who cares she got the surgery it worked she looked good she's happy she's still got viewers

mm-hmm if anyone wants to lose weight real fast do a seven-day water fast wow that's too much I need some food I just want to Torchy's tacos Torchy's I think mentality has a lot to do with how you're treated - I didn't really have a problem yeah some women don't have that problem but they still get treated a lot better after they level up you know they get even more bonuses all right Thank You B girl I'm 42 see around 47 but I look in or should I go for older man yes of course see here's the thing when you're really a certain age and you still try to date the same aged men it's still always backfires because your mental is 47 okay so you're not gonna act and sound like you're younger because you know too much and that's kind of what they want the young dumb shit so unless you're willing to act younger

mm-hmm you go for the older guys of course 36 is under 36 and under is childish yes and men of course want to say to a man to make what to say to a man to make him buy you an apartment um abracadabra i hypnotized you to buy me an apartment you better go study some hypnosis okay go get you something go get you a book on hypnosis study hypnosis go get trained and hip hypnotism and go try I promise you to work take them to counseling session take them to a counseling session session get you up hypnosis or hypnotist ooh I'm dirty oh we're gonna go get a massage it's a guided meditation and massage how are you a hypnotist paid panelists and change or her some change and hypnotized him to go by any you know I would if I could

and you know that there's crooked hypnotist out there like look I got a little proposition for you now I need to test you on somebody first I'm gonna leave the room you get that teacup out do whatever you gotta do I need this apartment where you go yeah [Music] just get the money buy your own apartment exactly if you can get it

I'm gonna see I'm gonna see if they have hit misses for hire hold on this might be a holding chapter in life hip notice I got to get me higher a stage hypnotist higher hypnotist look into my eyes we're going to hire hypnotist for your party you know these people need money I was I was duped by hypnotist let me tell you all the story y'all want to hear my story about the hypnotist okay so one time I went to this new age spiritual day and this dude looks like I can cleanse your auras da da da da da I can cleanse your auras and all for free and then if you want other things done then you know I'll give him a price though it's like okay for free so he takes you into this room and this this lady sits in the corner and she pretends like she reads she pretends to read your aura and he's basically hypnotizing you with his words he's saying okay I'm the kind of three you're gonna relax and and they're gonna feel this and then you're gonna lose feeling in your leg if you fall it's okay you can lean back I'll catch you dinner that you start talking real fast faster and it's like okay I'm gonna flush I'm gonna cleanse your or you're gonna feel it fall out you might fall or you might get weak in your knees but it's okay and one two three then all of a sudden you think this fold and cleanse Taurus because whatever he was saying I was doing right now saying huh oh thank you thank you so much I really appreciate I know he was hit you know I know was Hypno's American or so I think and then his his little side partner because there was three of them it's still three they had like uh they had four people one was the lady that was reading your or the other chick was the the sob story she was saying how bad interval her life was and how these people took her in and made her life better and you know she would do anything for them they had her hypnotized too probably but um so that people would buy services from them I still would buy nothing that's nice y'all know me not even a nice so when they said free I'm like okay let me go see what this is about see what this see what this is about so you can hire some hypnotist and I just found it you can't look top to get richest near me okay there you go yep say look I really like it this guy but I need him to propose Hey look I really like this new body in the by me and a partner what can you do for me how much do you charge let's just you know we'll pretend you're somebody else and you come in and whatever whatever you know sketchy exactly you'll pass on the hypnotist I might just try for fun I don't see how much they cost see if I can get these kids to keep their own clay I'm out this is getting too extra okay bye so you know if if these people can do that and scam people into thinking they're getting their auras clance it's it's super easy to fool a man okay

mmm-hmm wouldn't that get you bad karma I don't yeah it would if you believe in karma for those that do it might but for those who don't know we have to make him believe exactly um don't be mean rich lady who doesn't tip I want the money so I can have one on the side good you know most men that have a lot of money you do whatever they want most of them hypnosis is taking it far it's just a method you know all is fair in leather war remember y'all remember that rule all áall is fair in love and war

Travis hey hypnosis is simple and it's fun you have to enjoy doing this exactly you know I always said I was going to learn that that was all my to-do list to learn hypnosis or at least a little bit but I never got around to it maybe I need to do it mm-hmm too far what about men who use sex to lock you up I'm not weak I don't think that's not something that will get me know I say I'm not like gaga over stuff like that I need money okay

you could do it you could do everything in the world you can do your best tricks do flips it still ain't gonna do nothing for me unless you got some money I don't care those Dusty's have nothing but six to offer exactly thank you wham bam thank you sir for the money right mm-hmm you depress me the only thing that can depress me it's not it's something that that I can spend so no I don't I don't look at it like that like I'm a grown woman I got priorities I got expectations in life you know I don't want that kind of stuff is for teenagers you know or women who just started sleeping with me in if you're ruled by that if that's if that keeps you in check then your priorities are messed up okay so I don't understand like how do you get money from me that make sure they like you way more than you like them then ask the Cryptkeeper better have some money exactly or maybe just anyone in her level of already what's your guy's opinion I'm stay-at-home wife already but don't want to be a Bob the Builder wife what her level of group be for me okay if you're already married and you've already agreed to pay half these bills

your husband married you because you agreed to pay because if you would have told him I'm not paying half of nothing do you think he would have married you okay you're not paying anything good don't ever pay anything don't ever and don't ever pay anything and don't work or open your own business or do whatever you need to do but leveling up as far as looks mentality how to treat him to get better results definitely it will help you yes the group will definitely help you if you want to improve those things and get him to notice you treat you better make you a priority and things like that yes definitely

so someone said I should do a video on how to leave a dusty like the steps you need to take what you need to put in place before you can actually leave how to leave I'm like just go like save your money and be out don't tell him what you're doing never never tell a man what you're doing just do it okay that's my number one thing don't talk about it just do it one day when he comes home there ain't nobody there okay if he lives with you fake addiction notice okay get you some little couple of boxes start pretending you packing tell me I gotta be out or the sheriff is coming to kick you out at this date can you help me please keep no I can't help you one thing you need to go because my ex is gonna come help me pack he will pack us little stuff up and go back to his mama I promise you okay you can print one online didn't tell me your ex throw paper your house and y'all back together and you might be pregnant if he figures it out that's how you get a dusty out of your house financial issues can you help me you got to go back to your mama's house the sheriff is coming we you know my ex is coming to help me move cuz you ain't got no car so you got to be gone so my ex is cousin or my ex's dad or something if he's a jealous person my ex is dad it's gonna come help me something on my dad whatever you want to put it there so he gotta go you know so he don't want to stick around cause he's embarrassed then you fix your house back up turn on your TV unpack your load three boxes that you try to pretend a pack and relax there you go mm-hmm maybe gonna drive by a couple of times he's like I thought you insisted oh my man came my ex came through and sent me the bunny but you know he has a key now cuz we kind of backed together he saved me you saved my my apartment or my house or whatever you did that one okay y'all gotta be smart with this this is chess not checkers you don't want a man in your house be strategic you don't want him there get him out have a have a fake eviction notice sent to yourself okay go mail it out have him there when the the dude comes to the house and hands it to you you don't cost that much money Oh God am I married yes and you can't call because he bought the yeah you're so dead Wow no but I'm serious like sometimes women don't level up or leave because they feel stuck or they don't know how to get out of situations or they feel guilty about stuff but with these type of ideas that you're actually laughing it it works okay with little drama yeah you know there's no arguing that there's no violence there's only fear of being homeless or fear of you know having to look at the girl's parents because you too broke to pay to pay to rent and they leave okay on their own with no problem and here for the heels quicker than you can say I need some money you know when they're out there is your peaceful break up there is your get out of my house with no arguing there is your youth sorry man you can't even help me so you gotta go back to your mama's that's telling him he's a dusty and he can't do nothing and he can't help you he can't save you all in one time with no arguing you just killed eight birds with one stone okay and all it's gonna cost you is you know whatever the post is used to send yourself a fake eviction notice to be side okay or you can beat him home wherever he go tape it to your door you don't want to even want to go to the post office but I told I've told women to do this I can't get him out of my house I don't know what to do he just won't leave he just sitting there I'm like she'll take a picture notice printed online they say it worked it works I told that to several women and when it works how to join my level up group go to my youtube channel page just like click on my name it's gonna take you to my channel page and click on about at the top and it's gonna take you to my facebook link and then message me instant message me yes oh you got it yeah so you're never trapped you're only within moral bounds okay you step out of those moral bound you step out of that box there are so many ways to get rid of dusties peacefully okay so what if he pays your bills and you want him out why don't you just keep him paying your bills save your money and you move unless it's your house until you can replace him and that someone else paying your bills then keep your hobbies paying bills I'll say he's not super dusty but keep him around so you can replace them with something better yes on Facebook message me yes and I'll get up I'll get back with you tonight or tomorrow morning um the man is my ex-husband he does pay my rent if you're okay if you're in a bad financial situation and you can't leave then you might be the dusty you got to get your money up you need a dusty huh no I'm just saying you need to get some money need to save your money you need to get a way to save your own money so you could be out okay make me respect how to get your money up let's get some money like go start go get a second job get some overtime if you have a job you know fine up extracurricular way to make money like online or something sell your silk footage of your feet two-foot finish people be okay she's some crazy people out there I had people put I've had people donate to see you see my foot on here okay there's a thousand made a million ways to make money like jay-z say I got a million ways to get it choose one I remember this girl um this girl told me about this she says she sells her dirty socks on some channel I mean on some web site eBay or something and people buy it because their foot fetishes and I was like oh that's a good idea and I joke around about it yeah I can sell my socks ha ha I've never actually sold a sock but if I could I mean if you can make money off of selling your dirt sock that's how you get money you know you got to be creative in this world if you have no money and there's crazy people out there and I'm not gonna calm Frazee because everybody has a finish that wanna see your foot and we'll pay you some money that's to see a foot then do it that's how you get your pack that's how you get your money you know I'm serious if it cost you five dollars to Miller sock and you get $100 for it $50 for it it's worth it that's how you stack your money okay be creative you don't have to just have money in the traditional way right that's what I would do like I'm serious if if I was in a desperate situation and I'm broke and there is no way for me to make money I'm gonna put some Vaseline on these feet and get and get to snap in with pictures and videos I promise you look now the foot people are gonna come let me see how eat your feet bet you'll get money real quick and you can you know you don't have to show your face you can keep your pride just I remember why I remember we used to try to uh yeah hilarious in some way we were I ain't gonna talk about it there's some girls in the group who remember the foot fetish thing hilarious

okay so anyway there's always a way to give money okay there you go I'm just I just put that out there so you understand you don't have to sell blood I packed all my extra stuff and left it has mamas front doorway get it for you I love women helping other women yes so whatever you do don't don't go get medically don't let them do medical tests on you okay don't be in there with the crackheads

okay I'm going to go donate blood and join a Goldie hey yeah don't do that yeah there's better wait just use your brain just think look men are easy to get money from they are the easiest thing about it it's easier to get money from a man if your woman did it is to get money from another woman ah she's you gotta be smart though with it know so can a man can min extract money from women they do all the time the pygmy women the pygmy women will pay a man to stay with them just to say they have a man those are the kind of girls that you will give you money you know how do you join the look go to my youtube channel page just click on my name under the video when it's over and go to the About section or there's a little Facebook icon and the in the artwork we can go to the About section and click on my facebook link and just message me mm-hmm [Music] you can go on Craigslist to donate your eggs or be a surrogate my see that's too much like yeah you can get you yeah you can do that but that's really a lot of work cuz you gotta take pills you gotta go have them extract eggs you got to be healthy you can't do this you can't do that you got to be a certain age nothing much work what you can do is use what you have to get what you want mm-hmm there's what what's that app or people pay to just talk to you or text you you get paid per text or whatever however long you texting these people that's money right there I get paid you I have so many ways that you can't I have ibotta every time I go to the store and take a picture of my receipt or whatever I bought that's on there they send me money back aye aye Bates every time I shop online I get money back I have Pinterest I said all the stuff I don't want anymore I mean that Pinterest Poshmark I sell stuff like whatever I don't want anymore you have online store I have a couple YouTube channels that groups you know you gotta have several ways to make money without having to work for somebody you know and even though these little acts sound stupid if I go and look at my balance and how much that I've earned from then it ain't stupid okay I just let it pile up then I transfer it cuz I'm a shop anyway you know mm-hmm so there's no link to join the group just write me on Facebook go to my channel page on youtube click the little Facebook icon or go to the About section under my fake under my YouTube and click on the Facebook link that will take you to my Facebook instant message me okay the group is private you're not gonna be able to find it you have to be added to it okay data so someone said its phone sex operator hey just as it's getting you paid right doesn't matter um you use Ebates yep I do too should we get with a very attractive older man okay it don't matter how he looked just get with somebody with some money baby okay older man with money so yeah several ways to make money without ever answering to anyone

how do I get a sugar mama mm-hmm look good lie tell he loved her she'd only want you so she's your soul mate you know I don't know whatever floats her boat mm hmm let's see she needs to be cute with muscles you need a man's group if I had a man's group do you really think they would pay to join and they can't even pay for dinner on a date when are you going to do a house tour maybe after the maids come chow all right I really don't want to do a house tour because I I don't know I've walked around my house a few times that's good yeah mm-hmm don't do a house tour exactly I mean most people think I live in an apartment so when I'm upstairs in my office they think I live in an apartment so let him keep thinking that mm-hmm Hey what if you are a reformed pimp what is what about it a lot of people see like okay drug dealers pimps whatever X this X that if you are smart enough to get paid you're smart enough to figure out other ways to get paid okay that's how I think about it

since I found you I beat depression built yourself with you bit you beat the president built self-esteem and currently leveling up love you shoe oh thank you I'm so glad what's your best asset my my best asset is my ability to

conform into whatever I have to conform into you at the time my best ability is to emotionally detach but get what I want you know mm-hmm we went we want to know how to avoid women like this best advice I could ever heard if you want to avoid women like this they broke you won't ever have to worry about us ever I promise you Thank You Joseph Hughes you donated $5 oh that's so nice appreciate it mm-hmm okay you can watch this all day you can prepare for women like me all day but you may never get a chance to interact

you know how those people get the canned goods and you know thinking the world's gonna end and stuff and they got that bunker thank you now princess this is this is just like that just in case I know I'm evil

you're funny but I'd still run away yes and I will tell people like look I mean you know I don't deal with such certain sets you know so you free to leave now okay honestly honestly like honestly do you think women that really go after men with money will try to trick you if you don't have any okay that's something like women who go after money know what money looks like they know what money sounds like they know men who have money how they talk speak dress so they'll be able to scope you out before you even have a chance to know whether they're a woman like me go dig or whatever or not they'll try to avoid you on purpose you wouldn't like they will avoid eye contact they will walk the other way so you really don't have to worry about it if you don't have anything to offer them or for them to even scam out of yours you know Goldie from you or whatever or you don't provide the type of lifestyle that they want you don't ever have to worry about it I mean ever they're not going to try to get you look um you know I figure income I don't I don't know

okay what woman do you know this after a five figure income I mean if you don't if you're gonna go be a gold digger go go big plenty okay I wouldn't waste time trying to impress a five I figure man okay I wouldn't do it like because a lot of women make more than that some don't but baking yeah I mean with more than that know what I'm saying it's not that hard

what's a five-figure their salary you know so that's not saying a thousand dear allo thousandaire a two-digit thousandaire okay so that's what I'm saying like people are not going to try to go dig on you if you ain't got nothing anyway okay so don't you don't have to come here to prepare I mean the most you're gonna get asked for is hair nail money that's about it and maybe a phone bill that's all you can handle so I was livid mmm you're laughing I'm serious

only for the sent me and M GTO W got my dope not enough though I mean mug town whatever y'all want to call it y'all don't have enough money because if you did you wouldn't even have that title you just be a player okay any man who has to have adopt a title because they have to stay away from women don't have what they the women actually want I'm probably trying to tell you that most men who are worried about their little small 5 figure salary don't have to worry I promise you that everything you're doing is in vain all the title or AM initial doesn't mean we don't want you we don't need your five figure chick believe me like I said we can sell pictures of our feet make five figures okay okay a woman can get on YouTube showing cleavage and doing makeup in here and get five figures okay that's easy so I'm just saying you guys y'all or y'all are doing all of this in vain the the women that you're worried about don't even know you exist they don't even know you exist and I'm just being honest because I don't have anything against you I'm just saying you're stacking canned goods in a bunker waiting for the end of the world that's the exact equivalent of your movement okay okay so just so y'all know y'all good y'all can just stop throwing that title around because it doesn't mean anything all it means is either a youtuber B you're protecting your five figures that we don't want anyway or C some chick broke your heart and got with a man with more money that's all that means to us it doesn't mean anything like it's not impressing we don't care we didn't want you in the first place you didn't leave because it was a choice you left cuz nobody wanted to deal with you okay who wants to deal with a five-figure man with ego nobody okay oh you don't have attitude and you make five figures oh no sir goodbye you go your own way so woman gave you all that title y'all better go y'all only Shira is responsible for all these videos popping in Bucktown video popping up on YouTube well whatever okay you can't be you can't have an ego and be broke pick a struggle okay let's let's see you can't talk to us that way when you don't have enough money okay and I've seen those dumb videos oh look how feminine she acts with this type of guy just dude yeah because he have money look how masculine Russia is yes cuz you broke okay you get different treatment whether you have money and what you don't whether you spin it on me or you're not spinning it on it you asked me for half the rent you getting this attitude you paying all my bills you getting yes you are that's what it that's what it that's what it is if you're upset about that if you're upset they were only focused on money then why don't you go date the ugly pygmies over there that will pay your bills don't you locate them because it's about looks that you cannot afford that's what it's about look she cannot afford women you cannot afford women who upgraded on you women who don't think five figures is good enough okay that's what the mug told whatever movement is about pissed off five figure dudes feel naughty so much some don't even get five figures so you are right mm-hmm who are you talking to true Mutoh that's what I called Muto nothing try to pronounce some initials

toe-mah-toe yeah mm-hmm I know it's I know it's mucked how but I same looked Oh

what about a man text me and never call probably married do you need to come on live at least once a week I come online more than once a week can we get back to the topic please topic was looking your best can change your life and I usually cover the topic in the first 30 minutes and then I answer questions and interact with the people that are here so I'll come back and forth with it but yes looks definitely change your life for the better so if you level up make yourself look better you get treated better get better offers get better men attracted to you get better treatment from strangers better job opportunities more promotions you're more successful so it is very beneficial to keep your looks up and not let yourself go or underestimate the value of your appearance definitely okay um I love you all right thank you being oh thank you making sense stop okay see I know people or women that are quite richer than me but sometimes I see more produced in them and I feel strange many times okay I don't understand what that means like produced

I'm sure I lost weight due to stress but not a good loss cuz I look better when hat weight on now meeting this guy he only saw my pictures I'm afraid he won't like me because I look skinny we'll go eat shoot go get you a big old trip ice cream some chips some tacos some nachos extra cheese Laila what else go get some donuts get you a cake and just eat you're lucky do you know that I wish that I could do that go eat for all the women who cannot eat and start you and start your YouTube channel and do what the cop mukbang and just eat in front of the camera people who will watch that's another way you get a go just keep eating eat for the people that can't eat you know I watched my 600 pound life and watch them just eat two pizzas and drink a whole 2 liter and eat a box of donuts ok turn turn your skinniness and to eat a bunch of cars turn it into something lucrative there you go watch me eat ah must be good to be you ok anyway or you can do like you can do like drag queens you know men who don't have curves they get you they get some padding you get you a fake booty they sell that at the beauty supply store now ok so it looks like underwear but it has booty

we're extra layers dang queens are using that Queens use mattress padding for them heels mm-hmm styrofoam or not styrofoam you said mattress patty but now they have it where you could just buy it now because they they started seeing you know women want books but I get you some butt pads and whatever mattress pad what do they call that mattress tempur-pedic get you some tempur-pedic girl Cheryl my boyfriend text me but never call what should I do you know that you ain't the only one or maybe he's not a phone person I'm not a phone person believe me I hate being on the phone unless I'm doing a consultation but I don't just talk to people just to talk to you on the phone he you know in this day and age people are more less likely to talk on the phone and they are to text or he could be around someone else and not able to talk to you gentleman right that Destiny's Child say my name that's before people were really texting and when boyfriend's used to call it's just like say my name say my name if no one is around you say baby I live you can't do that no more now you gotta say call my phone call my phone so basically I think you need to call him if he doesn't answer then he's purposely avoiding talking to you on the phone okay if that's a hint in a clue that he's around someone he doesn't want to talk to you in front of so if he doesn't answer the phone if he won't call you if all he does is text then there's something else going on maybe you should be talking to someone who can't talk to you on the phone she were I'm 20 I met with a 40 year old Sales Director on tinder he lives in Canada and wants me to go come over the border to meet him for lunch should I make him come to me he's asking you to come over the border because you're 20 okay

ask him for say oh I would love to come over the border with to come see you that would be great I can't wait to meet you but guess what I'm gonna need you know some gas money or some uber money or you'd some get the money I have a man good just don't show I could get past the whatever Border Patrol oops I couldn't get past the Border Patrol oh well maybe you can come see me there you go mm-hmm thank you Jenna love your new sub I appreciate it yeah get some money first then play dumb and stupid like well I drove all the way up there and they said I need a passport on my birth certificate and I had no I just be dumb so I had to go back I didn't know that you know wow I know next time you're 20 you could play dumb all you want okay and they'll believe it okay there you go I have been stopped at the border huh so meanwhile you never even tried to go you just went shopping with that millennial okay do you know I've never been to Canada and I thought I could just drive there I always say like I don't believe in just going to me like why are you a delivery woman like a delivery date validate deliver a date - no of course you make them come to you okay never just go to a man exactly especially if he's not asking if he's not trying to pay for you to come see him or even if he is it's still cheaper didn't score no don't do that what if you learned hypnosis in England you need to get debt to income ratio okay you can drive to Canada people from New York do it all the time okay I guess it depends on where you live and whether you could drive through that state or not I mean whether you can get to the border owner after the date so anyway I'm getting ready to go cuz I've been on here forever if y'all wanna join the level up group go to my youtube channel page you can get to by clicking on my name that you go to the link that says Facebook it's like a little square that says if or you can click about and my facebook link is in there instant message me on there and asked to join the level 2 up group and then I will it is a paid group now it's a paper it's a private group it's paid there's tons of books in their PDF books to keep you gain insight tips you know well worth anything you're gonna pay to get in there okay so I never say how much it is to join because it could change any time in this video might be up for a long time so you got a message um you catch the attention of me with money but you can't keep them I feel nervous every time I talk and everything spoil ok that's your first problem spoiled learn correct English okay if you got if they have money they can't introduce you to their colleagues and you say spoiled okay level up on your vocabulary first of all you might look good from they might cross the room for you but if they can't take you around the friends family and colleagues you will never get to that next step okay so we also well in the level up group we have done exercises in the past where we ask you to talk speak you know do a little video or sound clip so we can hear how you sound and then we ask you if you will if you can you know pronounce the eight I mean pronunciate your words if you can look up some videos on YouTube on better speak better speech or whatever because that's a lot of people's problem okay the they have vocabulary building apps okay so um you said it's wilt is correct I thought it was spoiled with the Edie

I mean last time I checked it was spoiled now I'm gonna type in spoilt and see what comes up I'm not make it funny because a lot of people say it okay um spoilt spoiling spoilt or spoiled in regard to its value spoiled versus spoiled graham rest okay let's get Oh hold on click on the wrong team okay I gotta turn it down because there's a video okay spoilt is almost totally absent from the American and Canadian publications mm-hmm

so nothing um and also mines mi n es like if there's no s on mine this is mine so it could be your grammar you know and a Kayla pink has a video called being shy is the same as being ugly ha yeah so yet American France run by floating actors it's so it's a cultural thing I guess I mean it's a cultural thing I guess like it's correct maybe somewhere else okay so if you are if that's correct where you live then yup then you have to look at other things like do you measure up to their environment do you have the look that is appropriate to bring around you know take you on a date to take you seriously do you have that look or do you just look like you know yes I want to come say hi to you yes you're pretty but I can't take you in public or I can't take you to meet my mom my friends because you don't fit into our world you know you got to think like a man would think if you can't get far with them it's something about you you know what I mean because men automatically know if you're girlfriend material or not you know oh I can't take her anywhere she has those long ratchet nails with a thousand jewels on them okay just I'm gonna work for me but she's cute I buy our drink I'll approach I'll see you like a sleeper but she ain't getting past that basically okay so you gotta understand a lot of guys don't call you back or take it any further because you're not fitting into their world okay so you gotta take a second look at yourself I always say go people watch go people watch you men with money date go look what they look like you know mm-hmm sure if you always call him I will look needy I want to go far with him if he's not calling you you're not a priority if he's just texting you he can't talk to you wherever he is I think I fear the same girl Thank You Leila love I appreciate the donation very generous of you thank you you always on my last

[Music] and another thing like I don't I don't talk to James at all like I don't care if he calls or not it doesn't bother me as long as I got what I need I'm good you know what I'm saying but if you're still in that phase where you're in love you want to talk be on the phone all that kind of stuff yeah that can be upsetting but it's for a reason you got to really think about it whatever you're holding on to it okay why are you sure this chick has like a closet on Poshmark I was like all brand-new clothes with tags on it and I asked about one of the things she's showing and she said oh I'm keeping that one I'm like hey why are you showing shoot I'm holding on to that type what I really want to you for you prefer ebay yeah I'll see if they have it on eBay but brand new though you're obsessed with a married man I need your help please first of all obsessed is the wrong word I can't help you okay you can't be obsessed if you if you want it to work okay keyword is obsessed that means no I can't help you if you're obsessed he's supposed to be obsessed with you hi Leila oh yeah I know but I'm trying to get off they keep asking me questions girl let's say get on what what are we gonna do

y'all have any Netflix movies recommendations hey do I ever miss younger men nope you got bang got no money Cloverfield I saw the Cloverfield paradox okay we saw Cloverfield I'm gonna watch Cloverfield paradox okay what happened to Monday is that a maybe what happened Monday okay okay we saw Veronica already that was kind of good that was good oh that's scary didn't give me nightmares yeah we've watched way worse than that we're horror film books for Caroline she already watched that she likes that coiler Coco watch that already we had that movie actually good we've seen it already

Black Lightning okay I write that down black Pan's Labyrinth okay 500 days of summer

what's it about it's about 500 days that's not 500 days oh no wait until dark okay wait avengers supernatural see me is that the show Shh Captain Underpants seeing it see Pan's Labyrinth is scary not for kids teen witch from the 80s yeah that's funny the rain I just I tried to watch that I think but I got bored okay well

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do you ever wonder how your life would be if you looked better than you do? Lets discuss
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