Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin

by: Jaclyn Hill

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what's up guys welcome back to my channel for today's video I'm going to be doing a makeup tutorial on this look that you see right here I'm actually really excited about this video because it's been a huge request for some time now for me to do a video dedicated to really fair skin if you guys watch my channel you know that my skin tone fluctuates all the time because I get spray tan sometimes so I'll go from being like medium tan to like a really dark glowy tan like really white like I am right now I think the camera doesn't always show how tan I am or how light I truly am or the colors kind of like it's deceiving on camera but I can get so fair that honestly like Mac foundations don't even match me like they don't even have a color light enough for my bitch ass and I had to totally change and adjust my makeup routine to when I do have a tan and when I am very light the things that look good on me when I have a good tan are not flattering or a complimentary whatsoever when I am my fairest because of that I am aware that a lot of people have the same struggle as me when you're really light you want to be able to like do a dark smoky eye of feel sexy in a nude lip at the same time you're like oh just doesn't look the same as it doesn't like someone like Kim Kardashian so I wanted to create an extremely easy and extremely flattering makeup tutorial for those of you who are really light in skin tone where you can feel really sexy and really confident and still have like that smoky sex appeal this is honestly so simple I think I only use 3 eyeshadows today when you see how easy it is are gonna be like oh girl I got this of course this tutorial is gonna look good on a very wide variety of skin tones but I just wanted to dedicate this specific video to all of my very fair girls and boys out there who are watching this so I hope that you enjoy and if you like it don't forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel you know how much I appreciate it so yeah if you want to see to get this look then just keep watching okay so first thing we're gonna do as always is prime our face I'm using the same Sisley primer that I have been using for ever I just love it so much I really wanted to try that like newer touch up primer that everyone's been raving about but every single time I try to buy it it's always sold out this is the one that I've been sticking to basically I'm actually gonna double prime my skin today I'm also gonna go in with a pore minimizer as well for the past month I have been struggling with pores for the first time in my life like that's never been an issue of mine all of a sudden I have it all these clogged like enlarged pores there's a gaping holes my face and I'm like hates you know my skin has just been freaking out recently I think it's obviously due to stress there's been a lot going on in my life guys have so much redness and just breakouts and like just texture like it's just not a good time for my skin so we're gonna cover that up I'm going to go in with the exact same foundation routine that I have been doing for quite a while now and I'm going to like double or triple up the coverage remodeling me today then taking a damaged Beauty sponge and springs in that new bottle spraying some of the Lila be a glow face Masson it I'm gonna go in with the door forever Foundation and just buff it out Oh goodbye redness now we're gonna grab my Tarte shaped tip concealer and conceal everything I'm gonna do my under eye area I'm gonna go over these little blemishes with it I'm gonna do my t-zone I'm basically going to do an entire second layer of concealer or top of my foundation and I am using the shade light

okay so now I'm gonna powder the face I'm gonna go in with the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder right here this is my favorite face powder at the moment it has been for quite some time actually and I'm actually gonna mix that with a little bit of the Lancome absolute powder as well and then I'm gonna set my under eye using a light powder I'm gonna go with the kat von d palette with that first light shade

okay I'm gonna fill in my brows really quickly even though this is easier said than done I do recommend when you are really pale or just more on the fair side to go a little bit lighter handed when you are filling in your eyebrows just was I notice that when I have a spray tan I can go heavier handed and I can make my eyebrows darker and bolder and it looks good but when I'm really fair it just looks very harsh on my pale skin

ah totally natural right okay it's the first thing I'm gonna do on the eye is just lay down a nice soft transition color I'm gonna go in with my pallets my original palette that I created with more feet and I'm going to go in with the shade number third I'm gonna go in with the shade a silk cream which is the third color in the palette it's just a really nice soft transition color it's a little bit on the warm side but it's not too warm where it's gonna be unflattering on some skin tones and again we're gonna apply this nice and soft we don't want this to be harsh I'm basically putting this all over the lid I'm not intentionally putting it all over the center of my lid but since I'm using such a big brush and as I'm blending it out I'm continuously going up towards the brow and in the inner corner I am getting that color like a nice light wash basically all over my entire lid area so now I'm gonna grab a really small tight definer brush like this guy right here and I'm going to go in with my armed and gorgeous palette which is part of my vault collection with more fedone I'm gonna grab the shade prowl which is a really nice dark matte Brown it's very deep and it's definitely like a neutral Brown it's not super cool or super warm which is why it's gonna be so flattering to so many different skin tones what I'm gonna do now with this brush is I'm going to just stamp that color right on my lash line like eye shadow sorry I'm an eyeliner and we are just following the lash line and just stab me with that brush just like that so looks like eyeliner but it's just done with eye shadow I've just been so into this recently because it's so easy just to stamp this brush right along the lash line and boom your liner is done okay so now that we have that laid down right on the lash line I'm gonna take a little bit more of that shadow and I'm going to begin to just slightly bring it up out here on the outer corner just kind of like doing this full guerring of motion that you see me doing right now and this is just going to begin to slightly blend it out and smoke it out and lightly feathering that into the inner corner but we want it to be the darkest and go the highest up on the outer corner like that okay so now I'm gonna switch brushes but I'm gonna stay with that exact same brown I've been using the entire time I'm gonna go in with a little bit of a fluffier brush now this is the morphe m4 33 of course this is one of my favorite blending brushes ever and I'm going to just tap that upward now that we have that kind of like fade on the outer corner and I'm going to bring that in to the crease we're keeping it low in the crease we're not taking it too high and I was taking a totally clean blending brush I'm gonna go over the edge of that just to make sure that we don't have any harsh lines

okay so now I'm gonna go in with my original palette and I'm going to grab the shade Central Park right here which is a really really dark very neutral brown and I'm going to Pat right over top of that initial shadow that we put on by the lash line just to deepen up one last time before we go in with lashes and I'm gonna go in with the shade pooter right here in my palettes gonna take a pencil brush and line my entire lower lash line with that shade I love this color on fair skin because of the fact that it has a little warmth in it but it's not too warm like it's just the perfect amount of neutral you know

and I'm gonna bring that nice and low on my lower lash line to really smoke that out looks a little freaky at first kind of like Uncle Fester but it all comes together so now I'm gonna go in with a Mac eye pencil in the shade teddy which is a really beautiful Brown it's got like a little bit of shimmer in it and I've been lining my inner waterline with this recently and I absolutely love the way it makes this look because when you are really fair and you line your inner waterline with black sometimes it can be really really harsh and just make your eyes look like really kind of small and squinty and I'll make even more pale and sometimes in kind of like a dead looking way and we don't look like a corpse you know it's okay to be really fair it's okay to be as pale as you know as paper as this right here but you also don't want to do anything that looks unflattering you want to make sure that you look alive and you look vibrant you look healthy you look glowing and that's all very achievable no matter how pale you are so I really love to use a brown eyeliner as opposed to a black one when doing my eye makeup what I am this fair okay so now I'm gonna go back in with the shade a prowl right here who armed and gorgeous palette and I'm gonna go with that same definer brush that I was using on my upper lash line and I am just going to go right over that really tight on my lower lash line and blend it down

okay I'm gonna apply a little mascara to my upper lashes so that I can go in and pop on some false ones

okay so now I'm gonna put a little mascara on my lower lashes as well what a difference lashes make like it's like night and day of course for this look you do not have to do false lashes you can of course just do mascara but I just love the look of false lashes with this especially because the actual eyeshadow is so easy and actually very simple you put on lashes and it just kind of fools everybody into thinking that like wow what a beautiful smoky eye you're like bitch I only use three shadows okay so now at this point we look a little weird right like I kind of look dead like it's just like dark eyes like dark eyebrows and just like pale flat matte skin so we are about to change that first thing I do is highlight the inner corner of my eye I'm gonna go in with my palette and grab the first shade in the palette which is in light I'm going to just dab that right in the inner corner it's kind of blend it out down inward upward all around just to get a nice halo on that inner corner then once I have that I'm gonna go in with the shade VIP which is the first shade and the armed and gorgeous palette and I'm just going to lightly tap that right or top of what I did specifically only just in the inner corner like a dot because this is white and it's pigmented but it just gonna give like a little bit of an extra wow I'm actually a highlight my brow bone today - I feel like this look needs it so I'm gonna go back in with in light from my palette right here take a little bit of that autumn brush and just hit that right underneath of the brow oh yeah mm-hmm gosh highlight just makes everything so much better that statement really is true having a bad day you highlight it gets better going through a breakup highlight it gets better okay so now let us bronze because obviously right now we are looking very flat and we need to warm up this skin I'm gonna go in with a very neutral shade of bronzer since I am so fair I don't want to go in with something that has like an orange like a really warm undertone it might look a little harsh you might look a little fake and so to keep it looking natural we're gonna go in with something that's not too cool or too warm meet right in the middle and I'm gonna go in with the Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer this is the more feet are to brush right here and I'm just going to Oh God it's bronzer never gets old its most so God it I can taste it my god bronzer just makes the face come to life hit it up there right by the hairline just brighter didn't go on as smooth today as it normally does it's kind of weird so now instead of baking what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back in with that powder that I used to set my face earlier and that damp Beauty sponge I use as well Pat this into the skin underneath of that bronzer just to light in this area up again and blend it into that bronzer just so that we keep the bottom portion of the face nice and light we don't have like a dark line of demarcation from the bronzer and this will also just make everything look even more natural on your fair skin I'm gonna go on with the same bronzer but it is a lighter version so this is the milk chocolate Soleil I'm going to take that one a little small fluffy brush and I'm just going to put a little bit of that warmth on the sides of my nose I'm not really contouring my nose necessarily just warming it up a little bit so that it doesn't look just like weird and pale sitting in the center of my face that's how I think about my nose just this weird pale thing sitting in the side of my face I'm gonna set my brows right now they're driving me crazy so I'm gonna take a little bit of the Mac Pro emphasize shaping powder on a brush like this and I'm going to put that directly underneath my eye area I'm actually gonna mix it with a little bit of the Kat Von D um shade as well and I'm just going to tap that right under here and bring it down just because this is such a light shade that when I'm really fair like this I can't like where on I can wear on my under eye and it doesn't look ridiculously white but it just makes you look so angelic and just like I feel real and it just brings so much light and attention to the center of the face I love that look it's like padding and then lightly dusting that out I love this powder so much when I'm there kiba's well summer my nose I'm sorry I Center my chin in my face I know it looks a little weird right now but don't worry it won't look weird in a minute right there take it up on the forehead I love a good light beam on the forehead for blush I'm gonna go in with pinky tones today because normally I do like really warm my coppery kind of like orange e undertones but for this look and since I am so fair I want to go with like rosy pinky shades cuz it's just very complementary to these Browns on the eyes and my skin tone right now okay for highlight I'm gonna take the shade of Santorini by Kylie cosmetics this is her loose highlighting pigment I love them so much and Santorini is such a beautiful shade when I'm really fair on my skintone I'm gonna take a really big brush actually because today I don't want to do like a direct beam spot white highlight I wanted to something a little bit more like blend it out and like ethereal if you will so I'm gonna take this brush right here this is the morphe M 500 it's gonna dip it into the cap just like that and then I'm just going to lightly on my cheeks go towards the top of my ear just to keep it nice and subtle I mean that's all for me take it dab it put it on nose I have to have a nose highlight Cupid's bow I'm also gonna do a touch right here on the forehead and then I'll take my damp Beauty sponge dab right over that so that it really just like melts it into the skin okay I'm going to try the Kylie cosmetics velvet liquid lipstick in the shade there that's not what it is yeah bear and see how this looks I'm also gonna take a little bit of the kylie gloss in the shade so cute this is her palest gloss that she has but took just a little bit of it and put it in the center of my lip and it's kind of blended out for some high shine right in the center and now I'm just going to set that bitch with some setting spray it really is incredible the power that makeup has and the power that I personally have chosen to give makeup like now that my face is done I look in the mirror and I'm just like like I'm ready I feel like I have more confidence I feel like I have more energy like I can just do anything right now I'm like I'm ray and go whatever life has to throw at me I can handle it like it's just weird how I just feel completely different it's such a good way when I have on makeup I mean don't get me wrong also be bossing people around bare face with acne everywhere but there's something about a whole bays and makeup that just makes me feel like so that is it for this look you guys I hope that you enjoy not you saw how extremely easy it is honestly if this is difficult for you try it a couple of times and you'll be good to go when I was first starting in makeup doing that I shadow is eyeliner trick that is how I taught myself how to do a straight line of eyeliner so it's a really great trick so if you're struggling with eyeliner just do that for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and get used to that and then you'll get so much more comfortable with liquids and gels so yeah that's it you guys I hope that you enjoyed this look if you do make sure you give the video a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and as always if you recreate this look or any looks that I do here on my channel please tag me on instagram send me your photos on Twitter so I can see them I can like them and I can interact with you guys so that's it I love you and I'll see you my next one

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