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what's up guys it's Sydney this is your 40 minute legs workout so grab your dumbbells and let's get to work what's up guys welcome to your 40 minute legs workout I'm so excited to have you here with me if you're ready today make sure you give me a thumbs up all right before we get started I've got 10 and 15 pound dumbbells so make sure you have something in the medium range for yourself not super heavy not super light I'm gonna be doing things like reverse lunges also things like goblet squats so make sure you have some variety or some options around you also make sure you have a sweat towel and a water bottle and if you guys are ready we will get started okay got some great things coming up in the Sydney squad this month this month is to love yourself challenge if you're following in real-time in February it is going amazing people in there I finally reverting back to loving who they are on this journey so make sure you check that out I've got daily challenges for you and I've got monthly challenges every single month coming up so they're always new they're always gonna be happening so once you join that squad you're locked in okay you have that challenge you get access to that challenge every month and I'm so excited for all the people that are in there so make sure you check it out to round out this workout get your nutrition plan and get your support as well okay let's go ahead and get started with our warmup throw your hands on your hips for me and we're going to go single leg butt kicks and three two one let's go yeah that heels to the blue and just relax your foot kind of let that heel kick back okay we've got 16 exercises to rock through together today we're gonna do each of them twice two rounds through three two one now give me a little calf raise on one side up and okay as you kick raise the other foot three two one great job nice wide stance let's drop it down into a squat then stand sit back and down let's warm the knees up the butt goes back first and then down

[Music] which the arches of your foot into the floor then your heels make sure you're not up on your toes but goes back first okay one more now come up top stay here let's hinge and squeeze got a nice thorough warm-up for you thinking the legs it's really important to get everything warmed up before you start it's really important to me that we start warm who's your trainer I'm looking out for your best interest so injury free is the goal stronger is the goal we got to make sure everything's ready to work before we start reach and squeeze it soft bend in the knee and a nice flat back give me three more here all right hands down on the floor I want you to kick your right leg back left leg up let's lunge and straight lunge and straight go into lunge you're stretching out your hip flexor straightening you're stretching out your hamstring [Music] down with your hips and then up up and down up and give me two more one and switch it over okay right leg up left leg is straight hips are down

great job sink it down lift it up stretch the hip flexor then hamstring [Music] three two one and both feet up top let's press those knees out with your elbows nice open hips stretching out the adductors here you step press away you can rock back and forth if that feels okay for you good job guys our first move we're starting with is one of the most basic moves just to get into it safely goblet squats okay all right slowly raise it up let's roll the arms around since we will be holding some dumbbells

three two one switch directions [Music] good work alright let's go ahead and grab one dumbbell for me or if you have two lighter ones you can grab that right here at your chest we're gonna sit down and okay ninety seconds of work here two one let's go so we're gonna go forty rest for ten forty and rest okay so a short rest period forty seconds to work ten seconds rest right back into another 40

good job keep the but going back pin down good seven six [Music] and rest good 10 seconds rest can we go one more time ready 4 3 2 1 let's go second 40 [Music] last time through keep rocking with me [Music] back is tall and straight okay you've got 15 seconds left here keep rocking keep the core tight chest up five four three two rest good job your very next move is gonna be a bear crawl okay so coming down onto your mat hands and knees you've got 30 seconds here 20 seconds to go hands and knees toes are tucked down you're lifting just your knees okay walking walking forward when you get to the end walk right back okay five seconds come on down with me we'll get these out of the way early two one let's go lift walk it out think about having a book on your back don't let that book fall if your butt goes up in the air the book is gonna fall if your hips are wiggling around like this the book is gonna fall your back is flat and straight just 40 seconds at a time feel this in the quads immediately and the core ten seconds [Music] - one ten seconds rest great job we got one more round we're gonna stay rockin here today guys pants down toes down lift in three two one round two let's get it keep your butt down knees are about two inches from the ground always here we go 20 seconds [Music]

there we go ten nine eight three two one beautiful okay thirty Seconds rest to your grab some water you're moving into a lunge glider okay alright so grab your lighter set of dumbbells for me okay big wide stance know what your toes pointed about 45 degrees out okay dumbbells are down in the middle you're lunging left to right okay ready let's go straighten one leg straighten the other you're shifting over when you get here this leg takes all the weight this leg has nothing okay different from a squat right one leg is straight one leg has all the weight one leg has none you're staying right inside your toes right in front of your toes there you go nine eight seven stay low squeeze the glute on each side squeeze two one ten seconds rest great job keep that butt low when you get over to the side you should feel it in that glute - one last forty second so let's go and if your legs are too close you will find that your knee shoots out to the side I need you to shoot it wider hey the knees should never go past your pinky toe get to the side dig your heel down I used two dumbbells as a measurement if I get too high I can tell so glide them across the floor almost touching but not quiet 10 seconds

here we go come on four three two one beautiful arrest okay this one I'll show you the move and you can determine your weight okay this is gonna be lunge pulse and deadlift feet are nice and wide in the lunge stance you're gonna go down one two come up deadlift okay so you're going right to that front heel back is flat okay and then back to a lunge pulse are you ready let's throw the right leg out first okay to lunge pulses and a deadlift let's go to come up deadlift down one two up down and when you lunge forward here when you lunge down deadlift with a flat back if you can look at me right now my back is flat and then come up from there give a Romanian deadlift

[Music] - all the way up get down you should feel this in that front hamstring feel it - one risk we're gonna stay with that same foot if you can increase the weight let's do it okay four three two one let's go pulse pulse deadlift your balance is okay if you fall around just come back in put the nest often if I edit out my mistakes and I don't ever want to really do that because no one's perfect right everyone's working hard we're all gonna stumble at some point so the betrayal of a perfect trainer isn't really realistic okay so I'm truly in it with you Istanbul I'm gonna fall back in I expect the same from you okay just humble you come right back in to one breasts beautiful job and now we're going to the other leg okay if you switch legs just now just know we're doing another round of the same thing okay so if your right foot was out front last round we're switching it to the left foot kick those legs back nice tight core here we go in eight seconds big deep breath for me catch your balance three two one let's go one two come all the way up deadlift

that front heels digging into the floor one two and up flat back reach and squeeze that butt forward

and you go you're doing great ten more seconds [Music]

where you go rest good 10 seconds rest then we jump back one more round if you can increase that weight do it you don't have heavier weights and you know you're ready for that next step ready let's go you know you're ready for that next set of weights and you don't have them as soon as this workouts over I want you to do it put that order in put it on your to-do list to go get them ok you are worth that investment you're beyond where it's that investment to get yourself stronger get that confidence boost great job come on

we've got 4 3 2 1 30 seconds to rest great job now you can stay moving with a light jog if you want to okay next move we've got thread lunge so going forward you're gonna go forward lunge forward lunge bring your dumbbells to your chest and squat okay five seconds grab your dumbbells whoo three two dumbbells down let's go lunch first twice left and right come back dumbbells up tops and squat [Music] we go should be heavy [Music] good job 10 seconds 3 2 1 rest you got 10 seconds rest back to the same thing ok here we go 3 2 1 let's get it last round 40 seconds

heel-toe with that large solely doubt heel-toe and then right at your chest squat low [Music] there you go come on 15 seconds good come on come on 5 3 2 1 30 seconds rest you guys you're doing great whoo make sure you are pushing that weight today okay you're worth it grab those heavy dumbbells trust yourself

okay next moves you've got a lateral squat walk throw your dumbbell right behind your head go in here okay join me in two one let's go good you can move a little quicker whatever speed you're going keep that butt down okay chest up butt down if this isn't comfortable for you bring that dumbbell right here either way if we've got a front rack hold okay you're holding up top this to me helps keep my back engaged so I know that it's not rounding out ten seconds come on [Music] three two one rest 10 seconds rest can you go up can you go up increase your weight and then you one or two pounds or five pounds I'm gonna do it as well ready round two let's go

good job come on 30 seconds here last round of this one and then we're gonna take a drink break and head down to the floor let's go step stay low keep the toes pointed forward that's it 12 11 10 seconds even lower nine eight there we go sit three two one beautiful alright move those dumbbells out of the way your next move is just bodyweight okay so come on down to the floor I'm gonna go this way to kind of demo first kneeling bent leg lifts to extension so let's take the left leg first okay we're going to lift it bent extend up extend okay five seconds I'll turn this way for you here we go two one lift the leg bent extend down up extend no resting at the bottom keep that leg moving and when you extend flex that quad muscle okay there you go when you lift the shoe comes up as well so not just here here and then extend it

that's it 10 seconds up extend [Music] to one rest for 10 you're staying on the same side don't switch yet okay four three two pull the ABS in one let's go lift extend and if you need some cushion throw it under that knee you can do that as well if you double your mat up you can grab your towel squeeze that quad at the top should feel a little shape when you get all the way up there right 20 seconds then we're gonna switch it over to the other side good ten more seconds [Music] three two one wrist amazing job you've got 30 seconds if you need to grab some water you can okay switching it over to the other leg excuse me yes ready 15 seconds just give me a big deep breath in first let it out one more time big deep breath in you're halfway through this workout guys let's kick it in four three two one here we go lift extend and back down that halfway point is really important to mentally dial it in okay know that you're close we're entering the last half here [Music] [Applause] [Music]

lift squeeze it out I like to keep my toe pointed up towards my knee there we go five four two one wrist ten seconds rest you can sit it back if you need to let that sweat ball I know it's falling off of me - but we're earning it okay second round let's go keep the core tight don't let your back arch out really big like this keep it pulled in push into the mat let's go come on fifteen seconds whoo I know that other glute is burning - push through let's go nine eight seven good three two one and rest oh great job amazing you've got 30 seconds rest towel off I know the sweats falling me to meet you okay your next move is a sumo squat low hold front rack okay so you're just switching the dumbbells each rep so go ahead and give me a big wide stance here with your legs okay first squad is down second squad is up and we'll just keep switching that okay ready let's go hold it down to the top back down [Music] okay so every rap we're just switching low hold and I hold the focus maintains on your legs okay keep the knees out don't let your knees cave in I like to think about pressing into my heels and the outsides of my foot okay

six five four three and rest you've got ten seconds rest and then we'll go right back in same exact thing okay two one let's get a low squat flip [Music] a little bicep action in here too and intentionally good job guys come on keep pushing dig the heels down that's it 13 12 8 7 6 come on 4 3 2 1 rest beautiful job 30 seconds rest it's really important for you guys to take this dress - all right it may seem like it's a longer risk but I need you to be able to move for this whole 40 seconds right okay your next move is a reverse lunge and fly okay so you're gonna step it back reverse lunge from here we're gonna fly down fly okay ready let's go step it back lunge lift it up lunge lift it up and if you need to modify take the dumbbells out I'm just lift down lift okay wherever you're at take it there they give it as a lunge right into a deadlift good job ten more seconds [Music] four three two one rest for ten same exact leg okay left leg is flying okay grab those dumbbells three two one let's go same leg [Music]

goodgoodgood [Music]

good job 15 more seconds that's it five four two one rest for 30 grab some water we're gonna do the same thing with the other leg okay you need this rest take it [Music] okay grab your dumbbells got about 13 seconds same exact thing okay step back as you go back push hard into that front leg and lift you can go dumbbells or not ready let's go [Music] take your time and make sure technique is your main priority here if you can go straight from here back into that lunge that's fine keep the chest up when you lunge drop it forward when you hinge okay three two one wrist ten seconds rest one more time same exact thing okay and then we're gonna go a little squat again but last round here let's go make sure when you go into your fly that you're not opening your hips up okay keep them facing the floor [Music]

you go balances everything on this one right [Music] that's it ten more seconds [Music] three two one rest whoo okay that was a tough one good work your next one we have a step out diagonal squat okay starting in the back of your mat I'm gonna have you step out diagonal back in diagonal back in okay ten seconds catch your breath here let's go to the right first okay three two one let's go down together down hop up together speed this up if you can okay if you can go jump jump that's fine as well if you need to slow it down squat step together okay here we go down hop

good 8 7 2 1 10 seconds rest beautiful job round number 2 this one is exercise 13 out of 16 ready let's go left first

now work on getting low here okay there you go 20 more seconds let's get it good eight seven three two one breathe shake those legs out you will need some rest here so grab some water breathe deep and heavy I'm moving into some pulsing here alright next move we've got one minute of a closed squat pulse okay so close can be anywhere from touching to hip-width okay ready two one let's lower in pulse

up down up down good one minute right here last three exercises for turning it up a little bit good I noticed I'm not coming all the way up here okay who sang Vince and my hips my butt goes down up down up okay let's go give me 20 more seconds here down down so make sure your butt is going backwards too don't have your knees shooting forward seven seconds to one wrist moving on we've got pop squats five seconds you're gonna go out touch back in ready let's go

and if you can go faster go for it okay this is your closer make sure you're not just bending and touching either you're down in a squat okay but goes down with your hand think about your hand in your hip staying together [Music]

that's it 20 seconds come on [Music]

ten seconds six four three two one rekt ten seconds rest are going squat sidestep okay so you're squatting step together step together ready let's go stay low the whole time [Music] good down down don't come up in the middle here the whole time you're burning through those quad burns pushing through the burn I get it seriously I'm right here with you 30 seconds to go last half of this minute let's go you can do it also make sure you're not straightening out when you get over here both legs are bent okay stay squat and squat [Applause] that's it nine eight seven four three two one you've got 30 seconds rest we're doing that one more time okay starting back with the close squat pulse okay 15 seconds so we're gonna go together okay okay big deep breath let's go together close squat pulse two one let's go down down try to think about pulling your toes up and sitting in your heels okay we're not all the way down because it's a closed squat so we're not here you're about 45 degrees with your legs staying right here about three or four inches variance in your height okay

[Music] good I like to move my arms around I don't know why but it helps me kind of keep my rhythm do every two up right here - I'll bring it back you don't have to do that but I always find myself doing that 20 seconds left let's go together down up down up there we go down up ten seconds stay with me here we go eight seven six five four three two one rest we're going into pop squats okay five seconds start together popping out and back in for one minute ready let's go if you're modifying step-touch step-touch okay you don't have to jump you just have to squat keep the abs tight as well so make sure you're not here abs are tight butt is low remember your hand and your hip go down and up together [Music]

that's it last 15 seconds let's go 7 6 come on come on 4 3 2 1 3 4 10 seconds you're back to that squat sidestep okay bring your feet in together let's go together in five four three two one side middle side middle I'm not coming up I'm staying down the whole time that's it if you can move faster go for it either way your hips don't rise

good most like stay bent you got it come on last 30 seconds right here let's go a little lower together that's it come on 20 seconds push through that burn 15 14 can you go lower last 10 let's go seven six five four three two one and rest whoo you have made it through your 40 minute leg workout guys I'm so proud of you this was not easier it shouldn't have been easy I wanted to make your time worth it okay grab some water

beautiful job let's go into a quad stretch but first if you can grab on to a wall for a table of some kind you need to that's fine pull that heel right to your glute and let's focus on our breath for a second okay

good five seconds and let's go ahead and switch same thing if you need to grab on to a wall go for it or just focus on a spot on the floor all right in front of you okay pull that heel into your glute and keep that breath going okay

Hey eight more seconds folder right here four three two all right big wide stance come on down to the floor I know this is tight right now but let's push your chest open and use your arms to push your knees open as well okay stretching out the inner thigh and opening up that chest for a big deep breath

shift your hands over in front of your right leg kick your left leg out okay use your hands to balance I want to feel this here and your inner thigh again you guys great job today I don't know about you but I'm drenched in sweat anyone else me too okay let's go and switch over other side leg is out straight use your hands to balance forget this inner thigh stretched out really good this workout was supposed to push you we went heavy for strength up front worked on a little balance and unilateral training in the middle with one leg at a time okay it's just to make sure that those legs are even in terms of strength and in terms of balance and that's for me I can really identify with that struggle so I wanted to work on it today okay make myself a little bit vulnerable so I can work on my weaknesses and help you hopefully to work on things that you can improve on to push your hands into the ground and lift your hips up okay I totally completely understand that we all have different levels of strength we all have different strengths things that we want to work on so today I hope you come on the clock rolls down to zero I hope you identified ways that you were strong and then also ways that you can challenge yourself to grow in terms of for me it's balanced with the shooting on the right leg everything is a lot easier to do on the left leg and it kind of always has been even before the shooting I was a high jumper and it always jumped off my left leg so everything on the left leg has always been solid for me so the right leg is something I've always been working on for you it may be different you might have a stronger right leg either way we all need to work on balance okay so that's something I threw into the middle of the workout today after we got warmed up so that was my intention to get your legs moving together when they're warm through one at a time work on their single strength okay so hopefully you feel a lot stronger now okay hopefully you're challenging yourself to love every single part of this journey I want you to continue on this journey this journey is a lifelong journey so make sure the way you celebrate the little things when you give yourself credit and you remind yourself that you are brave you are resilient you are strong don't forget those things okay you can say it with me I am strong I am brave I'm resilient okay remind yourself daily of those things you are incredible so don't forget it I cannot wait to see you back here tomorrow if this is your first time on the channel on my workout working out with me thank you so much for being here however you got here let me know in the comments below if it's your first time I hope you'll come back again tomorrow I've got another great workout planned for you before you head out today everyone make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so we can keep on growing keep helping more people sweat like we are right now and also turn on that Bell notification so I can alert you each time I post a workout so proud of you feel proud of yourself today you're strong brave and resilient have an awesome day guys [Music]


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Let's get ready to really work the legs with this leg workout full of variety! I used 8 pound dumbbells and 10 pound dumbbells today. I made sure to include lots of exercises for us to go through in this workout and I need you to push hard through 2 rounds of 40 seconds of work! We are only resting for 10 seconds between rounds of work and 30 seconds between rounds and we have 16 exercises to complete together! Are you ready?! Let's get to work! Share this workout with a friend and if you're ready to get started, let’s do it! Equipment I used for THIS workout: Mini Bands https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FZM91V3/

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