3 {Easy} Natural Hair Updos with Braiding Hair | Faux High Bun| Twisted Updos | Kanekalon Hair

by: Chanelle Novoséy

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hallo ich Ihnen lavoisier thanks for tuning in and today I wanted to show you guys how I accomplished this hairstyle as well as two other protective hairstyles as I transition by here from relaxed to natural if you would like to know how accomplish this look please stay tuned at night I am using gorilla snot jail in order to achieve this bun and I just applied to my hair and then I put it up in a bun and tie my hair up and then take it out in the morning and apply my braiding here so are you going to need two packs of Jumbo braiding hair this isn't a 1b I got this from my Beauty Supply stores about a dollar ninety-nine each I already went ahead and twist it one of them and I'll show you how to do the other one just take it out of the pack and the nice thing about this it already has a rubber band attached to it so just remove the in ponytail holder and it already has a rubber band attached to it when you first buy it so I just use that and I put it around my natural ponytail and you're going to you're just going to twist this it's already in half so I'm just going to twist this

all the way to the end and I twist it a little bit tighter at the end so that it won't unravel and then just twist it like this and take a rubber band and secure

I put this long ponytail mm-hmm okay let's you secure that the first style you can just continue to twist it a little bit tighter and just wrap the hair in a bun you have to play around with it until you get to a style that you like and then you're going to take some hair pin and secure it down and make sure that your hair pins do not show try and push them in as much as possible okay that completes style number one just a simple high by ponytail this definitely saves you a lot of time in the morning especially be said to hear at night it is one of my easy updos for no heat and I really do like it alright so board onto the next style so far style number two is you're going to take two of the braiding hair ponytails and secure them together with the rubber bands on top of your fun and you're going to leave one of these out in the back and the other one you're just going to twist it around your bun

and secure it with pins hair pins okay love and that completes your style number two high in ponytail with a really cute long ponytail when the fact is kind of edgy yet it's really cute and chic and classy this is one of my favorite styles alright so on to style of a dream okay Ella so for the third style the final style you're gonna still need two of your fall ponytails attached to the top of your bun for the first one you are going to just put in the bun to the balance

and pin it down

okay so the part I'm going to take it I'm going to twist this a little bit tighter and twist it around I kind of wanted to be like this that's real cute right I love it and then since this lane on the front of my here I'm going to take bobby pins and pin it down to my hair and open um hair pins as well as pin it down that's okay

you really just have to play around with it really no wrong way to do it

just flashing your hair in the style that you like and then just pin it down lots of pins with these ponytails going to take a bobby pin and apply it to the side here can you I'm feeling very Janelle Monae yes I really like this okay I'm going to keep pinning until I feel like it's a cure it's secure enough

all right I really like it this is my favorite one this is actually my first time doing this I only had the top high ponytail before so there's a little bit of size what it looks like

okay looks that completes your three different protective styles with your natural or not these are really nice updos to do to give your hair breathe there but still look really chic elegant and fabulous while doing so thanks so much for watching if you haven't already done so what are you waiting for go ahead and subscribe to my channel so you can keep up with all the tutorials that I'll be doing thanks so much for the support until next time I'll see you

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