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[Music] sometimes you simply is a photographer by profession and you know I like I like beautiful things today hmm early morning wake-up coffee then you know just go through the work if it's if it's a workday be on location in the morning get ready to shoot if not figure out where I'm going for lunch do a bit of shopping and get ready for the evening


best childhood memory quite a few one of my favorites was when I was about 13 and my parents took me to Paris for the first time and I immediately fell in love again a lot of shopping but but I loved the old museums and the art and and and so on so forth I didn't really love it it kind of opened you up to sort of the more European classical artists music so and so forth

by my three best qualities persistence will be one and then I would say wow that's a tough one I am somewhat caring and also again persistence three worst three words can be that's a hard one it was three verse would be thought about that ah three worst okay my three worst would be I tend to have a bit of a temper tell us that's really hard that she knew but well what could I say that I do I do a bit harder myself a bit critical on myself sometimes be too much and also you know sometimes it's it's it's I I tend to sort of lose focus for a minute or two but it's got better with years I read Japanese manga ah how did I meet my wife well I was back from New York and I had a friend of mine was organizing a party down south and at one of my favorite places to go to call clothes in bed and so I ended up going there and then I think it was her first time that she came to one of those parties and we just met she just saw me and her friend said hi as probably waited about like throughout the party took me about eight hours for her to actually speak to me like she refused to speak to me but I did couple of months later she moved in six months after I met to go to Paris propose to me a year later we were married [Music]

love is whole load things I mean you know it starts off with you know respect trust friendship and and goes on to you know not you know wanting to wake up next to a person every day and giving more than then that what you would give yourself and and this is a great example which some days where we're traveling and way in weird places because my wife's work I mean she would have a hard day but she would always think about me before she thought about herself and she'd start the day off like that I think that was a great example of what I thought love was and and and it's it's a fantastic thing memorable date oh it's uh I mean we've oh yeah we we were we were living in Madagascar at that time and I think and we had a flight to catch to go to this island resort called is a marine and so everything was booked our planes are picked up and Madagascar is a funny place where flights are not reliable so we were on the way to the airport early morning all prepared you know my island chic outfits ready but you know the Apple calls to say is I'm sorry the plane decided to go two hours before so you don't have a flight when we asked him okay when's the next flight get us off the next slide and they said oh it's in two days so we were like we were not too happy and we ended up hiring a private plane and and and heading to the island [Music] you just know that she's the one because when you when you look at her and and and you you you may come next somebody and you don't I mean you know you you know that person and you see they're mad probably their worst I mean that's in the morning and you still feel like you just can't get enough for that person and you want to do that for the rest of your life I mean that's when you kind of games I mean it's it's a great break from from life reality

[Music] my hobbies um I mean you know mainly cooking because you know I love cooking I've been cooking since I was about four and a half years old then I love my games more mainly PlayStation I love my PlayStation also I dabble in a little bit of have fun with a bit of garden it's always fun and relaxing and and you know messing around with interiors these are all good fun stuff to do I just like keeping things quite beautiful cooking started when I was about four and a half almost five my grandma was a great cook and she you know would cook us great great really interesting stuff and one of her favorites were his chocolate cake she was me and she she was making chocolate cake one day and I was what's called very young ran in the kitchen when she moved out of the kitchen I was trying to eat the batter and the entire thing fell on me so she didn't say anything she just shot me in the shower you know brought me back gave me four eggs but flowers kind of taught me how to how to put the thing together and that was my first experience and I loved it from there onwards and also I found it it was much more interest to spend time in the kitchen with all the ladies that then be outside chatting with the guys because all the gossip is there but I love cooking it's it's it's good for the soul and and I I studied it as well because I learned so much is the one thing I always when I travel and suffer that I just keep buying stuff I think like anybody else you know is buy lots of things friend of mine always is jahmiya and when you're doing pasta just for one person it's just like how much you grab with your fists my signature dish actually according to my wife it is pasta in tomato sauce because she loves it cheap she says that's a favorite and then I have to cook it quite often James I mean it's it's a great break from from life reality nowadays they're like interactive movies which you know you can be slight part of and it also gives you you know teaches you different things I know it sounds funny but you know puzzles there are different types of games so many things but but mostly mostly it's just the interaction and the immersiveness of the games I love anything which is more RPG which is role-playing and stuff like that which is really fun and yeah you know I just enjoy that

[Music] but let me get to a spot where one can do things [Music] I mean in this and I basically the main character running around in a sort of a post-apocalyptic era which is sort of interesting out the way they've done it because it's like half think of like prehistoric also I am running through the open wastelands and just gonna try to find when you got this like sort of techno creatures and stuff like that which you can which again sort of right I basically finished the main storyline it's very massive it's it's it's one of those games that that you spend but tears on I spent like actually about a week on this I it's a fun game to play I've been playing video games since I was in first spectrums I think I was about hi something like that yet gosh that was a long time ago thirty five years ago last time I bought a game that was in January and I bought three one was horizon one was horizon new dawn the fantastic game and then also got The Witcher series the final episode of which a Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Tomb Raider look at this I mean how gorgeous is this this is amazing I'm just gonna just gonna spend time in [Music]

[Music] I like that because I got kinda pushed into it again at a young age my dad was pretty awesome he he got us when we were youngsters were three boys the family to do all sorts of different things like play the piano do martial arts do do painting and gardening was one of those things amongst them and he would divide the we had a big garden when developing into go up and so he divided the garden according to the three boys and gave us each plot to grow and it was it teaches you a bit of patience and also sort of physical you know you're working with your hands it is it's it's a lot of different things which you learn and I've kind of got into it my gardening is slightly different from my dad's nowadays because I like sort of more manicured garden and I have a very little garden so it was always about teaming it or manicuring it but I enjoy it it's it's a good good fun thing to do I took up gardening as a hobby at a very young age I think I was about twelve yeah it was about twelve but I really got into it when I was about 15 I had accident my my my entire face was burnt I had like 25% body burns and like you know it was it was bad so I had to spend about two years at home recovering while I was doing that my dad got me into bonsais and I really loved working on bonsais and you know because you can sit there and you can for hours and days and whatnot and creating that perfect triangle which the bonsai creates and and and you know layering in you know neatly the grass and building that and turning the plant around depending on which way you want to reach it so that was probably my when I really got into it I was probably about 15 [Music] I guess I'm gonna do some gardens but mostly reading something out having escaped make love [Music] as you can see I like more manicured sort of garden but a little bit of mix-and-match I go see the rest of the house so yeah let's see how I can manage this without getting all muddy [Music] ready easy that's how these pants is the heavy rain I've gone from the roots excu replacing a little bit yeah this is like set of a cloud that grows actually mostly in hill country and the thing itself is it's gone but it's gotta go on Sunday and find sort of a replacement it should be better now since since all the all the stuff are opening and if you plan marketing but Ramallah is fantastic to grab stuff because they've got a pretty decent selection but you gotta be careful because a lot of those guys are selling stuff which is like which only grows in like the clone colder climate which is up country but you know it doesn't really go well down here but yeah it's fairly coming together just got to do a few more patches and stuff like that but yeah maybe there's nothing much to it it's just how you curate your plants I know some people like this whole wild garden sort of thing whereas from my thing right [Music] best garden I've seen so far is Kew Gardens in England I mean and parody near Berlin is also stunning but then I mean there are so many different gardens I mean if you look at the old classical gardens which are mostly based in like Italy which which were mostly done by either you know people who are running for the papacy or which not and these guys made some crazy Gardens I do like some of those classical Gardens more than English gardens the more Italian the more Mediterranean like this is like Lake Como you've got some beautiful guns yeah I like European guns a lot favorite place for interior shopping I mean that's pleasee it's paradise road I love what mr. Fernando has done with the place because I mean it's all I mean I like black and whites if you see in the house it's all simple things and but elegant timeless and I would always love that word timeless now always are used to asking I mean you know how you come up with this stuff and it's like even put I it's it's just timeless I mean you know you can put it anywhere it would be fantastic and and that's why you can just walk in there and it's like a treasure trove and you know just find different things and and you know and it's not the most obvious but it is amazing place to so I just love ingenious I love interior shopping because I love interiors I love shopping per se clothes interior shoes pretty much more things but I like I like putting together spaces all right so uh could I get dressed up to head to Pierre I mean this is my little humble border you know regular day to day stuff linen wife stuff my stuff wife stuff but I think she's taken over most of she's slowly creeping into my side but yeah I mean I don't know I just like keeping things a little bit more like so organized fair different modes different stuff let's I mean you know I've got like I go here I've got like all my bells it's mostly a maze you know stuff yeah and then he's my little noob I sort of a pimped and famous Austrian paint so that's beautiful scarf actually mm so I think I think it's Klimt has become famous recently because of you know that movie woman in gold and yeah beautiful stuff oh yes I'm just gonna go get ready all right so I think we're at PR and Paradise Road love it you know Testament over I like you know some of my work is hanging here but you see what I love about inside I mean even from outside when you look at it it's just so beautiful and so timeless it's a fantastic place to be - so let's go check out what they have inside [Music] starting up the shop I mean you know you start off with this pewter selection of candles and it's all like so amazing and I mean you can pick up this is why I love spending time here it looks like I can just pick up anything so yeah yeah it's a door stopper it is candles small things like that [Music] let's say hi to the man himself I understand and look at this I mean how gorgeous is this and that's why you can just put anything anywhere I can shop the entire shop but I just don't have enough money but Wow so I'm just gonna yeah this is amazing I'm just gonna I'm just gonna spend time in there [Music] yeah I think anybody can get lost in here like a lot of new additions we keep changing all the time but like but this works amazingly glassware [Music] you know always yeah wine glasses at home please yeah pretty much most things are all the knobs these are fantastic go to old cupboard or so I'm gonna let this like add some of these knobs which is fantastic my style when it comes to interior is more minimalist little bit Scandinavian and a lot of one of monotones time is one thing I sometimes do have because I mean I work maybe a couple of times a week and and this was a choice I made a long time ago because I really wanted time for myself and this is something that it's really hard in life but but that's something I do and I do always like learning new things and picking up new hobbies and which is which is really great so that's what you hopefully didn't know about somebody soon well and I hope I was interesting you know and thank you for ITV and see you guys somewhere I can explain [Music]


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