What We Got For Christmas 2014

by: Ella Victoria

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hey guys so today lily and I are going to be showing you what we got for Christmas before we start the video we just want to do a quick disclaimer and tell you that we're not doing this to show off at all it's just it was really requested I asked you guys in my last video if you want to see it and a lot of you said yes so that's what we're going to be doing today and I bought her along with me because majority of my viewers are really young so they're about Lily's age and I thought what she got for Christmas is probably a bit more interesting than what I'll offer Kris because I'm more interesting oh you went there okay we also wanted to tell you that we are going to be going to new rumor for all this week so we're going on holiday with our family which means I'm not going to be able to upload any videos but I will be filming a video hopefully when I'm there maybe a lookbook or something if the weather's good I also hopefully will vlog when I'm over there but I'm not making any promises because you know what I was like with vlogmas but I'll try my best and what I saw you say I also this is another yes so this is actually filmed the day after the actual film was filmed is that like yeah all the rest of our footage was filmed yesterday but I'll ensure accidentally got deleted so here we are we're filming it now that's why on the hair differently and she is wearing a different outfit but I tried to blend in and wear the same thing so but my outfits PacSun a rumor so yeah if you guys wondering that's why but that's what we have to say so let's get into the video all right so I think about good I've been wanting to try it for a while so I actually chose these myself but my mum bought them and they are the next gen but I pencils and the next butter lipsticks I wasn't so keen on the body glosses there's like a heaps of a high one you cheap about the body glosses but I wasn't like extremely overwhelmed frontages swatches on my hands but I do really like the butter lipsticks I think I think they're probably a little bit better the pigment is really nice and they're so nice and soft on your lips I kind of put one on when you were downstairs hair on your head I was gonna say you guys yeah never tried them out how do you know yeah they are really nice and buttery and I got the shade a snow cap and the shade explosive so they look like that and then for the next time where I pencils oh my goodness I love these things they're so segmented these also have a huge - YouTube so I just got milk and black bean and these are really really good staples so the first thing that I got was I got these two books and they'll buy their Bible in tomorrow and one of them is called the ivory rose and it's about like a little girl who's babysitting another girl and there's a ghost and it's all this and drama happening and the other ones the locket of dreams and the reason why I really badly wanted to get these was because that we had Belinda Merle come to our school one day for Book Fair and she was telling us about these books and I was like I really want them mmm I can read no c'mon oh yeah and then Dana got the me for Christmas so I know you yeah yeah I'll read them to themself before we can boo yeah enjoy it yes I also got some makeup from one of my best friends Rachel and she bought me the Revlon Colorstay quad and it is though which one is it it's called the sun-swept quad and it's just got these pretty colors it's got like a brown a peach or white and a blue and I just think I'll get a lot of use out as palettes so thank you Rachel and she also bought me this eye crayon which is like a pinky champagne e shade and it's by art deco and this is so pretty I'll show you if you can see that from here you probably card but yeah art deco has really nice eyepencil so thank you Rachel and she also bought me the Apple candle which you would have seen in my vlog my last look if you watched it she'd definitely go watch it if you haven't but downstairs in the moment yeah I left it by the bar so I forgot to bring upstairs so yeah if you want to see what looks like go check it out in my last blog so I also got a gift box from lush from my mum being granddad but if it's permanent and it's got all this stuff in it a love wash um I'll tell you what's in here oh my god or fix that crap okay so what Lily got in her box is the honey I wish the kids soap this makes me think of my childhood so good yeah then she got the butterball fast elastic that was also really good applause yes that one then she got that it's raining men shower gel then that one then she got the honey bee barf elastic that one smells so good oh and then she got the soft called war massage bar don't know how to say that hmm that's also really good really good choice McGee yeah Thank You monkey and grant and granddad but McGee would have chose it but thank you again granddad well on behalf of Lily another thing we check out for Christmas is some chocolate and who doesn't like chocolate or Christmas Day I know I always eat so much chocolate on Christmas Day don't lie you eat heaps of chocolate on Christmas Day oh my gosh don't lie anyway so I got the lint snowballs these are just the milk chocolate snowballs and they are really good I just had them before I also got the coconut ones but they're still downstairs my fridge I forgot to bring them up and I also got these white chocolate raspberries and these are really good too I didn't think they were going to be that good but they are really nice so another thing that I got are two pairs of thumb's from stand up and and I really like these because I really badly needed pets and more pairs of thongs because my feet have been growing so fast and you got the right size yes Sarah my medicine so next thing I got was from my friends jasmine and Laura and I got these blue nail polish which comes with these little sequins on it which you can put on like one nail as like the accent nail and I think it is so pretty I can't wait to try it out Lily and I will probably do it together which we find interest by embellish like new manicure can't cancel so another thing I got is at abracadabra float book and I only just recently started playing the flute and mom got this for me because she's been teacher I guess I could she's a babe she's been teacher teach me the suit so yeah my mom got me this to the babe yeah no she's that she has my blue because I used to play the flute too but then I quit so now she's learning I got quite a lot of things for Christmas from Viacom and one of my favorite things which I got is this broiler and it's such a pretty broiler which is like a fluoro pink and gray color I know if you guys can see that well just like my mum and dad yeah got from my mom and dad and I've got a top which will grow this perfectly so I'm so excited to wear it so thank you mum dad sorry another thing that I got is this really pretty t-shirt and I like it because I wear my bikini under it but the Saif Ali bikini that I showed you in the vlog and I just really like because it's really flowy and it's good for the wind and another one I got was this teacher I showed you in the vlog because I liked that one I liked both them real pretty real pretty I also got some bikinis for Christmas but mine from Target and I just got this black one which just looks like this and I just think it's a staple to have a black bikini and I didn't really want to go and spend heap of money on a bikini so I thought why not just go to Target and this one will do the trick I also got a bikini from Target which you guys saw in my last blog if you watched it so I don't have it here right now because it actually really wets like dripping wax I went in this spot before so if you want to see it just go go check it out on there so another thing that I got was this Baby Lips lip balm from Capri you saw her bunny rabbit in the vlog last time and I sound like I'm promoting my vlog so much in this video I don't know why just because it was Christmas Day it just has a lot to do with the presents and I also got these for us lip balm before book - anyway I've got these airwest lip balm um this one is honeysuckle honey jus this one is the strawberry one I'm not too sure what it is since men isn't it that's mint and that one and this one is summer something so so my parents went a little bit pajama crazy for Christmas for me but thank you because I did new pajamas anyway these ones are from boohoo and I just got some like the angled ones they've got some lace at the top I can't be bothered to show them a detail because I take too long so these ones I got matching ones but they're in black oh my gosh this is tangled you should care so I don't care but back there then these little leopard print ones which have also similar so the same kind of shape just different patterns yeah the pajamas I got so another thing that I got for Christmas was a turning board and if you have no clue what's like a giant iPhone here hello no so um you guys probably got like absolutely no clue what the heck this is and what evidence are which I'm not so I didn't know it was either um dad soaring heels like why are you gotten your phone I like anyway sorry that'll be a video after yeah is that a clip of what you can do with this and I also got some gym clothes for Christmas which was in great need up so Thank You Santa you really knew what I needed so I got these little tight tights and I love these kind of tights they make your legs look really good and they're just so comfortable and these are from buns I believe hello here so what's sports I know where that is PS I think I got this from the moment dad yeah I don't know and I got this like sports bra thing you know what you cover like your bra with and it's just like a sports top from sports I don't know what shop it is as well then I got these shorts which are from bonds these are really nice I ran in these yesterday and they were super comfortable I hadn't run in these ones that's why I saw a little logo on it but yeah they're really nice sorry another thing that I got was a chocolate fondue set thank you mom and dad um I got this at the straight Christmas party actually because it was an early Christmas present um so I got into Street Christmas party and I am loving it I've done it with my friend Tyler and Kelly shout out to you guys I was young delicious part form I felt a bit sick after that's kind of full I didn't I hate too much from some of my cousins and my aunt and my uncle I got this nomination child which is to go on my nomination bracelet and if you don't know what a nomination bracelet is it's kind of like a Pandora Dora charm and you just gradually collect charms and you can take off and previous charms which they already give you which are just plain ones and they gradually make a new bracelet so once you've filled your whole bracelet you have a whole new bracelet to start up with - so the charm that I got was a snowflake I don't know if you guys can really see it - well I'll insert a little clip of it just so you can see it so another thing I got was a silver cross necklace from Auntie Lane Uncle Ben Tobin Ali and I absolutely love it right right now I'm the one will always love it better just love it and I'm not wearing it right now because early in the morning so I'm not gonna have it on sort of sleep with it on that I really love like my lines thank you so Lily's just dying down here laughs I'll leave you to that Lily and I'll tell them what I got next and so I got this it's kind of like a quick walk but also an exercise book so it's pretty cool and it's called clean living quick and easy how to live a clean live clean in today's busy world and it's by Luke and Scott and it just looks like this and it's got all these like workouts at the start of the book and then later on the book it's got all these recipes which heaps of them are low-carb and mum and I did do this like low carb I guess it was a diet but it wasn't really that strict at all so I was still eating carbs and everything but it was just more low and for a while but since it's been Christmas I've been treating myself I just like to have all these healthy recipes to look at so another thing that I got are some roller skates and I really badly wanted them so thank you say enough and I'm really happy I got them because my friend down the row Capri she has some and we were gonna roll a skate together down the road so the next thing which I got are these little England themed it's like a little and pad bag what you call them sanitary towel bags and I think this is so cute and as England England theme that sounds funny like like British scene yeah London themed and it's so cute and this is from my uncle Bay and Auntie Lane and my cousins Toby and Ollie and it also came with this little pouch to put a nail file which has got this like British nail file in there which I think super cute so thank you so much so good so another thing that I got is a 2015 calendar and it's got lots of tropical things on it I like it a lot there's there's lots of stuff I've also got a calendar but it's a lot bigger this is to plan all my school stuff which is so exciting isn't it but you know I do really like this calendar cos I like being organized so Lily's going away now because she's going to go sort out her roller skate so I'm just going to run you through lies you'll be back you'll be back for that tray okay so I'm just going to run you through the last things that I got for Christmas because I feel like this video is going to be really long so I'm just really quickly but I got these really pretty shorts from Target which I think would be great for the beach and then I got this broiler which is a black lacy one from bonds just looks like that then from my grandma I got this more my grandma and granddad I got this really pretty top which I heard my cousin Doreen picked out so good job Dori I really really like it it might be hard to see on camera but it's just this little flowy crop top and it's just got a really nice strappy spaghetti straps which I love especially for summer and yeah it doesn't say where it's from but it's really really pretty and then you guys probably saw this again in my vlog but it's just this gift back to a book which my mom got me which has all these random gift vouchers which I can give to her to make a do thing to me or I can actually do it to anyone I don't know why I said give it to her I can give it to anyone so people I can make you do things for me so it's just got things like exercise body honest opinion piece of Baroque clothing um shopping trip and things like that so I think that'd be really fun two handouts people she's back I'm done with her roller skates on now so this is going to be the end of our video we really hope you guys enjoyed it and please don't think we're showing off because it was highly requested and if you haven't told me what you got for Christmas which a lot of you have so thank you for telling me please comment down below what you got what and what thank you for telling me yeah thanks for telling Lily as well and we just wanted to also say a big thank you to any of our family and friends who are watching yeah because it was so nice as thoughtful of year I love them all so thank you so much what are you doing a little tap dance a really loud stop okay thank you everybody oh thank you we'll see you in my next video bye bye


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