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[Music] what's up everyone john from beyond AR TV it's time for another video that it contemplates the whole hearing thing where we're thinking about hmm I wonder what I loved the most this year and what I enjoyed the most today I'm gonna be reacting to my year in results on Spotify if you want to find this out for yourself you can either I think there's a way to do in Spotify but the easiest way just go to 2017 rap calm I'm gonna be doing a screen recording along with this I actually haven't done this so this is gonna be my raw reaction to the results like my most played artist my most played song I keep seeing everybody doing it and then a couple of my viewers said John react to it you should react to your results and upload a video and I was like that's actually a great idea so here we are make sure you slap a link on the video if you want to follow me on Spotify its Compton 182 it's linked in the description down below and let's get into the results here and see what we got that my girlfriend has seen it I have it she was surprised from what I could tell so uh-huh we'll see 2017 rap dot here we go enter results alright I guess I got a whoa okay it was a crazy little animation alright connect with Spotify let's do that okay cool everything is all good so far connecting it okay the moment of truth it's loading everything 2018 goals keep discovering yes here we go and 2017 you listened for thirty two thousand and seventy minutes to 4091 different songs in seven hundred and forty seven different artists along the way you explored 83 genres and here there are people telling me I don't explore well how about that I see a picture of Muse here I'm trying to figure out I just follow the arrows I guess let's see what's going on 2018 goals be self-aware do you really know who your top ok Spotify questioning me much do you really know who your top artist of the year was I should know I should know I listen to this so I should know all right we got Foo Fighters we got Franz Ferdinand we have Julian Baker we have ko and we have Paramore I'm gonna go with the obvious choice I'm gonna go ahead and click right on Hayley's face there do you really know okay hi this is I guess a guessing game which song was yours in 2017 I have kept by movements everyone else London grammar great song underrated heavenward by wolf Alice Richmond by light Pacific I think my girlfriend might have gotten on my account for that one Paris behind the chainsmokers I'm really hoping that Paris was not my song of the year that's this is tough I don't know I really don't know cuz I know I have most of these songs I have the first three are saved the second two are not so I am going to go with I just don't know what I've listened to them I'm gonna go with heaven burger oh I was wrong it was kept by movements so I was right about Paramore okay what was your top John Rock metropolis metropolis that's a genre modern rock pop indie psyche rock or punk uh I wouldn't have to go with me I'm good mmm I mean I listen to all of these except for I don't really know what metropolis is but I'm gonna have to go with modern rock yes boom I'm on a roll here two for three that's not bad I got two out of three so thanks Spotify I can count here we go top artists Paramore Muse Foo Fighters really I listened to that much I guess I did I worked on my top tights still haven't put out the rank but I did do a lot of listening for that top ten Coldplay and wolf Alice okay I'm not mad about any of those being up there top songs kept by movements suburban Wonderland of course by the heirs obviously that's up there my fault buy vinyl theater and bounce back by Big Sean and she's my caller by Gorillaz most of those make sense I didn't know I listened to bounce back that many times but I guess I just out taking a lot of L's and needed scent inspiration to come back or something okay I'm not mad about this I'm not mad so I could view the full playlist we're not gonna do that right now but uh that's interesting okay we got another arrow here refuse to act your age for 2018 we all know that your age is just a number but the new you love proves it average aged listener for anthem emo is 25 I'm 25 at the time of recording this video about to turn 26 my age is 26 not quite yet but maybe by the time this video is out average listener age for classic rock why do I need to know that you're reminding me that I'm gonna be 38 and 12 years are you kidding me come on Spotify I was just feeling good too I skipped 944 songs this year which is less than the average listener hey I'm that means that I'm not as a DD as I thought but then you've always known but you're not average right Thank You Spotify really really trying to milk me for that premium subscription ain't be brave enough to share your listening history oh god here we go I listened to 32,000 minutes of music with my top genre being modern rock my top artists being Paramore Muse Foo Fighters Coldplay and wolf Alice and my top songs are from movements the airs vinyl theatre Big Sean and gorillas my fault by vinyl theatres on there because like that is my mine and my girlfriend's like go-to song like especially during this summer just like driving and like singing at the top of our lungs and obviously the others are on there because I love all those songs I'm just gonna download that I'm gonna definitely want to download that image please just gonna save that on to the archive there Spotify in 2017 wrapped thank you very much and speaking of thank you thank you guys so much for an excellent 2017 you guys have been so supportive the channels grown a ton especially beyond a RTV thank you for supporting me and I really hope that twenty-seventh yeah I really hope 2018 is an awesome year well I stress betta this was my reaction to my 2017 wrapped over on Spotify like I said if you're not following me on Spotify it is linked in the description down below I've got over 4,000 followers on there which is crazy considering I never really promoted but if you're interested in seeing my playlist and that sort of thing like my best of 2017 tracks and everything like that or you can follow these playlists that just probably got created and saved right now you can do that as well because there's a lot of good music in there so thank you guys for watching today thank you to the people who suggested that I do this video it was fun it was interesting I just enjoyed doing that so I hope you guys enjoyed watching I got nothing else for you today but thank you so much for watching and I will see you for more videos very very soon right here on

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Spotify does this nifty thing each year where you can you see what your most played artists, songs, genres, etc are. I decided to react to my results, hope you enjoy the vid. It's worth noting that I use Apple Music a lot of the time as well, so this isn't the only music I listened to this year, obviously. ►Watch more REACTIONS!

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