Add/Drop: Puppies & Tim Tebow’s Balls

by: Katie Nolan

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it's time for its very catchy first up I'm gonna add acceptance because sometimes that's all you have left when your team is oh and ten and careening towards a perfect oh and sixteen season like the Browns so fan Chris MacNeil tweeted Friday that official paperwork is filed with the city of Cleveland the Browns perfect season parade moves on hashtag go Potter wand love that we're keeping that alive and the event on Facebook already has 3,400 people attending and another sixty three hundred people interested yeah oh 6300 you guys wouldn't want to commit or anything to that amazing event I could see why you're just I'll think about it but I'm not ready to and I'm gonna drop denial because everyone guys stop trying to make Tebow happen okay is now auctioning a Tebow game used Arizona Fall League Baseball what did he game use that ball to do you ask he grounded out and last we look someone is about to pay a hundred and eighty dollars for it Tebow take the wheel next up I'm gonna add because after Rutgers lost 49 to nothing on Saturday and fell to two and eight the website decided to help cheer fans up who read their weekly game report card by including pictures a movie here they give the rushing defense an F but look at the pup and special teams got to see but oh my god for improvement they get a deep all these photos gonna a plus always make everything better and I'm gonna drop the NFL on Fox again I know that doesn't make sense because we drop him a few weeks ago for photoshopping Sam Bradford's head on the Teddy Bridgewater his body but um sorry I have to do it because clearly they didn't get the message they did it again where's Matt castles body what are you doing since we work at Fox we got an exclusive look at some of next season's graphics these are pretty cool here's a picture of Tony Romo next season here we have Jimmy G and then here is Brock Osweiler next don't it don't feel bad it's one of those combination DQ and KFC or some dual revenue stream that's it for agile Red

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