Hailu Yohannes Interview with Kiddy Kassa and Abdi

by: Christian Protestant Mezmur ክርስቲያን ፕሮቴስታንት መዝሙር

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all right okay Salaam Salaam Salaam Lahontan on DiMucci twitchy online in the town didn't say so much took over nasty and I confirm our we don't send someone like to say only confirm ugly miss emergency Salaam be aloha aina be hi hello it's a night

okay some are busy but I'm Irish and Midnight Sun I'm not sure how's everything how not very hard with me a lot yeah a lot uganda come Ugandan ellos logarithmic achieve and a metal goods are the thirteenth number of antenna know what the new chain again shame or dodging so which can destroy yourself when you're not handing me Dallas talkative and gonzo unexpected guest and they are very missing and I must all cartoon guitar as the our dearest Olga Cho mundos de Carvajal Italian Donal out come on Dino chief the examples in the kiddie roller to fatality are Sivaji de casa yeah um my name is Anna Christie

hardy Jarlo Buffett Rule second and lingua karna who milah with and SL the pro where Toninho tower digenova fear chrome cicada lingburgh are no I know where there's how fickle what at yeah yellow tip row a let's get you know the poor at uni though 0 wouldn't get it no Pro Annette you know you are doing on mover can Vanessa you ain't they got a minute whoever's are you were doing on mirror to your bizarre he were thing on a minute to you bizarre tower to Genova Figueroa it's a caroling abogado I love what the - hello tickle one has yellow chakra whereas DNA no to grow an engineer blow to protect you know what I didn't know we're tau chick was who know our children but can we get some time s converge are given the oh when at our it took me sooner our children back on again so Thomas can woodchuck


[Laughter] buzu



without mostly speak up a little bit okay I like Facebook like face from Commandments with nany come on of Adam no like Facebook he could stand as enemy muslin easily money on someone in Jana mark is also below hi I mean home eaten originally the wrong reason below postman we meet the recommended aria yeah so uh not even denying out its to say I'm going to get but I'm deserve this Wynette solo man Milan Jia be rather an elusive acutally no anabolic a hugger aluminum Sybil Africa he drove an hour mugger gallery Facebook clay and also he other exact I'm the Scimitar ago life with Sarkozy pigeons to the grain and piranha this is island butter exactly yes I reckon do so yet this long loser watch our own but I'm like and then weaker more Facebook live in the delicate without the ceiling Marla's South Sweden came across see certain coffees reclaim work a commitment in there are become Kirsten I hadn't you on us all feel better LM not sunny nothing like our ninja Antonella a carnal hey azita agree is he gonna get her a thousand mile in water exactly Wow I'm blessed manam and I didn't even see go hit the Metro but I'm painful no grades because he good lickin desire and so modak yonder somehow CUDA and so film a dragging of film Aradhana Vizzini has about YouTube is a a like internet on Moodle I'm sorry SOT Amin Amin Committee under my eye this would be z2z Facebook one Adam no one Kenan is Alex share been murdered Museum Mia's nomnom examine cutscene Acadia is a tax on DeWitt yeah with me journalist let's hold a minute now got off he wants unless something's are with on that item Martine I got a name our demand is he gonna eat chicken Stephanie got manage media in the mangobaby social media very doom teleconference that's all I got I'm a comedian because you know iam at our condominium I know media is approaching time the administration advisor advisor on the advisory sajama without being Angelina currently media like mega lagoons so Nolan there's a flyer that doesn't media and Nagaland Mizoram to my table and as using your sunglasses to rock come on in de mawnin media and Islanders you have to be careful going in an assault with Marriott I thought to corner so watch me customer Facebook lineup and with the first at the find so nobody's perfect Yanni's was unloaded or Facebook light down from andhra kesari individual soy sauce aku Nagila menu select me to do yes hotter when de manually the comic as a first kike madras judgment look at matok home so you're married in madness ah sir sorry no government can desire nagar been Dakota Brazil in your name Malcolm negative been surrounded this is the best platform even CNN CNN lamented nyonyo Facebook is the best platform the damage in America cultivate lamotrigine let the command I know you gotten it did but arm through platform you know busy examination embassy platform

thank you so much

now let's show Nadia crystals of sugar fix that the dilute solution and even examine with a high charge is a very maritime channel of collegiality jumparoo bounded and now click the table yeah circled and with Tottenham

under that by the way could you like cigars for a distant damn you but you know sooner Facebook are disillusioned likely tonight around Nagar thermite's Marshall is he Lenny look Larry you touch him in Dustin Heath uncle Bell second our lucky day thank you so much no no Muslim or Chennai Zuccotti I wanted under the terms in this project

good man I'm a needlessly I've got very bad I'm sorry mr. Naumann memorable but I'm knavish Deschanel lemon Liz Lemon I will get to Mizzou watch it lyric soon but I'm trying to regeneration in Beijing I mean you're gonna Nagar allergy to a nanos a source tomorrow much more substantial you so much money in does that die 100 population

thank you so much Coolidge from July actual leg moves in with the capital Marlon brother decision on the nacho Salaam Baalak is like a perch on a mallet just playin marrinson Salaam Salaam and did not true by Uganda Kenya Uganda like new Christian Church you know take Ibiza in mataró pastel pasadena pastor go mountain now hi - ah but I'm thinking from my legs yeah be here Africa you gotta get fronting about a year no matter who you examine forget I just am Rana so that's like Gundam morale insulates it came to Maryland solemnity Mirada sorry Uganda I'd like to say way to Allah - I gotcha

kala kala kala kala kala me become a veto Zara so sorry Gemma and I get what cameras at the general Casselton mother to nominate averin with a Uganda matinee well coming together you've got nothing no it has up to be a youth from the government to know what does yoga summer time is a Marine yunji program any character ah yeah get nachos Louisbourg mughal-e-azam are containers which are in demand covering every number Nino but um come on Colin hug your mama love strongly Uganda but I'm programming popular no Sharon Khalid Bahama second all know any less Bogota I don't know nestled on in grab you know and English life plans nasta mom cooks still exhibit freaking know but the Charlie Metheny available across our youth og executive crimina go to Sochi lemon noggin Simon reprimanded no capital curtain come a talk in mail phone the examiner homicide McLean and our cameras makinia harmless was canonical conference London examine a llama bad news kid almost erupted Misurata reiha-sama janessa you know zoom and nacho circles a gas that cannot a minute him the Messiah FEMA control how our Paolo's silligans of our enemy all wrong even so the healing gardens are traditional unless the language of the wounded arose nacho miss avocados indemnity non-english indemnity owner and necessarily come out and Dominica tuna like tsunami no a inna would I know negative give me example the example Macerata hasa diga bill in our claim the move the middle minute account bachelor was not Allah so much imbecile qualify my dilemma said que salga addresses and Erica solution homicide walkway along a song african-american bizarre Yamata demo bugs and sanga's Rihanna vinegar loose and got Neal cop except the chamalla stamina Bugsy is a gala it and will crew sheets and got minimalism Dunamis a Democrat low catch Allah to disagree with Laura so much and diamond statue new not gonna be math arena tomorrow no

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