Capricorn - Cold As Ice

by: The Altruistic Mystic

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little cap corn I hope you're doing well I've already shuffled your cards I'm gonna do a little bit more shuffling and then we will get into your reading I hope you're having a good February 2019 and happy Valentine's Day I like Ballantine's day um just so you know though too I'm not like intentionally giving nice fluffy readings cuz it's the only things day like if you have up in here like I will tell you I'm not gonna like my goal is to never blow smoke up people's asses it's it's painful happy Valentine's Day so yeah let's try and get into it show me I deduce it wasn't for this one with Capricorn Sun moon rising Venus new birth 11 relationships February 1st 2019 please so you have two cards popping out here already mm-hmm you have the king of swords upright and you've got the king of cups in Reverse okay so pull that out that's two male energies though some of you may be dealing with two people we have Aquarius Gemini Libra here we've also got Scorpio heavy Scorpio cancer Pisces mm-hmm doesn't have to be their signs it could be sun moon rising Venus whatever placements that they have I'm gonna get into these as energies as well give me a minute we're gonna get the rest of your cards out okay show me more Capricorn

sing of the Emperor in Reverse that's not great that's a guy's a total asshole next to the king of cups in Reverse that's somebody who's emotionally manipulative it's buddy who is really really painful to deal with somebody who will who will put you through the wringer in regard to the king of sorts here this person is I see they're very difficult to deal with because they can be cutting as far as like there it's almost as if this energy here support somebody who is emotionally devoid they're emotionally abrupt and disruptive in your life they will hurt you emotionally but it's also somebody that you can't get anything across to you there's no winning with this person there's no communication with this person this type of person is thankfully in your past placement you're currently dealing with that person not great but it feels like that's the the energy of this reading it feels like that's the type of personality that were we're experiencing or dealing with show me present energy for Capricorn please four of swords taking time to yourself blocking people out healing intentional rest so you have the six of coins in reverse so somebody giving to people too many people this is also an imbalance of energy or personal energy the connective energy that you have with the person it's out of balance out of whack it's not something that you want to deal with under that you have the tower here this is talking about things crumbling falling down intentionally letting them go just because they don't want to serve you and your life and they're more so detrimental than they are helpful showing off their Capricorn present energy one more for friends type of energy please yeah this is talking about going and going inside of yourself being intentional about that

so you've got three cards that popped out you have the eight of Wands you've got the six of cups both upright and then you have the seven of swords in Reverse so it's like this person who has been very cold with you painful to deal with it's like either you are bringing the situation down or you're getting communication from this person here this is a person from your past with the six of cups you have communication with the eight of Wands here this may be somebody wanting to communicate about how they're dropping that type of energy I really want to stress though if somebody's treated you like for any length of time and they've been consistent in how they disregard you please use that as your definitive choice making like stance to be on just because you didn't get closure with somebody and it's been painful and you want closure with them and now they're coming back but like they offer you some things no you're out of balance here somebody's out of balance here it could be out of balance financially but it feels more so you're out of balance emotionally or this person is out of balance emotional I mean this also heavily talks about emotional imbalance somebody with an actual emotional imbalance it could be a chemical imbalance that affects their emotions deep depression somebody who's narcissistic somebody who is sadistic mmm that's somebody who we're dealing with here and it's a very uncomfortable energy yeah they may want to communicate with you but I think that this is the type of energy that you need to be reminded of this is the type of energy that you've experienced here the seven of swords it's not a pleasant energy it's somebody who's manipulative they will lie they will cheat they will steal from you they're thieves of many levels and many colors you know different shades of yeah so that's the current energy and it feels like that's rapidly moving you may get communication from this person via email phone call text you know for some reason - and this is weird I don't know why but I don't know if some of you have ever watched Marella she's another tailor reader m ir a la morales taro or marla sometimes she'll say you know text messages phone calls viber whatsapp you know and it's it's cute she's very efficient in that way but the reason i mentioning it is because some of you may want to go watch her reading i have not watched her reading i don't know what it's about as far as you're concerned but Capricorn but you may want to go watch Capricorn for her I don't know that that's coming up for some reason that's coming up and yeah I don't know what that readings about for Capricorn this month or this last reading for her whatever she did that for some of you I'm hearing that you need to check that out mirela m ir ela romo Ella's Tarot I'm not sure go check it out if that's what you need to do if you're drawn to that go for it show me it out come the Empress energy here Taurus energy here Capricorn let's keep going okay you have four other cards popping out for this final energy so you've got justice here another energy concerning Libra you have Libra over here as far as this king of swords is concerned somebody that can be very cold cutting somebody who's emotionless especially next to this king of cups and the emperor and it also could be you cutting them out or they just like iced you out but you're still waiting and there's new communication new development happening but I don't think it's something that you actually want to engage in yeah so justice there

judgment in Reverse okay the five of cups and the seven of cups so regret options frustrations this person may have other options you know but either way it's like by you solidifying your position in walking away from this Capricorn that's taking your own consideration into account that's you making sure that you are stable in your life some of you may be mothers in a situation with this person and it's like it's too much to deal with yeah the going back into this would not be a big use of your better judgment going back into this is something that's just going to continue to cause you more pain you have other options you have other options what's at the bottom of the deck the three of going towards what you actually want building towards what you actually want in your life this has been very painful here the energies present for a cat whispering some moon rising Venus show me a king of sorts please for Katherine's and that didn't take too long yeah this tower energy this person mm-hmm this is done here you have the ten of ten of swords at the bottom of the deck so this person treated you like there's betrayal here this betrayal energy but it's like the this is over this is coming to an end here we have the tower this is allowing this to break down you know this is you this isn't them this is you cutting them out of your life but I feel that this is both of you this is them and this is you cutting them out of your life show me the king of crepes in Reverse for California Sun rising Venus show me the king of cups in Reverse for Capricorn son Venis please so you so you have the king of cups clarifying the king of cups Capricorn with the chariot here that you also have the five of Pentacles so this is you essentially shutting somebody out no longer wishing to be with them you know even if they're claiming to be coming correct I don't feel that this is something that you want to deal with it's like you move on from it stabilizing your energy and balancing things out when you get that under check when you balance your own energy out that's actually when you start to move forward um it feels like there's kind of been like a standstill though it feels like you've kind of been like in a cocoon shell and that's totally legit like if you've been in a painful situation with somebody they treated you like crap this entire time like emotional bondage and pain and like disregard for you physically sexually your health well-being like emotional balance it's not okay yeah this totally makes sense why you would like want to take time block them out be done with them show me the four of swords here for Capricorn so we have the three of swords so that's just the nature of the progression here okay four sorts comes after three of swords this is talking about pain healing the pain heart ache this is talking about somebody who potentially caused a third party situation somebody who's achieved a liar somebody who is not positive I mean I say cheat liar because you have that seven of swords over there you have the five of cups over there you've got judgment and reverse and you've got this Emperor reverse with the king of cups and reverse next to the king of swords that doesn't sound like somebody who's warm and cuddly that doesn't sound somebody like somebody who has your best interests at heart that sounds like somebody who you need to allow this situation to break apart and fall in crumble that's what it sounds like Capricorn heal yourself heal your energy show me the six of Queens in Reverse I don't know if you just saw that I hope you saw that you know the Emperor and reverse here Capricorn the skies here twice in Reverse I don't put my cards in reverse typically I'll let them come out in reverse should they need to but he's here twice and reverse this is somebody who's very unhealthy it's not an it's not a healthy situation and this person gives to too many people he could have more than one person I'm saying that he could have more than one person he seems somebody he seems like somebody that has an energy where it's like they do what they want to do he's right next to the three of sorts underneath the six of coins that's a lot of options here we have the seven of cups a lot of options show me the seven of swords in Reverse please yeah so this person who entangled you in situations here with other people this you know this emperor in Reverse third party situations you have the lovers here and you've got the four swords here so this is you basically taking a break from the that they brought upon you this is the type of stuff that's painful the ampère in Reverse with the seven of swords in Reverse it's it's releasing it but it's like still the seven of swords is present energy you know with the three of swords here with the lovers like that's not okay this is an entanglement this is somebody bringing you into a situation that you didn't really need to be and but you're there yeah it's talking about having to take yourself out of it you know the fourths for you have the four of swords here twice Capricorn removing yourself from the situation not healthy taking away your energy from this because it's not you can't move forward positively when you have this in your current energy show me the eighth of Wands what's being communicated what's being talked about so you have the two of sorts here with the world at the bottom of the deck this is a finality but this is also somebody like it's almost as if they want to come back and communicate with you but like you're on the fence about it entirely this is also an energy of a stalemate you have the moon in the back of this whatever information comes with us it's almost as if it's you don't know if you can trust it and considering the way that this person is shown up in your life before and the entanglements that you've experienced with this person Capricorn they don't think that you're somebody that can trust this anymore even if they come across as they're trying to be emotionally both in the king of cups even upright still has difficulty expressing emotion when he's paired with the king of cups and reversed the emperor and reverse and the king of swords that's not somebody who you want to trust that somebody who is devoid of emotional connection and that's somebody who honestly that feels more like a first time I fear that person is gonna have like chemical imbalance I feel that there's a heavy chemical imbalance talking about that or something there's they're like they're cold very cold show me the six cups for that perform please so strength to deal with this person here we have this person coming back this is strength to deal with them whatever they tell you is gonna be very difficult for you to understand because it's like you're gonna be creating storylines in regard to how to believe it can I believe them it's more like it leaves you in your head you know you get to step away from this energy though I would say don't engage this Capricorn I would say essentially move away from it you know take pride in yourself take pride in how this situation has taught you things don't feel like a victim feel like a warrior feel like a victor and win in your life extract yourself from the situation this person isn't healthy and I say that feeling like there's an energy here where this person literally is not healthy show me the Empress right yeah you have a seven of Pentacles with the six of cups here so six of cups coming up twice this time it's in Reverse it's almost like here with the seven of Pentacles we are looking at everything it's it's choosing to not engage with something anymore it's choosing to go after your own life to make sure that you are solidified in your own life it's not engaging with somebody it's like you've done enough evaluation in regard to this person that you just you know throw them off at the table you're done with that energy I'll pick it up later mmm six of cups is talking about this person you know from your past um it's not you don't want it you know and I believe this came out in Reverse yes yeah it's like going back to it mentally you know rehashing things I need you to not I need you to not it might be good to not reminisce and romanticize situations that are necessarily that aren't necessarily true you know if you've had a connection with somebody and the pain is difficult like it's probably good to look at the pain versus romanticizing something in a hope that could will change okay this person seems very cold and distant and uncomfortable to deal with show me justice here there Capricorn show me justice so ace of Pentacles in regard to justice um if this person is somebody that you're divorcing you the king of sorts here you have justice as well then this person it's like you make it a financial settlement from them there's potential of that it could be a nice one this is also once you allowing this situation to basically die you put the energy towards yourself and you start building something slow and intentional which is great to hear though you have the four of cups this is not moving forward with somebody not not going anywhere with them okay show me judgment in Reverse yeah so you have the death card here and you have the nine of swords here so if here to re-engage with this person Capricorn first of all this needs to die it could be a Scorpio doesn't have to be you've got king of cups here three times now essentially Scorpio is the king of cups but this situation needs to die if you engage in this and you go back into it you're not going to be able to Lisa's energy from your mind you're gonna be constantly plagued with worry and regard to did I make the right decision can I trust them is this something that they're gonna continue to do is this behavior going to maintain itself I think so I think so this person isn't cool this person is somebody who will use you emotionally I said it and I'll say it again this person feels kind of sadistic show me the five of cups are you sad about this like I can get it I understand being sad about a situation but like you hear you have to let it go to get towards what you want in your life nine of cups is giving what you want in your life I hate that term getting what you want I am more so in alignment with getting back into an emotional connection with yourself healing yourself emotionally abundantly so you can actually engage with situations in your life that are actually going to be positive for you that lift you up that bring you emotional abundance and happiness and put you in the energy so that you can actually connect with things positively that's what I feel the nine of cups is about but it's about emotional healing for that vibe of cups and the five cups talks about being painful it talks about having regret it talks about remorse I don't think that this is the other person I think that this is you feeling painful and sad and torn about this situation but you have to let it go you have to finalize this when you finalize this you allow things to move you love things to shut down okay you move towards what you want it has to be at your own discretion your own discernment show me the seven of cups please we have the five of swords here Capricorn okay again with the two two of Pentacles here balance juggling this person has too many options and this person maintains their options also the five of swords I mean it's a lesser degree of the seven but like still it's somebody who's emotionally abusive emotionally manipulative it's somebody who disregards you it's somebody who doesn't take you or your feelings or your life or your current situation into consideration it's somebody who's very self-serving and abusive a lot of mental mind games and emotional mind games so yeah I think it's best for you to go on your own do what you need to do be careful about this person if they're contacting you again like be careful yeah all right Capricorn I hope that this reading was helpful my name is ISIL I'm on YouTube as the altruistic mystic if you like this feel free to like share and subscribe and I do want to mention I am going to be taking personal readings soon sorry it's been such a long time waiting I've had a lot of people talking to me about it and I've had to not do it just because of personal reasons and a lot of things I'll get more into it into a video once I post it solidifying that and making it legit I'll have links for everybody where you can you know communicate with me if you want to reading or not anyways I hope you're doing well and I will talk to you in two weeks towards the midpoint of February 2018 alright Capricorn take care I hope you

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