Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough Part 6: Another Day

by: PkGam

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I'm just blazing through the game now. :D Also, as you can tell, I'm not using shortcuts unless I already showed you the "other" path on another shine. I feel taking shortcuts doesn't give you the intended feel of what the designers wanted you to do. Then again, the shortcuts are so easy to exploit that it seems impossible that the designers didn't think of them, lol! Annotation corner: 0:30 Note that I made this part before a certain someone posted a comment on that video, lol! So, that statement wasn't directed at anyone in particular. When I noticed that, I removed the comment later so that person wouldn't get attacked. Like, JUST in case it is misunderstood. Shine Timestamps: Ricco Harbor: 0:00 #2: Blooper Surfing Safari 3:44 #3: The Caged Shine Sprite 6:14 #4: The Secret of Ricco Tower 10:59 #5: Gooper Blooper Returns Ricco Harbor Menu:

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