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hey you guys it's your girl African export welcome to the realist channel on the YT now I was sent in my email box a video that someone wanted me to respond to and to be completely honest the youtuber who did the video high-maintenance hey girl what up Keisha I'm already subscribed so I saw the video already but someone was interested in my opinion or feedback so I'm gonna give it to you guys okay now first off watch the video and it was pure comedy hilarious I mean eh I had to laugh because I know exactly where she's coming from and I didn't find even though the titles like these natural health girls make me see some of them make me sick too girl I know what you're talking about but I took it as Keisha was coming from the standpoint of just being frustrated with her hair I did not take it personal that she had an issue with natural hair youtubers personally but just the frustration that comes with someone who wants to achieve certain whether it be Lintz of hair growth just health results and they're struggling with finding results for their hair and she also kind of you know she talks about you know I'm not even gonna try to reenact a girl but she talks about she wants to see somebody with some nappy-ass hair I'm sure that was a quote and you know hey I feel like I have nappy hair some people might find that all offensive I I feel like I do but to somebody else she may feel that certain hair textures grow easier now some things I can't say that I completely agree with hear me out girl if you find that you're not seeing the growth or your hair is not responding to some of the things that you're doing you may want to change up your regimen but you know I love me some weaves and wigs however I think keeping your hair you know moisturize conditioned on a regular basis you will begin to see you will begin to see results when it comes to the general health and look of your hair also I mean personally hair does not grow overnight it takes years to get certain lengths of hair and when you see individuals on here who have achieved extremely long lengths there are certain things that are very very consistent and I will point out to you tubers in particular Kimi to being the the pride primary person that has used her channel to show you know what proper hair care and just diligence and consistency will do for the growth of her hair and the second is beautiful brown baby doll one thing that is almost consistent between the two and I believe beautiful Brown baby doll might have I don't know how long she's been growing her hair but nonetheless I think they're about anyway kymmie tubes about three years since she's really started with her consistent regimen beautiful brown baby doll I'm not even quoting some years because I'm not exactly sure but both of them use protective styling as their primary hair style that they wear their hair this is the one thing that will get a lot of I believe natural hair people tripped up when it comes to not seen the growth or retaining that length or they don't you know they're all their hair is growing down me back I don't know why I've done seen the kids pictures and they had long ponytails didn't know guy once I'm just thinking at her face of what she was saying if I know what you talking about she's like show me somebody who has some pictures with somebody who had some little nubs you know that nappy nazareth hair so she said not somebody when they wet they hair it turned to sammy Jamie oh goodness girl you a mess but anyway it's just frustration and natural hair natural hair there are some frustrating times you know buddy you have to be diligent you have to you know be steadfast with what you know works and you know I'd be frustrated too if I'm not seeing the results and people constantly sending me certain videos like okay don't show me this girl who grew her hair down her back because I feel like that's not me I can't relate today you want to see somebody who has hair like you who has grown some hair and you know there are definitely there is I would say a vacancy for a youtuber who has very very tightly tightly coiled kinky hair me and brown brown face TV when we had a YouTube gathering there was a beautiful young lady there who has a hair type that is very limited as far as representation here on YouTube and we were trying to encourage her hopefully you watching girl get behind the camera because there are people that you can help and encourage by showing and representing your hair as well but I just want to say high-maintenance girl I mean you can't you can't let it frustrate you you have to do what you know is right and like I say a good hair care tips and regimen for the most part not regimen but good hair care holy grail consistent across the board keep your hair clean keep your hair moisturized and keep your hair put away if that's what you're so choose to if you like to wear your hair out just know that you know your hair could be a little bit longer than what it is right now if growth is not your goal hey you know you can still keep your hair healthy by keeping it clean keeping a deep condition keeping it moisturized and detangle simple as that so anyway um the youtuber who wanted me to address the video this is me I consider this a video response to you girl you got my number call me you know I help you out call me anyway I will talk to you all real real soon keep it real until next

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