Young Justice 1x10 REACTION!! "Targets"

by: Blind Wave

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hey guys crew blonde waves I'm Eric I'm Shane I am Kelly I'm Eric Young Justice episode Young Justice what happened last time were young justice forgetting the memory thing that yeah crazy guy Simon Simon said I'm in the ball of intelligence the a I saw it written out it's sy Mun like psy is like hey guys we got the pono the episode yeah and it says like Simon I'm like Oh what I was doing the intent assignment no it was told something else but the description episodes like said like Simon makes them forget okay cool so um they forgot it left Aqualad and nothing that's left in there desert he's fine they brought him back he's on the end they got a ball they had a ball that I think has like real life in it like they I know I think his real life in it oh it's a Oh a minute because Megan could read its mind but she couldn't read read tornadoes in line true yeah so I think it's like some real like he's like a little anybody tentacle monsters on now now ya know something that can be a chronic yeah shut up anyway Young Justice what's the flush this is top grant reporting from time innovative sortie summit between South Asia and North relation as completely laser up and down Cheshire is one point six seven meters oh she is Michael we the last thing is the junior Justice League

hmm five or six oh whoa what oh man no counting you don't get 100 today I do much work for the building oh no no no [Music] all that fake by yes coach oh hey Oh gotcha gotcha have jumped witness an assassination attempt to man like I'm loser shouldn't you want to kill her - yeah she let him blow it up right this one's green arrows power speedy it's red arrow now he must be questioned Lex Luthor vouchers were in Captain released a psychic ex psychic and I don't need his favors from you the violent ones I have not helped the good process hiring us constantly I do know one among your old troops to do the North's dirty work I need no assassin thing such as a method of a solar power Warren crummers partly change compared to the billions to be made investing in a peaceful United relation and isn't it better to at peace even if that scoundrel Lex Luthor profits from it that scoundrel may not survive profit Cheshire failed but the League of Shadows won't stop until the contract is fulfilled allow me to hire you to find out your might has blood on it and I'm not here to make a buck you'll provide your services but for the free I can live a bad hero ha ha the chef sire is from the League of Assassins relieve me badass let the same thing I don't know I don't we have the Lightning of the shadows though mate Joe as much alright alright can again or Pat is nurse girl now you're great well ok me Megan look what's your name what I just leave jump kill myself so just a junkie so a tornado you could be a job to add cars always in my favorite name a last name will also be required Kent okay sure guess it'd be an honor he's ripped off hey where are you little sidekick good they're all so close especially are chewy girl Michael G day Mike didn't say how much do I owe you knew I was gonna happen here the code horse master

shoot it shoot it shoot it that's a very bad location yeah ChIP chip Parish Sheriff oh that's maybe tracker yeah well that is still on the evenings agenda was to create strife between nations no marine [Music] boy shit perfect like Kylie oh you're whole' both ER oh that's a sport oh no explained it why what's your problem put my man Marvin down I don't think he likes my shirt you're hot affect their shirts fine everyone's shirt it's fine that was fun high one knew I was here it's money fear needles our newest fear Goblin needle okay I may possibly be in over my head good about time because he wasn't over his head in the water huh but why are they fighting they're all humans that means relations right right on both camps actually no different I want the white Martian minorities are treated as second-class citizens by degree majority good I agree but fit me right despite your differences you still share an appreciation for many things they'll have the exquisite art of the relation tea ceremony that's far enough share your run Oh pudding cart Hey how'd I take everyone out water wonder why wait was it sealed up good job yeah thank you live but since dead whales clothesline Oh bless you didn't care he's watching like a butterfly sting like a bee harness harness behind a dolly yeah I thought you did great and I'm really sorry about their

dressing fart rip apart report initiation ritual that I push my teammates would abandon please yes yeah get yes oh you're carrying my book what you want them to get wet ha ha [Music]

up now oh waterbender bitch oh shit whoa the water dragon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thieme give new meaning to the arms race doesn't hahaha zing don't you get most impressive we owe you our lives liberation the League of Shadows wanted to sabotage the summit the signing of the Treaty renders their contract moot it is over is it I heard what Sportsmaster said do you really think there's a mole on your team feeding in the Intel I cannot rule out the possibility and if there is a mole I have no wish to tip him or her off good luck with that one moment my friend tonight you could have called Green Arrow's for help or the Justice League instead your first instinct was to call the case the team deserves has my respect I'm still getting used to this solo acts done but if you need me I'll be there our plan to ensure the eventual reunification of relations under lexcorp's political and economic guidance is a success and that's another corner of the world oh shit see the light the light the light are they part of the light yes I always thought one count resembled a luckier shape took it Lex and Rach both feet what it's like two of those screen who's the screens on the light tonight yeah they're pronouncing iteration that's one you got rods raised and races different stations throughout different continuity I can take one I don't know I just look one race shall go for this one but uh okay and that looks like classic race angle you know not like pat down race shall go yeah yeah yeah let's see murder yeah look like Lex Luthor yes yeah like it was like one of the things like immediately stood up like that's like loser yeah even have your opinions about just the Eisenberg on that that may be Superman but I just love the classic Lex Luthor II so he is intimidating and he's confident he gets shit done and his death you're not like oh my god I get taller Kington yeah pretty much Michael involved in my life Luther so yeah so how did it power then there's chess chess fire but they catch your Cheshire to shatter them okay war sir shot sure so Cheshire is a member of the League of Shadows then because that's Rachel golden right or I get one of the dimensions you can call League of Shadows I think it's a kind of board the League of Assassins hired her because yeah he said master and he said client because so I could be it major like maze like a splinter group awesome the League of Assassins you know maybe I don't know you're the shadows and even alike to which the other I thought yeah a lot of it but I just I don't know is the school thing gonna be something really just like handed kids like it's a good thing to be story I guess I think it's a good way to start the midde high school situation and gave Connor and his name yeah yeah Conner Kent yep I wonder how you're gonna feel about like what yeah ask whatever me like no was after doctor fate um sports master was back he he continues to be a good villain even though he seems like he should be a more silly than yeah yeah but he puts up a fight in yeah cuts up a good fight for being I don't know where he was keeping that that oil no this bull sword but I like taking that arrow honestly yeah I came up with off on that former speedy plus yeah red arrow he knows there's a mole on the team and the way I think of AD Artemis right now right because we had the whole note about don't go for the back for six months and my dad or whatever I don't know that could be a red herring there was something to do with like the whole Cheshire saying like you work your key knew who you really were mm-hm but it felt like sports master and Cheshire are like the same side of things so like she wouldn't want to let them know who they were right right like so yeah you know a cure selfish not ready to say artemis which is an art your favorite girl or whatever not your girl yeah you know I mean they're like if they're on the same team but the one was like you wanna know who you really are do you and the other ones like I had mold in there hahaha maybe it's a blackmail thing maybe and she has to get certain information maybe maybe that's why she was resistant to go to got mechanic because she knew that she would be in a better position to give him more important information when she didn't want to be true maybe she maybe she has some history issues and working or no but maybe it's actually someone else glad somebody with her dad right yeah like maybe wally west is something you know it wasn't like that was on be craving like arguments is like she has a story background saying that we don't know about but it's actually someone else who's the actual mole right or Nadeau he doesn't mean that I can't see it being Robin or Wally Hawk why I don't know I I doubt aqua I don't know like what as much I thought it can't be him since he's the one who knows the mole yeah I mean yeah Megan seemed otherwise you'd be like hey thanks for information when you yeah like a hit harder than oh shit let's just like a pre-program thing that he does yeah that's all I was wondering if it's Megan no I don't know she's good and here they said that the white Martians were a minority of the Martian the green mark is Lord over PA after sees it it just seemed like Artemis is like the easy answer true which maybe it is maybe they don't know but I feel like I like the idea of like making you think it's this when really it's this okay I think because I expected to be Artemis but I was it would be cool with my expectation yeah like she doesn't have a history that she didn't want them to know about sure but someone else is actually maybe being blackmailed or being the mole okay but I don't know I mean right now I would say target but I don't know who it could be and are we kind of left to assume that rule Asia is kind of like Korea oh yeah yeah no I mean out yeah in the reunification and they're gonna be reunified by the hottie robot army presented at home yep I look at my army yeah they're just rocks Bulls her name mercy mercy before that was a code native where that was like a person I was coming everything marthy mercy you can just gonna give up already yeah oh cool okay alright and then other than with the mysteries the light it's pretty much everything you got everything here I just love like I love it they won for Hooper style using like that's like who's our dad before you going for a walk thank you guys for watching this video the reaction the Young Justice you can watch the next point right now at class my way or the button over there if it's the same fucking thing also there's a you can find down description click the URL and also take it there three different things to do to

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