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oh hey what's up hey hi does welcome back to another minecraft video today we got the map where is it where is this info cheat as you can to hear you have to test your skill of using console commands again you must use different commands in one and the same levels follow the rules say in GM to Singapore only nope don't use any commands except allowed one okay alright then let's start this is our - we have not played one one that's fine that's fine yeah okay for level level one from A to B use flash effect useful either side all right I'll give give us an effect I'm going to give us minecraft thing levitation or levitation levitation for three seconds level 100 is it enough yeah i'm-a is alright ii love use TP alright CP let's see the x increases and this is like 1 to 2 y DS by 5 so let's just do fill the one till to 5 tilde tilde 1 to 5 tilde 0 are you didn't TP me ok I'll do it myself there we go muscles alright alright use /give let's give ourselves some some blocks how about that ok if we can place them at least when adventure mode I don't think so let's do something dirt and no we cannot place block oh well then we'll have to give ourselves a potion a potion again minecraft the potion one zero potion levitation if that exists it denies yourself a water bottle okay maybe we violate Lee yep leapin hey give me one wait let me see this enough no it's not enough there is stronger leaping the strong a leaping Wow [Music] I'll look it up add strong underscore leaping all right take it oh you didn't get it I'll just do this there you go thank you man baby is it enough no what it's not enough how do we get up here let's jump boost - there's no jump boost three Oh God and a pearl we can give ourselves and all smart yep oh that doesn't like this works for me wait I'm gonna type it under underscore pearl all right hey look you know go away man all right there we go use /setblock okay that's not be easy just set block right here where I'm standing - stone all right all right right there oh I mess it up seven o'clock yeah yeah I got it I got behind you Oh see I dreaded a little jump and it worked we did it all right later use the micro level level - would you like some lava no I wanted utilize effect let's try to give ourselves levitation notation I'm gonna go with fire resistance how about that fire resistance my face your body type this minecraft roll-on where is it Levitt here we go 10/10 lalala swimming in the lava yeah you only got five seconds you're gonna die what I made it I was above you the whole time okay team boy oh you see P let's see then all right three four hey what's the hurry come on I'm gonna use slash kill on you if you don't watch it that's cheating so I'm just going to go ten for it oh look at that it's perfect okay ten 1040x yeah x-axis yeah all right nice use flash gears well let's just go for the interval again the easy way out yep 10m protocol thank you thank you very much boom you said blah that was easy once again we can still the one till the negative 1 for the Y your path oh wait stone there we go it was I'm just gonna make myself a nice little break okay you do it has one I did it there we go complete it again Wow easy not a rule level level 3 oops it looks like the mechanism is broken the map maker made a mistake can you correct it huh looks like that's going to happen that way I am getting a smart nowadays I'm gonna TP myself up see what happens all right we're up here now okay that's the wall level right here and coming up there going oh the world level can we walk over you nope I'm gonna have to jump no no you know what what are you doing CP is hairy that's cheating no it's not hitting just give me someone and a pro man what are you doing okay just give you some animal you can use game ah what are you doing man I don't know I threw it and it's all I don't know what happened it'll probably bury your blocks what's the hell it's what you do this map maker I'm gonna give myself some no wait okay how about we just use effect levitation again yeah sure okay minecraft Oh No I give what kind of time what kind of that effect I'm gonna throw a net across resistance ten yeah oh nice nice nice what I know b-baby I'm still here because I threw an enter pro oh god how do we get done TP negative negative five yeah negative five really nice level three use slash effect flash effect is it a feather falling okay use resistance is that possible okay give it to me as well there we go should that work yep oh it works it is nice level to use TP I'll LGD is using me Excel is using the Z in a negative is V in a negative that's fine man I don't have any money now I'm done oh i teleported myself up what did I do I'm stupid you don't have to teleport you there you go oh yeah that's so using TP that's not seen it is the TV command you slash give and a pro and pro again yeah that's way easy way alright so what can you come up with then huh I'm gonna do a water bucket I'm gonna place it everyone how creative you died okay let's use the apart way come on no you can use the water bucket if you use the damn water bottle but all the ways you can place it yeah and from getting late ed lane note it works okay you set block water let's use water water yeah set why you so till the negative one water block I'm going to do my craft and then slime hey once your water not flowing slime block there we go oh my god you're a genius okay I'll do it up brilliant brilliant last level between our lino be broken Oh level 4 just survive use slash slash effect what are you doing oh I fell in oh god I can't even move what is this why did I get bonus you're dead you got to watch out I'm gonna use effect a invisibility how about that does that work if that works and hopefully amazed no it's not working take a selfie US city take your selfie us and let's see what's happening I just see him huge Marvel Zombies you're 0 in for some reason we did it really yeah not use TP um that's a Z but I'm just going to kill myself a tail that's feeding that oh I'm gonna go down by 3 and this B I'm going to go forward by M easy oh the Z value yeah okay I'm going to go forward by 14 it was yeah it was gonna work instantly what do we did we make yeah we made it oh I thought I died I thought of myself imma give us some diamonds how many I yeah give me some diamond gear we're gonna get the whole set food leggings what is the other one what's it called chess play just like this right I gave us a sword and a bone and I'm gonna get some Golden Apple yeah golden where's this Golden Apple a floor there we go wow you're fast let's go yeah yeah can we do it I'm just gonna walk to the end I can't even move what the hell I can't see I can't see anything push push push me no what put me with oh it was easy isn't it yeah we did it huh that's easy awesome that's good let's use one last command which one / stop no the team played also also that one but the T and T commands oh here we go Oh zombies are still alive I hope the zombies die thank you thank you alright that's it for this video we hope you guys enjoyed and happens very nice day bye last piece man / stop you go back

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