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hello everybody my name is Ricky and it has been some time since the last war big warframe quest especially considering that chain Zahara the war within second dream it all feels like such a long long time ago because the opacity prologue got us all higher that's how heavy the hell you say that damn thing got us all hyped for the sacrifice and the sacrifice is in fact out and I am prepared to play the sacrifice right now because there's a quest right there the sacrifice and I've heard there have been some bugs apparently who would have guessed de games have bugs wow warframes got bugs ha ha who would have guessed that ship I knew everyone knows but point beam is that we are going to be playing ourselves the sacrifice here I wanted to do a youtube video I thought I'd be kinda nice to go ahead and keep everything whether it be reactions the way the whole thing works that left/right up/down story going on on here on video I will be using my herro the time being and really kind of make my way through this very interesting stop artists we don't I don't I don't care I don't care now the story in warframe is very interesting I have a hard time entirely figuring out a lot of it's because a lot of it's very strange the way it works but I'm gonna try my very best to to go ahead and keep knowledgable during this quest because it can I assume get very very confusing yes

you gotta stop that okay well alright now I'm being was I got weird mom whispers goody mom whispers OH

you want it won't bring it back oh hell yet the space drag queen

all right I you caught but buddy I've fought those guys a lot they're not oh

but you cannot defy your Creator


all right my kid looks weird taken it was just what you need a comforting memory from my data store no or just don't keep my that's enough Fortis I scan for sentient energy on earth recent activity I don't think Oh what's this marking on navigation how did you know oh artists this is the operator we're talking about trying to keep spoilers out of the Chad the bottom left hey oh hey what's up but hey I I always I always keep the hood on Mike on my dude because I think he looks weird but I I guess I can't keep my hood on my dude anymore I would have really liked if like oh my oh my oh my what in the world is going on what this is just okay was i doing again sentient energy on earth all right let's hit us a whole new UI to look look at that way shall look at that things are changing so if I recall correctly you can correct me if I'm wrong but it won't really matter cuz I'm doing the quest is that that weird drag queen guy is the is an orican I have no idea who the hell Umbra is I looks like X Cal prime I believe it's it's like their version of X Cal prime I don't know what he's screaming about though oh dear oh dear you must be thinking to yourself Ricky why in the goddamn Diggity Dog are you using the strata bar I have a pretty good written for it actually a fan that generously offered a ribbon for the Stradivari cuz he was like yeah I don't really want to use this Quartus stop but yes so I'm using the strata far because it's the strata far you know I I'm stuck in a corner there we go I fixed it I have actually never fought the ghouls before I have never fought these guys they oh well every time I heard the lowest tell me about it I was like I just don't care I do not care about the ghouls and how the threatening Cetus I do not care I just do not care so I just never dealt with them what the hell is this big or can waltz defend the area well the family be fighting the ghouls regardless don't think I'm Harrow and don't care and I've got the grace weapon in the world the strata far that's a joke by the way cuz holy crap this eat well I mean the ribbon isn't that bad even against the ghouls isn't terrible it's alright I hate to slow though what is this I'm just going to do something fully automatic alright stop it enough enough from you please thank you ow okay okay I sure do like fighting the ghouls there we are Stradivari folks the best weapon what's my secondary oh yeah unupgraded spyro's that was not what I wanted to do but it's okay because Oh a the doors open yeah oh well bye dudes yeah boy what the what in the god damn hell no I was the Hat I think she wants me to see this I'll scan the scene for warfarin traces there's a sword do you do we want to scan the sword this is scanners count so yes I said no I don't have one of those gear codex scanners because I just just don't have any all right had to scan near the tree boy I I literally I literally already okay okay scan warframe traces hello boy it's an Umbra parently and apparently the oricon is just like yeah I don't like you either dude there we go Marshall schematic of the or does I sort of god I did it presidency I want the sword give me the sword extraction ready I think you should hurry give me this salt extraction extraction ready it wants to extract me what I wanted to pick up I listen listen man alright if I'm if you're ghouls I may have underestimated Google intelligence resistance or I could just do what every other warframe player does and just run away from them because that's how most people do it I'm stuck I'm in a tree my axe okay I I legitimately thought I was stuck in that tree now even know what these ghouls are or just have a better secondary what man okay okay let's listen warframe listen guys I get ya yeah like you like your cool Japanese ninja simulator stuff you even put like a cherry blossom tree in the middle of the you know that area with a sword guy but you can't do that if you ain't gonna let me carry the sword you can't do I'm using the probe oh listen guy okay it's mastery Potter the Provos mastery fodder just let me just let me I see you there I see you you're judging me you're bullying me because of my weapon choices I get strata far Spira prova okay I get it but just least I'm playing Harrow and not like titania none of you play titania it's true later I'm changing weapons crocotta I choose crocotta also I choose Guan doh where's quando quando goin down whatever that weapon you said there were traces on the weapon right always always don't tell me that this is okay I really hope that this is not a spy mission because the moment you throw spy lua at me I will die immediately I will not I will not have your shit friends

I saw what the load has showed me this warframe new ballast and ballast is attacking BAM ballast is a dick transference controlled babylon voice for the operator to command this one is different but well you don't know that he could still be transference just somewhere else

Oh mnemonic lifts from my memory Myers will give all these laser plates out of the way just in case what does maybe hold on laser plates first okay okay ah interesting one two bit odd oh hello how the hell can you do parrots so maybe important for the cipher there's two paired symbols that's two pair of cymbals though

oh-oh-oh it just automatically throws it for me that's very kind of you game I appreciate that I'm glad you didn't make me have to remember it because if anything is a hot touch a Hawaii Baba right they heard or can mimics that's creepy I mean I would do anything than fight sentience sentience or not not sentence but the whatever those things are called they're not really my favorite thing to fight I've always really hated fighting them okay that's gonna be a pain vs all right uh-oh we got let me just search for these little symbols huh on that case are we going going through going through ah there we are oh wait I think they're already on the wall if there's one Oh lo yeah whatever others kill him one second twin goddess twin twin peccatis it's unlike warframe to regardless of what you try to throw at me to not die by twin ricotta's actually wait a minute this'll be fun this was not as fun as I would have liked it to be ow that's better that's what I kill him pretty shocked it is run I don't wanna this is enjoyable I like shooting Twitter Coty's smite corrupted woo my favorites oh yeah that does nothing yeah whatever I just okay that was weird I was unable to move for a very short period of time there not a fan doesn't matter I have twin Gorkhas if you honestly think I care about your weird floaty floaty looks like a pair of chopsticks grew a a small birthmark and growth hormone or has growth hormone so I'll just say embolism but I wasn't quite sure that would be you know to mean they do look like chopsticks came to life and out there goes a ball what the hell what the hell do we have to doesn't the thing already do it for me it did last time if you tell me that if it doesn't do it for me this time I'm gonna be mad oh no it does do it for me again cool this is the right one No yeah there we go what are you what are you doing why did you change what the hell wait no stop it what are you wait hey wait what no no don't do this to me don't you do me like this but why what I

boy tied to it folks is it as if I did it no it's not I got it just I don't know how it why it was the way it was a little bit weird but cool the Deathstar

hey whoa whoa whoa whoa cave-ins must have compromised the enclosure dick likely there are still strong aftershocks from hmm well it's like a looks like what you know my guy sleeps in when I was a little containment things I suppose says search the lab I don't know if it means search it by searching means scan but I'm just kind of looking for a moment da dee da dee da okay oh hello all right side um Anna me so that means it means enemy

oh so you're the Orkin douchebag who created that a recorder okay you should destroy it immediately I agree what no we need to get inside but it's locked to a new set of codes are you weird I'm bringing it back for analysis all the way back to the ship I was afraid all the way back to the ship aw come on man yeah yeah yeah mimics I know listen man if I'm not scared of mimics and Dark Souls I'm not gonna be scared of mimics and in warframe all right that's a simple fact you can't you can't attempt to call yourself something like that if you're not gonna tussle with the master the master of mimics okay Miyazaki the god I'm waiting for the Sakura Sakura shadows die twice mimics cuz they'll be there and they'll be terrifying I swear okay smite corrupted yo hell yeah top tier mods toppest of tears okay have more energy to health drain energy has stopped the lethal damage the quick-thinking mod somebody cares he's our only way to the Lotus please artists you had to say please didn't you I get yes

this is good timing for the fact that it's Harrow and Haros doing weird stuff

and my wall is still here what the hell

okay maybe I don't like gotta get cool

is there a kuva alert no there is not one okay that's fine that's fine ooh kuva survival mission I'll be back in five minutes okay ten minutes later we got kuva never actually done that before I'm gonna rush it 4-0 plats hell yeah no I have to I have to equip him oh come on man I was really enjoying my hair all right fine fine fine fine what in the world

hi hey buddy what are you do


good morning oh um oh yes teshon taken your voice but we've prepared the finest serums to treat you what shall we pass the time with a game of Kumi like old times I don't know you remember this game don't you Thank You senses this I've had them Fitzhugh of the transferrin sport why honour of our history together look the crew hasn't left your side since you took him look at him over look at your son can you hear me father it's me Oh aye aye aye sir you remember me yeah I beat you when I got drunk cause he remembers you young Dax which will make this reunion all the more tragic when you watch him die

Oris what happened boy what the warframe I warned you not to build that you built anyway caused a massive transference of reload and damaged my preset and where is into the system okay what I linked to it there was something there memory wall frames are transference proxies for the Starchild eye we know they do not have memories well order this one does might be why it's unstable ortus let me look at the Vitruvian I'm looking blasphemy what led us here you did you vile blasphemies machines thinking breeding you embarrass Anu promised learn but when you arrived at that distant world you knew that in time we would bring ruin to it as well as we had to her so it was we came to war this is a weird-ass looking machine boardís we need to track the number warframe hey it's me I don't know how I feel about his weird new voice I don't like it it gives me the heebies and then later later after that the jeebies dad like that not a fam it's weird I can't believe I'm gonna say this by almost like the old order some more well I don't know I actually I honestly have no idea honestly no idea are you seeking revenge for me damaged yeah well go with that memory if I can get close I'll go in again and try to recover them okay he's the key to finding the Lotus I meant you feeling I mean he should fear me and my strat of are the greatest the greatest weapon known to damnit come on man you're ruining my strat of our meme my strat of our the greatest weapon known to man my level 19 or so strength you know actually with this ribbon I could make the Stradivari gross it's just it's still the strata bar though okay that was easily one of the most enjoyable beyblades I've ever done like I just heard him to yell something like I think this her knees hey there it is I'm Baro it's very weirdly not taking any damage whatsoever as it murders everything here did I do it yeah this thing is literally invulnerable oh wait you're a kid now your squid I'm dead

why in the world is that all gods

I do a smack okay oh hello sir I am e stones to capture them block the enemies surrounding your own diagonal are not considered capture three stones to win the match n which ones are his though

I see [Music] I did it this game I'll never forget the time I finally beat him but now I'm thinking he just let me win is he supposed to look like teshon is that like what he's supposed to look like at all this is weird I don't like my extremely exacerbated breathing why would you put shit

I no longer enjoy this curious yep the Fineman

destroyed you served with distinction attacks we commissioned two portraits in your honor there on the wall oh that's what that's for Indian battle at Hall can't imagine you're awarded across for valor will you follow in your father's path of course he will and his children will stop talking to me like see these are the stakes of this little game each stone I capture and another and another from your subversive bloodline why does he hate me so much you thought you could help leave me yes I've had lifetimes defection you spied on me intercepted my communications but I saw you move long before you took it and so we come to the consequences I lost [Music] father you all right

I don't know I couldn't breathe it's me

there may be residual effects return to the shape I said I can't tell because I wait no a Drax is just what teshon was I'm like I said my warframe is a little rusty on in the lore but the Drax or Dax or whatever they're called that they serve this the Grenier sisters if I were called correctly I think so maybe this issac guy just happens to be just happens to also be one perhaps it's why they look the same because they are of the same group also he doesn't sound like tension whatsoever but I don't know man it seems like it's a pass thing so I don't know maybe it would sound different because of the past thing or not but that it's whatever we're learning we're getting there it would appear that I feel like I'm play i I'm playing as the Umbra but I don't know perhaps my guy my guys being punished and I don't know as to the why why I am being punished

the sentience right

right the infected yes the effect it became too powerful yes they tried it was the sentient oricon war the they made them warframe to try to kill the sentience didn't work turn them against them and then they tried they made the infestans right that's what that stupid share is

there's only just the skin awesome - swords deal their organs interlinked at untold resilience yet their minds were free of the infested madness or so we thought we set them up on the battlefield and it looks like almost looks like nightís to grave well you didn't do your kind Lua right I speak of the void oh oh yeah well how is the sentient right I'm having a hard time keeping up a little bit repairs continue allow me to test the steel precepts for a moment like don't feel like he's leading me to the truth about balance right now it's all I have to go on okay whatever you say kiddo I'll take it Neptune yeah whatever okay all right try pieces all together hon how is sentient father of lotus who is not marvelous but took the form of Margulis and hun how is sentient therefore they hate the void and his Lotus also sentient but all right I hate the orchid but the Orkin why would Valles want to bring Lotus if she's sentient what did he hate her because she is an organ wouldn't wouldn't he despised the shit out of her aren't they like archenemies mmmmmm warframe heart warframe confusing I always felt like warfarin was making up as they went along anyway but now I'm not I mean this maybe I was wrong but I'm also I still confused hmm why difficult to far light thanks buddy

right Boyd

damnit News Iowa's hate buying these guys they were never enjoyable to fight [Music] okay a very long time of fighting these mimics and three revives for a back it was a mistake taking the strata far I lied yes bang Wow will actually fight you now stop it no I don't you are still the way that you are okay yeah we'll just go with that

god damn it yes I know avoid attacks why do they make me play as the kid I don't want to fight as the kid Noah was the fires the kid

boy swear to God

trouble concentrating old friend look it's all your homie stones I've taken this one a brother these three is children and on all the fees go on to the jade light remember you're chosen shit remember how you seemed to us smiles from Jurong ah

oh that's portable to remind him of his better days yeah come now you'll move only a few stones left that one either looks like your father still has his shop with yeah you told me where to put it but I don't care we'll go with that my father understands the game better than anyone I disagree yet you couldn't understand why give my secrets to our enemy my own kind to live

star not you would have to imagine lovingly cultured infestation swarms within your blood your transformation has begun it is at all miracles require sacrifice

interesting no shit Sherlock balus he's going to kill my his son okay that's a little bit odd it's careful with that buddy that's a good point wait are these memories I don't know their memories anymore don't do that shit to me ortus I'm already having a hard enough time figuring this crap out do they actually you actually throwing corpus at me for what reason nope that is not corpus and stuff this is not

I have to redo this entire mission I'm probably gonna beat someone

so I was trying to press for to activate covenant you know covenant the ability that makes me vulnerable but no I hit five I hit five no okay yeah I did all again took my fake horror heck this time around did way more damage pretty much just used one clip per mimic and it died because I have a kind of ludicrous ribbon on the

Umbra is someone that our good boy so that's how I am I don't need to hear not touching I lived it prepare the landing craft artists I'm going myself that's how that's how hun how found contextualizing everything god yeah that's a good point my warframe is here I just have to find it it buddy what the Umbra hey buddy back please really wish I had a better weapon for this can't even well

I am about to be so absolutely ass blasted

Oh can't do that anymore at least you kit it's fine the good news is that at least he still takes most of this damage

I'm stuck yo I just I just I framed that shit man

just gonna okay that's fine no that's fine that's fine it's fine and everything that's fine

thank you there we go let's get back in your mind anus janus hi ho ho you ever lived this moment kind of times together but how do you plan to do that oh my god my arm wait the entire room is a room is getting a lot more infested

sorryi sir the time has come [Music]



what in the goddamn you I heard very dead [Music] yes I think songs and stuff

I can't sprint in case you're wondering I can't sprint oh he looks like he's crying oh no he's just fucked up

we had created monsters we could to shoot ask me we drug them torture them we personalize their minds until they came [Music] but it was not therefore will avoid every [Music]

it was somehow within the derelict hauler

i i'd like acceptance acceptance sounds good we this memory and move beyond its reach

the sword oh I get to play is ah look at this right well well but the real guy mark a path to extraction we've got one last mission before this is done

okay standards no standard stuff let them come I don't like the idea we're gonna okay we're limiting all sentience this huh thank you ah yeah I am not as strong as you think I am yeah I'd love to all right you haven't given me a gun of any kinds buddy I am NOT as powerful as you think I am but oh my god what what did you expect did did you want to sleep

exalted blade perhaps resultant blade is pretty useful I am stuck I literally cannot okay well that's the first one just gonna be doing this cuz this is all I know how to do that's one I'm yelling because I'm um Brett I'm a mad boy war hilts wait you mean like the war there we go now I'm almost out of energy listen man I'd love to help you but I have no energy and I don't know what you want from me you have no gun but it like you have no gun you have given me no gun why do you want for me God dead

you have given me God

I just listen man if I had Mike ricotta's things would have changed I do not have my Granada's dammit I have like ricotta's things would have completely changed I will admit though this frame is very cool-looking I love the the weird robe cape I adore the weird robe cape it is very neat oh hello there we go I do really like the way he looks I will be honest he looks very very cool I enjoy the look exalted umber blade the ski Azadi sky ashati now war hilt I don't even have war I got broken war but I'm gonna have war so if I can get both that'd be awesome there's a Carol remember bro if war on its own is like still one of the most broken weapons in the game cuz Lotus artist I'd like to hear her yes yes of course accessing datastore which should I play

I'll go with that one or that let's at this one there is much to be done please consult the navigation console Oh max rank



um I'm sorry I'm sorry I assumed I can't okay right uh 442 give me a max rank because this is a lot this is a lot of HP um right okay I assumed that I might as well throw a redirection on but body fat what's this okay okay you are you sure this is what you okay yeah I assume that that's fine but I I i well that's a lot of slash damage wow that's a lot of slash damage a shattering impact there you go this is this is dirty this is this I don't I don't know how I feel about this at all this just feels dirty this is a lot of damage right here there is a locate this is true steal this there is a lot of damage here there is a lot of damage here I I'm just throwing on random things right now but I guess you might as well play him there's really no reason not to I think I kind of have to okay Wow wait so ballast I guess we're gonna go kill ballast now I swear to god we have to if we have to kid mode it's if you make me kid mode this I am going to explode wow that's a tire system I chose this is a good bake or heck mod not good enough though not good enough though not good enough though it is still a good Baker Baker had them yeah okay I don't um I don't know how much you can get off that vitality mod but that already looks dumb I'm scared to put it on buddy

both okay phallus Oh

Wow I am stuck okay should have taken shows egged Harrow oh I can't both will burn I am I am some random or akin douchebag both Wilbur okay wow that thing died fast okay right can't attack that guy

this is working out this is working out very well thank you very much for Umbra scream well well


goodbye worlds

looks like we're reefs are on this mission de de hello it's me ba ba there we go okay okay okay okay buddy Oh business start playing nope died damn it I have to kill the last enemy in operator form and that's a way to at least get out of the glitch for the time being I'll know this apparently there's an ax fix yet or anything but that's how you're supposed to do it so let's see

let's try it again okay new thing they said don't you is exalted blade which kind of sucks because it's kind of part of the reason why I wanted to you know play hex Cal was for exalted blade but if that's what fixes the mission and that's what fixes the mission my fake or Keck is more than willing to do the job as we can currently visualize as this thing just blasts people into oblivion and luckily Umbra scream or whatever it's called is also very very powerful there we go there's the last one those two more reloading and through you ballast I swear to God ballast live T if I okay if I have to kid now squid now you I'm gonna be very upset

zap there we go all right this better work okay no exalted blade got it okay that was powerful apparently I can created you

there are problems there long-arm boy

this was inevitable yes yes she receive it um where is she where is the Lotus oh dear wait is that

I'm sorry what what what what are they done to you nothing this is what


a yes I saw her or yes sort of but it wasn't her was it no I I don't know but I'm going to find out

help it's frozen unstuck unstuck I want to go to Cedars the boy extractor I guess

I'm gonna restart warframe real fast there we are um the helmet the courtyard scene I'm assuming the agile and Noble yeah I assume that the quest yep okay um okay well a couple thoughts on that one um first things first wow this is intense 18 percent damage to sentience that's cool and all but this is a hundred and eighty-five percent melee damage and there's a 60 percent crit chance this is a 60 percent crit chance so this is gonna be ridiculously powerful and the fact that I have these vitality mods and stuff are pretty pretty ridiculously powerful as well wow that those those mods are actually dumb those are actually dom mods like holy shit that that's a little breaking the game mod i was by saying can Valkyr however like talents yeah they can okay I wasn't quite sure if they could or not I assume that this it can be a new thing that can be formats perhaps can i polarize with that specific thing I cannot interesting ha I mean so what get me wrong the wrong I know I'm very dumb and I sometimes have a very hard time understanding the warframe story and the lorentz such but it I'm a I don't want to say the words disappointed but I have this weird thing where like I want to know what happened to the Lotus and all that stuff cuz that was the whole point the prologue and we learned like none of it and she just left and she's a weird thing now and she bailed and now I have to wait for the next quest it's like all what happened to the Louis well here's an entire story telling you things but with not telling you the thing you kind of wanted to know like I like the story with Umbra Umbra school him and his son and and this whole thing that they did that that's very pretty neat I liked it it's just it's pretty cool I gotta be honest it's pretty fun it's a neat idea he looks he looks sick I love the I love the damn sash the the scarf think it's awesome but I don't know no no offense at all to de or anything like I like warfarin like warframe does I like warframes gameplay like I like the farming I enjoy that stuff but it just seems like perhaps the quests feel a lot better than they actually are because we get so little we get like we waited all this time all this time by the sacrifice quest and I did it in about an hour and a half and it didn't tell me come look I kind of wanted to know and it gave me a like a prime version ish of a frame as well as like a new sword and some new mods that's about it some new decals I guess a couple a couple like a new son Donna and stuff you know I don't know man I'm kind of what I said that we're disappointed but I'm no I expected a little bit more I'm being 100% honest III I always felt like because we get so little warframe big story content I look at it through rose-tinted glasses and I'm trying to not do that but I feel like I'm doing it anyway this is a very nice another I like this one a lot I don't know maybe it's just me you tell me you tell me what you think of the question you leave you leave comments below tell you tell me would you thinner the course because I legitimately want to know your opinion on the on this quest on the sacrifice because I'm a little conflicted I don't know I'm a bit conflicted on this the second dreams still remains the best by far the Secretary was phenomenal I actually think second dream was actually a legitimately good quest or within below that and then this one personally so yeah anyway this has been the entire quest to the sacrifice of warframe some which think please tell me what you want to see in the next quest because you know with everything going on I want to know a little more all right pleasure having you here nice and perky I'll see you next time bye bye

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