H2O - just add water S1 E21: Red Herring (short episode)

by: H2O - just add water

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I think our lives have gotten so nutty lately it's nice to have a normal person we can rely on I'm predictable that's not what I meant the Sun and Emma I know what this is about this has got nothing to do with Byron uh-huh you two just confirmed it for me I'm sick of being dependable Emma I need a change I'm gonna color my hair worry about the tail I forgot what who was involved you wanna keep going of course I'm not stopping now whoa are you really going this red scarlet fever what I thought you said it was Indian sunrise don't worry it'll look right sixteen-year-old Louisa

mr. Hancock told us something big I wanted to save him but his boat sank about 20 miles offshore how did he make it back I'm not sure but I didn't see any scene with Safa the fisherman mr. Hancock provided me with the drawing of what he saw so for the time being anyway this reporter is keeping an open mind it's her easy

well well you were red clown nose away from selling burgers

I look awful what have you done to me wouldn't say water it's in an old metal chest so it doesn't mean he's gonna be able to open it do we really want to take the chance what's the photo of three girls miss Chatham and her friends so proof she had friends with tails it's the same as the one in Miss Chatham's locket only bigger this is bad

what do you think it was what split them up what happened to the other two maybe that's why miss Chatham always gives us all that stuff about sticking together maybe something happened to her friends that she doesn't want to happen to us you know secrets can tear people apart he saw me well Adam is chance boat I was careless I look around no one's gonna believe him he's not gonna let it go away the guard all right as long as you don't go in the water he can't find you right where's Ricky [Music] [Applause]


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Emma asks Cleo to dye her hair, but is horrified when Cleo accidentally dyes it a bright red. However, the girls discover that, as Emma was a mermaid when she dyed her hair (as dyeing hair involves water), her hair only becomes red when she has her tail. Meanwhile, Zane's investigations into his sea monster mystery lead him to Miss Chatham, and he becomes convinced that she knows something. At first, the girls are unconcerned, as Zane has no evidence that Miss Chatham knows anything; but when they discover that Zane is planning to dive down to Miss Chatham's wrecked houseboat, Miss Chatham tells them of some old photographs of her and her mermaid friends, locked in a metal chest on board. Emma chooses to swim out to the wreck to salvage the photographs, before Zane finds them. But as she swims out of the wreck, Zane sees her (but luckily doesn't recognise her because of her red hair). When the girls find out that Zane now knows about mermaids, Rikki tracks Zane down and says she will be his girlfriend, provided he stops his mermaid hunt. She also warns him not to tell Emma or Cleo about them. ---- Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/H2OtheOfficial?sub_confirmation=1

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