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hey guys what's up I'm back with another empties video where I show you all of the stuff that I finished up recently till the very last drop I just give you many reviews on all of this stuff so I have makeup skincare a little bit of candles got some snacks just the kind of all over the place empties today it's gonna be a long one because here I have my December and January stuff I didn't separate the two months because this time of the year is usually pretty busy and I was visiting family for like a week so you know I just didn't get around to filming empties in December it was I had a great time with my family back home so anyway let's get it started I will have my empties playlist down below in case you want to watch past empties videos and everything that I have used up today I will list it down below let's talk makeup first because this part is like the most satisfying for me to talk about since it takes me forever to finish up makeup products as someone who likes to try new things all the time right off the bat I see this one so I want to talk about it first I finished up my favorite foundation it is the cover effects natural finish foundation I have this for months I want to say I think around like 3 and 1/2 that's when I started to kind of run out so I had to really shake it up shake the tube up and then once I got down to the end of it I decided to just cut it open and I reached a lot more product that way because it kind of gets concentrated like down at the nozzle so I'm sure you guys all know that tip but if you have any two products cut them open you're left with a lot more there I repurchase this already I'm wearing it today and the shade I have is P 20 so this is one of the more cool tone shades coverfx has such a nice shade range they have all different undertones to choose from and the reason I repurchase this is because it just feels so comfortable and it looks beautiful on the skin it looks like real skin it doesn't feel heavy or cakey I think it is so worth it it is a higher-end product so it's a little more expensive than say like my Maybelline fit me foundation but it is just so beautiful and it feels comfortable I love it I really do alright I got a couple mascaras here I've been working on these for a long time I think I'd use them Pass like you know the tip three-month mark people say is when you should toss your mascaras but I have had these probably going on like four or five months I don't care you know what I use it up till it's gone okay so this one is like an oldie but a goodie it's just the buxom lash mascara and it's great for separation I've used this for years now and it's like 19 20 bucks at Sephora I love the brush on this it is it is so microscopically tiny the little bristles on here and even though it's a plastic bristle brush it just works really well at grabbing those lashes and coating them it's not clumpy it's it's just beautiful for separation I personally love this one I find it very lengthening as well if you guys don't have the longest lashes you want you might want to check that one out I think it's a great one that I come back to over the years and this one right here is a newer one from NARS it's called their climax mascara and I wasn't expecting to like this I got it in PR NARS sent this to me a while ago I've never tried to NARS mascara so honestly I just wasn't expecting it to be great for some reason and I actually ended up loving this it is so voluminous and it just makes your lashes look so fluttery and kind of fluffy looking I don't know how much this one retails for but I do want to get this myself after I use up some more mascaras in my collection because I actually like it that much I would go out of my way to buy this and it has a natural bristle brush it's very you know packed with bristles on here kind of got a fluffy look to it that's my girl Lily in the background and yeah I enjoyed this overall so thank you to NARS for letting me try this one I like the packaging too I gotta say it's pretty cool and it matches my hair so there's that I love the packaging this is a little mini size liquid lipstick from bareMinerals this is from their Jen nude liquid lipstick line and it was actually the first one I ever tried this little sample I think I got it as a gift or a sample I don't remember it was so long ago but it was what introduced me to the bareMinerals lipsticks and I'm so glad I tried this because it made me fall in love with the brand with their lip products anyway I really like bareMinerals lipsticks this specific shade is called boss and I not buying the full size of it because I loved it so much it's just the perfect like dusty pink rosy kind of color it's honestly nothing too unique color wise but the formula is one of the most comfortable that I've ever used for liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish you know it might not look empty just from seeing it here but it is I what I did was I pulled the stopper out I did that little trick and then I used a q-tip to really get that last bit of lipstick in the bottom and then the rest that you see in there it kind of got crusty and dried up so you know there was like probably a couple more applications I could get out of it but I think it's just kind of time it's time for this to go I did get the full-size I just love this color boss is very beautiful if you like that kind of rosy toned lipstick okay I finished up a cheek product here this is a Tarte blush it's from their Amazonian clay line and this color is called exposed it's one of their classic shades that everybody raves about and I'm have this forever I cannot believe how long it took me to finish up this blush and it's because it's pretty big you do get a lot of product in here I have this one probably close to two years coming up on it you know so I am very happy that this one is done I actually decluttered my blushes like when I moved into this apartment so I only have a couple in my collection now and I like to keep the blush side of my collection very small because I tend to go for the same like nudie pink shades anyway so you know they all end up looking the same on my face and I just I just figured like why am I gonna have 1520 blushes if I'm only reaching for the same like two or three so i decluttered a lot I gave them away to friends and now I'm just really working on you know finishing up what I have towards the end it was really hard to kind of finish like around the rim so I just kind of scraped it off with my nail and I just ended up using it that way like the final dusty pieces of it all but yeah look at that pan baby we got that pan action I've had this for a long time so it looks really really gross but you know tart I do like their blushes but as a and they're not my favorite I've not had good experiences with their customer service so I won't be repurchasing this and I won't be buying anything tart moving on here I got another lip product this is a little sample I got in a like a holiday gift set this is the Laneige lip sleeping mask and the scent is vanilla I think it's just called vanilla and this one smelled so soft it was like a soft vanilla marshmallow oh it is amazing if you guys haven't tried the Laneige eyelid mask yet you need to get on it because it's like it will transform your lips into just feeling like pillowy soft beautiful I really hope to see this in the full-size because I think I like it better than the berry scent and not saying a lot because I love the berry is they're both great but I think the vanilla is my favorite so I'm sad to see that go but it was really fun while it lasted okay this is the last makeup product I think I have yet it's the last one here in my bag and I took a while to finish this I bought this super shock shadow from colour-pop in the summer I think it was like probably August ok so I've had this for a minute and this is their color in a maze it's like a champagne really high shiver like even a little bit of glitter in here now there is a little bit left but unfortunately it kind of dried out so it doesn't really apply as smoothly as it did I'm trying to just kind of get the get a couple flakes here so I could show you the color I'm kind of pressing hard here because it's really crusty like just around the edges it dries out once again to that point but look at this shade like in the light it's almost like a gold color and then in the shade it's totally champagne it's beautiful I definitely am considering repurchasing this in the future but right now I have like 5 super shock shadows that I'm working on and that I love I use them all the time I'm wearing the one called millionaire on my lids today it's more of like a medium tone brown but I love Shea like this that you could just wash all over your lid and this one was super glittery just amazing shimmer and shine on this color that's it for the makeup so let's get into the skincare stuff because it has been cold it has been dry and my skin has been needing some extra TLC so right here right off the top is something that I've had for months it is so dirty I'm not going to show it to you up close this is the Shea Moisture ultra healing all-over hydration 100% raw shea butter I bought this back in the summer so I've had it for months now and I would say like six months I've had this I finally used it up to last drop it's just shea butter raw you know it's it's um smells amazing I love the scent of shea butter there's nothing added to it it's just the way it is in its natural state and I cannot tell you how much this has helped me deal with the scale enos and the flakiness of my eczema I use this as soon as I get out of the shower and I don't even take that much and that's why it lasted me forever because you really don't need a lot with this because of how rich it is and it just kind of gives your skin like this soothing extra coat to it I feel like it's honestly my favorite way to give my skin like a heavy like a heavy moisturizer this right here is something that was sent to me by skin fix it is their hand repair cream I love this product you guys this is amazing stuff for any sort of eczema breakout you might have on your hands my hands are actually pretty good right now I still have some eczema breakouts going on but they're not cracked they're not open and it's all because of this stuff right here I have repurchased this or I purchased it myself after using it and I've used it before in the past so I already knew I liked it it's fragrance free it does not hurt if you happen to have like a really bad flare-up it's not going to irritate that at all and it still just gives you the most hydration and it's not greasy either this stuff is so good if you have to just get right back to work and you don't have time to like let it soak in that hand cream the ultra Repair it is amazing stuff I totally recommend that to you guys another skin fix product I got to try out from the branded this is their soothing wash for a sensitive eczema prone skin and it's sulfate free fragrance free no fragrances whatsoever and I use this the past like two three months I've been doing it all over my body because I cannot use scented stuff right now I can't even wear perfume right now that's how bad my body eczema has been I'm telling you guys this winter has been one of the worst ones but it's also due to stress like anytime I get really stressed out like during finals week I'm I whole arm just you know total flare-up but that body wash is great for just cleansing yourself without really hurting your skin okay now kind of moving into makeup removers here I got my target up and up I makeup remover i buy this in the double pack it just works well at getting off every last drop of eye makeup especially if you wear false lashes or glitter eye work glitter a lot so this really helps with that also if you have like stubborn liquid lipstick scenes that gets it off to this one I'm so sad to finish this stuff up you guys cuz it is pricey and it's like I love using it but at the same time I'm like oh my gosh I just ran out you know so this is from pharmacy it's their green clean makeup cleansing balm hands down this is the best makeup cleansing balm I've used so far it just melts all your makeup off especially if you have a full face of makeup on this just takes it off like effortlessly and it doesn't leave your skin feeling really stripped and dry it just feels great afterwards and it's one of the easiest ways to remove makeup I find so I will repurchase this sometime but I don't know when because like I'm really trying to stick to my budget right now and it's just it's like man I just I cannot wait to buy that again cuz I love it and it works really well I love this too I have repurchased this one because it's real affordable Trader Joe's sheet mask you guys this is so hydrating it's replaced all my tony moly masks I used to buy like that's how much I love this and I still like tony moly but I find them harder to find and I find that these are a lot more affordable I'm always at Trader Joe's anyway so I always just pick one up when I'm there and I love those if you want a good like just pick-me-up for your skin totally recommend that right here I got a dry shampoo I have two shampoos what is going on so this is actually haircare but this is the only haircare you're gonna see from me cuz all I do is just put your and shampoo in my hair all day so this one is my favorite let me talk about this one first it's the Red King pillow proof I get this out my hair salon but you can get it alta too and I love the scent on this it is it is really perfume me I will say that but it smell so good it's really like a fresh scent it just smells so clean and you know what sometimes if you got that bonfire your hair going on and you don't feel like washing it this will save you okay it makes your hair smell like you just got it washed at the salon and it's it's a great at absorbing oil if you have really really bad oily roots get this stuff it will help you doesn't leave a white cast this one I'm not so crazy about it's from Garnier it's their pure clean dry shampoo it's okay I mean it's not bad but it's just like it's nothing to write home about you know I think I liked it at first like I I was just like excited I got a new one but I kind of forgot about it to be honest with you I I just I just ended up using up what was left just to finish it like it wasn't it wasn't anything special you guys are gonna laugh at me but I have another dry shampoo it's just a sample I got in a Sephora play box it's the detox dry shampoo from dry bar this was good but it smelled really powdery like like straight-up baby powder I'm not into that scent I want something that smells fresh it took me forever to use up because I just didn't like the way it smelled it worked great I loved the way it worked but not better than my pillow proof my pillow proof this is my ride-or-die right here I need to get some more but I'm still using the red Pierre that I love alright I got some drunk elephant for you guys I love this brand I can't get over how good drunk elif it is I don't care how expensive it is I will budget around that just to use this like don't even ask me to go out on a Friday night because I'll be at home moisturizing watching YouTube videos cooking dinner I gotta say I feel like the protein e has single-handedly just improved the texture of my skin all around and I usually have a lot of flakes on my face when I even when I'm not having an eczema flare-up I still get flakiness just from the pure dryness of my skin type like just because of the that's just the way it is you know or so I thought I guess I just wasn't putting the right products on my skin I'm not a skincare expert so it's hard to tell what your skin needs you know but ever since I've been using this I feel like the flakiness has gone down I feel like my skin looks plumper I feel like my face looks a little bit more youthful and I feel like my lines have you know they're not going to just magically disappear but I definitely feel like they have improved a bit I feel like they've been filled in somewhat and I think it's because of just trying to take better care of my body but also I think the skincare has really helped and this is an airless pump so it's super cool packaging it is expensive I ain't gonna lie it is expensive ok if you're on a budget the price is like a little sticker shock but you know what I love the protein II so I did repurchase it I did I just had to I just love the protein II but I really like the bridge and ruler oil that is my other favorite I find that to be just like the cherry on top of my little drunk elephant concoction and over the holidays I splurge and I bought myself the inspector whatever kit I forgot what it's called I want to call it Inspector Gadget so I'm just gonna call it Inspector Gadget and it came with like a ton of samples of drunk elephant stuff I've never tried and this was in there it's the Lala retro whipped cream and this one is more of a heavy moisturizer and I I asked them on Instagram I asked drunk elephant what is the best hydrating product for someone like me with really dry skin and they told me the Lala so I think I really do want to purchase this one next like this is gonna be my next full-sized drunk elephant splurge so basically I use this as my night cream until I ran out of it it lasted me like almost two months which i think is pretty good for a for a little sample like this so I feel like I got a nice like view of the way the product is gonna work for my it didn't feel irritating and this past month I have been dealing with eczema like on my forehead and stuff so I found that this was good even when I had those flare-ups going on and I definitely want to get this because I love her the way it felt on my skin you guys it was very rich it's a rich cream but it doesn't feel greasy and it just leaves your skin looking so radiant like like really glowy and I need to get that like that's the next beauty product I'm saving up for for sure another skincare product this one's from Clinique it's their dramatically different hydrating jelly I didn't care for this there's still a little bit left in here I got this in a Sephora play box and I just felt like this was so sticky it did nothing for my skin I mean maybe my skin type is just too dry for this product like it felt like a residue left on my face like a film I didn't like this at all I will not be getting that but I got to try it out another Sephora place sample here this is the purity made simple philosophy face wash I have tried this in the past and you know what it's good but it's so fragrant that I don't like that on my face like I don't know it's it's just not for me like I'm not into face washes that have a scent like this to me it smells like peppery and I don't look I don't know I just can't get with it I don't buy with it not my thing I'm sorry all my philosophy people but that one is just not for me okay I finished up this perfume and I really enjoyed this but I can't really do perfume right now because my skin is so bad the way that I try to get away with wearing perfume is by putting it on my jacket I can't even put it on my t-shirt because it's too close to my skin so perfume these days it just ain't working out so I don't think I'll be repurchasing this anytime soon but it is from pin Rose this is a Sephora brand that they sell at the store and I tried a little sample from them I loved it ended up going in the store and they have so many different scents to choose from penrose has a lot to look at and the lady there she let me take home some samples and I ended up falling in love with this one called wild child the bottle you guys look at how cute this is like I kind of want to keep this I don't know what I'd use it for I love pretty glass like glass is something that I like to collect and stuff so just looking at this little bottle I want to keep it because it's so pretty I might just have to keep this because I love the color of it it reminds me of Barbie shoes or something anyway the fragrance itself it's so beautiful it smells like just a garden of flowers like I love it it's just so it's fresh it's light but it's very floral and I really like penrose scents but I just haven't been able to wear a perfume lately okay before I get into the snacks and the food I have candles I finished up I got these at Marshall's this one I talked about before it's the winter frost from lab this was amazing I love this scent so much my boyfriend's brother and I we go to Marshalls and we candle shop together like that's our thing we do together and he always gets like the really musky to like kind of tobacco scents and stuff and I like musk too so we kind of like bounce off each other which candles to buy and stuff and we both decided to get this it's called winter frost it's a coconut wax blend and it has the notes right here so it's no smoking pain white fur balsamic evergreen with smooth frosted woods it smells to me kind of like rosemary and pine it smells so good it smells like Big Bear I love it I just I got to get that again next winter I hope they still have that scent because I loved it alright this is a new brand for me it's called Sand and Fog and this says they're inspired from California I don't know I just was really in love with the packaging the packaging caught my eye I paid eight bucks for this one I think this one was seven this scent on this is called black cedar and it smells like actual cedar wood I love cedar I love anything kind of like a woodsy scent but it has a little bit of musk in there so it smells to me kind of like patchouli cedar and it's really nice I like the black because it matches like my bathroom kind of accessories I got really dark gray towels and you know I just kind of like to try to match things and stuff and the packaging really was what caught my eye but the scent itself is great and Reese only I did pre-purchase from this brand but I bought the teakwood set so if you guys are at Marshall's looking for candles the Sand and Fog brand is really good okay let's get into the snacks I got something for you I cannot stop eating these from Trader Joe's they're called vegetable crispy vegetable pouches look at how cute that is look at and they really do look like little pouches they're super crispy perfect like appetizer but I'm not gonna lie sometimes I'll just make a box at leas Andy different and Erin when I don't feel like cookie these are so good especially if you're gonna have people over and you want like a little something to munch on I always pop these in the oven I'll put I'll make like two boxes and put them out on a nice little serving tray and people think like you made them and it's like the best trick ever it's really really handy I love those so much okay this is my favorite coffee creamer it's just the coffee-mate vanilla with almond milk they have hazelnut they have caramel I like all of them but vanilla has been my jam lately I did repurchase the vanilla one it's really good okay I gotta show you my green tea this is the yogi brand green tea now this is the caffeinated one because I need caffeine in the morning I love green tea I am such a huge green tea person that I don't mind if it tastes strong because I just love the flavor of green tea but I would say this one's pretty mild I mean it just depends on how long you let the bag steep and let it really just steep you know okay more Trader Joe's stuff as usual these are my favorite little quick breakfast patties here the there are the meatless ones they do contain egg in them but I just find them like the best quick out the door kind of breakfast I hate them up in the microwave and they are delicious even though it's not like my ideal breakfast it's something that will get me at the door and feeling not feeling hungry so I love them for that I got a dairy-free favorite for you guys this is from the brand called primal kitchen and this is a salad dressing and marinade so you can use it whichever way you want I like to make big salads and I put this dressing on there you only need a little bit cuz so flavorful and this is the Caesar one it has avocado oil in it it's dairy free sugar free Paley friendly I will say this has got a lot of garlic in here though if you guys don't like garlic you won't like the Caesar I would recommend the Green Goddess to people who want something more mild but I personally love that garlic like I out you on girl I don't even care it tastes amazing if you're looking for a good dairy-free dressing check out primal kitchen you can find them at sprouts but the Green Goddess is good too I just I don't want to turn you off from trying this out I just personally am someone who really loves garlic but yeah I had to share this with you guys I don't know if I've talked about it before but primal kitchen is my favorite salad dressing now and they're also paleo friendly I think okay this is like my favorite seasoning my go-to for when I don't want to think about what to put and this is the 21 seasonings salute from Trader Joe's this blend is so good on everything but my favorite thing to put it on is potatoes it's so good if you make like roasted potatoes and put some of this amazing it smells great I always have this in my cupboard I love seasonings so I have I have a lot of different ones but this is a good blend for when you don't have time to like play around and mix and match and it's only $2 Trader Joe's has very affordable spices new Trader Joe's product alert they have their own version of takis okay these are the roam corn tortilla chips chili and lime flavor basically Trader Joe's takis and they're amazing they're not as acidic so it's not gonna like burn your tongue off like takis kind of are very acidic they're not that spicy to me I feel like talkies are there it's just like the acid of it but this is not as tangy it's it's just more of a chili flavor so you can eat more of them without having your tongue feeling all weird and I love that so you guys have to try these if you love chili if you love that flavor you know if you if you like you know hot cheetos takis kind of person you will love these I am obsessed with them right now okay my camera is gonna die but one more thing I really want to share another great snack from Trader Joe's are their rice cracker medley these have wasabi peas in them ooh I love anything with wasabi peas so it's it's kind of hot but they're not overly spicy I would say there's a lot of different crackers with the soy flavor it's good eye these two are my favorite snacks right now from traders both of these right here are like my favorite little snacks from Trader Joe's right now so and they're both two dollars each they're both really affordable and I just think they're so good they taste so good but anyway you guys that is it for my video here I hope you enjoyed it my camera is gonna die so I'm gonna make it short everything I liked I will link it down below for you with my affiliate links if you choose to shop with those it does support my channel so thank you so much for that I hope you're doing well let me know what you finish stuff down below in the comments and as always

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