RUST - 48 Hour Solo Experience!

by: Broadbent

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welcome back everyone at broadband here today is the day i'm uploading rust for the first time on the channel so the gameplay you are about to see was recorded on a strictly solo only server recorded over a two day period day and night so a few clips i may sound a little bit quiet i hope you enjoy roll the video alright let's do this yeah i'm a little late to wipe some people are much more self than me so can i go be careful is quite a base around here this is a nice little tucked-away area not many trees i think i want to build right here right in this little spot building blocked great [Music] Sode [Music]

that wasn't me I don't know why I hesitated after all the server had a strict kill on-site role I've always been one to learn the hard way but not this time

Jesus nice oh hell yes I've no idea where that came from no I see him at the base it's a pig just down here I really need this

he's not - again / I knew it oh my god [Music] nice [Music] oh man I have to I have to go for that no one here someone's here and those rocks at least I've got no cover making a run for it oh my god go go go go my car come on give me some inside I can't believe that there it is boys and girls Tijuana workbench nice

I need that oh my god I eat that

oh go for it I see him busy night

oh my god oh no I didn't pull out in time tides you grab the wall pipe that sucks Gus mr. fava nonetheless just got a complete the house

[Music] there's two pieces here one there and one here damn I'm gonna have to fraid these are they're gonna raid me as if they know I'm here

guys following with someone no do you see the key lock

that's one rating

oh I think he's in

someone's going in

you see me

I'm taking now

[Music] I'll beg really don't get greedy don't get greedy they're greedy I got decorating thank you okay I'm going I have gone heal that's mr. slim again the bass let me get the bass let me go in the bass oh I see him now during moments like this you really do lose focus and it shows because I missed 500 scrap it should have been the first thing I grabbed but my mind just skipped over as if it wasn't man straight away first order of business is I need to arm a bar because as soon as they come in and recognizes the door here they're gonna know this is the loop

because three just isn't enough yeah we go you not rated DC's good for another two days why are we saying first one of the day I don't think he owns here oh

that did not just happen see fall baby let me in the goddamn building we just cut C fall ooh I need that oh yes I do Oh

tactical repositioning think he'd run away he's not where he was I did it full circle [Music] hey great

reload reload reload

now you don't GG dude you played that well he played that really a really damn well I don't want to see any comments calling out all those whiffed shots I know they were bad I know they were bad still camera on top that's all I'm as

Jesus those scientists when they do that it freaks me out they don't normally run and it sounds just like a player I see someone plates coming in yeah because that recycler and you got one shot with the pypy oh my god you are kidding me

alright well let's take a moment okay take that scrap take another rat suit bandages water pipe it's that scrap that scraps the only thing I'm after right now and get in hella rad Seuss though loads of rad Seuss it's nice got another cross see as well this crossbow has a handmade sight and a flashlight this guy's decked out well of course is a few more things I need to research goddamn this list honestly mom I'm not on my crossbow why not

nice I'll use that instead of the water pipe just about to say this is the first military crepe I haven't got a military crepe up from that one this entire time what no way I don't believe it the problem is I literally can't hold anything else now I'll bat not bad at all all right nice little profit that how much scrap now in total almost got enough for that tier two workbench Wow I'm real I should be going home so at the strapping but I'm really interested in reading this base like I Garin it's guaranteed pretty much that there's a shemail ball behind there but I think that is gonna be the first raid we do I'm probably gonna get the door brought under the same thing that guy did over there goodbye my friend so I should now be able to craft a meds yes there we are medical syringe I'm gonna craft quite a few of those actually I can make tan yeah let's do it if that should not drops her field I'm gonna go for it well let's get jogging oh my god the air drops like Nia oh my god do I go for both if someone could already be here oh it's in the middle of the damn thing - I got 15 minutes this is gonna be a long 15 minutes I'll tell you that 50 Donita need to help okay I'm gonna head down I feel like no one's come for this yeah I think we're good don't want to be too blind though oh my god oh my god all right I am gone oh that was stupid forgot about that little thing oh my god dude we got a K I got explosive ammo we can do silent raids oh my god oh my god get me in get me in get me in a K a rocket launcher ladder hatch I think it's calls for a new base oh my god that is crazy just more things to research oh my god that's 250 vak costs loads to research to got c4 I'm doing something right here well you know what we can actually use some sword raiding over there on that 2x2 there's a wooden door in the front and if I research the sword yeah I have to research it can I do that right now yep easy boom I need ten swords and I've got ten blades that's perfect I'll I anyone harm

hello so wooden door again alright let's do this I don't have enough swords so the eyedrops gonna I'm gonna go down a little grind to get some more muscle blades alright here goes Joe be careful cases a shotgun trap okay TC okay not that much at all so far the beam can can't get in the TC that's off quite a bit of metal actually and that's it the guy isnt even here not amazing not terrible it definitely could have been better though my piece there it's all twig on the roof and there's a hole in the roof and I guess my bladders and check that out

[Music] hello okay hmm well the upkeep on this it seems to be holding I think this might be a decent base to raid honestly I'm thinking this is the base that I want to raid because it got built up quite recently I'm thinking the best thing to do is to go through the front door which is here but his front door is here so I had to go through one two three four doors max Oh a debris field I've never actually gone to one of these I'll show up what it is I'm gonna check it out I think it's very the first time I went to launch on this wife wipe - which is also crazy


[Music] nice don't got too greedy but I want to check it out there it is tier 3 workbench hmm a guy that's so good and I can make explosive element now okay I think already I would take out two doors the base we're gonna go fall has this one right here it's been built up a lot recently and in the server's quite quiet right now I know I don't have the a Cape research but I haven't found a single rival body his entire wipe I'm so paranoid right now [Music]



okay [Music] okay okay [Music] loot garbage loop proof got mouthface boss oh my god oh my god are you kidding me I guess I was Lucia 100% 100% not doubt yep that's why I expected [Music]


I've got someone who some food I'll take the food check it through one more door marriages

in Europe

[Music] this guy got some solver back not awesome hound but it helps nice nice secured so after the raid I went back to the base dropped everything off and I logged off for a couple of days to work on other projects and as soon as I logged back in I realized that my base had been raided now this wasn't the only bit of bad news that's I got basically since I started playing every single day the server population went down and down and down you got to a point where there was five people online and there used to be forty fifty at peak times so basically the server died and I just cannot continue this series I wanted to make a series but it turned out to be one video which is rather unfortunate but you know as part of the game servers do die off like that so once again this is my first ever video of rust uploaded to the channel and I would really like to hear your feedback and what you thought in the comments below if you enjoyed the video make sure to press the like buttons help support the channel if you want to see more rust make sure to let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching everyone I hope you enjoyed and I will catch you in the next video [Music]



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